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Dec 12, 06 at 1:29amxFFTx

While playing FFT, I've occasionally come accross some "Warning!" messages at the end of a fight where two or more characters talk to each other and the word "Warning!" is displayed at the top of the screen. Eventually, if I continue to use those same characters that talked to each other in any battle, they keep talking to each other and they would leave. Has anyone else gotten this message? Does anyone know the reason why this happens and if so, anyone know how to solve it?

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Jul 14, 12 at 4:10am
Noob J

Sean J: Not only did you post in the thread 4.5 years later even though his question was already answered, you weren't even 100% correct in the aspects you were trying to be more specific about.

What the hell.

Apr 17, 12 at 12:57pm
Sean J

Okay, I'm not active on here, but doing some random research, I stumbled up on this thread, so I thought I'd put in my help.

OP, if you haven't discovered the answer yet (I know this is a really old thread), the reason you get the dialogue is because either the character's brave is too low or their faith is too high. It's not a conversation they are having, it's simply each one of them giving their warning individually (kind of like the little dialogue before you dismiss a character). You won't get that warning if the character's faith is at 84 or below, or (I believe) above 15 brave. The higher the faith is above 84 (this is regards to the *permanent* stat, not the "in battle" stat), the greater the odds of them leaving at the end of the battle, the same is true for lowered brave scores.

I hope this answers your question. :-)

Apr 1, 11 at 7:35pm

it happens when the characters brave is too low at the end of battle, it happens occasionally.

theyll ask to sit the next one out, or say that their scared of dieing.

Its been happening to me while lowering the brave on my move find item characters in the DD

Jan 4, 07 at 6:30am

I believe the border is 84 for faith
and 10 foe brave..

am I rite?

Dec 13, 06 at 12:51am

Ooh....I never knew that could happen ><. At the moment, all of my characters have 97 brave and I'm currently permenantly raising the faith to 97...but no one has permanent 97 faith yet. Thanks a lot for the answer! I've searched online for an answer for such a long time and never knew why this happened. I guess I'll stay at 90ish faith then.

Dec 12, 06 at 8:59pm

I new low bravery could do that, I didn't know any dialogue was involved. I'm guessing Faith.

Dec 12, 06 at 8:15pm

I'm surprised no one has answered this one yet. I know the answer is in some FAQs and i thought there was something about it in the game manual. If a character's faith is too high or courage is too low they will begin to question whether they are doing the right thing any more and can eventually leave. Thats whats happening to you. Check out their stats and make sure their faith is below 95 (i think).

Dec 12, 06 at 4:11am

I tried using different characters for the third fight and the "Warning" message still showed up after the fight.

"Changing the world alone
seems arrogant to me..."

"Can this world be saved...? Isn't it
impossible for humans to do it...?"

Dec 12, 06 at 3:05am

After that first conversation, I used the same characters to fight another battle. There was another "Warning" message:

Rukia (My summoner)
"A world without conflict...
seems impossible for humans."

"Is God the only one who can
save Ivalice from chaos?"

Soi Fong
"Changing the world alone
seems arrogant to me..."

"Can this world be saved...? Isn't it
impossible for humans to do it...?"

Anyone have an idea of why I'm getting these messages?

Dec 12, 06 at 3:04am

The nature never seemed like something you'ld find on an emulator. Usually emulator problems involve controls. As for your problem, I have no idea. Try checking the tutorial, or pulling a serch. I'm going to assume your not talking about FFTA. In fact, if there hadn't already been confusion of that nature I wouldn't have mentioned it.

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