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Dec 19, 06 at 12:21amGutrick15

whaT JOB combinations do you use? if we can all agree on a good combination, ill sue that?
i use
Black mage
White mage

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Jul 17, 12 at 5:53pm

i am planning on using

Jul 1, 12 at 3:22pm
Autumn Eve

I re-named most of these guys, since I really didn't care for the default names. Honestly, I picked the jobs based on how cute the characters looked in their outfits. I really didn't like that blonde boy's windblown hair, so I made sure he was wearing a hat. I also didn't care for magic classes since there were NO ETHERS OR COTTAGES! Since the monsters in FF3 were jerks that took 2 attacks, and I wasn't big on using mages (lack ether or cool weapons) I preferred the quick

After getting the wind crystal:
Luneth (white hair): Monk (nice class, I always did like it in other FF games
Ramiel (brown hair): Red Mage cure 1 was sufficient for early quests AND he was decent with the bow
Eirwen (red hair): Thief loved this one. I tried it again later on in the game and stole a lance from Odin!
Helios (blonde hair): Black mage

After getting the fire crystal:
Luneth: Scholar Didn't care for this, but it was supposed to help in a quest. Luneth plus scholar robe and glasses=super adorable
Ramiel: Geomancer After a few levels this little guy was awesome! Cute costume too.
Eirwen: White mage No weapons but at this point I needed a healer
Helios: Knight

After getting the water crystal:
Luneth: Dark knight LOVED this guy. Kicks butt at low levels, speed makes up for low defense.
Ramiel: Dragoon Super cute, and jump is very useful. One of my favorite classes, but kind of slow at times and never as good as Kain (my favorite FF character in the entire series)
Eirwen: Theif/White mage depending on the difficulty/proximity to a life spring
Helios: Viking I was getting bored with the knight, and this guy was very useful with his provocation ability

After getting the earth crystal:
Luneth: Dark knight/blackbelt. Played around with the blackbelt for a while and love this class quick and high vitality. I should have stayed with the blackbelt for the last tower had I known there'd be a lot of opportunity to level him between the ancient maze and CoD.
Ramiel: Dragoon/Devout. I had Odin's lance, so it was on. Devout would have been more helpful in the end, but I didn't realize that until it was too late-dang mirror of no return. Love the Devout's costume on this guy ^o^
Eirwen: Ninja BEST CLASS EVER! She's fast, and by the time she gets to the castle was often up to 9'999 damage(she has a blade in each hand) Throw is awesome too, but not required Also tried the Summoner for her in between the maze and the tower, because the summon animations are incredible! (Ifrit's entrance makes me glad he is on my side) but the Ninja didn't rely on MP so I went with that for the end.
Helios: Sage Fun class to play with, but terrible for bosses. I didn't realize he was slow with Evoker-level summons. Fortunately I was able to beat the CoD with a Sage and 3 fighters (Dragoon/Ninja/Dark Knight): 1) By the time I was playing around with the final jobs/getting cool stuff In Eureka I was level 60. 2) I made sure to stop her from using lightening and prayed that she wouldn't b*tch slap the same party member twice.

Classes Never Used:
Hunter/Woodsman: Didn't feel like keeping track of arrows
Bard: By the time you get the job the monsters start getting tough
Evoker: Monsters were to tough to take my chances
Black mage: NO ETHERs Rather attack with weaponry

Oct 2, 11 at 10:52pm

I am currently using the following job setting, to get to the Forbidden Land of Eureka, and get those kick-ass weapons

Codey (MC)= Warrior (LEVEL) 54 (JOB LEVEL) 99
Using Blood Sword and Break Blade, Never Switching Blood sword unless there is a better Drain Type Sword (Highly Doubt it)

Cat (Orangeish Haired Girl thing xD Forget her or his name D:) Ninja (LEVEL) 41 (JOB LEVEL) 6
I am using her or him as ninja to throw highly deadly Shurikens doing 9999 Damage to those bosses who dare block the weapons I seek.

-LOL (Arc) Scholar (LEVEL) 40 (JOB LEVEL) 23
I have him as a scholar, because he is not so bad using attack type items. Having the newly found "Chocoboo's Rath", I can do a good 8000-9999 Damage in one full swipe, thus making Scholar a good job.

eewq (Ingus) Magus (LEVEL) 40 (JOB LEVEL) 7
I don't know WHY i have him like that, but I have noticed. Not only can a Magus use level 8 Black Magic, but he has a higher Magic Rate in Levels 4 - 8 of Black Magic, meaning he can hit hard, and do it longer, though if u want lower leveled magic, and LOTS of it, your looking in the wrong place bucko. I wish to change him to Scholar once I get to a boss, to do massive damage.

With the bosses I am up against, Codey does about 3000+, Cat does 9999, -LOL does around 8000+ and eewq does about 7500+ or a little less.

I know this is late and all, but uh, Yeah, there is my team. I might change to a WHOLE new team, but Codey STAYS THE SAME (btw, that IS my name, and how u spell it )

Jan 6, 08 at 12:57am

hey,, i have beaten the game for first time

but i used:
devout (uppgrade of white mage)

Feb 25, 07 at 1:55am

Current Party Setup (Level 42):
Luneth- Viking
Arc- Bard
Refia- White Mage
Ingus- Monk

Planned Endgame Setup:
Luneth- Viking
Arc- Bard
Refia- Devout
Ingus- Summoner/Ninja/Black Belt...

I'm not sure what to make Ingus...

Feb 25, 07 at 1:45am

Mettaur, i got the same setup only a dragoon instead of a knight..would you recomend switching my dragoon to a knight? Only reason i hesitate is cause the drags jlvl is 62 and the knights on that char is 20

Dec 19, 06 at 2:37am

how convenient. they thot of everything.

Dec 19, 06 at 2:36am

They're ALL in the Instruction booklet that came with the game when you buy it(like any other game...), EXCEPT Onion Knight.

Dec 19, 06 at 2:30am

cool. do you guys have a list of all jobs?

Dec 19, 06 at 2:29am

It depends on your characters' level and where you are in the game. At the final moment of the game, my favorite setup would be:


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