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Apr 23, 02 at 7:36pmheathen91

Just post your favorite civilization and why you like it. I like the Britons myself, fully upgraded and in swarms, their longbowmen can kill anything from afar:)

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Dec 13, 14 at 5:45am

Its all situational. For land dominated maps, it is definately the huns. The fact that you dont need to build houses means that you can pump out villigers and militia from the dark ages, and have the best defence and offensive capabilities from the start, and gather more recources than anyone. This is nice later in The game too because it saves on wood.

If its on a water dominated map though, it's wihought a doubt the vikings. Tey are absolute monsters on the sea, compleetly unchallenged by any other civ, even the koreans. On land they lack, but if you have the support of water, especially rivers, then with the right strategy, you just decimate the coasts. I usually send a wave of the cannon gallions around, to destroy defensive and offensive buildings and docks, then set my troops onto land with the support of longboats from shore. From there i just build a TC, some barracks and archery range, and a siege workshop and the enemies come rushing to me, only to be decimated by my offshore long boats before they can do any damage. Wait untill their army is exaughsted, then send a wave of onagers to weaken any defenses left, then my champions and arablasts to take care of the rest, with the support of trebuchets. With the right strategy the vikings could even hold there own on land, though the certainly wouldnt dominate. Ive used this strategy like ten times on online against like 30 different enemies and it worked, and works on offline too.

Nov 03, 14 at 6:10pm
Karl Edward

I like Saracens fully upgraded Elite Mameluke backed up with hand cannoneers and siege onagers.☺

Aug 22, 14 at 7:46am
Da Penetrator

Chinese, because the fast early economy, better farms, techs cost less, and most of all: CHU KO NU! I love this unit, 50 of them shoot 150 arrows!

May 13, 14 at 6:45pm
will fredzfrog

Think about it like a prof player!
1. huns dont need to build houses and have very cheap cavalry archers (30~35%) less to purchase.
so in turn they are a good micro manageable rushing civ
2. The Goth civ has a very fast infantry production bonus (larger army quicker)
so in turn they are good to field large armies and works well if you boom to keep production queues full
3. Britons long bowmen are a very good defensive unit alongside Britons powerful towers and castles
good for booming/defensive roles (basically the support member in a team vs match)

Apr 18, 14 at 3:08am
Caporal Dxl

My favorites are spanish , cause I love cavalry and bowman/xbow man.

Apr 06, 14 at 10:08am

Persians and tuetions are you mad! byzantines of course go to scenario catataphract v any teution warrior who wins? cataphract

Apr 01, 14 at 11:16am

Spanish are my go to. The conquistadors r fast n have good range, as well their monks ride donkeys lol I feel the conquistadors are hands down the best. 30 of them with some akilled mouse clicking u can take down most with minimal casualties

Mar 22, 14 at 1:06pm

My favourite civilization is definitely the Aztecs
The best infantry, jaguar warriors are extremely powerful, they have the best monks, and also they have bonuses that make them very resourceful.
Not to mention whenever jaguar warriors are too slow, there are eagle warriors which are almost as powerful and are very very fast (they can even outrun most cavalry units).

Jan 29, 14 at 8:24am

I meant to saty french have powerful cavlary lol

Jan 29, 14 at 8:22am

Well each civ has its bonuses against others and are good in certain maps against certain players, but personaly I really like the Byzantines because they have an amazing economy can research the most things in the game and the cataphracts are extremely useful against infantry and sometimes calvary. My second fav is the Spanish because their cannon galleons are beyond powerful, they have paladins, blacksmith upgrades cost no gold which allows you to save it for cavalry or warships, plus supremacy is awesome because instead of hiding inside of towers your villagers surprise enemies as a mass of them can take down those last few enemies who surived the rest of your army killing off all your farmers, although their conquistadors are kind of bad lol. I used to like the britons alot because its close to impossible to get close to them until imperial age late in the game and everyone has hussar, mangonel or paladins that just charge them down. Persians are cool, but their lack of powerful defensive towers makes them weak plus monks take your elephants with ease. Huns are awesome as they rush and storm and can amass large population quick due to lack of having to build houses and tarkans are pretty powerful but paladins and certain others can take them down. Vikings are also good storming units buuut longboats are basically more expensive galleons, youd be better off using galleons, and their beserkers are good to storm than fall back and replinish health, wait for reinforcements and charge again. Saracens to me are okay but not good unless you are going against a European calvary based civilzation like French, Byzantines, etc, but if your going against the teutons or something, your basically gonna die. Turks are actually another favorite of mine as scout calvary upgrades are free! Sweet! The aztecs and mayans to me or only good if you are going against civilizations without calvary because they have alot of bonuses against other infantry, but calvary destroys them. Japanese are pretty cool too because they have a powerful navy and because of the tendancy of other players to use unique units, the japanese kill them easily. French to me just kind of are bad lol, they have powerful infantry but their technology tree is not the best(although not the worst) as long with the british, their lack of powerful navy and calvary makes them pretty useless unless going against infantry based civ. Koreans are pretty cool also but their war wagons and turtle ships arent as cool as they seem, however they are annoying the face because they have the ability to research all kinds of defensive structures and you have to slowly eat away at their civilization. Mongols are good because of their calvary archers that hit and run and are quick and hunting bonuses(if your into that kind of stuff ) but to me calvary archers are weak and easy to take down. FINALLY, the Goths are on the bottom of my list(I know others disagree) because they have NO defensive structures, TERRIBLE calvary and are completely infantry based. Infantry is very useful but they are slow and later on in the game when everyone uses calvary it is bad especially when you are trying to bring your army home to defend your base and they kill you before you get there. Sorry for talking my head off, but people go with the Byzantines, they can research everything and everyone knows they are the most anoyying to face because their armies have bonuses to everything as well as the spanish

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