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Oct 8, 06 at 6:55pmam3930

You guys do realize you can change their class don't you?
They don't really even have bad specials if you know how to use them. The odds arn't 1/5 of a hit, but (the number of panels covered)/(the number of enemies).Target someone in the open 20%. Target someone standing beside someone 40% Target someone beside the edge of the map 25%. Use them at the right time and the right place and your opponent is screwed.

They are not the best charicter, but it saddens me to see them put down so much just because people don't know how to use them.

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Jun 7, 12 at 1:27pm

They both have interesting backgrounds and a skillset that, while not "powerful," is certainly unique. I always hang on to them so I don't have to use the generic sprites.

Their skillset is a great secondary skillset, and can even be good as a primary skillset. The only exception would be if you're going for the strongest team setup. I guess what I'm trying to say is Rafa and Malak are occasionally useful, but mostly for flavor.

Apr 5, 12 at 2:43pm

They can be useful but it is good to have a secondary skill and only use heaven/hell skills when they can shine. Someone said that their damage is based on faith, un-truth is based on magic attack and the inverse of faith which makes malak more powerful against enemies w/ low faith and with low faith himself (more on that later). Truth is simply the product of magic attack and a constant multiplier of the specific truth skill, faith is not a factor. Because of this, Rafa's truth skills are a good backup to normal magic when the opponent has low faith (they also take no MP) and Malak's un-truth can do even more damage than truth against enemies with extremely low faith or the faith stat. For un-truth Faith*, not innocent, is taken as 0 faith. Because of this I give him the faith rod, so his faith for un-truth purposes is always 0 and it can also give opponents faith by striking them, although I prefer just casting faith because it is more reliable. Because of faith he also then has a leg up with traditional magic which I like to use as his other skill, especially since un-truth is dependent on MA as well as faith, so I like to give him a magic using job to boost MA. You can make him a hell knight and give him math skill, but I prefer to make him a summoner with un-truth because I like to give him the 108 gems accessory which strengthens all the elements used in un-truth and summoning. Rafa is good in any job with high MA and I like to have regular magic to use generally and use truth when it is an advantage. My personal preference is to make her an oracle because she can use a stick and I don't have another oracle.

Nov 25, 06 at 3:38pm

I bet u could lol , but isnt a heaven/hell ninja even cool sounding to you?

Nov 25, 06 at 3:02pm
Shadow Rue

I could. EASILY.

Nov 25, 06 at 5:17am

Does everyone here honestly hate rafa and malak?
Rafa and Malak are awesome.

Theres some of the best people if u master there special job , turn into a ninja with a simple skill set.

Heaven/Hell magic
Blade Grasp
Short Charge
Teleport or Move +2

My rafa and malak are like speedy heaven and hell ninjas with good attack and magic... can anyone honestly put down this skill set?????

Nov 13, 06 at 1:22am
Shadow Rue

Believe it, sweetcheeks. Rafa and Malak... I spit at their names.

Nov 12, 06 at 6:58am

Haha this thread is funny.... I never thought people would have hated rafa and malak like i do.... lol

Oct 29, 06 at 10:59pm
Shadow Rue

I can't believe you're posting here either! What the hell!

Oct 28, 06 at 4:11pm

Yes, you get the point.

And Rue, one question: Orlandu vs 3 ninjas;
Assuming that they start within attacking range; the ninjas speed and duel wielding abilities would allow them to strike 6 times before Orlandu can even move. Dosn't this mean by your logic the best swoardsman in the game sucks?
A ninja can't touch you if you have enough evasion. EVASION is enough to rend a ninja useless!!!! Orlandu can wield the exacalibur(haste) and can has 100% chance of hitting your ninja's. So assuming that Orlandu has blades grasp or abandon + vanish mantle of even feather mantle and that you have 3 ninja's ( witihn attacking range),don't you think that your theory of not being able to make the best swordsman in the game is kinda rertarded? And i can't believe you guys are still posting on this board.

Oct 28, 06 at 11:14am

I've got nothing else to say too...

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