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Apr 23, 02 at 7:36pmheathen91

Just post your favorite civilization and why you like it. I like the Britons myself, fully upgraded and in swarms, their longbowmen can kill anything from afar:)

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Mar 20, 16 at 3:17am

I think goths are the best units ever because of their huskarl units

Aug 3, 15 at 1:42am

Mongols for their best Cavlry archers and heat sieg oganers.koreans for their elite war wagons siege oganers and bombarded technology. Turk for their gunpowder and best bombarded technology.sacrense for their elite mamels they are really effective

Aug 3, 15 at 1:37am

quote heathen91
Just post your favorite civilization and why you like it. I like the Britons myself, fully upgraded and in swarms, their longbowmen can kill anything from afar:)

Jul 21, 15 at 1:47pm
Arda Ulay

Man I am not sure if your disabled or something. The Britions are one of the best civs in the game. So is the celts. Vikings are rated 3rd. Celts Have badass siege. Although the Scottish heavy cav is the wrost in the game. They are very good. Vikings are good on land and water.

Jul 21, 15 at 1:43pm
Arda Ulay

Vikings are by far my favorite civ. Celts is next then the japanese. Vikings are a god on the water. Their land is underestimated. It is not the best but vikings have a Chance on the lands.

my tactic with them is always send arches in the fuedal age. Then in castle get crossbow and mangolnels. Then imp I would get infantry and arberlst.

The vikings in my opinion are a underestimated civ. That's why people lose agaist them.

Apr 19, 15 at 11:05pm

Japanese, obvieously, they are killers, or the goths, the goths rape the brits. But Teutons are terrible, definitley a no play. Japanese are excelent because they are a fast and cheap army, there samurais have bonus against specials, so they destroy teutonic knights, and a huge bunch of britsh long bow men are hard to take down.
I like the goths because they are cheap, and complete, with guns, cannon, the goth huskarl and chameons, you are hard to beat.
Although I still find the japs an extremely hard enemy,

Any thoughts on the Forgotten Empires new civs? Only midly liked the Incas...

Apr 2, 15 at 1:48am
the good boy

I can beat anyone anywhere with the chinese! extra villagers give them a super head start early in the game. their cheap technologies mean you can use the extra resources to make more archers, which is very useful if you wanna feudal rush your opponent. just mass elite chu ko nus and fully upgraded arbalests and they can make short work of even longbows and paladins. and if you are having trouble with paladins, they have champions and halberdiers available as well. easily one of the strongest civ in the game

Mar 10, 15 at 10:20pm

quote Flamingforce
I would usually use the Byzantines when I play, their cataphracts are strong units, especially with the trample damage they cause (in the conquereros and forgotten expansion). The Byzantines have almost all the technologies avaible, which is the main reason for why I think they are the best civilization to play as. The Byzantines fire ships are superior to other civilizations, and can easily destroy Viking long boats.
You act like this matters. Fire ships destroying longboats does not matter if
A: Longboats are created much faster (compared to any other ship) and move faster
B: Longboats are backed up by Galleons (which they will be, unless the player is a noob)
C: The water will have already easily be won by the vike

The point is, unless you play in a post-imp setting, the vikings will always win water. Once someone has won water, there's almost no chance in taking it from them, especially if its a viking (the only civ that has a chance at taking the water from a viking once he's already taken it is another viking). Even in in a post-imp setting, the cheaper docks will make a big difference (i didn't include cheaper warships since most civs will have shipwright anyway).

On land vikings are still a scary force, especially in the feudal and castle age. They have arguably the best ability to boom their economy and FLush or Crush. A reasonably experienced viking player won't want to let the game drag on into Imp., which isn't too hard if you know what your doing, especially with free wheelbarrow and handcart.

Dec 27, 14 at 1:07pm

The best ways for me to fight is turret and naval fighting. A civ that is good on both is the Koreans. Now I know that they are certainly not the best cavalry and seige civ, and they lack quite a few techs, but they are no match in the sea with the Turtle ships to cover on cannon galleons, heavy demolition ships and if its close enough, even fire ships, although the turtles themselves are great with defending the shore. They also have Bombard towers (while lacking bombard cannon, but yea) and some bonuses for towers and other turrets, so if you pack some stone and cover on some villagers, you can have a very good and long lasting barrier.
But, although the koreans are great in sea maps, they are terrible in land. If I am in land, I use the Spanish (quick building, good if you rush ages) or Chinese (again, quick building, and great seige weaponry) to cover myself.
Although, I do rely on people who will spend units to attack me, because I barely do try to come to others in fear that they filled their area with units and turrets. My weakness is people sitting on nearby lands and making camps- I'm no good with seige weapon strategies. I just send some rams hoping that they will not be destroyed.

Dec 13, 14 at 5:45am

Its all situational. For land dominated maps, it is definately the huns. The fact that you dont need to build houses means that you can pump out villigers and militia from the dark ages, and have the best defence and offensive capabilities from the start, and gather more recources than anyone. This is nice later in The game too because it saves on wood.

If its on a water dominated map though, it's wihought a doubt the vikings. Tey are absolute monsters on the sea, compleetly unchallenged by any other civ, even the koreans. On land they lack, but if you have the support of water, especially rivers, then with the right strategy, you just decimate the coasts. I usually send a wave of the cannon gallions around, to destroy defensive and offensive buildings and docks, then set my troops onto land with the support of longboats from shore. From there i just build a TC, some barracks and archery range, and a siege workshop and the enemies come rushing to me, only to be decimated by my offshore long boats before they can do any damage. Wait untill their army is exaughsted, then send a wave of onagers to weaken any defenses left, then my champions and arablasts to take care of the rest, with the support of trebuchets. With the right strategy the vikings could even hold there own on land, though the certainly wouldnt dominate. Ive used this strategy like ten times on online against like 30 different enemies and it worked, and works on offline too.

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