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Dec 19, 06 at 2:12pmlinkmeister

I know they're somewhere in there but does anyone know where?

Oh, and is anyone else going for the max number of fish caught for every fish in their record book?

(i would've searched but it's still disabled)

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Jul 26, 12 at 4:48pm

Ya don't let fish girl see your sinking lure or she be all like "mine!!!" (/oo)/°

Jul 26, 12 at 10:17am

I already have caught the Sinking Lure, but I would like I know how to place it on my fishing pole. I have no idea of how to do this. Someone help?

Jul 15, 11 at 4:16pm

by the way this is a game cube thread so please dont tell us about nunchuk control's and seasons dont change in game cube ( i think does any one know how to catch a hylian loach in the GC version keep in mind the gamecube is mirrored image of the wii hens east = west

May 9, 09 at 8:25pm

Complete RollGoal 1-8 (the eight game) to get the frog lure.

Get all three kinds of fish (the Pike, the Bass, and the Catfish), keep one of each, leave and come back (to change the season) and you can go find the Sinking Lure.

Bob Fish for the sinking lure at the Northern Most Point, past the bridge where you can Bob Fish for a bottle.

It takes forever to get the sinking lure, fyi.

You can only catch the Legendary Hylian Loach during summer season.
The lillypads are found in the water north-most on the map during this time.
He swims back and forth around the back corner of the pads.
If yer right handed, make sure you have the nunchuck reeling tool in that hand by the time you hook the Loach, for your left hand may be too weak to keep reeling for the time it takes to land that fish.

You can only lure the Loach with the Frog or Sinking Lure.

If you use the Frog Lure, make sure you let the Loach take it a few feet under water before you hook him, or the lure will pop out.

If you use the sinking lure, make sure you are going solo, or the Fish Lady will take it away from you and you'll have to spend another hour trying to find it again.

The Sinking Lure works best. The Loach doesn't go for the frog lure after your first failure with it, unless you leave and come back. That's been my experience anyways.

Also, you can get a bottle by bob fishing to the left of the bridge, and you can get a piece of the heart by throwing your line up on the center arch-shaped rock in the lake.

And if you complete RollGoal all the way through 8-8, the Fish Lady fills your wallet to the brim no matter how big it is.

Feb 3, 09 at 9:17pm

The season is summer in the fishing hole (everything is green).
Move to where the lily pads are off to the upper right of the fishing hole.
Using the sinking lure cast off to the top corner - you will land the 27" Hylian Loach.
Don't bring the guide or she will take your lure away.

Dec 20, 08 at 3:14am
Ganondorf 5326

Meh. All it takes to get the sinking lure is catching all of the normal fish while lure fishing, and going to the corner on the pier near Hena's fishing cabin.

Makes catching the Loach a hell of a lot easier.

Dec 19, 08 at 10:29pm

Allright here you go. At the northern most point. Inch as far as you can too the cliff and fish Parallel with the cliff. When the bobber sinks down either you hooked one of those baby Hylian Loaches or the sinking lure.

It took me (After i figured it out where it was). A grand total of three minutes. Many hours prior though looking for good online directions.

Oct 19, 08 at 9:10pm
some guy called jesu

I caught a hylian loach inside the Water temple (the one at the bottom of Lake Hylia), I think in the Boss key chest room.

Sinking lure I haven't found yet.

Aug 16, 08 at 8:41am

DUH I CAUGHT ONE on the normal rod and on the rod with real its hard as step 1:it has to be summer(trees green)step 2:sinking lure or frog lure must have step 3:you need the earring to get the sinking lure and to get that you need to catch a ordon catfish and hylian pike and a hyrulian bass and then you go east from the actual fishing hole place and fish with the earring and u get the sinking lure step 4:go to the lillypads near the back and ENJOY NIGGAS

Jun 11, 08 at 9:47pm

I caught the highland loach in one try. It was raining and I was at the North most point of the fising hole using a bobber.

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