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Aug 16, 06 at 11:16pmMarioMario2004

It was one-hundred years ago. All of the Pokemon were living happily ever after, until suddenly, a dark cloud filled the air, and Evil Mewtwo came down to the ground. He spread his evil to all of the Pokemon, and war broke out!

It was a mighty battle, that lead to the deaths of almost all of the Pokemon. Attacks were raging everywhere! Battles from the best skilled to the lowest skilled were abundant in all the lands.

Evil Mewtwo set up his kingdom high in the clouds. He cloned his own super strong Pokemon to throw them into the battle fields. Although some of the cloned Pokemon were defeated, many of them took over most of the lands. Clones were fighting clones, clones were fighting non-clones, and non-clones were fighting non-clones.

Then, suddenly, the Pokegods came down from the sky and fired a mighty, red, beam of light into the sky. This destroyed many of the cloned Pokemon. The Pokegods cast a blue cloud over the lands of the Pokemon, and destroyed the evil that filled into the sky.

Pikablu faces Evil Mewtwo.

Evil Mewtwo: Ha, ha, ha! You cannot destroy me!

Pikablu: I may not have the power to destroy you, but I will cast you away, for your evil is ruining the land!

Evil Mewtwo takes a spear and hurls it down at Pikablu. Pikablu shocks it, and whips it with its tail. The spear flies back down at Evil Mewtwo. Evil Mewtwo takes the hit. Evil Mewtwo throws a giant rock at Pikablu. Pikablu was unable to avoid it.

Pikablu: I am sorry Pokegods, I have failed!

Pikablue dies. Evil Mewtwo laughs. Suddenly, from behind, Yoshi (Evolved form of Dragonite) Takes out a wand, and freezes Evil Mewtwo into a block of ice.

Evil Mewtwo: Noooo!!!

Yoshi casts Evil Mewtwo deep inside a cave, and blocks the entrance.

Evil was destroyed for the time being, but almost all of the Pokemon were wiped out from the face of Pokemon Planet.


One-hundred years go by...

All had been peaceful for a long time... Until suddenly, Evil Mewtwo broke out of the block of ice.

Evil Mewtwo: I will destroy the Pokegod that did this too me. Actually, I will destroy all of them! I will rule this Universe!

Evil Mewtwo blasts out of the cave, sticks his fist up into the air, and spreads the evil througout the world once more.

The evil is so strong, it affects even the Pokegods in the sky.

However, the evil was not strong enough to effect three Pokemon. Pikachu, Mew, and Charizard were not affected by Mewtwo's powers.

Now, the Pokemon world was not just full of Pokemon. Other creatures such as King Kong, the Trix Rabbit, the Nesquick Rabbit, Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, the Ugly Monkey, Barney, Mario, Luigi, Henry the Hampster, Team Rocket, Ash, Misty, Brock, Dougly the Dragon, and Puff the Magic Dragon were last non-Pokemon inhabitants of the land.

Soon, war broke loose in Pokemon land again, and everyone was in trouble.

Evil Mewtwo rebuilt his destroyed kingdom up in the sky. Unfortunately, he was unable to clone any more Pokmeon, for all of his cloning machines were destroed, and were unable to be rebuilt. He had two side kicks. Mewtwo one, and Mewtwo two.

Mewtwo one: Sir, wouldn't it be easier to just call us Mewone and Mewtwo?

Evil Mewtwo: Shut up, I make the rules up here! Now fetch me a banana!

Mewtwo one fetches Evil Mewtwo a banana!

Evil Mewtwo: You know what Mewtwo one? Today is the day, we are going to dominate this Universe!

Mewtwo one: Ooh I just can't wait... -_-

Mewtwo two: How come you never talk to me, Evil Mewtwo?

Evil Mewtwo: Silence!

Mewtwo two: Well, that's one word...

Mewtwo one nudges Mewtwo two: I think he was talking to me...

Mewtwo two: -_-

Meanwhile, Ash and Misty were strolling along in the park.

Misty hudles against Ash.

Misty: Oh Ash, we've been friends for so long, and I've never been able to tell you this, but... Ash, I think I have feelings for you!

Ash: Ummm... Feeling???

Misty presses her head down on Ash's cheat.

Ash: Misty? What are you doing?

Misty: Ash, don't you want to be my girl friend? I love you Ash, I want to be with you, always!

Ash: Misty, I don't know what to say. I always thought you were pretty hot.

Misty and Ash look into each others eyes, and conceal a kiss. Next thing you know, they're on the ground, making out.

Barney: Hey guys, can I play with you too?


Meanwhile, Henry the Hampster was attacked by a swarm of Houndours. He rushed back to his secret labratory, and took out the Bazooka Blaster. The Houndours were chasing him the entire time.

Henry the Hampster: Ha, ha! Take that, Houndour!

Henry the Hampster fires a blast from his Bazooka Blaster and destroys all of the Houndours!


Back in the sky, Evil Mewtwo looked for Yoshi, the Pokemon that froze him for one-hundred years.

Missingo: Evil Mewtwo, I have spotted three Pokemon who have not been affected by your evilness!

Evil Mewtwo: Who are these Pokemon?

Missingo: Pikachu, Mew, and Charizard!

Evil Mewtwo: Thank you. Have you seen Yoshi anywhere?

Missingo: Yes I have! He is down by the lake.

Evil Mewtwo: Thank you.


Pikachu, Mew, and Charizard were walking down a valley, when suddenly, three wands fell from the sky. Pikachu looked up to find Lugia.

Lugia: My friends, we are the last, remaining, good Pokemon left on Pokemon Planet! Take these wands and you will become super strong!

Pikachu: Hey, I thought there were only three good Pokemon.

Lugia: I don't know, the story decided to make four of us, I guess! Anyways, destroy the evilness that attacks this planet! We are our only hope! Look, I have a wand too!

Mew: Where did you get these wands?

Lugia: I don't know, I woke up this morning and they were right beside me.


Puff the Magic Dragon: Okay guys, I have given the good Pokemon their wands. We might be saved! We must watch out for the evil Pokemon, and Team Rocket! Unfortunately...

Puff the Magic Dragon starts to cry.

Mario (in Italian accent): A-don't-a cry-a-la Puff!

Luigi (in Italian accent): (Cough) Speaking of puff...

Mario: A-Luigi, this ee-sn't the a-time to get a-high...

Puff the Magic Dragon: Don't worry about it, I get high all the time. Why do you think they call me Puff the Magic Dragon? Anyways... ... Dougly the Dragon... Oh no-ho-ho!!! I can't believe he's gone! He was attacked by a swarm of Beedril! He used all his power to kill the Beedrill, but ended up killing himself too!

Mario: Stop crying, Puff, you are creating a flood!

Puff the Magic Dragon: I remember, every night, Dougly would tuck me into bed, and sing me the song "Puff the Magic Dragon!" Oh, why is he gone???

Suddenly, a cloned Venusaur steps into the scene!

Luigi: Wow, I am a-totally a-seeing things! (Cough)

Puff the Magic Dragon: That is it! This evilness must be stopped!

Luigi: Puff? (Cough) Puff? What are you-a doing?

Puff the Magic Dragon imploded into a bright light! The light destroys the cloned Venusaur, circles the entire Pokemon Planet, and wipes out many more evil Pokemon. The light dissapears, and Puff the Magic Dragon was gone.

Mario: Noooo-ho-ho! A-la-puff!!! A-la-Puff!!! A-la-gooooneeee-hon-hon-hon!!!


Meanwhile, back in the skies...

Evil Mewtwo flew down to the lake, and finds Yoshi.

Evil Mewtwo: I have been waiting for this day!!

Yoshi: Waitinng? What are you talking about? You've awakened out of the ice for like an hour or so.

Evil Mewtwo: No, I was awake the entire time, inside that ice. Do you know how boring it gets, standing still, doing nothing, for one-hundred years?

Yoshi: You were awake, were you? Listen, Evil Mewtwo, since we're all evil now anyways, let's just be friends!

Evil Mewtwo: Never! I want my revenge!

Evil Mewtwo fires a black ball of energy at Yoshi. Yoshi takes the hit. Yoshi whips Evil Mewtwo down to the ground. Evil Mewtwo grabs Yoshi's leg, with one arm, and whips Yoshi on the ground several times. Evil Mewtwo flings Yoshi on a cement wall. Yoshi punches Evil Mewtwo. Yoshi fires a beam of ice at Mewtwo. Mewtwo takes the hit. Yoshi freezes Mewtwo again, but this time, Mewtwo breaks out of the ice right away.

Evil Mewtwo: While being trapped inside the ice, my energy built up, until I was too strong to be held inside the ice. Now, no matter how much ice you throw on me, I will never be frozen by it!

Evil Mewtwo picks up a chunk of ice and throws it at Yoshi. Yoshi falls down to the ground. Evil Mewtwo summons a lightning force, which destroys Yoshi.

Evil Mewtwo: It has been completed! Now, I will turn the entire Universe evil! I have the power! Ha, ha, ha!

Evil Mewtwo picks up his Black Wand and fires it into the sky. The black wind flies through the Universe.

Evil Mewtwo: Ha, ha, I am the official ruler of the Universe!

Then, suddenly, the wind energy becomes too strong! The stars in the Universe implode, the planets and moons explode! Suddenly, the entire Universe turns black, then white, then blue, then red, then green, then yellow, until suddenly, everything dissapears from existence, except the Pokemon Planet!

Evil Mewtwo: Well that just sucks! At least I still have Pokemon Planet!

Missingo: Sir, it appears that the entire Universe, and half of the Pokeon Planet, is missing!

Evil Mewtwo: Half of Pokemon Planet? That's it, where are my bananas?

Missingo: Well, I was getting to...


Missigno: They're gone too!

Evil Mewtwo: AAAAAAAHHH!!!!


Misty: Ash, hold me!

Ash holds Misty.

Misty: Take me to the stars!

Ash: I'm afraid the stars are gone.

Misty: Oh, right, well, take me to your bedroom.

Ash: Ummm... Your bedroom?

Misty: Yes! Yes! I want to...

Ash: Ummm... You want to?

Misty: Yes Ash, let's have a tea party in your bedroom!

Ash: Oh, that's what you wanted to do...


Henry the Hampster rushes into the rabbit crew.

Henry the Hampster: Rabbits! They are coming! The evil Pokemon are coming this way!!!!

Bugs Bunny: Ehhhh, (crunch) (crunch) (crunch) shut up doc!

----- (TO BE CONTINUED) -----

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Mar 1, 16 at 10:23am
Chaos Lord

quote Dragon Swordsman
Under the Bloody Moon

One day, inside the hideout of an evil organization called Team Rocket, located in Celedon City, Kanto, the organization's leader, Giovanni was talking to seven of his Grunts. They were Antony, Kuduros, Aya, chaos, Hazerider, Steelicks and LiNT. Giovanni said "Listen, Grunts! Team Rocket is currently planning to do some experiments on ghosts. I am hoping to be able to use some machines to give some ghosts amazing powers. Then, I am going to create an army of invincible ghosts under my command to take over the world someday! But in order to be able to experiments on ghosts, we first need to bring some into our laboratory! After doing some research, we have discovered a haunted mansion in a different region, called Pokéia! Listen! Chaos! Antony! Kuduros! Aya! Hazerider! Steelicks! And LiNT! I want you seven to go to that mansion and capture as many ghosts as possible! And chaos, I'll have you be the leader of this mission! You will each be provided with a Silph Scope, which allows you to see ghosts, as well as a special vacuum created by our scientists, which lets you capture ghosts! You can find them by going into our basement! Once you are all ready, you may head off to the mansion at any time!". After that, the seven Grunts said "Yes sir!" together, and then they started heading down to the basement of the Team Rocket hideout. "Man, as a member of Team Rocket, I didn't think we'd be doing such jobs as capturing ghosts..." said Hazerider. "Well, it's gonna be really fun, ain't it? I mean, c'mon, dun tell me you're scared! You're a real pussy if you are!" said LiNT. "H-How can I not be scared? To be honest, I really don't want to go... the thought of a haunted mansion just creeps me out!" said Aya. "Well, I'm not scared, I'm just dissapointed. I mean, I only joined Team Rocket recently, and I thought we'd be doing things like killing people by popping their heads off with a shotgun or something, not capturing ghosts. In fact, I actually doubt that they even exist!" said Antony. Then chaos said "Hey Aya, you don't have a choice whether to go or not. It is an order from Lord Giovanni himself". "I know, but it's still scary..." said Aya. "Hey Antony, we of Team Rocket actually almost never do missions like these. In fact, I've been a member of Team Rocket for a few years now, and this is my first time doing a ghost-hunting mission!" said Kuduros. "Yeah, this 'na be fun! Let's just enjoy this! We may never have a mission like this ever again!" said Steelicks. Then the seven Grunts reached the basement, and they found some special vacuums and some Silph Scopes. "Alright, everyone take one of these!" said chaos as he took a vaccum and a Silph Scope, and then the other six did the same. Then chaos said "I'll take this too" as he took a PokéBall from a desk. "What? What's inside that PokéBall?" asked Steelicks. "A Lapras" chaos answered. "A Lapras? Why do you need one for?" asked Steelicks. "You'll find out soon enough" said chaos. Then they left the Team Rocket Hideout, and then they started heading towards Vermillion City.

It was night-time while they were walking. They soon reached Route 7, the route to the East of Celedon City. Suddenly, LiNT spotted a Haunter on the route. "Hey everyone, guess what? I found a ghost! Let's suck it up!" said LiNT as he was about to suck the Haunter into his vacuum, when suddenly, chaos grabbed his wrist and stopped him. "Wh-what the *bleep* are you doin', chaos? We don't need to only catch ghosts in that mansion, y'know! Or are you so much of a pussy that you're too scared to let me suck it up? I mean, I'm tryin' to catch that ghost as a warm up before goin' to the mansion, where it's completely filled with ghosts!" LiNT shouted. Then chaos said "You idiot. That thing you're trying to capture is a Haunter, a Ghost-type Pokémon. Lord Giovanni is not looking for Ghost-type Pokémon. He wants real ghosts". "Yeah but still, it's good warm up!" said LiNT. Then Kuduros said "Your vacuum has a limited capacity, you know. By sucking in worthless trash, you're only wasting space, which you should be filling up with what Lord Giovanni wants". "Fine, fine, I understand. You guys are so boring..." said LiNT. Then Steelicks said "C'mon, let's move on! I can't wait to see a real ghost! It's gonna be my first time seeing one!", and then the seven Grunts continued walking.

Eventually, they reached Saffron City. "Wow, this city is really big! It's beautiful!" said Aya as she looked at the many office buildings in the city. Then LiNT pointed at the biggest building in the city and said "Hey look, guys! It's the Silph Co. Office Building! The place where our Silph Scopes were created!", and then he took out the Silph Scope which he got from the basement of the Team Rocket Hideout before. Then Steelicks said "Yeah, I remember that place. A few years ago, almost the whole of Team Rocket invaded that building. Man, that was so much fun! It was probably my favourite mission I've ever done as a member of Team Rocket!". "Invade the Silph Co. building? Why did you guys do that? I'm only a new member of Team Rocket, so I wasn't around back then. Was that how you guys got all these Silph Scopes?" asked Antony. Then chaos said "When we heard about the creation of the first Master Ball, Lord Giovanni immediately ordered us to invade the Silph Co. Office Building, because it's the place where the one and only Master Ball existed back then. Lord Giovanni greatly desired the Master Ball, as it is a PokéBall that can catch any Pokémon without failure". "So what Pokémon was caught by that Master Ball?" asked Antony. Then chaos said "I don't know. Afterall, we failed to get that Master Ball, as some kid came and completely ruined our plans before taking that Master Ball away himself....". "Our plans... were ruined by a kid?" asked Antony as he was surprised. Then Kuduros said "That's right. That kid was incredibly strong. He was able to defeat Lord Giovanni's Pokémon team by himself". "He was also the same person who forced Team Rocket to disband some time later that year when he defeated Giovanni in his Gym in Viridian City", chaos added. Then Antony said "Damn that kid... if I ever meet him, I'm gonna skin him, disembowell him, cut his head off and feed it to some hungry Mightyena, and then I'm gonna chop up the rest of his body and throw them all into a lake!". "Ewww... please don't say stuff like that again... it just feels... disgusting and inhumane!" said Aya. Then Hazerider said "Aya, this is the first mission you've done with Antony, right? In that case, you're only going to get used to him. He's completely obsessed with blood and gore and stuff!". "Please don't talk about it anymore! My mind can't take it..." said Aya. "Hahaha! You're all way too innocent. So other than me and Antony, no one else can take this stuff, right? Hahaha!" LiNT laughed. Then they kept on walking. They were now outside of Saffron City, and they are currently on Route 6, the route just South of Saffron City.

Eventually, they reached Vermillion City. "Wow, I love the ocean! It's so calm and peaceful in the night!" said Aya as she started running towards the ocean. Then chaos said "We are here. This is Vermillion City, the port of the Kanto region. Here, we're going to take a ship to the Pokéia region, where our destination will be". "So we're taking a ship? Cool!" said Steelicks. "It's obvious, isn't it? Ofcourse we're going to take a ship if we're going overseas!" said Kuduros. Then the seven grunts entered a ship in Vermillion City, and then the ship started heading towards Pokéia.

After two hours, the ship arrived at Port Steel, the port of the Pokéia region. "Wow, so this is the Pokéia region? It's amazing! It's kinda different from Kanto!" said Steelicks as he looked around Port Steel and saw a huge lighthouse, a museum, a seafood restaurant, an indoor skatepark and an aquairium. "Ehhhhh? An aquairium! Cool! Let's go in!" said Aya as she started running towards the Aquairium. I'm kinda interested in what's inside that museum..." said Antony as he started walking towards the museum slowly. "A seafood restaurant, heh? It's been a while since I last went to one..." said Hazerider as he looked at the seafood restaurant. Then LiNT said "C'mon c'mon! Where're ya all goin', homiez! Let's check out dat awesome skatepark! Come on! I can show ya all some really awesome tricks on the skateboard! I can even do a 1080 Triple Impossible!" as he started walking backwards towards the skatepark. Then Kuduros looked at chaos and said "These kids just don't know what doing a mission is all about...". "Yeah, you're right..." said chaos as he closed his eyes. Then he suddenly reopened them and shouted "Everyone, get back here now!". "Huh?" asked Antony, Aya, Hazerider, Steelicks and LiNT, and then they all walked back to where chaos and Kuduros were. Then chaos said "Where do you guys think you are? At a vacation? We are currently doing a mission under Lord Giovanni's orders, and we have no time to waste. We're heading to the haunted mansion right away!", and then he started walking towards the South West of the city. "And where is the haunted mansion?" asked LiNT. "According to the information given to me by Lord Giovanni, it should be just a bit to the South West of here" chaos answered. "South West? There's nothing but ocean there!" said Steelicks. Then chaos said "And you're the one who asked me why I brought a Lapras with me back in our hideout? Now you have the answer. It's needed in order to cross the ocean. Had I not brought Lapras with me, we'd need to head North, get through Shirou Town, the Mountain City Tunnels, as well as two extremely large cities, one of which being Castle Town, the town where the King of the Pokéia region lives before we can reach the haunted mansion. That would take us atleast a few days. But now that we have some means of crossing the ocean, we can take a shortcut there, which will take no more than ten minutes", and then he threw out a PokéBall, and then a Lapras appeared in the ocean to the South West of Port Steel. Then Aya said "Ehhhhh? Castle Town? Where the King lives? I'd love to go there! I heard that the King of this region is young and handsome!" as she blushed. Then Antony said "Hmm... Shirou Town, eh? Isn't that the place home to the biggest Pokémon Stadium in the world? If that's the case, I definitely need to go there! I'm gonna show all the trainers there just how skilled the PokéGod is!". Then Hazerider said "Mountain City Tunnels? I see. That must be the tunnels which goes under Mountain City, a city located on the summit of the highest mountain in the world. I heard that you can reach a floating city in the sky by taking a flying train from Mountain City... that must be interesting...". Then chaos said "You can all explore whatever you want in this region after we complete our mission, and that includes returning to our Hideout and giving all the ghosts we caught to Lord Giovanni. But until then, it is not the time to be playing around!". Then LiNT said "Well, this region seems t' have a lot o' cool places to visit! I really can't wait to get into the skatepark 'n' pulls some tricks, but the haunted mansion also seems pretty exciting!". "In any case, we should move on" said Kuduros, and then the seven grunts got onto chaos's Lapras's back. Then Lapras started swimming across the water, and it eventually reached a town with a beach after ten minutes. This is Solar Beach! Then the seven grunts got off Lapras, and then chaos returned Lapras to its PokéBall. "Just a bit to the West..." said chaos, and then the seven grunts walked to the West of the town. Then they walked along a route for a while. After walking past a creepy graveyard, they eventually reached the haunted mansion. It was a dark green, three-storey mansion surrounded by a black fence and many dead trees. There were some stairs leading to the mansion's main entrance. A large crescent moon could also be seen in the clear sky at the time, and it was 11:00pm. "Here is our destination. Be prepared, guys. We're going in" said chaos, and then he opened the gate outside the mansion. "This place is even more creepy than I imagined..." said Aya. Then Antony said "I agree, not that I'm scared though. But it'll be really dissapointing if there aren't any ghosts to be found even in a place like this!"."Just keep quite, Antony. If you keep making so much noise, then you are going to be dissapointed, as any ghosts would be scared away by someone talking so loudly..." said Kuduros. Then chaos walked up to the front door of the mansion and kicked it open. Now, the seven grunts are inside the foyer of the mansion. Then chaos said "Listen, we'll all be splitting up at this point!" "Ehhhhh? S-S-Splitting up? N-No way! No way am I exploring this mansion on my own!" said Aya. Then chaos said "OK, fine. Just because you're a girl, I'll let you go with Antony. But the rest of us are all exploring the mansion on our own!". "Go with Antony? I mean, there's no way I'm going on my own, but why did you choose to have me go with Antony?" asked Aya. "It's because every one of us here except for Antony has a mobile phone, so we can call them at any time in case something happens. So Aya, since you must go with someone, I'll have you go with Antony, because if I need to contact him for any reason, I just need to call your phone!" said chaos. "Why are we splitting up? Everyone's just gonna get lost that way. It's easier if we all stick together..." said Hazerider. Then chaos said "The reason why we don't all stick together is because of the fact that ghosts are afraid when there are many people in the same place. But when there's only one person, that's when ghosts feel like picking on that person. And so they have a much higher chance of appearing. Remember, this is a mission to capture as many ghosts as we can for Lord Giovanni! If we all stick together, then chances are, we'll never find a ghost around here, ever. So we're now splitting up. Kuduros! You go to search the basement of the mansion! Hazerider! You search the front area of the mansion's first floor! Steelicks! You search the back area of the mansion's first floor, including the backyard! LiNT! You search the right area of the mansion's second floor! Antony and Aya, you two go together to search the third floor of the mansion! And I'll search the left area of the mansion's second floor, including the big balcony on the back! Let's go!", and then everyone went to look for ghosts in the areas of the mansion where they were ordered to go to.

Kuduros went to the mansion's basement as he was ordered to. There, he noticed that the walls and the ground of the mansion are all made of concrete. He was walking along a hallway in the basement. Then he noticed a wooden door to his left. He opened the door and entered a room filled with many crates and barrels. There was also pool of sewage water at the back of the room. Kuduros looked into the water, and then he saw an old man lying down under the water, with his eyes closed. The old man had very pale skin, grey hair and he looked like a corpse. Then suddenly, the old man opened his eyes, which were blood-red, and then he jumped out of the water. "Gaaaaaarghhhh! Bllllaaaaaaghhhh!!!!!!!!" the old man yelled as he jumped at Kuduros's face and slashed him at the head. "Tch. That hurt, geezer!" said Kuduros as he sucked the old man into his vacuum (the ghost's size decreased significantly when it is sucked in). Then he noticed that there were no more ghosts left in the room, so he left the room. Then he entered another door in the hallway where he was in before, and this time, he found himself inside an empty room, with many spiderwebs, rats and cockroaches. But soon, he noticed a baby inside the room. "Yo" said Kuduros as he looked at the baby, but then the baby suddenly looked at Kuduros and started giggling evily! The baby had red skin, pure black eyes, had an enormous head and had bat wings on his back! Then the baby flew at Kuduros with his bat wings and tried to bite Kuduros, but Kuduros ducked and avoided being bitten, and then the baby flew through a wall in the room where he was in. "So that brat escaped to a different room, hmm..." said Kuduros, and then he left the room where he was in before. Then he entered a different room, which was right next to the wall where the baby flew through before. The floor of this room was completely covered in ice, and Kuduros slipped as soon as he entered the room. Then the baby took advantage of that, and then he flew at Kuduros and bit him at the stomach. "What a pain..." said Kuduros as he shaked the baby off him, and then he sucked the baby into his vacuum.

Meanwhile, Hazerider was exploring a part of the mansion's first floor. He entered the mansion's dining room. But as soon as he entered it, something suddenly kicked him on the stomach, sending him flying back out of the room again, and he hit a wall of a corridor. Then he looked up and saw a pair of grey-colored legs walking towards him, but there was no upper body! "Tch" said Hazerider as he sucked up the pair of legs. Then he entered the dining room again. He saw a huge dining table, and there were food scraps everywhere. But there was no sight of anymore ghosts in the dining room. Then he left the dining room, entered a bathroom and searched it a bit. He found nothing in it, but he needed to use the bathroom, so he used it. After that, he started washing his hands. But while doing so, he saw the reflection of a ghost with red hair and wearing black clothes in the bathroom's mirror! Then Hazerider turned around, but he didn't see anyone behind him. Then Hazerider tried to suck the ghost through the mirror and into his vacuum, but that didn't work. "Leave immediately!" said the ghost in the mirror as he pointed at the bathroom's exit. "And if I say no?" asked Hazerider as he turned around and used his vacuum to suck at the place where the ghost would be standing if he was outside the mirror. Then Hazerider looked at the mirror and saw the ghost being sucked into his vacuum! After that, he left the bathroom, and then he went to a corridor outside. He opened the door of a room connected to the corridor where he was in, and then he ended up in the mansion's kitchen. Then he saw a horrible sight before him! There was the upper body of a naked woman with dark green hair and grey skin lying on the ground, but she didn't have any legs! Blood was also coming out of her forehead, mouth and waist! Hazerider was terrified for a second when the woman looked up at him, but then he calmed down again, and then he said "I see. So you're the ghost of that woman who had her body split in half after falling onto a rail. I've heard stories about you". "Where is the other half of my body?" asked the woman in a very deep voice as her eyes widened. Then Hazerider said "I vacuumed them up". "What?" asked the woman, and then she started crawling towards Hazerider at incredible speed (for someone who's crawling on the ground). Then Hazerider said "There is this story about how there was a woman who was tossed down a staircase from the top floor of a building. Then she landed on the stair's rails on the bottom floor, and then her body was split in half, with her upper body seperated from her legs. People say that ever since then, the ghost of her upper body crawls around, trying to find her legs, while the ghost of her legs walks around, trying to find her upper body. Up until now, I've never believed in that story. But to think that that she really exists in this mansion... how interesting!", and then he sucked up the woman's upper body. Now, the ghost of that woman's entire body is inside Hazerider's vacuum. Then Hazerider walked up to the fridge in the kitchen and opened it out of curiosity, and then he saw many pieces of a chopped up human body in the fridge! "How disgusting..." said Hazerider, and then he closed the fridge.

Meanwhile, Steelicks was exploring the other part of the mansion's first floor. He went out to the mansion's backyard, and he saw many dead trees and tall grasses everywhere. There was also a huge graveyard at the back of the mansion. Suddenly, he heard a woman moaning. Then he looked at the direction where the sound was coming from, and then he saw a woman with long brown hair, wearing white clothes and had blood covering her entire body and clothes climbing a tree! She also had a rope around her neck. Then the woman jumped down the tree and started walking towards Steelicks slowly like a zombie. "You may look scary, but you don't seem to be that much of a threat..." said Steelicks as he quickly sucked up the ghost. But as soon as he sucked her up, Steelicks heard a loud shaking sound. He looked at where the sound was coming from, and he saw a large gravestone in the graveyard shaking and cracking. That gravestone was about five times as big as all the other gravestones in the graveyard! Then the gravestone cracked into many pieces, and then a huge beast the size of a house, with green skin, and a thick, muscular tail came out of the ground under the gravestone. The beast roared loudly, and then it looked at Steelicks. "I-Impossible! That thing... is it also a ghost?" asked Steelicks as he took a few steps back. "Am I a threat then?" asked the beast as it started walking towards Steelicks slowly, creating huge foot prints on the ground for every step it took. Then Steelicks tried to suck up the beast with his vacuum. "Yes, it's working!" said Steelicks as he noticed that the beast was slowly being sucked in, but then the beast opened its mouth and started charging up energy. After that, it blasted a huge, powerful beam of red energy out of its mouth at Steelicks, who avoided the beam, and then the beam hit the ground, causing an explosion which destroyed many dead trees, as well as a small part of the haunted mansion. "Dammit! I was about to suck that thing up! So it really is a ghost afterall! But due to its size, it's gonna take ages for me to suck it up, and when I try to, it's just gonna interrupt me with its stupid beam!" said Steelicks as he started running back, trying to gain some distance between himself and the beast, but then the beast suddenly punched Steelicks with its huge arms, sending him flying, and he landed on a big balcony on the second floor of the haunted mansion. Then the beast jumped onto the balcony, destroying a part of the balcony's fence, and then it tried to crunch Steelick's head, but Steelicks avoided the attack. However, his last two fingers of his left hand was bitten off by the beast! "Noooooo!!!!" Steelicks screamed in pain as he looked at his left hand. Then the beast headbutted Steelicks, making him slide from one side of the balcony to the other, and then he hit the fence on that side of the balcony, destroying it. Then the beast tried to crush Steelicks by stomping on him, but Steelicks rolled out of the way, and then the beast's attack made a part of the balcony collapse. "Here's my chance!" said Steelicks as he tried to suck up the beast again, but then the beast hit Steelicks with its tail, making him slide back to the other side of the balcony. Now, his entire body was bleeding badly due to sliding across the rough surface of the ground for such long distance. "Dammit!" said Steelicks as he got up from the ground. Then he continued dodging the beast's attacks, while trying to suck it up occasionally, but he always failed as every time he tried, he was always interrupted by the beast's attacks.

Meanwhile, Antony and Aya were searching the third floor of the mansion. They entered a room with a television, a painting of a coffin hanging on one of the walls, and there were also many DVDs on a shelf in the room. "Just as I thought, nothing special here. Man, are there even any ghosts in this mansion?" asked Antony after looking around the room a bit, and then he was about to leave the room, when suddenly, the door of the room locked by itself! "Wh-what's going on? This is scary..." said Aya. "Alright, what *bleep* is pulling this shit on us?" asked Antony as he was about to kick the door open, when suddenly, the TV in the room turned on by itself! Then Antony and Aya both looked at the TV screen, which showed a well in front of a Japanese house. "Hm? What's this? So that *bleep* decided to entertain us with some stupid TV show?" asked Antony. Then suddenly, he saw a woman with long, black hair which covered all four sides of her head crawling out of the well in the TV. "So... this is 'sposed to be some ghost show?" asked Antony. Then he continued watching the TV, as he saw the woman slowly walking closer and closer towards the camera. Eventually, the woman got so close that her entire head was covering the TV screen. "Aaaaaaa! S-Stop this! It's scary!" said Aya as she covered her eyes with her hands. Then Antony saw the woman crawling out of the TV screen! "Huh? What's going on?" asked Antony. "What's happening?" asked Aya, as she did not know what was going on since she had her eyes covered. "That woman... is coming out of the TV? How is this possible...?" asked Antony. "What?" asked Aya as she uncovered her eyes, and then she screamed when she saw the black-haired woman, with her body halfway outside of the TV screen! "So... this just proves that ghosts do indeed exist, heh?" asked Antony as the woman completely crawled out of the TV. "Well then, suction time!" said Antony as he sucked the woman into his vacuum. After that, he looked at Aya, who was covering her eyes again, and he said "Oiy! Aya! What's wrong? Everything's fine now! I already captured that ghost!". Then Aya uncovered her eyes and looked around the room. "Well, we're moving on!" said Antony as he kicked the room's door open, and then he and Aya both left the room and went to a corridor outside of it. "Let's get outta here!" said Aya as she grabbed Antony's arm and tried to pull him towards the direction which leads out of the mansion. "Why are you so scared, Aya? What's there to be afraid of? It's not like the ghosts here can actually kill you or anything!" said Antony, but as soon as he said that, a voice was suddenly heard: "We'll see about that". Then Antony and Aya both looked at the direction where the voice came from, and then they saw a Vampire-like ghost wearing a black and red coat, dark boots and had pale white skin and dark brown hair standing at the other end of the corridor. "So you're another ghost, eh?" asked Antony. "This one looks a bit different from that last one..." said Aya. Then the ghost looked at Antony and said "Well... it seems you captured Hora, who is considered by many humans to be the scariest ghost in this mansion. I'm surprised you came out without even the slightest shock on your face, but let me tell you something, boy. Hora may be scary, but she is in fact one of the weakest ghosts in this mansion! Don't think you can get past me easily as you got past her, boy!", and then he shot a huge blast of wind out of his palm at Antony and Aya. The blast of wind was so big that it ripped out many doors along the hallway! Then the blast of wind was about to hit Antony and Aya, but then Antony grabbed Aya and ran with her to a corner in the corridor, avoiding the blast, which created a hole in the corridor's wall, which led into a library in the mansion. "Die!" said the ghost as he karate chopped the air three times, and a huge burst of slicing wind came out of his hand every time he did a karate chop. "Hide!" said Antony, and then he and Aya both ran through the hole in the wall caused by the ghost's wind blast attack, and they ended up inside the library. They avoided the three bursts of slicing wind. Then they both hid in there somewhere. "Do you think you can get away from me?" asked the ghost as he ran inside the library too. "It's pointless to hide!" said the ghost as he waved his right arm around, and then a strong wind blew around the entire library, sending all the books flying off the shelves. Some of the shelves in the library were also knocked down. "So, for how much longer are you planning to cower in fear for?" asked the ghost. Then suddenly, Antony came out and tried to suck the ghost into his vacuum, but then the ghost created a ball of spiralling wind around his right arm, and then he punched Antony with that arm, sending Antony flying until he hit a wall in the library. "Antony!" Aya shouted as she started running towards Antony, who was on the ground, but then the ghost summoned a strong wind, which blew Aya and sent her flying until she hit a wall too. "A-Antony! D-Do something about that ghost!" said Aya as she looked at Antony while pointing at the ghost. Then the ghost said "It's not "a ghost", little girl. My name is Aru, and in this mansion, I am the second in command!". "I don't care what the *bleep* you think you are! It has no change in the fact that you'll be captured!" said Antony as he got up and charged at Aru. Then he tried to punch Aru at the face, but Aru grabbed Antony's wrist and stopped his punch. Then Aru created a blade of sharp wind in his left hand, and then he used it to slash Antony across the stomach, sending him flying and making his stomach bleed rapidly. "Antony!" Aya screamed. "Wh-what the *bleep* are you doing, Aya? Don't just sit there! H-Help me capture that ghost" said Antony as he was breathing heavily. "B-But... I can't! I-It's too strong!" said Aya. Then Antony said "Look, I'll distract him for you!" as he grabbed some books from the ground, which were knocked off the shelves before. Then he threw the books at Aru, but Aru protected himself by creating a wind shield in front of himself, which sliced all the books into many pieces. Then Antony ran behind Aru and tried to kick him at the face, but Aru turned around and blocked the kick with his forearm. "You brat!" said Aru as he was about to punch Antony at the face, when suddenly, he noticed Aya sucking him into her vacuum from behind! "You lil' bitch!" said Aru as she was about to shoot a blast of wind out of his palm at Aya from point-blank range, but he was interrupted when Antony punched him at the back of the head. Then Antony kicked him between the legs, and then he fell on his knees. "Damn you kids!" said Aru as he was already sucked halfway into Aya's vacuum. "So you still think you're tough?" asked Antony as he looked at Aru. Then Aru said "You know nothing, boy... I'm only the second in command here... so there's still someone above me...". "And who is that?" asked Antony. Then Aru said "His name is Gurim, the leader of all the ghosts in this mansion. Even when compared to me, his power is on a completely different level. And judging from your performance against me, none of you... will ever stand a chance at taking down Lord Gurim...", and then he was completely sucked into Aya's vacuum. "You... you did it! You did it, Aya! See? If you try, you can do it!" said Antony. "Are you sure that thing won't somehow break out of the vacuum?" asked Aya. "Don't worry. Our scientists would never make crappy equipments like that..." said Antony.

Meanwhile, LiNT went up some stairs from the mansion's foyer, which led to the mansion's second floor. He opened a double door as soon as he reached the second floor, and then he found himself inside a large room with many cupboards. Suddenly, one of the cupboards opened up, and then a headless body started walking out of the cupboard towards LiNT. "Heh, a headless guy as my first victim!" said LiNT as he sucked the ghost into his vacuum, but then suddenly, another cupboard in the room opened, and then a severed human head came out of it. "Gimme back my body, you piece o' shit!" said the head as it started flying around the room really fast. LiNT tried to suck it up while it's flying, but it was too fast, and LiNT couldn't keep up with it! "What the hell are you doin', mate? I'm tellin' you to give back my body!" said the head as it flew at LiNT and bit his arm. "You *bleep*head! Get off!" said LiNT as he tried to punch the head, but it flew back and avoided the punch. Then the head started circling around LiNT at incredible speed. After that, it flew at LiNT and headbutted him at the nose, making it bleed. "You little!" said LiNT as he grabbed the head by the hair, and then he placed his vacuum right in front of the head's face. "Take this, brat!" said LiNT as he sucked the head into his vacuum. Then he noticed a door at the back of the room. He went through it, and he was now inside a room with pink walls and many dolls and toys on the ground. Suddenly, a ghost appeared out of nowhere in the center of the room. This ghost looks like the ghost you can see in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow by encountering a Wild Ghost-type Pokémon in the Pokémon Tower without a Silph Scope. Then the ghost casted a spell on all the dolls and toys in the room, and then suddenly, all the dolls and toys came to life, and then they all jumped at LiNT's face. "Argh! G-Get off, homos!" said LiNT as he guarded his face with his arms, and then he started kicking all the toys and dolls, sending them flying at the walls on the room, but they kept on coming back! "*bleep*! What is this shit? What kinda gay fag attacks people with *bleep*ing dolls?" asked LiNT as he stomped on one of the dolls hard, and then it stopped moving. "You're that gook who's controllin' all this queer stuff, huh?" asked LiNT as he looked at the ghost in the center of the room. Then he tried to suck the ghost into his vacuum, but then one of the many dolls in the room got sucked into the vacuum instead, and then the doll jammed the vacuum. "Ah ghey!" said LiNT as he pulled the doll back out of his vacuum, but while he was doing that, many toys jumped at him face. "*bleep*! Die for God's sake!" said LiNT as he shaked the toys off himself, and then he grabbed one of them and snapped it in half. Then he ran towards the ghost and pointed his vacuum at it at an extremely close range so that nothing else could be sucked in instead, and then the ghost was dragged into the vacuum. After that, all the toys and dolls in the room stopped moving. "God, that was a *bleep*ing nightmare!" said LiNT, and then he continued to explore the mansion.

Meanwhile, chaos was exploring a part of the mansion's second floor. He entered a large hallway with many knight armors standing on the side. There were also many katana, long swords and other swords hanging on the walls in the corridor. "Wow, there's some pretty amazing stuff here!" said chaos. Then suddenly, one of the knights in the room started walking towards chaos! It was holding a gigantic sword and a big shield, and its red eyes could also be seen through the helm. Then it tried to slash chaos with its sword, but chaos sidestepped and dodged the attack. Then he grabbed a long sword hanging on one of the walls in the hallway, and then he tried to slash the knight with it, but the knight blocked with its own sword. Then chaos jumped back, and then he charged at the knight and started thrusting his long sword at it repeatedly, but the knight was blocking every single one of chaos's attacks. Then, after thrusting his sword at the knight thirty times, chaos did one extreme strong thrust, which flinched the knight, despite the fact that it had blocked the attack. Then, while the knight was flinching, chaos slashed its armor hard, shattering it. Then, it was revealed that the knight was really a skeleton with red eyes! Then the skeleton threw its big sword away, and then it ran to a wall in the hallway and grabbed a rapier. After that, the skeleton charged at chaos and started slashing at him repeatedly with its rapier, but chaos was blocking the slashes with his long sword. After a slashing at chaos a few times, the skeleton suddenly pulled out a nunchaku-like bone out of its own body, and then it hit chaos on the leg with it, making him lose his balance. Then the skeleton took this opportunity to try to chop chaos's head off with its sword, but chaos ducked the slash, though some of his hair were chopped off. Then chaos kicked the skeleton, knocking it back a bit. Then he slammed his sword hard at the skeleton, smashing it into many pieces. "Got you!" said chaos as he started sucking at the skeleton with his vacuum. After a while, a ghost was sucked out of the skeleton and into the vacuum. "So, I've caught one ghost.." said chaos, and then he walked up to a wall in the hallway. "This looks pretty nice... maybe it'll be helpful later..." said chaos as he grabbed a katana, which was hanging on the wall. After that, he left the room, and then he went through another door in one of the mansion's many corridors. When he went through it, he ended up on the mansion's big balcony, which is the same balcony as the one where Steelicks was sent flying onto before. There, he saw that Steelicks was still fighting against the big beast with green skin! "Steelicks!" chaos shouted. "C-chaos? Wh-why are you here?" asked Steelicks as he jumped back to avoid being hit by a punch from the beast. Then chaos "I should be the one asking you that question! Aren't you supposed to be exploring the mansion's first floor?". "W-Well, I know that! But still, the fight ended up here!" said Steelicks as he jumped to avoid another attack from the beast. "I'll help you!" said chaos as he charged at the beast with the katana and the long sword which he was holding. Then he did a "Cross Chop" on the beast's face with his two swords, but the beast was not harmed much as its tough skin protected its face from the attack. "Capture it, now!" said chaos as he looked at Steelicks. "I was just thinking of that!" said Steelicks as he jumped back to gain some distance between himself and the beast in order to not get hit by an attack from the beast's muscular tail. Then he started sucking at the beast while it was being kept occupied by chaos. After a few minutes, the beast was completely captured. "Good job" said chaos. "Hmmm... but I wouldn't have caught that thing had you not come!" said Steelicks. Then suddenly, the two of them heard a voice coming from the sky: "What the hell? It seems you Rockets had already made a mess of my mansion!". Then chaos and Steelicks both looked up at the sky, where the voice came from. Then they saw a muscular guy with blue hair, dark blue eyes and wearing a white jacket, a white hakama and carrying a sword floating in the sky, with the crescent Moon in the sky hanging behind his head. It was also exactly 12:00 midnight at the time. "Heh, it seems another ghosts appeared! They're comin' out one after another!" said Steelicks. Then the ghost floating in the sky said "Me? Just "another ghost"? Hmph. You gotta be *bleep*in' kidding me! I am Gurim, the owner of this mansion! I'm also the leader of all the ghosts around here!", and then he floated down from the sky and landed on the balcony. "Be careful, Steelicks. This guy... he's incredibly strong..." said chaos. "You got that right!" said Gurim. Then Steelicks tried to suck Gurim into his vacuum, but then Gurim charged at Steelicks at extreme speed, and then he stabbed Steelicks through the stomach with his bare hand! After that, he grabbed Steelicks by the neck and threw him to the roof of the haunted mansion. "Dammit! Steelicks, this guy isn't so weak to the point where you could just suck him up from the beginning, you know!" said chaos as he charged at Gurim and tried to slash him with his katana, but Gurim blocked the attack with his wrist! "Is that all you've got?" asked Gurim as he pushed back against chaos's sword with his wrist, and then chaos slid back a few metres on his feet. "You bastard!" said chaos as he charged at Gurim once more. This time, he tried to stab Gurim with his long sword, but Gurim stopped the attack by grabbing the sword with his bare hand! Then Gurim threw chaos's sword up to the mansion's roof. Chaos, who was still holding the sword, was also sent flying up there. Then Gurim levitated up into the sky again, with the crescent Moon in the sky hanging behind his head. "What's wrong? Don't depress me like that! Is that seriously all you guy's got?" asked Gurim as he looked down at chaos and Steelicks (who were both on the mansion's roof) from the sky. Then chaos took out a mobile phone and used it to call the mobile phones of all the other Grunts in the mansion, except for Steelicks (because he was already right next to chaos at that time) and Antony (who didn't have a mobile phone as he hated them, and he was with Aya anyway). "Hey! Listen! You guys need to come and help me! I'm having serious trouble! In fact, I'm up against the leader of all the ghosts in this mansion! I really need your help! I'm up on the mansion's roof right now! You can get up here by taking some stairs from a room in this mansion's third floor!" said chaos through the phone. Then Gurim said "Hey hey! You're calling for help? That ain't something a man should do!" as he dived down from the sky and punched chaos hard at the stomach, making him cough out some blood, sending him flying and making him drop his mobile phone and the two swords which he was holding before. Then Gurim caught the mobile phone in mid-air and crushed it with his bare hand. Then Steelicks charged at Gurim and punched him at the stomach, but nothing happened. "*bleep* you!" said Gurim as he slapped Steelicks at the face with the back of his hand, knocking him down and sending him sliding across the mansion's roof. Then Gurim gave Steelicks the middle finger, while he had a huge smile of insanity on his face.

Meanwhile, Antony and Aya were still somewhere in the mansion's third floor. Aya had just received the call from chaos before. Then they made their way into a room with a fireplace and some stairs leading to the mansion's roof. "This way!" said Aya as she ran up those stairs, while Antony followed her.

When they reached the top of the stairs, they were now on the mansion's rooftop. Immediately, Gurim spotted them. 'Eh? So some more Rockets decided to show up, huh? Well then. So it's four on one! Alright! Bring it on! Give it all you've got and come straight at me! If you don't, then just like that torn-up kid over there..." said Gurim, and then he looked at Steelicks, who had a hole in his stomach after he was stabbed by Gurim's hand. Then Gurim looked back at Antony and Aya and said "I'll tear a hole in you too!" as he smiled insanely again. "So you're that Gurim guy... the ghost leader who that second in command guy... Aru or whatever he's called spoke of before, right? Interesting!" said Antony as he started charging towards Gurim. Then he threw a punch at Gurim's face as hard as he could, but Gurim blocked the punch with his own arm. "Impressive power for a mere human, but now, it's MY TURN!" said Gurim, and then he threw a punch at Antony, sending him sliding back on his feet, despite the fact that he had blocked the punch. Eventually, Antony had his back pushed against a large chimney on the mansion's roof. Then Aya sneaked behind Gurim and tried to suck him up, but then Gurim said "A sneak attack won't work against me!" as he turned around and grabbed Aya's head with his hand. Then he lifted Aya into the air by her head, and then he was about to crush Aya's head, when suddenly, he was hit by an Ice Beam, which froze him solid, and he was also forced to let go of Aya's head. Then everyone looked at where the Ice Beam came from, and they saw chaos standing next to the Lapras he brought with him. "I never thought I'd need to use this Lapras against a ghost... but it proved to be helpful..." said chaos as he was breathing heavily. At the same time, Kuduros, Hazerider and LiNT had made their way to the mansion's roof. "What's going on?" asked Kuduros. "Well, all's about to end..." said Antony as he was ready to suck Gurim into his vacuum, but then suddenly, Gurim broke out of the ice, grabbed Antony by the neck and lifted him into the air. Then he threw Antony at Aya, knocking her down. Then Gurim looked at chaos's Lapras and said "You stupid thing! Freezing the top layer of my skin... you really thought that would do me in? How naive!". Then the Lapras used Ice Beam on Gurim again, but Gurim blasted a beam of purple flames out of his palm, melting the Ice Beam and fainting Lapras. "Dammit!" said chaos, and then he put Lapras back into its PokéBall.

Meanwhile, Steelicks grabbed the two swords which chaos dropped before, and then he charged at Gurim with it. He tried to do a "Cross Chop" on Gurim, but Gurim pulled out an espada ropera and blocked the attack. "Nice try, fag!" said Gurim as he kicked Steelicks, sending him flying back, and he landed on his back. Then Kuduros, Hazerider and LiNT all charged at Gurim together, but Gurim slashed all three of them across the stomach with his espada ropera, sending them all flying back, and they all started bleeding badly. "Seven on one now, eh? Atleast you actually made me get serious!" said Gurim. Then LiNT got up, charged at Gurim and punched him ten times in a row, but nothing happened. "Tch" said Gurim as he smashed LiNT at the head with the hilt of his espada ropera, knocking him down. Then Hazerider got up from the ground, looked at Steelicks and said "Steelicks! Use that attack you just did on that ghost again!". "What?" asked Steelicks. "Just use that attack again!" Hazerider shouted. "Understood" said Steelicks, and then he started charging at Gurim again. "Just what are you trying to pull?" asked Gurim. "If I sacrifice my life, then I'll atleast save the others..." Hazerider thought, and then he charged at Gurim head on and tried to suck him into his vacuum. Then Gurim looked at Hazerider's seemingly foolish attempt and said "You bastard! Are you trying to insult me or something? As if I, the leader of all the ghosts in this mansion would let you just suck me in that easily!" as he stabbed his espada ropera straight through Hazerider's heart, killing him. But then his guard was down, and while it was down, Steelicks "Cross Chopped" him at the chest with his two swords, and now, Gurim had an "X" marked on his chest. "HAZERIDER!!!!!!" Steelicks shouted as he looked at Hazerider's corpse. "He...he sacrificed himself just to help us capture the ghost...?" asked chaos. "You piece a' shit!" said Gurim as he thrusted his right arm straight through Steelick's stomach, making him cough out a lot of blood, and he also dropped his two swords. "Farewell, you mother*bleep*er!" said Gurim as he smiled insanely, and then he pointed his palm at Steelicks, and he was about to blast a red beam of energy out of his palm at Steelicks from point-blank range, when suddenly, he noticed that he was being sucked halfway into a vacuum! Then he looked and saw Kuduros standing behind him, holding a vacuum. "Shit!" said Gurim as he turned around and blasted the beam of red energy at Kuduros instead. But just before Kuduros was hit by the beam, he quickly passed his vacuum to chaos, while the vacuum was still sucking Gurim in. Then the beam of red energy hit Kuduros at point-blank range, destroying his entire upper body, and only his legs remained. The big chimney on the mansion's roof was also destroyed by the red beam. "KUDUROS!!!!!!" Aya shouted. Then Gurim said "Ah *bleep* no!" as he noticed that he was almost completely sucked into the vacuum! Then he tried to punch chaos at the head, but it was too late. Before his punch hit chaos, he was completely sucked into the vacuum (as Kuduros was already sucking him in before the vacuum was passed to chaos). "We...we did it... We caught the ghost boss..." said chaos. Then Antony said "So in the end, two sacrifices weere needed...". "Who would've thought this mission would've been this dangerous..." said LiNT as he got up from the ground. "This is so horrible..." said Aya ashe looked at the corpses of Hazerider and Kuduros "Umm... I think Lord Giovanni needs to know about this..." said Steelicks. Then he was about to take out his mobile phone to call Giovanni, when suddenly, some powerful spirit energy covered the entire area where chaos, Antony, Aya, LiNT and Steelicks were! The spirit energy was so powerful that small rocks were being lifted from the ground, the trees were shaking, and the five Team Rocket Grunts were being pushed onto their knees! The entire atmosphere also seems to be shaking due to the spirit energy! After a while, the five Grunts passed out.

They woke up again two hours later, and they noticed that there were now some clouds in the sky (while the sky was completely clear before), though the crescent Moon in the sky could still be seen. "Wh-what the hell just happened?" asked LiNT as he sat up. "I-I don't know... I just... I suddenly fell asleep and... now I'm here..." said Aya. "It seems we all passed out for about two hours..." said chaos. "What was that we felt just before we passed out? It felt... very powerful... and I swear, it's like it was pushing down on us!" said Antony. "It... it can't be... that Gurim ghost... the one chaos just captured said he was the leader of all the ghosts in this mansion... so that must mean... there can't be a ghost more powerful than he is around here! But... whatever was pushing us down before... it felt like that thing's power... was infinitely higher than that of Gurim's..." said Steelicks. "In that case, I believe it is safe to assume that whatever that thing is, it's not a ghost which lives in this mansion, right?" said Antony. Then chaos said "Ah crap!" as he looked at all the vacuums and realized that they were all opened! "What's wrong?" asked Aya. Then chaos said "That bastard freed all the ghosts we caught...". "What the hell?" asked LiNT. "So it seems that guy who made us all pass out... he's on the same side as the ghosts afterall..." said Antony. "In any case, we need to inform Lord Giovanni about this as soon as possible!" said Steelicks as he took out his mobile phone and tried to call Giovanni, but he realized that his mobile phone was broken. "Ah *bleep*, it's broken..." said Steelicks. "Don't worry, I'll call..." said Aya as she took out a pink mobile phone, only to realize that it was broken too! "Umm... mine's also broken..." said Aya as she blushed. "Strange... mine's not working either..." said LiNT. "Well, mine was crushed by that ghost boss before anyway, and Antony doesn't even have one himself!" said chaos. "What's wrong? Why are everyone's phones not working?" asked LiNT. "They were probably destroyed by that incredible force we felt earlier..." said Antony. Then chaos said "Well listen, everyone! We all need to calm down. What we're going to do now is, we all walk out of the mansion together, and then we're going to head West to a city called Kanbura City, where we're going to use the PC in the Pokémon Center there to call Lord Giovanni, and find out what he needs us to do right now. When we're walking down the mansion, we're going to ignore any ghosts we see until we come back later. Understood?". "Yes" said everyone else, and then they all walked down the mansion together. Before chaos left, he picked up the two swords which Steelicks dropped before.

When they got out of the mansion, Antony said "This is strange...". "So you've noticed it too, Antony..." said chaos. "What's wrong, guys?" asked Aya. Then Steelicks said "Haven't you noticed? One would expect to see atleast one ghost after walking through three floors of one of the most haunted mansions in the world, especially when they have a Silph Scope. But although we walked all the way from the mansion's roof down to the first floor and came out of here, we have yet to spot even one ghost...". "Well, come to think of it, you're right..." said Aya. "What happened to all the ghosts? I thought even the ones we captured were freed..." said LiNT. "Well, I don't really know. Maybe we were just lucky we didn't encounter them?" said Aya. Then the group didn't need to say anymore words, and they all decided to silently agree on that, as they couldn't think of any other explanation. Soon, they forgot about it. Now, they are walking West to Kanbura City.

Soon, the grunts arrived at Kanbura City, an extremely large city with many office buildings, a radio tower, a space station, a school, a University, a shopping center and a huge library. Despite everything that were in the city, none of the grunts reacted like they did to Saffron City and Port Steel before, as they were all shocked and worried at this point. They immediately headed for the city's Pokémon Center, and then they entered it. Then chaos went straight to the PC and used it to contact the Team Rocket Hideout in Celedon City. After a minute, they were connected, and then Giovanni's face could be seen on the screen. "Hey, it's 3:00 in the morning right now! This better be important!" said Giovanni. "Well, I have three extremely bad news to tell you, sir. First, our comrades Hazerider and Kuduros were killed by Gurim, the leader of all the ghosts in the mansion you ordered us to explore. Second, we were all struck by an unknown force shortly after capturing the ghost boss, and we passed out for about two hours because of that. Third, after we regained conciousness, all the ghosts we captured were freed" said chaos. "WHAT?!?" asked Giovanni. "There was nothing we could do about it. If I recall correctly, that force which struck us was so powerful that even the entire atmosphere was shaking. We could not resist its power" said chaos politely. Then Giovanni said "Hmmm...atmosphere-shaking force... you say? Did you, by any chance, see what the force was coming from?". "I'm afraid not..." chaos replied. Then Giovanni said "That atmosphere-shaking force... it was probably... reiatsu". "Reiatsu?" asked Aya. Then Giovanni said "Yes. The closest words I can use to describe what "reiatsu" is, is "spirit energy"". "" said LiNT. Then Giovanni said "Reiatsu, or spirit energy are energy which radiates from the bodies of certain powerful spirits. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the reiatsu you guys felt... were those... of a Shinigami". "Shini...gami?" asked Steelicks. "In other words, "Death God", right?" asked chaos. "Correct. Shinigami or Death Gods are spirits who typically wears a black kimono and carries a sword called a Zanpakutou. They are the spirit protectors of the human world. They serve to balance all of the souls that are mixed together in this world by sending good spirits to the afterlife, while purifying evil spirits. The particular Shinigami whose reiatsu you felt probably thought that you guys are disturbing the balance in the souls of the world by capturing ghosts" said Giovanni. "But you're the one who ordered us to capture ghosts for you!" said Aya. Then Giovanni said "I know. But I didn't think that a Shinigami would appear there...". "So is there anything we can do?" asked Antony. Then Giovanni said "Take these, and then I'll explain", and then he sent five sets of special suits and five shotguns to the Pokémon Center where the five grunts were. After a few minutes, they were sent there successfully. "What are these?" asked LiNT as he looked at the suits. Then Giovanni said "Spirit Suits". "Spirit Suits?" asked Steelicks. Then Giovanni said "Yes. By wearing these suits, one will be able to see Shinigami and other similar spirits. They'll also be unaffected by a Shinigami's reiatsu force". "But wouldn't our Silph Scope allow us to see them anyway?" asked Antony. "No. The Silph Scope only allows you to see normal ghosts and Ghost-type Pokémon. Shinigami are completely different" Giovanni replied. Then the five Grunts all put on the suits, which are completely black and covers the entire body, including the head (there are some special transparent materials in front of the face though, so they could see through it. This material is what allows one to see Shinigami). Then Giovanni said "Take the shotguns too. You'll need them to kill the Shinigami who is getting in your way", and then the five grunts each took a shotgun. "Are you sure we'll be fine?" asked Aya. "Yeah. Afterall, the Shinigami cannot immobolize you with his or her reiatsu, since you're wearing Spirit Suits. And despite being spirits, Shinigami can still be hit by physical attacks like a shotgun's bullet" said Giovanni. "Alright, we're heading off then!" said chaos, and then he logged off the PC. Then he healed his Lapras in the Pokémon Center, and then the five grunts headed back to the haunted mansion with their Spirit Suits and shotguns.

As soon as they entered the mansion again, they immediately saw a man with long white hair, large green eyes, carrying a sword with a golden blade, a purple hilt with fake green dragon wings attached to it and wearing a blue scarf, a black kimono and a black cape sitting on some stairs in the foyer. Then chaos looked at the man and said "A black kimono and a sword... there's no doubt about it! You're that Shinigami from the mansion's rooftop, am I right?". Then the man said "Strange... so you can see me?". Then LiNT said "Yeah *bleep*. We have some special suits that allows ANYONE to see you! You ain't nothin' special anymore!" as he pointed his shotgun at the man. Then the man said "I see... but why are you pointing a gun at me for?" as he closed his eyes slowly. "To kill you?" said LiNT as he fired at the man with his shotgun, but then the man suddenly reopened his eyes again. As soon as he reopened them, powerful reiatsu started radiating from his body. The atmosphere started shaking again, and many small furnitures in the mansion were slowly being lifted into the air. The bullet which LiNT fired at Ryuumaru was also deflected by the heavy reiatsu in the air. After ten seconds, the shaking all stopped, and everything calmed down again. However, the five grunts were not affected by the reiatsu. "I see... so it seems that suit you guys are wearing also makes you immune to reiatsu pressure..." said the man as he got up and started walking down the stairs slowly. "So you guys want to kill me? For what reason?" asked the man calmly. Then Steelicks said "It's because of what you did to us before on the roof of the mansion! Why did you do that? And why did you free all the ghosts we spent so much effort into catching?". Then the man said "I know all about it. You guys are a part of an organization called Team Rocket, which is currently experimenting on altering ghosts. But that is deadly to the balance of souls in this world, as who knows what would happen to those ghosts your boss is altering? They could become powerful evil spirits which can endanger this world. That is why I freed all the ghosts you captured. Also, when you guys woke up on the mansion's rooftop and walked down to the first floor, you probably noticed that there is no longer a single ghost in this mansion, right?". Then the five grunts grasped. "You want to know why? It's because I performed the soul burial on them all, including the ghosts of your two friends who were killed by that Gurim ghost!" said the man. "Soul...burial?" asked Aya. Then the man said "Yes. I am a Shinigami, as you all probably know. Otherwise, you wouldn't be wearing that suit. "Soul burial" is something all Shinigami can do. By tapping the deceased souls with the hilt of my Zanpakutou, I can send them to either heaven or hell, depending on how much the soul has sinned during its life. Of the 141 ghosts in this mansion, 119 of them, including your two comrades, were sent to hell, while only 22 of them were good enough to go to heaven, as you humans call that place. So basically, the majority of the ghosts in this mansion have sinned way too much during their lives!". "So there's no way to retrieve all those ghosts or our comrades, right? In that case, you will die for messing up Lord Giovanni's plans!" said chaos as he fired at the Shinigami with his shotgun, but the Shinigami caught the bullet with his bare hand! "I-Impossible!" said chaos as he took a few steps back. Then the Shinigami looked at chaos and said "I'm sorry, but I didn't catch your name yet, Rocket!" as he dropped the bullet that he caught. "There's no need for any of us to introduce ourselves to someone who's about to die anyway!" said LiNT. Then the Shinigami said "Is that what you think? I see. But I'll introduce myself anyway. I am Ryuumaru, a Shinigami who used to work together with many other Shinigami, but I have long abandoned them. The reason why I did that was because I got bored of getting out of my way to do Shinigami work day after day. Now that I abandoned them, I can do whatever I want with my life. So I have decided to become a Pokémon Master", and then he took out six white PokéBalls each with a black butterfly on them, and then he threw them to the ground, and out came a Gyarados, an Arcanine, a Latias, a Latios, a Tyranitar and a Dragonite. Then Ryuumaru clicked his fingers, and then his six Pokémon all headed off to different parts of the mansion, ready to attack the grunts later. Then Ryuumaru said "But that... does not mean I have abandoned my Shinigami side. I no longer go out of my way to purify spirits, but that doesn't mean I won't purify the ones that are right before me!". Then LiNT said "I don't care if they're right before you or not! You've messed up our plans! Now we're going to kill you!" as he fired at Ryuumaru again, but Ryuumaru pulled out his sword and blocked the bullet with it. Then he said "I introduced myself to you as a final courtesy, so that you'd atleast die knowing the name of the man who killed you. So I guess you're right about how there's no need for any of you to introduce yourselves to me. Afterall, none of you have enough strength to kill me anyway...". Then Antony said "We'll see about that!", and then the five grunts started shooting at Ryuumaru repeatedly with their shotguns, but Ryuumaru was blocking all the bullets with his sword. "An attack of this level will never hit me!" said Ryuumaru as he pointed his finger at the five grunts while blocking the bullets with the sword in his other hand. Then he said "Destructive Art 33: Blue Fire, Crash Down!" as he shot a huge blast of blue flames out of his finger at the five grunts. The blue flames blinded the grunts temporarily, and they all covered their eyes with their hands. The chandeleir and many furnitures in the mansion's foyer were also destroyed by the blue flames. Then after the blue flames faded away, the five grunts looked at the place where Ryuumaru was standing before, but he wasn't there anymore, as he left that place at super-speed while the grunts were blinded by the blue flames. "Dammit! Where the hell did he go?" asked LiNT as he looked around. Then suddenly, Ryuumaru's voice was heard ecoing throughout the mansion: "You kids want to kill me, don't you? In that case, find me in the mansion, if you can, that is". After that, chaos said "Listen, we're going to split up again! Go wherever you want! I have no time to give you guys any further instructions this time around!", and then the five grunts all split up to search the mansion for Ryuumaru.

LiNT was running along a hallway on the mansion's first floor. Then suddenly, Ryuumaru's Latios flew out of the mansion's bathroom and got in front of LiNT (the door leading to the bathroom was open, as Hazerider opened it when he entered it earlier). Then LiNT looked at Latios, but before he could react, Latios casted an illusion on him. In the illusion, LiNT found himself in a beautiful garden. "Wh-what? Where am I? How did I get here?" asked LiNT as he looked around and saw many beautiful flowers in the garden. Then he saw a young, beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and wearing a bikini standing somewhere in the garden. This girl looked exactly like LiNT's dream girlfriend, and she was standing there, smiling and waving at LiNT. Then LiNT smiled, and then he started running towards the girl. But it was all an illusion, and in reality, LiNT was really running into the mansion's dining room, where Ryuumaru's Gyarados was waiting for him. Back in LiNT's illusion, LiNT was now running close to the girl, while in reality, he was really running towards Ryuumaru's Gyarados in the dining room, which had its mouth open. Then LiNT approached the girl in his illusion, but soon after that, the girl and the whole garden where he was in started fading away! "What? What's happening? Everything's not right..." said LiNT as he watched everything in his illusion fading away. His illusion had now ended, and he now found himself standing inside Ryuumaru's Gyarados's mouth! "Wh-where am I?" asked LiNT, but he was immediately crushed by Gyarado's powerful fangs. Then Gyarados ate him, and that was the end of LiNT's life.

Meanwhile, Steelicks was running along a hallway in the mansion's second floor. Suddenly, he bumped into Aya. "Aya!" said Steelicks. "Hey Steelicks, I found Ryuumaru! And he has his back turned right now! We can just sneak up behind him and shoot him at the back to end everything!" Aya whispered. "You found him? Where is he?" asked Steelicks. "Come with me!" said Aya, and then she started walking silently towards a door, while Steelicks followed her. When they reached the door, Aya opened it and said "Look in here!" Then Steelicks looked inside and saw a bedroom. Then he entered it, but as soon as he did, Ryuumaru's Arcanine suddenly jumped out and swallowed him alive! Then Aya winked at Ryuumaru's Arcanine, and after that, she transformed into a Latias! That was not Aya at all, it was just Ryuumaru's Latias transformed into her!

Meanwhile, the real Aya was exploring the mansion's basement. She entered a room with a large table in the middle of it, and there were many umbrellas placed on the desk. Suddenly, she saw Ryuumaru standing in the room. "Yo" said Ryuumaru as he looked at Aya. "T-Take this!" said Aya as she jumped back, and then she started firing at Ryuumaru repeatedly with her shotgun, but Ryuumaru was blocking each bullet easily with his sword. After a while, Aya stopped shooting, and then tried to run towards the opposite from where she came from, but then Ryuumaru's Tyranitar got in front of her! Then she tried to shoot the Tyranitar with her shotgun, but the Tyranitar, which had the ability to control sand, created a thick wall of sand in front of itself, which protected it from the shot. Then Tyranitar blasted some sand at Aya, covering her entire body. Then Ryuumaru said "Kill her, Tyranitar!", and then Tyranitar made the sand around Aya's body implode, crushing Aya, and then her blood started spouting out of the sand at the ceiling like a volcanic eruption. After that, Ryuumaru put his Tyranitar back into its PokéBall. Then he grabbed an umbrella from the room, and then he started running through the mansion at extreme speed. In less than one second, he ran from the mansion's basement all the way up to the first floor, and then he went outside, to the mansion's backyard. He also saw his own Dragonite there.

Just then, chaos arrived at the mansion's backyard too, and he saw Ryuumaru and his Dragonite. "I finally found you!" said chaos as he fired at Ryuumaru with his shotgun, but Ryuumaru blocked the bullet with his sword. "When would you ever learn? There's no way an attack of that level would ever work against a powerful Shinigami like me!" said Ryuumaru as he pointed his finger at chaos's shotgun. Then he said "Destructive Art 4: White Lightning!", and then he blasted a beam of lightning out of his finger at chaos's shotgun, destroying it. Then chaos said "How about this then?" as he took out a PokéBall and threw it to the ground, and out came his Lapras, which was fully healed in the Pokémon Center. "Lapras, Hydro Pump attack! Now!" said chaos, and then Lapras used Hydro Pump on Ryuumaru, but Ryuumaru opened up the umbrella he took before and used it to block the Hydro Pump. "Lapras! Use Ice Beam!" said chaos, and then Lapras used Ice Beam on Ryuumaru, but then Ryuumaru said "Destructive Art 31: Shot of Red Fire!" as he pointed his palm at the Ice Beam, and then he blasted a ball of red fire out of his palm, melting the Ice Beam. Then Ryuumaru's Dragonite stepped forward. "You want to fight, do you, Dragonite? In that case, I'm leaving the Lapras to you..." said Ryuumaru, and then Dragonite nodded. "You're fighting my Lapras with a Dragonite? Hmph! Big mistake! I think you called yourself a "Pokémon Master" earlier, did you? In that case, this is a mistake you really should not have made!" said chaos. "A mistake? I see. In that case, show me my mistake if you can!" said Ryuumaru. "I will! Lapras, Ice Beam attack now!" said chaos, and then Lapras blasted an Ice Beam at Dragonite. "Do it, Dragonite!" said Ryuumaru, and then Dragonite suddenly dissapeared just as it was about to get hit by the Ice Beam. "What? It dissapeared?" asked chaos as he grasped. Then Ryuumaru said "You wish. My Dragonite did not dissapear. It's just that it's moving faster than your eyes can follow... that's all...", and then Dragonite suddenly reappeared behind Lapras and took it out with a single Horn Drill attack! "Dammit! This thing ain't normal!" said chaos as he charged at the Dragonite with his long sword, but the Dragonite used Horn Drill again, destroying chaos's long sword, and then it hit chaos hard with its tail, sending him flying until he hit a wall of the mansion, and then that wall was destroyed. "What's wrong? Is this as far as you go?" asked Ryuumaru as he started walking towards chaos slowly, and then he put his Dragonite back into its PokéBall. "You jerk..." said chaos as he got up from the ground. "So you can still stand up even after taking an attack from my Dragonite? That alone is already impressive for a mere human..." said Ryuumaru. "Shut up!" said chaos as he charged at Ryuumaru with his katana, but Ryuumaru blocked the katana with his own sword, and some sparks went flying when the two blades collided. Now, both chaos and Ryuumaru had their swords pushing against each other, and both swords are pointing diagonally upward, and the two swords are now forming an "x". "...but you're still not enough to defeat me!" said Ryuumaru, and then he pushed his sword down, in a way so that the tip of his blade is now pointing diagonally towards the ground, at chaos's foot, more specifically. Chaos's sword was also pushed by Ryuumaru's sword, and now, it is also pointing at Ryuumaru's foot. The two swords are still forming an "x", though they're now pointing downward rather than upward. Then, from this position, Ryuumaru lifted his sword up, cutting chaos's stomach open, and then chaos stepped back as blood was coming out of his stomach rapidly like a waterfall. "It's over, Rocket!" said Ryuumaru as he stabbed his sword straight through chaos's head, killing him, and then he fell on the ground. Then Ryuumaru said "Destructive Art 54: Waste Flames!" as he pointed his finger at chaos's corpse, and then he blasted some flames out of his finger, which burnt chaos into ashes within a matter of seconds. After that, he jumped all the way from the mansion's backyard up to the mansion's rooftop, and then he sat there, looking at the crescent Moon in the sky.

Meanwhile, Antony was still looking for Ryuumaru inside the mansion. He is now in the third floor. Then he suddenly heard Ryuumaru's voice coming from the mansion's roof: "Looking for me, Rocket? I'm up here. Consider yourself lucky to be the last one to survive!". Then Antony immediately ran to the room with the stairs leading to the roof. Then he ran up the stairs and saw Ryuumaru sitting on the roof and staring at the sky. "So you've finally come..." said Ryuumaru as he got up and faced Antony. Immediately after that, lightning and thunder started happening in the sky, and a strong wind started blowing. Then Antony said "Last one to survive? You mean...". "Yeah, that's what I mean" Ryuumaru replied. "All your comrades... are dead. You're the last living Rocket in this mansion". After that, Antony and Ryuumaru both stopped for one minute, and the only sounds which could be heard within that minute were the strong wind blowing and the thunders coming from the sky...

"DIE!!!" Antony suddenly shouted as he pointed his shotgun at Ryuumaru, but before he could fire, Ryuumaru had already moved right in front of him and grabbed his shotgun! "I-Impossible! Such speed is..." said Antony as he was shocked. "Don't use this toy. It's already proven countless times that it does not work against me. Give up with it" said Ryuumaru as he snatched the shotgun off Antony's hand and threw it off the side of the mansion. Then Antony tried to punch Ryuumaru, but Ryuumaru blocked the punch with the umbrella which he took before. "Dammit! *bleep*ing dammit! This guy... he took out chaos, Aya, Steelicks AND LiNT all by himself? And on top of that, his movement earlier... when he grabbed my shotgun... I couldn't even react until it was too late! This has gotta be a joke... it's a *bleep*ing joke! What the hell is this guy? Can someone as fast and strong as he is... really exist?" said Antony, and then he turned around and tried to run down the stairs leading to the third floor as fast as he could, but before he even reached the bottom of the stairs, Ryuumaru moved in front of him instantly! "What's the matter? I thought you were going to kill me..." said Ryuumaru as he jabbed Antony on the stomach with his palm, sending him flying to the other side of the mansion's rooftop, and he almost fell off the roof! "Dammit! Why did I try to run away just then? It doesn't make sense! This guy's speed... he's... he's obviously way faster than me... so why... why did I try to run away? I... I gotta fight... it's my only hope of getting outta here alive... it's pointless to run away from someone who'll obviously catch up to me..." said Antony as he breathed heavily. "So what is your resolve?" asked Ryuumaru. "I'm gonna beat the shit outta ya!" Antony answered, and then he started running across the rooftop to where Ryuumaru is. Then he tried to punch Ryuumaru as hard and fast as he could, but Ryuumaru ducked and avoided the punch. Then Ryuumaru did an upward kick at Antony, sending him flying high up into the sky. Then Ryuumaru watched as Antony went flying up higher and higher, until it seems as if he was just above the crescent Moon hanging in the sky (he's obviously not higher than the Moon, but from the angle which Ryuumaru was looking at him, it seems as if he was just directly above the Moon)! At that moment, Ryuumaru immediately pointed his finger at Antony in the sky. Then he said "Destructive Art 90: Black Coffin!", and then a large cube made of black energy suddenly appeared around Antony's entire body! The cube was big enough so that from Ryuumaru's angle, it covered the entire Moon in the sky, so Ryuumaru could not see it temporarily! After a few seconds, the cube dissapeared, and then blood started spouting of Antony's entire body towards every direction, and Ryuumaru saw Antony right in front of the Moon, with blood coming out of him! So much blood was coming out of his body that a rain of blood happened, which covered the entire area of the mansion! Then Ryuumaru immediately opened up the umbrella he took before, and he covered himself so that the blood would not fall on him. Then Antony's body, which had already lost 80% of its blood started falling back down again, while the rain of blood was still happening. Then, when Antony's body fell to the midpoint between the Moon and the mansion's roof (again, from Ryuumaru's angle ofcourse), a huge bolt of lightning came down from the sky and struck Antony's body in mid-air, splitting it in half, and then one half of his body went flying and fell off the left side of the mansion, while the other half of his body went flying and fell off the right side of the mansion. The bolt of lightning was soon followed by a loud thunder, which came as soon as the rain of blood ended. After that, Ryuumaru's Gyarados, Arcanine, Latias and Latios came out of the stairs leading to the third floor, and they've made their way to the mansion's roof, where Ryuumaru was. "Good job, guys" said Ryuumaru as he put all his Pokémon back into their PokéBalls. After that, he threw his umbrella away, and then he was about to leave, when suddenly, five ghosts appeared before him, and they were all floating in the air. They were the ghosts of chaos, Antony, Aya, LiNT and Steelicks, who were all killed by Ryuumaru before! "Don't think you can just kill us and get away with it!" said LiNT's ghost, and then the five ghosts all started flying towards Ryuumaru. Then Ryuumaru looked at the ghosts and said "I'm sorry, but this is the last and biggest mistake you five will ever make in this world! You all would've had a much better time if you had just stayed quietly in this mansion... atleast until some other Shinigami finds you... In fact, staying here quitely would have been the best option for you, as there's no way any of you could ever go to heaven anyway, which is the only better place for you ghosts. Now that you're coming after me, you'll only have one possible destination...", and then he hit all five ghosts with one swing of his sword, and as soon as soon as the ghosts were hit, a blood-red light suddenly filled the entire area. Then Ryuumaru said "That destination... is hell... where you five will be tortured for eternity due to all the sins you have committed during your life...", and then suddenly, a huge purple gate which was two storeys high and had a huge skeleton attached to each of the two doors on the gate appeared behind the ghosts. Then the two skeletons attached to the purple gate both pulled the doors of the gate open, and then the five ghosts all turned around and saw some red light and a strong wind coming from inside the gate. They also saw two gigantic chains forming an "x" inside the gate. "Wh-what is this?" asked Aya's ghost. "The Gates of Hell" Ryuumaru answered. "H-Hell?" asked Antony's ghost. Then Ryuumaru said "Yes. A Shinigami's Zanpakutou can only wash away sins committed after death. For those who've committed mortal sins in life, the Gates of Hell will open", and then suddenly, a gigantic hand holding an equally huge sword came out of the Gates of Hell, and then it stabbed straight through chaos Antony, Aya, Steelicks and LiNT. After that, the five ghosts all cried in pain, and then they were dragged into into the Gates of Hell by the gigantic hand. "B-But... wh-when did we commit a mortal sin during life?" asked chaos. "Ever since you joined the organization of Team Rocket" Ryuumaru answered. "D-Dammit! P-please don't send us to hell! I... I beg of you! I... I don't want to suffer for eternity! I really don't!" said Steelicks. Then Ryuumaru said "I'm not the one who decides whether you go to hell or heaven. You are the one who decides that". "Wh-what?" asked Steelicks. Then Ryuumaru said "When my Zanpakutou touched your soul, you are sent to either heaven or hell, depending on how much you've sinned during your life. So it was not entirely my decision that you're going to hell. The only decision I made in this was that you won't be staying in this world, and instead, you'll be sent to either heaven or hell. That is why I told you that it'll be better for you had you stayed quietly in this mansion, as that way, you would've atleast stayed in this world by avoiding being hit by my Zapankutou. Believe it or not, but although this world is nothing compared to heaven, which you won't be going to anyway due to all your sins, it is an infinitely better place than hell!", and then the Gates of Hell closed. After that, it cracked into many tiny pieces, which all dissapeared into thin air. Then Ryuumaru jumped all the way from the mansion's roof down to the ground below, before walking away from the now no-longer-haunted mansion.
Huh? Why was this story partially deleted from this thread? How very strange...

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Chaos Lord

"Society's Dangers II"

Somewhere in the Pokemon World, there was a place with a beautiful outdoor restaurant. It was currently a wonderful night, with a beautiful, clear starry sky, and many people were currently outside of their homes, going on a walk with their friends and families, while a lot of people were also eating at the outdoor restaurant, almost completely filling the place up. Among the crowd, there was also a group of four young adults seated on a table, discussing about something. It was two guys and two girls.

"Ah, what a beautiful night this is, don't you guys think?" one of the guys, who had brown eyes then said to the rest three people, as he gazed into the starry night.

"Yes. And I must say, your choice of a restaurant was really good as well. The food here is top quality" the other guy said then to the brown-eyed guy.

"Indeed! You have a really good taste, Trevor" one of the girls said then as she looked at the brown-eyed guy, known as Trevor.

"Thank you very much" Trevor said then.

"So, Trevor, how come you decided to invite us all out today?" the other girl asked Trevor then. As she said that, everyone focused on Trevor to hear his response.

"Right, to the point of this meeting. Well... You see, the reason I called you out here tonight is because I need your help. There's a project that I require some more people's assistance with, and since we had already collaborated in the past on that Stalker POV Exercise, I thought I'd see you guys about working together again" Trevor said to the others then. "Crystalle, Jelena, Alexander... I would really appreciate very deeply it if you guys could help me out with this" Trevor said then to the three other young people in his company, known as Crystalle, Jelena, and Alexander.

"The Stalker POV Exercice? Wait, that was back in... around 2012 if I recall correctly, wasn't it?" Alexander said then.

"Yes, that's right" Trevor said then.

"That's a long time..." Alexander said then.

"Four years ago? How come you remembered us after all this time?" Jelena asked then, before taking a sip from her drink.

"Yes, did you not have any more recent associates to do this project with?" Crystalle said then.

"Trust me, I wouldn't be bothering you guys with this right now if I had anyone else to turn into. But I already asked Noel, Braden, Zac, and innumerable other people I have met, and have been turned down by all of them so far. You're the last people left that I could ask for help with this..." Trevor revealed to the group then.

"Hm. But if I recall correctly, didn't me and Crystalle not play in the way that you had wanted in that Stalker POV Exercise? Are you sure we'd be the suitable people for that project of yours?" Alexander said then.

"I don't know, but at the same time, I do not really have any other choice. You're the last people left that I can work with. I hate to admit it, but I'm kind of desperate here..." Trevor said in a somewhat desperate voice then. "Crystalle, you remember when we did that Vertigo Bell Tower scene adaptation with Zac? You remember how gathering actors for that project bordered on impossible for the three of us? Well, imagine how much worse a predicament I find myself in now, that I am only by myself to find actors and others to help with my project" he continued, as he turned his attention to Crystalle.

"Yes, I remember. We actually resorted to doing the acting ourslves" Crystalle said then.

"So at the very least you should understand the situation I find myself in now. If you could help me out in my time of need, it would be greatly appreciated..." Trevor said then.

Then suddenly, a tall guy with black shoes, black track pants, a khaki hoodie with his hands in the hoodie's pockets, dark hair, brown eyes and a smile approached the group from behind Trevor's seat.

"Well, what do we have here? A beautiful outing of old university colleagues, isn't this?" the mysterious man said then. Then everyone looked at the tall man with surprise, and the way they looked at him made it obvious that he was someone uninvited.

"Excuse me? Who are you?" Jelena said then.

"Ah, hello, Jelena S," the man said as he looked at Jelena, "Crystalle T," he continued as he looked at Crystalle, "Alexander ," he said as he looked at Alexander, "...and Trevor L" he finished, as he looked down at the person seated on the seat just in front of him, Trevor. Trevor looked up and behind him, but he could not get a very good look at the man's face, since he was standing just behind him, and looking up at the man from his seated position was uncomfortable. "Beautiful night to be out and about, isn't it?" the mysterious man continued right after saying everyone's names. As they heard everything, everyone widened their eyes, surprised to hear their names recited by the unknown stranger!

"Wait, you know us? Do we... know each other from somewhere?" Alexander said then, looking confused and curious.

"Hmhmhm. Well, most of you don't... but at least one of you is familiar with who I am" the mysterious man said, as he patted his right hand on Trevor's right shoulder, giving him the chills! "Isn't that right, old friend?" the man said then as he looked down at Trevor, who, for some reason, seemed extremely frightened!

"Trevor, you know this person?" Jelena said to Trevor then.

"I-" Trevor said then, but delayed his speech, affected by distress.

"Ha, ha, ha. Well, enjoy your outing, people. Have a good night, all" the mysterious man said then, and then he turned around and started walking away. But then suddenly, he briefly stopped walking, and said "Oh, and Trevor? You don't need to ask anyone for help in your project. By tomorrow, it will no longer be a concern for you". Then, he continued walking away, and immediately blended into the crowd and vanished. The group of four people, with the exception of Trevor, whose back had been turned at the mysterious man all along, watched him disappear.

"Creepy..." Jelena said then, looking a bit uneasy.

"Trevor, who was that? A friend of yours?" Alexander asked then.

"Not exactly..." Trevor said then.

"Hey, what's that on your shoulder?" Crystalle said then, as she looked at Trevor's right shoulder.

"Hm?" Trevor said, as he he grabbed a small piece of paper than was on his right shoulder. Then he looked at the piece of paper, and saw a picture of a bunny printed on it! As he saw the picture of the bunny, Trevor then widened his eyes in horror!

"Seems that guy left it there with his hand. What is it?" Alexander asked then.

"Shit! Sorry guys, but I have to go!" Trevor said then, as he suddenly stood up, quickly tossed some money on the table to pay for his order at the restaurant, and then started running away!

"Hey, what? Hey, Trevor, wait! Where are-" Alexander shouted, but Trevor disappeared into the crowd.

"He stormed off..." Crystalle said then.

"What's gotten over him all of a sudden?" Jelena said then. Meanwhile, Crystalle grabbed the piece of paper that was on Trevor's shoulder and looked at the picture on it.

"This is... A bunny?" Crystalle said then.

"How strange. Trevor always was a little unusual... But this is too much, even for him" Alexander said then, as he sighed. "Oh well. Whatever. Actually, now that Trevor's gone, I may as well speak my thoughts freely... The atmosphere is noticeably more pleasant without him around, don't you think? I mean, not to talk bad about the guy, but there's just something about him that makes being around him feel... odd. Don't you agree?" Alexander said then.

"I completely agree. I mean, he's not a bad person, but... he's just... I don't know, weird to be around. I just can't figure out what he's thinking, or how he's feeling, and this is somewhat unsettling. It's really difficult to communicate or exchange any social cues with him. When I talk to him, I hardly even feel like I am talking to a person. It feels more like I am talking to a wall, or something like that. Like he doesn't really care what you say to him, or what you think about the things he says to you..." Jelena said then.

"I can relate to your thoughts... In the past, me, Trevor, and Zac worked together to make an adaptation of the Bell Tower scene from Vertigo. Since we were unable to gather any actors, we had to play the roles ourselves... with me acting as Madeleine and Trevor acting as Scottie. To this day, I still remember Trevor's extremely awkward and unnatural acting... Like getting into his character's mindset was an impossible task for him. We had to redo various shots multiple times before things even started to resemble anything normal" Crystalle said then.

"Yeah, that's what I am talking about. I've always found that it's better to treat Trevor like a computer or a machine with consciousness, rather than as an actual, full-fledged human being. It's certainly made dealing with him a more tolerable experience" Alexander said then.

"He's a pretty weird guy... and he gets even weirder when he talks about his philosophical views on morality. I don't know if he realizes it, but his whole philosophy? It's pretty much just hate speech in an elaborate wrapping!" Jelena said then.

"Yes, you can tell there is a lot of underlying desire for cruelty and hate in his words when he speaks about that subject. Calling for people to be killed, to take away their rights and treat them like subhumans, and things like that... I shudder to imagine what would happen if he was ever in any position to carry out all those things he speaks about" Crystalle said then.

"Nasty stuff. Well, luckily for all of us, that's unlikely to happen anytime during his lifetime. Hell, Trevor's struggling to find actors for his project. I can't imagine him ever gaining enough popular support to rise into a position of any power of influence within our society. Anyway, enough about that... Let's not waste this beautiful night talking about such unpleasant subjects. Let's just enjoy our food and drink, shall we?" Alexander said then, and then everyone agreed and continued their feast.

Meanwhile, Trevor rushed to his house. Upon reaching it, he approached the door slowly and extremely cautiously, with all his senses on high alert. Then he slowly opened the door, and looked inside his house, which currently seemed vacant of human inhabitats. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Trevor turned on the lights, and went straight towards a specific room in the house. Upon reaching that room, he looked inside, and with relief, he saw a bunny, just like the one on the picture that the mysterious man had left on his shoulder earlier! It was alive and well, currently chewing on something. However, upon further observation, Trevor noticed something strange. The bunny was currently sitting on a large folder, which Trevor did not remember leaving there! Immediately Trevor became extremely suspicious. He slowly approached the bunny's position, and picked up the folder from below it. Then, Trevor opened the folder to see what was inside. Upon seeing the folder's contents, Trevor widened his eyes with horror: in the folder, there was a large collection of extremely disturbing images of horribly mutilated corpses, grotesquely and horrifically deformed bodies, some of which were so badly mangled, they were barely recognizeable as human remains! Trevor vomited a bit in his mouth at those disturbing images, and quickly skipped through them in disgust until, at the end of the grotesque collection, he found something different: a mysterious note! Trevor pulled out and read the note. It was a list with crossed-out names, and at the bottom of the list, there was a single name which had not been crossed out yet: his own! Trevor gasped in fear as he read his own name in that list, and then suddenly, someone arrived into the room behind him!

"A thing of beauty, my collection. Don't you think?" his voice said. As he heard the voice, Trevor gasped out loud and immediately turned around. He saw the mysterious, tall man who had approached him and his group before! Currently, the man was in a relaxed stance with his hands held behind his back.

"Just one missing piece left to complete it..." the mysterious man said then, as he moved forth his hands and revealed a sword that he was keeping behind him, and positioned it such that he assumed a posture similar to a Generation I Gentleman! Trevor then looked at the downward-pointing sword currently held in the fashion of a walking stick in the man's right hand, and gasped!

"Y-You..." Trevor said then, as he looked angrily, but also extremely nervously, at the mysterious man.

"But first things first. Seems like your bunny's in the mood to eat something..." the mysterious man said then, as he put his left hand in his pocket.

"Huh?" Trevor said as he heard that.

"Here" the mysterious man said then, as he pulled out a carrot from his pocket, and dropped it by his feet. Immediately, the bunny rushed at him, heading for the carrot, much to Trevor's shock!

"W-What are you doing?!" Trevor asked then, as he watched his bunny run for the carrot, too late to catch it.

"Imagine if this bunny was you, and the carrot was an evil person who provokes you" the mysterious man said then. "Look. Just like the bunny rushes after the carrot, you, too, mindlessly and instinctively rush to deal with any perceived hostilities the moment they appear before you..." he continued, and as he was saying that, Trevor watched as the bunny reached the carrot and started chewing on it.

"...and just like this bunny fails to notice the poison in this carrot... so do you too fail to take note of your surroundings and foresee the consequenses of your actions..." the mysterious man said then, and then Trevor gasped, as suddenly, the bunny which was eating the carrot suddenly seemed to choke, and then it dropped to the ground motionless! "...and follow that bunny's fate" the mysterious man finished his point then.

"What? N-No... NOOOOO!!!!" Trevor screamed then, as he looked at the bunny's still body on the ground, next to the half-eaten carrot!

"Such lack of forethought is prevalent not only in your actions, but your whole philosophy. "Hey, let's kill all bad people!". No connection with the realities of this world whatsoever... Just raw emotion, and a foolish man following it blindly. Sowing destruction left and right... for basically absolutely no reason and with no good results at all. Just fanning the flames of evil that you ironically seek to put out" the mysterious man said then.

"You bastard!!!" Trevor screamed angrily at the mysterious man then.

"Come then, Trevor. Follow your passions, the truest thing that an animal such as you can experience. Lash blindly at evil, like you always do. And become another part in my demonstration of how, through the precise elimination of feasibly achievable targets... piece by piece, the world can become a better place" the mysterious man said then.

"You subhuman, demon-serving dog!!! I'll carve you among innumerable other trash out of this world and shape it into its perfect form!!" Trevor shouted insanely then, as he pulled out a large pair of scissors from his pocket, and charged at the mysterious man with insane, killing intent in his eyes!

"Such passionate words... But I'm sorry, Trevor, but I am not a man to whom passions can be communicated" the mysterious man said then, as he remained calm. Then Trevor lashed madly at the mysterious man and tried to stab him with a furious thrust of his scissors, but then the mysterious man swung his sword, "disarming" Trevor in a literal sense!

"GRAAAAARGHHH!! My arm!!" Trevor screamed, as his chopped off arm, scissors in hand, flew off his shoulder and landed on the floor nearby.

"I do, however, find your lack of elegance distasteful. "Dirt", "Trash", "Insects", "Dogs"... those are not words that should be coming out of a gentleman's mouth so casually or frequently, or in such a manner as the one you use them. It is just unsightly. If for no other reason than that, the world will be a more beautiful place without your existence" the mysterious man said then, as he followed up his sword's swing with a thrust into Trevor's stomach, impaling him!

"GUUUUUHHH!!!" Trevor screamed, as he coughed out much blood.

After that, the mysterious man pulled back his sword, and then he swung it horizontally and struck Trevor at the side of his face with the flat part of the blade. The smash sent Trevor turning and falling down, and he fell face-first into the litter box of his bunny, which had been positioned somewhere nearby in the room!

"Gahh!!!" Trevor screamed, as he struggled to get up with his remaining arm, excrements falling off his face as he lift his head out of the litter box. But then, while Trevor was still on his knees and elbow, the mysterious man thrusted his sword into his back from above, impaling him again, with the blood-soaked blade's tip emerging down from Trevor's chest and touching the ground!

"UUURRGGGHHHH!!!!" Trevor groaned in excruciation as that happened. But despite his ordeal, Trevor clenched his fist and remained as he was, on his knees and elbow, still struggling to hold on, and not falling to the ground, despite the unbelievably debilitating suffering he was going through!

"Hm. Still struggling? Impressive" the mysterious man said calmly, upon noting Trevor's efforts. "You know, I always found it fascinating how far people's passions, efforts, dreams and resolve can get them... Achieving seemingly inhuman and impossible feats, such as creating the world that we live in today. All the art, all the science, all the creations, and all the other... stuff that fills our planet" he continued, generalizing on the topic of human faith and effort. "Sometimes... I even wish I was able to experience how those things feel myself. You know, to have dreams... To believe in something. To be driven by passion, and overcome personal limits through hard work and devotion towards a goal that one truly believes is important to reach. Do you have any idea how boring it can get... to never really care about anything? No, of course you don't. You've always had your sense of justice to keep you going, as misguided as that sense of yours was. I never had anything to aim at, at least not seriously. Just always did things for fun. Even right now, when I'm crushing your dreams? Just for fun" the mysterious man said then, as he suddenly started twisting his blade in Trevor's wounds!

"UWAAAAAHHH!!" Trevor screamed out loud in pain as that happened.

"Well then. Given the gravity of the suffering you must be going through right now, I must, at the very least, acknowledge the strength of your spirit that keeps you still going strong, even in the brink of your demise. If one were to measure that spiritual strength in a number, I'm sure it would be an extraordinarily high one" the mysterious man said then. "However..." he continued, as he then placed his right foot on top of Trevor's head. "...that would be on the negative scale..." the mysterious man went on, as he stomped down Trevor's head to the ground while pulling his bloodied sword out of his body, "...since your spirit is actually an acting agent of evil, despite what Satan's tricks have convinced your mind to believe" the mysterious man concluded.

"*cough*... *wheeze*..." Trevor struggled to breathe, with blood coming out of his mouth, his chopped off arm, and the two stabbing wounds on his body from the impalements before.

"Well, then, time to end it..." the mysterious man said then, as he raised up his sword, and held it with both hands above his head, ready to deliver the final blow!

"Urghhh..." Trevor grunted then, as if he was trying to say something.

"Hm?" the mysterious man said as he saw that.

"Ghhh... You're... dirt... You're nothing more than dirt!! An ant!!! You... this... rotten... world... trash..." Trevor mumbled incoherently with hate in his eyes, as he coughed out a lot of blood.

"How filthy. If that's how you see things, then that's an additional reason why it's best if I shut your eyes. After all, I can not imagine that it is a very pleasant experience to be viewing the world from your perspective. Consider this an act of mercy... releasing you from the nightmare of a perception you have been cursed with by nature and nurture, if you will. And also... relieving the world of the misfortune of having to suffer your presence in it" the mysterious man said. Then, he brought his sword fiercely down Trevor's neck, chopping his head clean off! Trevor's head then flew off his shoulders and rolled on the ground for a while before stopping, having left a large trail of blood between itself and Trevor's neck, while the rest of Trevor's lifeless body was also starting to get surrounded by a pool of his own blood.

"Well, that's another scourge wiped off this world. Good riddance..." the mysterious man said then, as he looked at Trevor's corpse. Then, he turned his attention to the body of the motionless bunny nearby. The mysterious man approached it, knelt near it, and stroked its fur gently. As he did that, the bunny slowly opened up its eyes, as if waking up from a slumber! The bunny then quickly sprang back to its senses, and hopped back up alive and fine!

"Heh. Looks like the poison's sleeping effect wore off. Don't worry, little one... I would never harm an innocent animal" the mysterious man said then to the bunny, as he stroked its back a bit.

"A rabid animal, however..." he continued as he looked at Trevor's corpse.

Afterwards, the mysterious man left and travelled around, supporting the local wildlife in the country Trevor was in by feeding them Trevor's remains. They licked clean every last bone, and even consumed Trevor's bones themselves.


Meanwhile, after dying, Trevor's soul woke up somewhere in a pure white room!

"Huh? ...What is this place? Where am I?" Trevor wondered, as he looked around.

"You are in Heaven" a calm, gentle voice said from behind him then.

"Huh?" Trevor said then, as he turned around. He saw a man with long white hair, green eyes, a black kimono, a blue scarf, a black cape, and a golden-bladed sword with a purple hilt and green dragon wings! In the distant background, there was also a huge golden throne!

"Welcome among us, Trevor. I am Great God Ryuumaru... the creator of this place... for pure souls like you" the long white-haired man, known as Ryuumaru, revealed to Trevor then!

"What?! I-Incredible! L-Lord Ryuumaru?! You... You are actually real?!" Trevor said then, looking extremely surprised, but in an obviously pleasant way!

"As your own senses should tell you... Yes, I am" Ryuumaru answered.

"Oh my God!! I can't believe this!! So all this time, the beliefs that I have held..." Trevor said then.

"...Yes. They corresponded to reality. In fact, I was the one who revealed them to you... as a form of an experiment I wanted to carry out" Ryuumaru said then.

"An... experiment?" Trevor said then.

"Yes. I wanted to see if this world is ready to embrace the Truth regarding Good and Evil. But unfortunately, I sadly noted that despite the fact that you, in numerous instances, expressed the Truth exactly as I had revealed it to you... even in excruciatingly great detail, or on a personal level to various people you encountered... not many people took any interest in it. And of the few that did... almost none took it as seriously as you did, in order to qualify as good people by the standards of this Heaven" Ryuumaru explained then.

"What about my friends? Are they good people?" Trevor asked then.

"Some are... But some aren't" Ryuumaru said then, and Trevor gasped as he heard that! "But this should not be a surprise to you. After all, you have already uncovered the true identities of countless fake "friends" by now, have you not?" Ryuumaru continued.

"I have..." Trevor said then, as he reminisced about various accounts of betrayal by people he formerly considered to be his friends.

"Do not worry. In this Heaven, you will never again have to suffer the presence of such garbage anymore. Come, let me show you" Ryuumaru said then.

"Yes!! God!!" Trevor said then excitedly.

"Gate of Heaven!" Ryuumaru said then, as he gently swung his hand in the air before him, forming a bright, golden dimensional gate in front of Trevor!

"Wow! Incredible!" Trevor said in amazement.

"Past this gate, eternal happiness awaits! Go now... Trevor. For standing on my side of Justice... collect your reward!" Ryuumaru said.

"Yes!! Thank you very much, O Great God Ryuumaru!!" Trevor said then happily and excitedly. Then, he walked through the golden gate. But then suddenly, just after he walked through it, Trevor started falling! "Uwaaaaaaaahhh!!!" Trevor shouted as he fell, and upon falling, he also noticed that everything around him... had suddenly turned into darkness! "What?!" Trevor gasped then, and then suddenly, he landed into a huge sea of hellish black flames! "GWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Trevor screamed insanely in excruciation then, as his soul started being burned by some unimaginably painful flames! "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! WHAT IS GOING OOONN???!!!" Trevor screamed his lungs out in despair then, as he looked up in the darkness-filled sky, and saw the "Gate of Heaven" still up there, with Ryuumaru watching him and smiling!

"Lord Ryuumaruuu!!! What is this?!?!?!" Trevor shouted at Ryuumaru then.

"Hahahahaha! Oh, didn't I tell you? This... is eternal happiness..." Ryuumaru said then, as he started transforming, until he transformed into this form! " happiness, that is!" the new figure, who was revealed to be the Devil, said then!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Trevor broke down in despair then, while the Devil started laughing loudly, with his laughter echoing across all of Hell...

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Chaos Lord

The Power of the Psychic Pokemon Master

Somewhere, there was a person known as ACCLAIM, who was currently wandering alone somewhere through the wilderness. In the past, ACCLAIM had seen some dreams involving a person known as Antony. Then suddenly, a person who looked exactly like the Antony from ACCLAIM's visions appeared before him, walking somewhere ahead of his path, holding his hands behind his back and having his left side turned towards ACCLAIM. Upon seeing this person and his resemblance to the character in his visions, ACCLAIM gasped and widened his eyes.

"You!? Are you...?" ACCLAIM said then in astonishment.

"Hm?" the person ACCLAIM was seeing said then, as he heard and then turned his head to vaguely look at ACCLAIM's direction.

"...Antony?" ACCLAIM said then.

"You know my name?" the man, known as Antony, said then, as he turned to face ACCLAIM.

"I... I have seen you in my dreams! You, in these exact clothes! So, you're a real person!" ACCLAIM said then.

"Intreresting. Have we met before? I do not seem to recall your face" Antony said then.

"Well, I don't remember having met you before either. But still... I saw you exactly like that in my dreams, somehow..." ACCLAIM said then.

"I see. And what was I doing in those dreams of yours?" Antony asked then.

"Well... you died" ACCLAIM said then.

"Did I, now? Well, that does not sound like the signs of a friendly disposition..." Antony said then.

"Look, I don't even know you, dude... it's just dreams" ACCLAIM said then.

"But it's curious. My appearance, and even my name. Maybe those dreams of yours... were the conspiracy of the fates to throw us together somehow. Say, do you battle Pokemon?" Antony said then.

"Heh! Yeah, I do! In fact, am known far and wide as the Great Fabulous DragonMaster ACCLAIM!" ACCLAIM said then, smiling proudly.

"Far and wide, eh? I guess I must have been beyond that farness and wideness, as I never heard of you. Anyway, would you happen to be in the mood of showing me that great fabulousness of yours... in a Pokemon battle?" Antony said then.

"You got it!" ACCLAIM said then excitedly, as he pulled out a Poke Ball. "Prepare t' witness the awesomeness of Thy Great Dragon Master!" he continued, as he tossed forth his Poke Ball, sending out a Hydreigon! ACCLAIM's Hydreigon roared loudly, shaking the heavens themselves with its mighty voice! "Fwahahahaha! Cower before the invincible power of the amazing Dragon Pokemon!" ACCLAIM shouted excitedly then, as a strong wind started to blow for some reason, blowing his clothes and hair dramatically! Meanwhile, Antony was standing with his arms folded, his clothes and hair too being blown by the winds.

"A Hydreigon, eh? What an excellent choice of a Pokemon" Antony said then. Then he reached for a Poke Ball of his own. "Indeed, an excellent choice... to demonstrate the difference in our strengths" Antony continued, as he swung his arm and tossed his Poke Ball. "Go... Hypno" Antony said then, as his Poke Ball hit the ground and opened up in a bright flash, revealing a Hypno.

"Fwahahahahahahahaha!" ACCLAIM burst out in laughter as he saw that. "Hm?" Antony said then. "A Hypno, eh? Just like in my dream... However... you sure an average Psychic-type Pokemon like that is really a good match for my Legendary AND Dark-type Dragon?! Fwahahahahahaha!" ACCLAIM laughed then, feeling completely in control of the battle already.

"Why the laughter already? The amusing part is yet to begin, my friend" Antony said then in a completely calm voice.

"Hah! The amusing part has just began! Hydreigon, DARK PULSE!!!" ACCLAIM said then. Upon his command, Hydreigon released a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts, which spread all over the place and towards Hypno.

"Hypno, use Teleport" Antony said then. Then, Hypno teleported away, avoiding the attack effortlessly. After teleporting, Hypno reappeared right above Hydreigon. ACCLAIM still had the smile on his face when Antony issued the next order.

"Now, Ice Punch" Antony said. Hypno leaned back his fist, which got covered in some insanely cold icy energy, before diving with the force of a meteor straight down at Hydreigon, and smashing a terrifyingly powerful icy punch straight onto him, sending the Dark/Dragon-type Pokemon crashing straight into to the ground! The Brutal Pokemon smashed to the ground with unbelievable speed and force, sending shockwaves from the collision all around and explosively raising a cloud of dust the instant of the crash! Ice was also mixed into the rising cloud of dust, as a byproduct of Hypno's attack!

"Ugh!!" ACCLAIM said as he covered his face from the shockwaves caused by Hydreigon's insanely powerful crash to the ground. Then he lowered his arm and looked as the icy dust and mist around the place cleared up, revealing a huge, ice-filled crater with his fainted and ice-covered Hydreigon lying in the middle of it, and some cracks on the icy ground were spreading out from the dragon's position! Meanwhile, somewhere nearby, Antony's Hypno was standing with his fists still raised in a fighting stance, and one of them still covered in icy energy and some icy steam coming out of it!

"What? Hydreigon!!" ACCLAIM shouted at his fainted Pokemon, with a face completely upset and disillusioned. The realization of what happened settled down after a short period of denial and disbelief.

"It looks like your Hydreigon... was knocked out cold" Antony said then, smiling a bit.

"What? B-But how? A mere Hypno... My Hydreigon...? What the hell's going on here?!?!" ACCLAIM voiced his confusion, frustration and disbelief at the bizarre sight of his Hydreigon lying motionless in a huge icy crater and an unscathed Hypno standing nearby with his fists raised in a fighting stance.

"Now is a more appropriate time to laugh, would you not agree? Ha, ha, ha! Come now, do not loiter, Dragon Master. Send out your next Pokemon, that we may proceed with this beautiful Pokemon battle. There is much for you yet to see. And please, do not let me hear that that Hydreigon was your most powerful Pokemon... that would be most disheartening news for the future of this battle..." Antony said then.

Then suddenly, unbeknownst to him, ACCLAIM fell asleep. In his sleep, he saw a dream where he continued his battle against Antony, and emerged victorious after defeating Antony's four remaining Pokemon all at once with his Dragonite. But then, something strange started to happen...

"Hypno, what are you doing?" Antony's voice was then heard from the sky, sounding unusually deep and god-like! "Huh?" ACCLAIM said as he heard that and got startled. "No, Hypno, wait- !" Antony's voice continued, and then suddenly, ACCLAIM looked at the sky, and saw the Sun changing to Hypno's head! "WHAT?!" ACCLAIM said then in shock as he gasped loudly at the sight! Then suddenly, Hypno's head opened his mouth and started sucking everything into it, like a gigantic and unbelievably powerful vacuum cleaner in the sky! "W-Woooaaahhh!!!" ACCLAIM screamed, as then everything in the scene; Antony, his four Pokemon, ACCLAIM, his Dragonite, and everything else in the area started flying towards Hypno's mouth! "WAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" ACCLAIM screamed, as the entire scenery was sucked into the darkness of Hypno's mouth, including ACCLAIM himself, who vanished into the pitch-black darkness! "AAAAAHHH!!!" ACCLAIM then said as he could feel himself flying fast within Hypno's mouth, although he could see nothing but blackness!

Then suddenly, ACCLAIM woke up with a loud gasp! As his eyes opened, he faced the scene he was in prior to falling asleep: with his Hydreigon lying unconscious amidst an icy crater, and Antony's Hypno standing nearby it! Although now, Hypno was no longer in a fighting stance, and instead, he was just about done sucking some ghost-like energy from the atmosphere!

"W-What the!" ACCLAIM said as he saw that, with his eyes widened in confusion, distress and disbelief!

"Hypno! Sorry about this, ACCLAIM. My Hypno has a habit of putting my opponents to sleep and then eating their dreams in the middle of battle..." Antony said then.

"Wh-What? You mean...?" ACCLAIM said then, as he widened his eyes, upon the realization that the "victory" he saw was nothing more than a dream that ACCLAIM saw after Antony's Hypno had used Hypnosis on him, before eating his dream with Dream Eater!

"Was it at least tasty?" Antony said then, smiling a bit as he looked at his Hypno. But then, Hypno did not react, indicating he wasn't all that impressed either way with his meal. "I see. Anyway, come back to your Poke Ball. Can't have you interrupting the battle any further..." Antony said then, as he withdrew his Hypno back to his Poke Ball. "Now, where were we? Oh, right. ACCLAIM, whenever you're ready, send out your next Pokemon..." Antony said then, as he looked at ACCLAIM. Then, ACCLAIM withdrew his Hydreigon back to its Poke Ball.

"Hmph" ACCLAIM said then, as he pulled out another Poke Ball. "Go, my strongest Pokemon! Dragonite!" ACCLAIM said then, as he sent out his Dragonite. "Fwahahahahahahahaha!! Now, start sending out the pathetic Pokemon in your team so my Dragonite can drill them all t' pieces one by one!!" ACCLAIM shouted then in an angry voice!

"My Pokemon team has no pathetic Pokemon in it, ACCLAIM" Antony responded in a calm voice. "But it does contain... Mr. Mime!" he continued, as he sent out a Mr. Mime!

"HAH! A MR. MIME?!? YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME!!" ACCLAIM then shouted in an insanely loud voice, while having an insane-looking grimace on his face! "THIS MEASLY, INSIGNIFICANT POKEMON, AGAINST MY LEGENDARY DRAGON?! YOU MUST BE TRYING TO INSULT ME!!" he continued in the same, furious tone!

"Well, if I may say so, you already do a good enough job at that by yourself with your behaviour... Would it kill you to have some grace?" Antony responded in a calm voice, appearing to be unshaken by ACCLAIM's crazed emotional outburst!

"Whatever, let's get this over with! Dragonite, Extreme Drill!" ACCLAIM ordered then in a loud, angry, impatient voice. Then as he said that, Dragonite suddenly vanished at blinding speed! However, just as Dragonite vanished, Mr. Mime also vanished as well! Then, a split second later Dragonite reappeared back at the spot it was standing before, followed by Mr. Mime who also did the same.

"Hmph!" ACCLAIM said then arrogantly. But then suddenly, he widened his eyes! What he saw was his Dragonite with a gigantic hole running through its whole midsection like a tunnel, with Dragonite's blood falling out of its wounds! "What..." ACCLAIM muttered in disbelief, as he then looked at Mr. Mime, who was completely unharmed, and was moving his hands in the air as if he was touching around an invisible drill!

"Good work, Mr. Mime" Antony said then as he looked at his playful Mr. Mime, while in the meantime, ACCLAIM's Dragonite crumbled and fell to the ground fainted!

"I-Impossible... Dragonite... What?!" ACCLAIM said then with a face of complete disbelief, blankly staring at his unconscious Pokemon's body!

"Well? What do you think, ACCLAIM?" Antony said then.

"Huh?" ACCLAIM said confusedly as he looked at Antony with a blank stare.

"Were you impressed by our performance?" Antony asked then, while his Mr. Mime continued acting as if there was an invisible drill in the air, and gestured as if that drill was drilling something.

"What... What happened...?" ACCLAIM said then.

"Hm? What do you mean? Did you not see?" Antony said then.

"N-No" ACCLAIM said then.

"In spite of being Dragonite's trainer, you are not able to keep up with the speed of its movements? How strange" Antony said then. "That means you missed our performance, too. How unfortunate..." Antony said then, while Mr. Mime also stopped doing what he was doing and made a sad face as he looked at ACCLAIM. "Oh well, too bad. In that case, I guess I'll explain it to you. What happened was that your Dragonite used ExtremeSpeed and then attempted to use Horn Drill against Mr. Mime. That much you should already know. However, Mr. Mime then used Teleport before the second part of your plan could happen, and then he reappeared behind your Dragonite and used Mimic. The result of this artful performance... is what you see on your Dragonite" Antony said then, while Mr. Mime smiled and made a presenting gesture towards Dragonite, which was lying fainted on the ground with a huge tunnel-like hole on its midsection, and a pool of blood around it.

"B-But how? When did... I did not even hear you saying any commands!" ACCLAIM said then in confusion.

"Ah. At the level of our battle experience, verbal orders are unnecessary, my friend" Antony said then. "We have seen enough battles together by now and gotten to know each other well enough... that my Pokemon already know what I would tell them before I do so! This is the ultimate level of bond between Trainer and Pokemon!" he continued, and ACCLAIM widened his eyes as he heard that!

"What!" ACCLAIM said.

"Anyway, ACCLAIM. I see this battle seems to have taken a toll on you. Do you wish to continue?" Antony said then.

"What?" ACCLAIM said as he heard that, frowning wrathfully and appearing to be very offended. "Are you suggesting that I, the Great Fabulous Dragon Master, forfeit the battle?!" he continued in a disturbed, roaring voice while withdrawing his defeated Dragonite!

"I do not mean anything by it. It's just that you seem a bit distressed, that's all" Antony said then.

"I WILL NEVER FORFEIT! NEVER!!!" ACCLAIM shouted angrily in defiance then!

"Alright. Then how about this? To shorten this battle, why don't you send out all four of your remaining Pokemon at once? You did say Dragonite was your most powerful Pokemon... so naturally, the rest of yor team will be weaker than the rest of my own Pokemon, who are at least as powerful as Mr. Mime. How about we make things more interesting... and make it a 4 vs 1?" Antony said then.

"GRRR, FINE!! BUT YOU'LL REGRET THIS! GO, MY DRAGONS! DEVASTATE!!!!!" ACCLAIM shouted insanely then, as he threw into the air all four of his remaining Pokemon! Their Poke Balls then hit the ground, revealing a Charizard, a Salamence, a Garchomp and a Haxorus!

"Return, Mr. Mime" Antony said then, as he withdrew his Mr. Mime back to his Poke Ball. "Come forth, Alakazam!" Antony said then, as he tossed a Poke Ball forward, which hit the ground and revealed an Alakazam! Alakazam then faced the dragons, who looked at him indimidatingly!

"HYPER BEAM!!!!!" ACCLAIM shouted in a frenzy, and then all of his Pokemon fired four frighteningly gigantic, catastrophically powerful Hyper Beams towards Alakazam! Their unbelievable power was such that they were trembling the atmosphere and carving empty rivers into the ground below them as they travelled towards their mark!

"Alakazam, use Psychic" Antony said then calmly. Then, Alakazam used his psychic powers to take control of the four Hyper Beams flying towards him, before turning them around and setting them against the dragons who had fired them! Then the Hyper Beams crashed onto the gasping dragons and caused an unbelievably massive and insanely destructive explosion, which immediately fainted all four of ACCLAIM's Pokemon!

"GWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" ACCLAIM then screamed as the huge force of the explosion blew against him, nearly tearing him to pieces!

Then eventually, the explosion was over. Four fainted Pokemon, and a fainted trainer. And on the other side, a trainer standing besides his triumphant Alakazam.

"Splendid work, Alakazam" Antony said then. "Amplifying the power of their Hyper Beams with your Psychic in order to make them powerful enough to KO these dragons... that was truly praiseworthy. Dragons are tough nuts to crack, after all" he continued. "Anyway, ACCLAIM does not seem physically injured. Him losing consciousness is probably more due to emotional reasons than the explosion's blast. That guy really needs to learn how to put a leash on his passions..." Antony said then as he looked at the unconscious body of ACCLAIM. "Well, in that case, I guess there's no need to call for medical help. ACCLAIM should wake up of his own soon. So let's go, Alakazam" Antony said then. Then Alakazam used Teleport, teleporting himself and his trainer away. Meanwhile, ACCLAIM continued to lay on the ground unconscious.

The End.

Feb 27, 15 at 7:14am
Chaos Lord

Somewhere in the Pokemon World, there were the headquarters of a clan of Pokemon led by a man known as TL. Currently, TL was standing just outside those headquarters, accompanied by another member of the clan.

Suddenly, a limo pulled up, and a guy in a black suit and black sunglasses came out. TL and the other guy looked at him.

"So, these are the headquarters of the Heathenly Random Dogs?" the man in the suit asked.

"What!" the guy next to TL said, "You dare dishonor our great clan?".

"Ah, my apologies. I was simply referring to it by how it is widely regarded..." the guy in the suit said.

"What do you want?" TL said in an abrupt, serious tone.

"Nothing much from the self-proclaimed Greatest Pokemon Master, I'm sure. A Pokemon battle" the man in the suit said.

"Hah! Y' think you stand a chance against our Leader? Good luck beating him, TL is even more Retarded than I am!" the guy next to TL said.

"I think we can agree on that, my friend" the suited man said then, smiling.

"Enough talk. We'll settle this in the field of battle!" TL said then, as he pulled out a Poke Ball, ready for battle.

"Fantastic" the black-suited man replied, as he pulled out a Poke Ball of his own.

"You a dragon TL, sodomize this idiot!" a clan member from TL's clan shouted from a window of the clan's headquarters, from where he was currently watching. The black-suited man briefly glanced at his direction, but then summarily ignored him.

"Hm, it seems the members of this clan are as cultivated as one would expect from their reputation" the black-suited man commented.

And thus, a Pokemon Battle took place between the man in the black suit and TL. And the former mopped the floor 6-0 with the latter within the span of a few minutes...

"D-Dammit..." TL said, as he withdrew his last fainted Pokemon, a Dragonite, back to its Poke Ball.

"Well. This display certainly doesn't lend any credence to those claims of being the "Greatest Pokemon Master" that I've been hearing..." the black-suited man said as he too withdrew his last Pokemon, a Snorlax.

"It's just one Pokemon Battle. A single loss can't be held conclusive of one's skill..." TL said then to his defense.

"If it were only that..." the black-suited man said then.

"Hm?" TL said then. Then he watched, as the black-suited man pulled out a folder with documents, and handed it to him.

"What is this?" TL asked, as he started going through the documents.

"Proof to the contrary of your claims, Mr. "Greatest Pokemon Master"" the black-suited man said then. TL read the documents, and his eyes widened with horror at the evidence he saw: in those papers, from a brief reading, there were at least three documented instances of TL having made objectively wrong statements regarding Pokemon-related matters. One of them was a misunderstanding about how OHKO moves work - a particularly embarrassing thing for a trainer who prided himself on making excessive use of those moves. Upon reading this, TL blushed red with shame.

"I would hope those documents will be instrumental in bridging the gap between reality and the incorrections of your self-perception, Mr. TL. And consequently, reduce the conflicts arising from the incompatibility of your convictions with the true status of things" the black-suited man said then.

"Hmph. Whatever!" TL said then, as he tossed away the documents, overcoming his shame with surprising speed.

"Hm?" the suited man said as he saw that.

"You think my position as the Greatest Pokemon Master will be compromised just because of some shit like this? Well think again, 'cause the Greatest Trainer of the Greatest Clan of competitive Pokemon is here to stay! And none of that shit will ever change how I view myself!" TL said then loudly and defiantly!

"Whoah. Easy, there, Chumpeon. Okay. Do as you wish. I merely wanted to enlighten you to the truth, as I was under the impression that you were interested in such... If I misjudged, though, then please excuse me. I'll be taking my leave..." the man in the black suit said then.

"Hmph! Disrespectful fool..." TL mumbled then, as he watched the black-suited man heading for his limo. The black-suited man opened the door of his limo, reached for something in its interior, but then, he suddenly stopped.

"Oh. By the way... I'm afraid your license to live has expired" the black-suited man said then, as he suddenly turned at TL and raised a silenced pistol at the height of his head, before immediately pulling the trigger and firing a bullet between TL's eyes, blasting his blood and brains out the back of his head! TL's blood and brains were splattered on the base of a large Rayquaza statue behind him, while TL's corpse itself also slammed back-first on that statue, before sliding down and falling to the ground, crumbling lifelessly inside a pool of his own blood!

"TL!!!" the guy who accompanied TL screamed in horror than, as he watched his buddy's dead body on the ground with shock and disbelief!

"Under the heavens, and now, under the soils. The legend of the Greatest Pokemon Master carries on... in Hell" the black-suited man said then, as he sheathed his pistol.

"You bastard!! Y-You killed him! You murdered TL!!" TL's friend said then, his voice shaking.

"That I did. So?" the black-suited man replied apathetically.

"He was the Greatest Pokemon Master!!" TL's friend cried then.

"Even assuming he was, so what of it? If TL is not the Greatest Pokemon Master now, someone else is. Does it matter who that person is?" the black-suited man said.

"Wh-What are you talking about? You trying to say TL wasn't important??" TL's friend said then.

"Looks like you aren't as dumb as you look. Yes, that's exactly what I was saying. In science, there is only a strictly defined and limited body of knowledge to uncover. What exists to be discovered will be discovered eventually - it does not matter who discovers it. If any of those scientists people know and foolishly rever today had not made their discoveries back then, someone else would have eventually. This is why the people who make those discoveries do not matter, and may as well be nameless. Human foolishness is the only reason why it happens otherwise" the black-suited man said then, before pausing to take a breath.

"In contrast, the field of art gives rise to limitless possibilities. An artist's work is truly unique, because the chances of a work of art being replicated by someone else in exactly the same way are basically almost zero. Unlike a scientist, an artist deserves to be identified with and remembered for their work, for such work is unique and personal to them. The same can not be said for a scientists, for the reason I explained earlier. While an artist has a name, a scientist does not. While an artist can not be replaced, a scientist, no matter how skilled, is still completely replaceable. Because their work is replicable, in what is only a mere matter of time" the black-suited man added.

"What's with the freaking lecture? What the hell do science and art have to do with you murdering TL?!" TL's friend said then, seemingly unable to see what the black-suited man was saying.

"What I'm getting at is that Pokemon battling is a science, not an art. There's only a limited amount of things to find within that setting, and if TL is not the one to find them - someone else will be. If TL had not "invented" an Umbreon with Growl, Charm, Rest and Sleep Talk, there would be nothing stopping another person from coming up with that very same moveset eventually. As such, the aforementioned Umbreon -- or any other Pokemon or team of Pokemon, for that matter -- are not uniquely "tied to" or "associated with" TL, or any other Pokemon Trainer, and so they have no reason to be claimed as parts of their identities. Take "Fishtos" for example - if "Fishtos" had not been "created" by another person, do you not think it would have been likely that TL himself would have come up with the very same moveset, given his interest in OHKO moves? If both the creator of "Fishtos" and TL were just as capable of coming up with the very same moveset, then why should one deserve more than the other to be associated with that Pokemon? The answer: they do not deserve it. Just like your "Greatest Pokemon Master" does not deserve to be associated with any of his "creations" any more than whoever else may also come up with the very same ideas, which potentially includes everyone" the black-suited man said then.

"I still don't-" TL's friend said then, but was interrupted by the black-suited man.

"So in short: if TL isn't around to do whatever it is he would do, someone else will eventually do it instead. That is why TL is not needed as a Pokemon Trainer, and that is why his absence is in the big picture completely inconsequential to the world of competitive Pokemon. If there exists some peak state to be reached in Pokemon, then that peak will be reached, sooner or later - with or without TL's, or anyone else's, "unique" contributions. And this is why, ultimately, nothing of value was lost upon his death, at least as far as the world of competitive Pokemon is concerned" the black-suited man concluded his speech.

"How dare you speak in such a disrespectful way about our glorious Leader! I won't let you disgrace the Greatest Pokemon Master's memory like this!!" TL's friend said then, as he charged the black-suited man to attack him!

"Ah, the bonds of friendhip... How moving. If you feel your glorious leader so close to you, then I guess I can arrange for you to get just a little closer!" the man in the black suit said then, as he pulled out a pocket knife! With a quick swing, he cut TL's friends's windpipe in two, causing his blood to sprinkle out from the slit on his throat! Then he swung his knife again, slicing open his stomach, exposing his entrails! Then TL's friend fell down, and then the black-suited man grabbed a rusty lead pipe that laid nearby and started bludgeoning away, beating TL's friend like a rented mule and scattering his blood all over his suit! In a brief period of consciousness between multiple concussions, TL's friend then tried to crawl towards safety. But then, just as his head was over the pavement, the black-suited man curb stomped him on the back of his head, with enough force to crush his skull and kill him instantly! Then, the black suited man walked towards his limo, got inside, and the chauffeur drove off. Then a few seconds later a bomb went off inside the headquarters of TL's clan, exploding the whole building and killing everyone inside.

The End.

Jul 6, 14 at 1:24pm
Chaos Lord

The Crime of Justice [Kingly Remix]

Somewhere in the Pokemon World, in some very distant and exotic lands, there existed a kingdom known as the Fenghuang Kingdom. The Kingdom was ruled by King Antony, a just and benevolent King who reigned across the lands from his mighty castle, the symbol of the King's power and sovereignty.

However, currently, a very strange and unusual event was going on. In front of the King's castle, there had been set up a big wooden platform, with a large guillotine placed on it! On top of it, a woman was currently positioned in the guillotine, its massive blade hanging threateningly above the back of her neck! A hooded executioner was currently standing next to a lever on the guillotine, which if pulled, would release the guillotine's blade to drop on the woman's neck, decapitating her.

A massive crowd was also gathered in the execution grounds, spread all over it and surrounding the wooden platform with the executioner and the woman in the guillotine. The people were seemingly excited about the event, cheering for the woman to be executed, while a third person standing on the wooden platform was also riling up the crowd, pointing at the woman and making various accusations that roused the crowd's anger at the woman! After finishing his long-winded speech, that person then stopped, and turned his attention from the crowd to the King's castle, specifically a balcony on the castle on which the King himself was standing and observing the scene with seemingly no emotion on his face. As he noticed the person on the platform looking at him, the King then nodded affirmatively to him, and then after that, the person on the platform raised up his arm and then quickly swung it down, gesturing for the hooded executioner by the guillotine to pull the lever on it! The executioner then put his hands on the lever and unhesitantly pulled it, and the guillotine's blade then fell upon the convicted woman's neck, and her fearful, tear-filled face was severed from the rest of her body with a loud feminine "AAAAAAHH!!"! People either cheered loudly in excitement or gasped in horror at the morbid spectacle, watching the woman's severed head rolling on the platform and leaving behind a trail of blood after being chopped! A young boy, known as BLACKBLADE, froze with fear, horror, despair, and tearful eyes, as he watched the woman before him getting executed... whom he identified as his mother!


Seven years passed since then...

Now, it was another day in the kingdom under the peaceful reign of King Antony. Outside of his castle, two guards with plate armor and carrying halberds were standing as guards to the castle's massive gates. Since it was peacetime, the guards were quite relaxed in their duties, taling to each other and not having a very tight posture. But then suddenly, something would interrupt the peacefulness of their situation. "Hm?" one of the guards said, as he looked in the distance. "What's wrong?" the other guard said then. "I hear a strange sound in the distance..." the first guard said then. "What is it, an enemy? Darn it, when I'm just a week away from retirement..." the second guard said then, as he and the first guard then gripped their halberds and looked carefully in the distance. But there was a fog, so they could not see very far. But they did hear what sounded like metal being continually dragged against the ground, which was getting closer and closer. "Get ready, they're coming!" the second guard from before said then. "This crap when our shift's about to end... Why couldn't they wait a bit more? I just want to go back to my family and kids..." the other guard said then. Then suddenly, a figure started appearing from within the fog, from which the sound of metal scraping against the ground was coming from. The sound was coming from a massive, zweihandler-like object that the figure was apparently dragging along the ground. Then the figure came out of the fog, revealing himself to be a spiky-haired man with a cape, and who was indeed dragging a great sword along the ground. He was none other than... BLACKBLADE! BLACKBLADE's eyes then looked at the guards, with obvious aggressive intentions reflecting on them! Then he started walking quickly towards them! "Halt! In the name of the King, stop and identify yourself!" one of the guards said then. But then BLACKBLADE smiled insanely, before charging at the two guards! Utilizing the incredibly long reach of his sword, which was even larger than the guards' halberds, BLACKBLADE then performed a huge swing with it, which slashed both of the guards in one sweep! "Aarggh!!" both guards screamed in pain, as their blood was scattered on the double gates of the castle that they had been guarding...

Somewhere a great distance from there, there was a quite big house. On the third floor of that house, in a room with an open window, there was a person with long white hair and wearing a white kimono, known as WHITEBLADE. WHITEBLADE was currently peacefully concentrated on a painting he was working on. But then, through the room's open window, WHITEBLADE heard the sound of the guard's screams, which was also accompanied by an eerie wind blowing at him. The sound was faint, but WHITEBLADE realized what was going on. WHITEBLADE abandoned his artistic activity, and then he walked to the corner of his room, where there was a sheathed katana with a pure white hilt. He hastily picked it up, and then he started running straight towards the open window in his room, before leaping out of it from the third floor! Somehow, he landed gracefully on the ground without getting harmed, like a feline, and then he kept running towards the King's castle.

Meanwhile, BLACKBLADE stepped on the blood of the two guards he defeated, and found himself standing before the castle's double gates. BLACKBLADE then said "Hmph!" and kicked the gates open, in a display of his inhuman power. BLACKBLADE then walked into the castle, and found himself in a great hall. Looking around, he saw many golden-framed portraits of King Antony hanging from the walls, as well as various corridors connecting the hall to other places within the castle, though from his current position it was unclear what those places were, since the corridors appeared dark. Then from within the darkness of these corridors, BLACKBLADE suddenly heard many metallic footsteps! From the corridors emerged twenty plate-armored soldiers! Ten of them were holding broadswords, the other ten were holding battle axes, and all of them were holding round soldier's shields! The soldiers quickly surrounded BLACKBLADE and pointed their weapons threateningly against him. "Surrender yourself, intruder! You are surrounded!" one of the soldiers said then. But then BLACKBLADE said "Hm! Hmhmhahahahahahahahaha! Ha, ha, hahahahahahahahaha!!!" laughing insanely while seemingly letting his guard down! "What?" one of the soldiers said then as he saw that. Then suddenly, BLACKBLADE said "MMMMMMASSACRE!!" as he started swinging his sword insanely at the guards, who in their shock of that sight immediately switched into the defensive, raising their shields to protect themselves! BLACKBLADE's massive sword sends destructive shocks through shields and armor alike, eventually overpowering them, while its incredible reach and the insane, demonic strength and speed at which BLACKBLADE wields it barely give the guards any good opportunities at counter-attack. Soon the number of opponents standing before BLACKBLADE is reduced to zero, having all been slashed up with their blood drenching the entire upper part of BLACKBLADE's blade. BLACKBLADE then makes his way to a huge stairway with a red carpet, leading to upper parts of the castle...

In those upper parts of the castle, the King's room is located, where King Antony is currently sitting on his throne. As a kneeling servant is informing him of the situation currently taking place in the castle, King Antony can already hear the sound of fierce battling taking place within the interior of his domain. Then suddenly, the double doors to the King's room are smashed open, as an incapacitated guard with a shield broken in half flies in through the room, landing in front of King Antony and the servant! The latter of the two then squeaked in terror and ran away to hide! In contrast, King Antony maintained his calm, serious composure and looked at the broken doors to his room, watching as BLACKBLADE walked through, holding his massive, blood-drenched sword over his shoulder with his right hand! King Antony and BLACKBLADE then crossed eyes, with King Antony looking completely calm and serious, while BLACKBLADE had a psychotic, aggressive look in his eyes in combination with a warped, deranged smile on his face!

"And who might you be?" King Antony casually asked then, with the tone of his voice indicating no surprise at all.

"I am your end, motherfucker!" BLACKBLADE responded in a cheerfully crazy voice, as he pointed his index finger at the King!

Meanwhile, outside the castle, WHITEBLADE was fast approaching. Then, in another demonstration of feline-like acrobatics, WHITEBLADE jumped up to an insane height, going straight towards a window near the top of the King's castle!

Inside, BLACKBLADE rose his huge sword up to the height of his head, held it with both hands and pointed it straight at King Antony, preparing for a thrust attack. But then suddenly, a window in the room shatters to pieces, and then BLACKBLADE looks and sees WHITEBLADE flying in through the shining shattered crystals! WHITEBLADE then lands, with his pure white katana already drawn, and immediately upon setting foot inside, he leaps towards BLACKBLADE and attacks him with a slash! However, BLACKBLADE then blocked the attack with his own sword, and then WHITEBLADE and BLACKBLADE locked blades, pushing against each other. BLACKBLADE looked astonished at WHITEBLADE's actions, and then he smiled and addressed his assailant in a non-hostile manner.

"WHITEBLADE! What're you doin' here?" BLACKBLADE said to WHITEBLADE, as if addressing a friend.

"Delivering justice" WHITEBLADE responded in a cold, apathetic tone.

"Justice? What do you mean? I'm here to save our country from tyranny!" BLACKBLADE said then, looking surprised.

"It doesn't matter what our King has done. Criminals who oppose him must be punished. Begone, assassin!" WHITEBLADE said then.

WHITEBLADE then pushed his white katana against BLACKBLADE's black zweihandler, and then the two began furiously exchanging attacks with each other, clashing their blades between them and creating many sparks from the friction of their blades. Despite the difference in size and weight between BLACKBLADE's zweihandler and WHITEBLADE's katana, WHITEBLADE was somehow able to keep up with the superior strength and weight of BLACKBLADE's attacks. Evenmore, he eventually delivered an insanely powerful swing, which completely sent BLACKBLADE flying away! "Heh!" BLACKBLADE smiled excitedly as he flew across the room, and then he did a backflip, landing his feet against the wall at the end of the room, before kicking off that wall and launching himself back towards WHITEBLADE with huge speed, with his sword protruding to the front to impale his foe! WHITEBLADE then started analyzing BLACKBLADE's movements for a bit, searching for a plan of counter-attack, when suddenly, he saw King Antony himself stepping between himself and BLACKBLADE, facing the latter!

"May I cut in?" King Antony said, holding a kilij in his right hand! WHITEBLADE and BLACKBLADE then both widened their eyes in surprise, as King Antony elegantly slashed across BLACKBLADE's stomach and chest while at the same time deflecting his zweihandler in the same upward diagonal slashing motion of his kilij! "GUUUUUUURRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!" BLACKBLADE screamed then, as he was sent flying away by the power of King Attony's attack, while his blood was spraying out from the huge diagonal fissure carved onto his stomach and chest by the King's now blood-drenched kilij! "URGGH!" BLACKBLADE yelled in pain then as he landed onto some big decorative vases in a corner of the King's room, smashing them!

"King Antony!" WHITEBLADE said then, in shock.

"At ease, WHITEBLADE. You need not raise your sword for me. On the contrary, as this Kingdom's ruler, the duty is on me to ensure that all my subjects are well and protected" King Antony said then. "Now, please arrange for the treatment of the wounded. I will personally tend to our guest" he continued. "Understood..." WHITEBLADE said then.

"*cough* Y-You... bastard!!" BLACKBLADE said then, as he coughed out some blood. Then the King turned his attention to him.

"Judging by your familiarity with WHITEBLADE, and that black weapon of yours... I deduce you must be BLACKBLADE, right?" King Antony inquired.

"Dam' right it's me! I'm here to take revenge for what happened seven years ago!!" BLACKBLADE answered.

"Oh. You mean the execution of your mother?" King Antony asked then.

"Why? WHY??!?" BLACKBLADE said then in tears.

"Hm?" King Antony said then.

"As a kid, I used to look up to you! I, like everyone else, used to think you were a just, benevolent King prior to that event! I wholeheartedly admired you, and aspired to be like you! And then in one day... in just one day, you changed! Executing people in cold blood!! How could you come to be like this?!?!" BLACKBLADE said then, in a loud, frustrated voice!

"BLACKBLADE... First of all, I never had anyone executed besides your mother... Neither before her, nor after her until now... And also, you should know... that there was actually a very good reason why I resorted to that measure in the case of your mother..." King Antony said then.

"What could it possibly have been... that even with your just and benevolent nature could not have been dealt with otherwise?" BLACKBLADE said then.

"It was because all the justness and benevolence in the world... would have been completely wasted on your mother. For no matter how much she was treated with such, she would never, ever change her disrespectful character. No matter how lenient I was with her, or how much generosity I showered her with... she still always remained the same, bitter, poisonous person" King Antony said then.

"I don't understand! What are you talking about?" BLACKBLADE said then.

"It seems that despite being her child, you did not know your mother very well. Alright. Then let me unravel... the story of what happened with your mother in the past" King Antony said then, as he began explaining the story in detail.

"Many years ago, this was a peaceful kingdom. Then one day, a mysterious woman arrived. That woman was your mother. At first, she seemed well-behaved... But soon, that changed. She eventually started accusing people of being evil, based on the flimsiest of excuses or misunderstandings, at least to this Kingdom's standards. And then, from the moment she labeled someone as evil, she would not stop harassing them. Verbally assaulting them, attacking them physically, even stealing from them or attempting to manipulate them through lies and deceit... There was nothing she'd stop at if she thought of the other person as evil. And due to this Kingdom's, or specifically, my lenient laws, she was often able to get away with it with only light sentences. But as time went on and on, she made more and more enemies... and consequently caused more and more trouble. She would even cause harm to others even if such resulted in no profit for herself, but just for the sake of harm itself. Naturally, the people of the Kingdom expected of me, as King, to deliver justice. So, I tried many things. I tried to reason with her... but that failed, as she was completely unreasonable. I imprisoned her as punishment... but after her sentence ended, she had learned nothing, and simply continued acting the same. I exiled her... but she simply kept persistently returning, making a living off thievery and deceit. In the end, I even offered to send her to an isolated island within the Kingdom and send her supplies monthly for her to make a peaceful living there by herself... but even that, she rejected. So it seemed that other than killing or permanently restraining her, I had no option... but to allow her to live within the Kingdom, at the expense of everyone else, whom she abused and took advantage of every opportunity she could get. Until one day... your mother killed her neighbour's 3-year old baby daughter, by having her boiled alive in a cauldron in her house" King Antony said then. Upon hearing that, BLACKBLADE expressed no reaction, as if acknowledging nothing wrong with what he'd just heard!

Nevertheless, King Antony continued. "Naturally, I immediately had her locked up. Everyone familiar with her in the Kingdom then cried out, demanding her death... But I hesitated. Death... or keeping a person in confinement permanently... I found both of those to be unjust, cruel, and inhumane things, regardless of what an offender may have done. Deep in my heart, I wanted to believe... that somewhere within her, even your mother could one day find it in herself to become a righteous person, and be forgiven for her sins... But the facts had kept suggesting otherwise for as long as I'd known her... Until eventually, the true answer came to me by itself" King Antony said then. BLACKBLADE listened with increased interest from that point on.

"One night, as I was sleeping, he came to visit me. A messenger... of the PokeGod himself! It was a hooded, black-cloaked figure, human in shape, though I could not make out anything of their face, since it was covered in the shadows of their hood. The PokeGod's messenger came to me, and he said to me, "King Antony, you are indeed benevolent and just. And it is indeed true that benevolence and justness are righteous qualities among humans, and make the world they live in into a better place by human standards. However, the person you're dealing right now will never appreciate any amount of justness or benevolence you show to them. And that is because that person... is not human". Upon hearing that, I was surprised! I asked the messenger to elaborate. He then said, "That woman is in fact a dark being from the planet that the PokeGod rules, Chaos Planet. Being almost completely powerless, deceptiveness was about her only ability, but that was hardly enough to allow her to survive for long in the conditions of our planet. Thus in order to escape from a fate of either being devoured by stronger beings or getting killed and ending up in Hell, she fled away to Earth, where she could feed off the darkness in the souls of the beings here. You see, by arousing negative emotions in others, this dark being can then feast on such feelings, and gain strength. This, in addition to her perceived superiority over normal humans, is why Witchmecia, as she is known on Chaos Planet, constantly harassed your subjects in your Kingdom, creating a damp, negative spiritual atmosphere that was most nutritious for her". After hearing all this, I asked the messenger why he was informing me of all it. He then said, "In coming to Earth and causing damage here, Witchmecia has acted in violation of a treaty which exists between Chaos Planet, the planet ruled by ChaosLord, and Pokedise, the realm of Arceus, which states that dark beings from Chaos Planet are not allowed to go to Earth without permission. In exchange of the beings of Pokedise offering a sacrifice of blood to appease the Great PokeGod every nine months... the PokeGod keeps his subjects away from your world, unless they have permission to visit it. But Witchmecia never received any such permission to come here, and so, the PokeGod would have her returned to Chaos Planet to face the consequenses of her disregardful actions". Then I asked, "And how would I do that?", to which the messenger responded, "It's simple. You must offer Witchmecia's soul to the PokeGod... by sacrificing her life. There is no need to trouble your soul over it, for she is a dark being, not a human, and killing each other is a common thing among dark beings, unlike humans. Do not think that killing her is a sin... it is a holy duty"" King Antony explained then.

"What the?! That's absurd! You're saying mother was a demon?!?!" BLACKBLADE said then, protesting King Antony's story, which sounded completely crazy to him!

"That is the truth as delivered to me by the PokeGod's messenger... and the truth by which I acted. In retrospect, it all makes perfect sense... because in truth, there's no way one would be able to call a person such as the one your mother was, completely lacking in empathy and the many other other beautiful qualities that make us human, human. It is ironic that she often called others "subhumans" and "animals", when in fact she was the one who was not human herself..." King Antony said then.

"ENOUGH!!" BLACKBLADE said then, as he got up from the ground (he'd been sitting among some broken vases in the corner of the room until now).

"BLACKBLADE... As her child, I can not tell whether you have inherited the human qualities of your father... or the demonic qualities of your mother. If it is the former... then please leave this place, put your grudges behind, and go live in peace. I shall forgive you of the sins you have committed here today. But if it is the latter... then I'm afraid I can not let you leave this room alive, for your continued existence will only cause harm to the Kingdom, or any other place you go. Now, would you mind answering one question for me? Do you agree with your mother's views, that anyone who commits even the slightest misdeed is instantly proven to be an evil person who does not deserve any human rights whatsoever? Or do you think, or at least are open to the possibility, that perhaps there is something wrong with this belief?" King Antony said then, as he looked at BLACKBLADE earnestly in the eyes.


"I see. So these... are the true contents of your soul, eh? Then I guess I have no choice" King Antony said then.

"GROOOOOAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!" BLACKBLADE growled insanely then, as he raised his huge black sword and charged like a mad beast at King Antony!!

"I will use this instrument of slaughter... for the purpose it was intended for" King Antony said then, as he glanced at his kilij, before looking back at BLACKBLADE. Then, as BLACKBLADE drew near, King Antony suddenly moved at blinding speed, disappearing from the front of BLACKBLADE and reappearing behind him, after having performed an unseen, instantaneous slash with his kilij! Then, BLACKBLADE's lopped off head flew off his shoulders, and then his body fell on the knees before crumbling down, with blood gushing forth from the neck, while his head landed on the ground and rolled up to the front of King Antony, who looked at it with an appearance of determination and apathy.

The End.

Mar 2, 14 at 7:40am
Chaos Lord

The Mysterious Cloaked Person

It was about a month since the powers of Lance, the Pokemon League Champion, had failed him against Ash Ketchum, a young but enthusiastic challenger from Pallet Town. After his defeat at the hands of the young prodigy, Lance was allowed to keep his title, as Ash Ketchum was more interested in going on to explore new regions and places, than hold on to a title and defend it. Lance learned a hard, but necessary lesson from his battle against Ash Ketchum: that cheating, like he did with his dragons' movesets and abilities, is no substitute for true strength. After his enlightenment, Lance took a break from the Pokemon League, and started training very hard with his Pokemon, in an attempt to reach the level he had witnessed from his opponent. After about a month, his strength had reached entirely new peaks, which the former Champion was confident would be enough to defeat even Ash Ketchum this time. With this newfound power, Lance once again returned to his place as the Pokemon League Champion, to test the results of the training he did with his Pokemon, or rather, to confirm his high expectations of it. On the very same day of Champion Lance's return, a challenger appeared.

Lance was currently standing on the top of the giant dragon statue located at the end of a huge, dark, torch-illuminated stage at the highest place of the Elite Four. The top and surrounding area of the stage were open, and under the starry night, a challenger walked forth and took a step into the stage. He was a person in a black cloak that completely covered every feature of his body; he wore black shoes and black gloves to conceal his feet and hands, and a black hood was over his head, concealing it, and hiding his facial features completely under a mysterious shadow.

Lance: Ah! I heard about you, TRAINER! I lead the ELITE FOUR! You can call me LANCE the dragon trainer! You know that dragons are mythical POKéMON! They're hard to catch and raise, but their powers are superior! They're virtually indestructible! Well, are you ready to lose? Your LEAGUE challenge ends with me, TRAINER!
Lance makes a wide, confident smile, while doing his signature pose of stretching out his arms while holding his cape in his hands!

Cloaked Person: ...
The black-cloaked person briefly looks around the stage.
Cloaked person: So this is where his trail ends.
Lance: Hm?
Lance looks at the cloaked person. He carefully focuses his eyes at the shadows covering his face, but is unable to make out anything.
Cloaked person: It seems his final known battle took place here...
Lance: ...Who are you, TRAINER?
Cloaked person: Champion Lance. You were the one who battled him, weren't you?
Lance: Whom?
Cloaked person: The "Chaos Region's Pokemon League Champion".
Lance: !
Lance recalls a person with dark hair, serious-looking brown eyes, black shoes, dark gray pants and a light gray T-shirt. He recalls having a battle against that person in defense of his title as Champion of the Elite Four, as well as a scene where his Dragonite disintegrated that person, who was currently holding a gun in his hand after losing, with a catastrophic Outrage attack.
Lance's flashback ends, and his attention returns. He looks at the cloaked person.
Lance: Yes. I indeed had a Pokemon battle with that person. What of it?
Cloaked person: What became of him after your battle?
Lance: His ashes were cleaned up by the Pokemon League janitor after my Dragonite disintegrated him.
While admitting to the murder, Lance smiles as if he took pride in the deed!
Cloaked person: ...
The cloaked person seems thoughtful.
Lance: You didn't answer my question.
Cloaked person: I see. So he's dead.
The cloaked person looks up at Lance.
Cloaked person: I am the Chaos Region's Pokemon League Champion.
Lance: !!
Lance widens his eyes and looks extremely surprised.
Lance: What... did you say?
Cloaked person: Exactly what you heard.
Lance tries to process the facts presented to him.
Lance: But... Is that true? Then the person I battled...?
Cloaked person: He was an impostor. I'm the real one.
Lance: An impostor?
Cloaked person: Indeed. Some years ago, I decided to withdraw into the wilderness to self-reflect, think about life and the world, and train with my Pokemon. During my absence, lots of things happened. Some speculated that I had died. Others thought I fell into depression and gave up my career. And yet others sought to take advantage of my absence, assuming my identity and trying to take advantage of my fame and status... Copying every aspect of myself, from my appearance and mannerisms down to the very quotes you'd hear me saying.
Lance listens carefully.
Lance: ...
Cloaked person: After my return, I have been busy tracking down those people and bringing them to Justice, as well as informing those that had encountered them and been deceived by them, in order to restore the damage they had invariably done to my reputation. The person you battled was one of those people, a man known as Cornelius.
Lance: I see...
Cloaked person: But it seems he is now deceased, the victim of an act of murder. I came here looking for someone to bring to Justice. Who would have thought that that person would end up being none other than the Champion of this Pokemon League himself...
Lance: What? You mean... you intend to accuse me of murder to the police?
Cloaked person: You must answer for your crime.
Lance: But he threatened me with a gun. I only killed him in self-defense.
Cloaked person: A Champion such as you surely should have been able to stop him without killing him. Yet you chose to kill him. It's murder.
Lance frowns as he hears that.
Lance: And why should I leave him alive after he threatens to kill me? Has he not lost his right to live after proving himself to be dangerous and evil?
Cloaked person: That is not for you to decide.
Lance: If I don't decide it, who will?
Cloaked person: Those appointed to that specific task.
Lance: And why can't I be one of those people?
Cloaked person: I don't know. Why didn't you make yourself so?
Lance: As in placing myself at the service of the law? Ridiculous.
Cloaked person: Why is it ridiculous?
Lance: Because the laws are flawed, and Justice is not properly delivered.
Cloaked person: If you think the laws are flawed, then why do you not try to change those laws?
Lance: Because... because no one will listen to me!
Lance broke out in a frustrated voice.
Cloaked person: Why is that? If your ideas and propositions are reasonable, what reason would there be why people would not listen to them?
Lance: It's because the vast majority of people, including those in power, are evil. Justice would be against their interests, so of course they would never acknowledge it.
Cloaked person: Are you sure you don't just hold a flawed conception of what Justice is?
Lance: I am certain I know the Truth about Justice.
Cloaked person: And what makes you so sure?
Lance: My sense of Justice.
Cloaked person: And?
Lance: And what?
Cloaked person: Your "sense of Justice" is your only criterion about what Justice is?
Lance: Of course. Well, there's also logic, but logic can be used in countless ways, to support just about any argument or position. What's more important than logic is the values behind it, and it is from my sense of Justice where I get my values about Justice.
Cloaked person: So what are those values, and why are they as valuable as you claim?
Lance: I cannot really explain them in words. But if a person's sense of Justice is pure and uncorrupted, they understand.
Cloaked person: But what makes your own values superior to other people's values?
Lance: I know they are so because of my sense of Justice. If yours was pure, you'd understand too.
Cloaked person: So do you have any objective proof that your sense of Justice is superior to other people's or not?
Lance: I do. But it can only be understood by those with an uncorrupted sense of Justice, like myself.
Cloaked person: I see. I cannot believe I wasted my time to listen to your pointless drivel, Lance. Well, you'll have all the time you want to talk about it in court, "Champion".
Lance: So you say you will bring me in, "Chaos Region's Pokemon League Champion"? Who are you, really? How do I know you're even who you say, and not an impostor like those you just described?
Cloaked person: Trainers get to know and understand each other through a Pokemon battle. How about it?
The cloaked person pulls out a Poke Ball from his dark cloak.
Lance: Hmph. Fine. Pokemon battling is my job as the Champion of this Pokemon League, after all. I shall ascertain whether you're Champion material or not.
Cloaked person: Then let us begin.
The cloaked person throws his Poke Ball into the stage. It opens up in a bright flash, and out comes a Mewtwo covered in some hi-tech armor!
Lance: A MEWTWO, is it? But as I told the other "Chaos Region Pokemon League Champion", it's nothing special to me. Go, GYARADOS!
Lance pulls out a Poke Ball and sends it into an elegant descent from the top of the dragon statue to the stage at the bottom. Upon hitting the stage, the Poke Ball opens up in a flash, and out emerges Gyarados. Upon emerging, Gyarados roars loudly at Mewtwo and glares at him with scary, bloodlusted-looking eyes, but the armored Pokemon seems to be unfazed.
Cloaked person: Impostors had often used Ditto to try to mimic Mewtwo's power. However, do not expect the real Mewtwo to be anything like those shoddy imitations.
Lance: We'll see about that. GYARADOS, DRAGON DANCE!
Gyarados begins performing a wild serpentine dance, the rhythm of which gradually gets faster and more intense, increasing his Attack and Speed!
Cloaked person: Mewtwo, Zap Cannon.
Lance: !
Lance widens his eyes in shock. Meanwhile, Mewtwo forms a large ball of some incredibly powerful, crackling electricity in front of him, and then uses his psychic powers to shoot that ball of electricity at Gyarados. The attack lands right on target, engulfing Gyarados' whole body in lightning and zapping him badly! Gyarados roars in excruciation as the lightning invades and fries his entire body, exploiting his incredible weakness to it as a Water/Flying Pokemon! After shaking violently for a time while being zapped by lightning, Gyarados crashes loudly down to the ground, shaking it, and he completely ceases to move.
Lance: GYARADOS, what's wrong?
Gyarados remains unresponsive, with his eyes closed and some steam coming out of his cooked-up body.
Nothing happens. Lance arrives at a grim realization: his Gyarados has fainted.

Lance: What happened? Why did GYARADOS faint in one hit despite holding a FOCUS SASH at full HP?
Cloaked person: Welcome to the nightmare.
Lance: What?
Cloaked person: Lesson #1: Mewtwo's Unnerve Ability.
Lance: UNNERVE? This ABILITY merely prevents the opposing POKEMON from consuming its held BERRY. What's it got to do with what just happened?
Cloaked person: Under normal circumstances, that is correct. However...
Lance looks at the armored Mewtwo, experiencing an inexplicable feeling of fear at the armored Pokemon's visage.
Cloaked person: ...this isn't one of those circumstances.
Lance: What do you mean? That this MEWTWO's UNNERVE ABILITY is out of the ordinary?
Cloaked person: Indeed. Normally, as you said, Unnerve prevents the opposing Pokemon from eating its held Berry. But in Mewtwo's case...
Lance's eyes examine Mewtwo curiously.
Cloaked person: ...the Pokemon facing him are unable to make use of any held item they have, Berry or not. In other words...
Lance breaks his attention from Mewtwo and looks at the cloaked man.
Cloaked person: ...even if your Pokemon is holding an item such as Focus Sash, Choice Band, Choice Specs, Choice Scarf, Life Orb, Leftovers, or whatever other item they may have, they will be completely unable to make use of its effects.
Lance: Impossible! B-But how...? How could you possibly get MEWTWO's ABILITY to such a level? I've never seen or even heard of anything like this before in all my years as a POKéMON Trainer!
Cloaked person: Your limited experience of the world is not what reality is restricted to, Lance.
Lance: What!
Lance seemed a bit offended by that comment.
Cloaked person: But if you must know, it was through our rigorous training that we reached that level. That, and Mewtwo's already extraordinary Psychic abilities, unmatched by any other Pokemon in the Pokemon World.
Lance: Gh...
Lance withdraws his Gyarados.

After withdrawing his fainted Gyarados, Lance is seemingly reluctant to make his next move, pausing a bit to think.
Cloaked person: Things are quite different when you can't rely on Focus Sash anymore, aren't they?
Lance widens his eyes in surprise as he hears that.
Lance: How do you-
Cloaked person: How do I know that all of your Pokemon hold Focus Sash? Well... You said you heard about me before, didn't you? Well I, too, have heard about you, Lance. I have heard of your Pokemon's unusual Abilities, their moves, their physical Hyper Beams, their Focus Sashes, their everything. Do not expect anything you can muster to surprise me, Champion.
Lance: ...!! That's...!!
Cloaked person: That's war.
Lance: ...What?
Cloaked person: As a certain Gym Leader would say, a Pokemon battle is war. As such, let me recite a quote from the Art of War for you: ...
Lance listens.
Cloaked person: "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.". Do you realize what this means, Lance?
Lance sweats and his face looks nervous.
Cloaked person: It means this battle was over... before it even started.
Lance gasps, and looks at the cloaked person in shock!
Cloaked person: There is nothing you can do to win this battle, and not even luck will save you now. You may as well surrender yourself... you'd be sparing your remaining Pokemon from needless suffering.
Lance looks at the cloaked person, and his expression is a mix of surprise, emotional strife, and anger.
Lance: You fiend... You think you've won already because you know my team of Pokemon? Well, I've got a quote for you, too.
Cloaked person: Let's hear it.
Cloaked person: I wonder.
Lance rushedly pulls out a Poke Ball and throws it to the stage.
Lance's Poke Ball opens up in a bright flash, revealing a Dragonite!
Cloaked person: Hmph.
Dragonite kicks off at huge speed and flies straight at Mewtwo!
Lance (thinking): This is easy. Mewtwo isn't a particularly tough Pokemon. With my three DRAGONITE's HUGE POWER and their EXTREMESPEED, I'll take him out in 2-3 attacks!
Cloaked person: Extremespeed, huh. What an interesting choice.
Meanwhile, Dragonite clashes head-on with Mewtwo, who formed an "X" with his arms in front of him and surrounded himself with a layer of powerful psychic energy to defend himself before the impact. The extremely heavy impact connects and sends Mewtwo sliding back on his feet a great distance, but then he stops. After stopping, Mewtwo swings down his arms and thrusts his upper body forwards, showing his power and defiance to the enemy! At Lance's observation, Mewtwo appears to have taken an insignificant, almost unnoticeable amount of damage from Dragonite's attack!
Cloaked person: ...But it won't work against Mewtwo's armor. You see, that armor, in addition to increasing all of Mewtwo's abilities exponentially, including his defenses, also functions as to give Mewtwo the properties of a Steel-type Pokemon. And as I'm sure you are aware, Champion, Normal-type attacks are not very effective against Steel types.
Lance: Ugh...
Cloaked person: Mewtwo, Ice Beam.
Mewtwo raises his right hand and fires an Ice Beam at Dragonite, which faints instantly.
A red beam is shot at Dragonite, returning it to its Poke Ball held in Lance's hand.

Cloaked person: To be honest, it doesn't even matter that I know your team, Lance. This battle would have been decided either way, just like every other battle. There is simply nothing that can stop us. I only made that speech before in order to dissuade you from putting your Pokemon through needless harm. But it seems you do not intend to respect your partners, do you?
Lance: What would be disrespectful would be not having faith in them.
Cloaked person: Such beautiful words... Too bad they don't reflect in the world of reality.
Lance: We'll see about that.
Lance (thinking): What should I do? Even three EXTREMESPEED from my DRAGONITE won't be enough to take down that armor-clad MEWTWO... And with his incredibly high DEFENSE, I'm not even sure if AERODACTYL will be able to finish him off with FLARE BLITZ afterwards, assuming he even gets lucky enough to outspeed him, that is... Hm? Wait...
Suddenly, Lance has an epiphany! He looks at Mewtwo, and then the expression on his face completely changes, from worried and to the brink of despair, to happy and confident!
Lance: Heh! That's it!
Cloaked person: ...
Lance grabs his next Poke Ball, and confidently throws it at the stage. The Poke Ball pops open in a flash, revealing Lance's second Dragonite!
Dragonite flies up in the air and starts flapping its wings rapidly, before its body gets surrounded by some massive, hot flames! After that, it starts flying down at Mewtwo with huge speed!
Lance (thinking): Yes! When MEWTWO fought with GYARADOS before, GYARADOS was able to use DRAGON DANCE before MEWTWO fired his ZAP CANNON at him! This means that for some reason, MEWTWO must have been slower than GYARADOS! And if he's slower than GYARADOS, then he should also be slower than DRAGONITE! Combine that with the fact that his armor gives him the properties of a STEEL-type POKéMON... It means DRAGONITE should move first and destroy him with a super-effective FLARE BLITZ!
Cloaked person: ...
Lance: Finish him!
The blaze-covered Dragonite crashes down at Mewtwo, who forms an "X" with his arms in front of him and engulfs himself with a layer of psychic energy before the impact. A huge, fiery explosion is created upon impact, briefly engulfing both Pokemon! Then Mewtwo slides back on his feet out of the smokes, while Dragonite also flies up out of them. Mewtwo slides for a bit before stopping, and then he swings down his arms and once again thrusts his upper body forwards in defiance of his opponent, while his eyes also briefly glow blue within his helmet! Lance observes him to see the effects of Dragonite's attack on him, and is shocked to see only minor damage on him!
Lance: What?
Cloaked person: Mewtwo, Psychic.
Mewtwo creates an atmosphere of blue psychic energy around himself. Then he rears both his hands back and to his right, before thrusting both of them at Dragonite's direction, sending an incredibly powerful shock of psychic energy at him! The psychic shock strikes the Dragonite, who was already somewhat weakened by the recoil from its Flare Blitz before, and Dragonite is shot out of the sky and lands fainted in front of Lance.
Lance looks at the scene with bewilderment. He is unable to believe his eyes.
Cloaked person: What's the matter? You thought Dragonite's Flare Blitz would be supper effective on Mewtwo and cause him to faint or at least be severely damaged, and yet nothing of this happened, and you don't understand why - is what your face is telling me.
Lance: ...
Cloaked person: Well, this is what happens when you make a plan when you don't fully know your opponent.
Lance: ...What?
Cloaked person: You see, Mewtwo's armor has other properties that I did not tell you about. One of them is the Rapid Cooling System - a system to prevent the armor from overheating. It senses when the armor is about to overheat and cools it down when such happens, in such a way that the Pokemon inside the armor barely realizes any changes in temperature. In practice, this means that Fire-type attacks are not super effective as you would expect, and on the contrary, they are not very effective at all.
Lance: What!
Cloaked person: I'm sorry, Champion Lance, but Flare Blitz isn't going to win you this battle.
Lance: This is ridiculous! Where did you even get this kind of armor?
Cloaked person: Technology is incredible, isn't it?
Lance: I asked, where did you get it?
Cloaked person: You don't need to know.
Lance: Tch! Fine.
Lance withdraws his fainted Dragonite.

Cloaked person: So, what do you say, Lance? Shall we put an end to this massacre already?
Lance: ...
Lance pulls out his next Poke Ball. He throws it to the stage, and out comes an Aerodactyl.
Cloaked person: Oh?
Aerodactyl hovers near the ground, and then he gets in a vertical stance facing up and starts spinning around himself incredibly fast! This somehow generates a powerful, expanding circle-like wave of energy on the ground, which expands towards all directions and destroys the ground in the process! As the energy wave expands, it eventually hits Mewtwo, who braces himself by forming an "X" with his arms before being hit. After enduring the hit successfully, Mewtwo swings his arms down and thrusts his upper body forwards as usual, while the ground under him is badly damaged by the attack.
Lance is flustered to notice Mewtwo was not particularly affected by the attack.
Lance: What? Even an EARTHQUAKE attack did so little damage?
Cloaked person: Of course. It's due to the armor's Shock Absorption System, which makes Ground and Fighting-type attacks much less effective.
Lance widens his eyes as he hears that.
Cloaked person: Mewtwo, Blizzard.
Mewtwo summons a heavy blizzard, which strikes Aerodactyl. Seconds into the attack, Aerodactyl falls fainted to the ground, and then the blizzard ends. Afterwards, Aerodactyl is returned to his Poke Ball by Lance.
Lance: Extra defense, amplified offense, STEEL typing with resistance to normally super-effective attacks... So there exists an item that is able to give a POKéMON so many abilities?
Cloaked person: Yes.
Lance: Tell me where you got it.
Cloaked person: No.
Lance: Why? Why won't you tell me? How is this fair when you're the only one taking advantage?
Cloaked person: Well, I guess it isn't. But then again, neither are your use of illegal moves and Abilities, are they?
Lance: ...Tch.

Cloaked person: You may consider surrendering at this point.
Lance: Never.
Lance pulls out his next Poke Ball.
Lance: Next, CHARIZARD!
Charizard's Poke Ball is thrown to the stage and opens up in a bright flash, revealing the Flame Pokemon! Charizard roars loudly and flaps his wings eagerly as he faces his opponent.
Cloaked person: Charizard, eh? How pointless...
Charizard flies up, while his entire body gets engulfed in flames! Then he starts flying fast towards Mewtwo to tackle him!
Cloaked person: Mewtwo, Flamethrower.
Mewtwo raises his right hand, and then he shoots a stream of flame out of it at Charizard. Charizard dives straight into the stream of flame, and then he emerges from it, looking somewhat charred.
Somewhere on the battle arena, there are two large screens. One displays a picture of Mewtwo and a bar representing Mewtwo's HP, which is currently at about half. The other screen shows a picture of Charizard, and a bar representing his HP. Initially, that bar is full, but after Charizard is hit by Mewtwo's Flamethrower, the HP bar decreases rapidly and quickly hits zero!
Upon the reduction of his HP bar to zero, Lance's Charizard suddenly and abruptly faints mid-flight, and then falls and crashes to the ground, lying unconscious!
Lance calls out to his Pokemon, which is unable to respond though.
Lance pulls out Charizard's Poke Ball and withdraws him. Then he looks at Charizard's Poke Ball and thinks.
Lance (thinking): Impossible... CHARIZARD fainted in just one hit by a FLAMETHROWER? How?
Lance looks at the cloaked person, who does and says nothing.
Lance: What did you do? How could CHARIZARD faint by just a FLAMETHROWER? Is this another kind of ability your MEWTWO's armor has?
Cloaked person: It's called a difference in levels.
Lance: What?
Cloaked person: Mewtwo is at a higher level than your Charizard, enough so that he was able to KO him with just one Flamethrower attack.
Lance: But FLAMETHROWER is not very effective on CHARIZARD! Do you expect me to believe... that your MEWTWO legitimately managed to KO him with such an ineffective technique?
Cloaked person: What if I were to tell you... that with a high enough difference in levels, it's even possible for a Rhyhorn to outspeed a Jolteon, and KO him with one Thunderbolt?
Lance gasps as he hears that.
Lance: No way... you mean... there's such a difference in levels between our Pokemon?
Cloaked person: Indeed. And the difference between our Pokemon's levels is the same as the difference between our skills as trainers, Lance.
Lance: Wait... But how did MEWTWO attack before CHARIZARD, when he had been outsped by slower POKéMON before?
Cloaked person: That's because I told him to.
Lance: What?
Cloaked person: I wanted to test the capabilities of Mewtwo's armor, so I let your previous attacks hit in order to see the results. But I had no interest in testing the armor against your Charizard's attack, so I just had him finished off right away.
Lance: ...

The cloaked person and Mewtwo look at Lance, waiting for his next move. Lance seems very thoughtful, pondering what to do.
Cloaked person: It's over, Lance. You have no chance at victory. Surrender yourself.
Lance: ...It's not over until it's over.
Lance pulls out his last Poke Ball, and holds it in his hand in front of himself. He looks at this Poke Ball, which contains his last Pokemon, the pride of his team, his highest-level, most powerful Dragonite. Then, as he looks at it, Lance starts having a flashback...


Lance, as Champion of the Pokemon League, is currently facing a young Pokemon Trainer. The young trainer is known as Trevor, and currently has a Mewtwo out. Lance is down to his last Pokemon, his Dragonite. Lance seems to be in a tight situation, as Trevor seems to be sure of his upcoming victory.

Trevor: Fwahahahaha! The title of Champion is mine!
Lance: ...
Trevor: It's over, Lance! You think you can defeat my Mewtwo with your Dragonite, who is nine levels lower? Not a chance!
Lance: It's not over until it's over.
Trevor: Mewtwo, Psychic!
Mewtwo points his hand at Dragonite, who then gets engulfed by some psychic energy! Mewtwo then raises his hand higher, causing Dragonite to get lifted high in the air by the psychic energy! Afterwards, Mewtwo does a quick swing of his hand, sending Dragonite flying at the direction of his swing! Dragonite flies and then crashes hard somewhere, getting badly hurt! However, despite this, Dragonite withstands the pain and stands back on its feet.
Trevor: Heh! One more hit, and it's the end!
Dragonite rears back its head, and starts charging an incredible amount of energy in its mouth. In the meantime, a strange darkness envelops the entire battle stage, in the midst of which the energy that Dragonite is gathering is shining prominently! After charging up a huge amount of energy, Dragonite then suddenly thrusts its head forward, blasting the energy it had gathered as a massive, insanely catastrophic Hyper Beam! The Hyper Beam screeches through the air as it travels towards Mewtwo, who momentarily widens his eyes before immediately forming an "X" with his arms in front of himself. Then the Hyper Beam crashes on Mewtwo, causing a huge explosion! The explosion's force blows against both Lance and Trevor, both of whom raise their hands in front of themselves for protection, while their hair and clothes are getting blown by the wind! After a while, the blowing energy settles down, leaving behind a huge cloud of dust at the site of the explosion. The darkness which enveloped the battle stage before also gradually disappears. Then Lance and Trevor look at the cloud of dust and wait for it to settle down, in order to see the aftermath of the explosion.

The cloud of dust initially clears around Dragonite, who is revealed to be panting after having exhausted his energy in the attack.

Trevor: Fwahahahaha! Looks like Dragonite is struggling to catch his breath! He'll be in no position to defend himself in the next round, when my Mewtwo-

The cloud of dust then clears around Mewtwo... revealing him to be lying on the ground fainted!

Trevor: What!!! Mewtwo!!?
Lance: I have defended my position as the CHAMPION.


Lance's flashback ends, and his attention returns to the present. Lance looks at the Poke Ball in his hand for a few seconds. Then he turns his attention to the stage. Lance then throws his Poke Ball at the stage. The Poke Ball lands on the stage, opens up in a bright flash, and reveals Dragonite!
Lance: DRAGONITE for the win!
Cloaked person: ...How typical.
Dragonite cries loudly, as it rears back its head and begins charging a ridiculous amount of energy in its mouth! Then suddenly, some darkness falls upon the whole battle stage, giving the spotlight to Dragonite's attack, which shines in its mouth as it charges!
Cloaked person: Mewtwo, Psystrike.
Mewtwo's eyes glow blue behind his armor's visor, and then Mewtwo surrounds himself with a spherical shield of psychic energy! Mewtwo then levitates off the ground with the spherical shield of psychic energy around him, which he continues to infuse with an insane amount of psychic energy, dramatically increasing its power and density, such that the very atmosphere around him starts to become distorted!
In the meantime, Dragonite is done charging up its attack, and then it thrusts its head forwards, unleashing a gigantic, screeching Hyper Beam at Mewtwo's direction! The power of the Hyper Beam is so insane, that the ground under it gets destroyed just by being within a certain proximity from the Hyper Beam, without even making direct contact with it! As such, the Hyper Beam is carving a huge river into the stage and generates a massive earthquake as it travels towards Mewtwo!
Just then, Mewtwo finishes charging his own attack as well, and then he spreads out his arms, causing the sphere of psychic energy around him to suddenly expand rapidly from around him! The sphere of psychic energy expands everywhere and disintegrates everything it touches, obliterating the battle stage on contact! Eventually, the spreading sphere of psychic energy comes into contact with Dragonite's Hyper Beam, creating a huge explosion! Then the explosion expands at the direction of Dragonite and engulfs the Pokemon, causing it to disintegrate within an instant of exposure! Afterwards, the explosion continues expanding still, engulfing Lance!
Lance's whole body gets broken down to myriads of tiny particles within the massive explosion, and then those particles disappear within the light! Afterwards, the explosion keeps expanding for a bit more, enough to destroy the dragon statue that Lance had been standing on, before eventually its power gradually wears out and vanishes. In the aftermath of the blast, there's dust everywhere, forming into a huge cloud covering almost the entire battle stage. The darkness that covered the arena before also disappears, although it still remains quite dark as it's currently night, and also because many of the torches that enlightened the place before have now been destroyed by Mewtwo's Psystrike. Somehow, amidst all this destruction, the cloaked person stands alright, and his side of the stage does not appear to be as badly damaged.
Cloaked person: What goes around comes around... Lance.
The cloaked person raises his hands, grabs his hood and lowers it... revealing himself to be an older version of the trainer known as Trevor from Lance's flashback!
Cloaked person (Trevor): Hm?
Trevor looks and notices some ashes near the location Lance had been standing.
Trevor: Oops... Looks like Lance was disintegrated in the blast...
A subtle smirk appears on Trevor's face.
Trevor: Oh well, accidents happen... The "Champion" was just a murdering megalomaniac anyway, so the loss of his life is hardly the tragedy. More importantly...
Trevor raises his fist and looks at the night sky, with his fist sitting in the middle of the Moon from his point of view.
Trevor: At long last, I am finally the Pokemon League Champion!!
Trevor glories in his triumph. But suddenly, he hears a voice from behind.
???: Congratulations on your victory. But exactly who are you, and why are you posing as the Chaos Region's Pokemon League Champion?
Trevor: !
Trevor turns around, and what he sees is a mysterious figure in a black cloak exactly the same as his own, whose head and face are also shrouded in mystery under a black hood! The mysterious figure is also holding up a gun, and Trevor finds himself staring down the barrel of the mysterious person's gun!
Trevor opens his mouth and is about to say something. But before he can utter a word, the mysterious cloaked person pulls the trigger, shooting a bullet at Trevor's head! The bullet enters through Trevor's forehead and exits out the back of his head, blowing out his blood and brains and splattering them on a nearby structure! Afterwards, Trevor's eyes briefly look up at the direction of the hole on his forehead, and then they look further up and turn white, before Trevor falls aside and drops to the ground dead, with a large, see-through hole on his head, out of which his blood starts flowing!
As Trevor's blood begins forming a lake around him, the mysterious, cloaked person who killed him approaches his corpse. Once he draws near enough, he kneels and examines the dead body. He grabs Trevor's head with his hand, and takes a good look at its lifeless, white-eyed face.
???: Another clone from the "Snake's Endless Skins" organization... I thought I'd killed all of you.
After examining his face, the cloaked person then turns Trevor's head such as to reveal a part of his neck. He looks at Trevor's neck seemingly in search for something, but there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary about it.
???: Hm? This one doesn't have an identification number on its neck. Could it be...?

The End.

Mar 2, 14 at 7:39am
Chaos Lord

The Return of Ash Ketchum

Lance, the Pokemon League Champion, is currently standing on the top of the dragon statue in his stage at the Pokemon League. He has his arms crossed and his cape is waving in the cold, night wind under the stars. From the battle stage just prior to Lance's, where Elite Four Karen dwells, the sounds of an intense battle can be heard.
Ash: Pikachu, Thunderbolt!
Pikachu: Piii... kaaa... CHUUU!!!
Pikachu, currently in the air and engulfed with electricity, unleashes his dreaded Thunderbolt attack! The recipient is Karen's Houndoom, which lets out a chilling cry during its horrifying electrocution, before finally giving to its pain and injuries and and falling down completely fried up, unable to even feel its body anymore! Ash is delighted by the sight.
Ash: Yeah! Good job, Pikachu!
Pikachu: Pika pika!
Pikachu shares his trainer's sentiments.
Karen: That's enough.
Karen withdraws her Pokemon to rest.
Karen: You have proven your strength once again, Ash Ketcum. As before, let me direct you to the next and final challenge of this Pokemon League: The Champion.
Ash: Heh! I'm ready this time!
Ash runs past Karen, with Pikachu following him, heading towards some stairs behind the last Elite Four member. Karen's hair is blown back by some wind Ash creates while running past her, while Karen has the look of defeat on her face, looking down with a thoughtful look in her eyes.
Karen: Ash Ketchum... Your strength truly has grown at an exponential rate. Who would think there would be such a difference in such a short time. At this rate, even the Champion may as well be nothing more than a flea in front of you now...

Ash begins to run up the stairs behind Karen's stage. Suddenly, something begins to happen in the distance! At the area on the top of the stairs Ash is currently running up on is a massive stage, the details of which are unclear as it is currently shrouded in darkness. Then suddenly, some torches begin to light up there, illuminating the stage. The torches reveal a huge dragon statue at the back end of the stage, with the silhouette of a caped man standing on the very top of the statue! As the light from the torches spreads on, the caped man's identity is revealed - Champion Lance! Lance is revealed to be standing dramatically with his arms folded and looking down at Ash with an arrogant smirk on his face, while his cape and hair are being blown by the cold, night wind!

However, the entire sight is barely viewed by Ash though, as he just focuses only on the stairs he's currently climbing and seemingly has other things on his mind, not even paying notice to the Champion standing on the top of the dragon statue!

Lance: Hmph.
Lance feels a bit sour that Ash isn't even paying attention to him and that the whole dramatic revelation of his stage was for nothing, but he decides not to make anything of it yet. Meanwhile, Ash climbs up to the top of the stairs.

Lance: I've been waiting for you. Ash! I knew that you, with your skills, would eventually reach me here. There's no need for words now. We will battle to determine who is the stronger of the two of us. As the most powerful trainer and as the POKéMON LEAGUE CHAMPION... I, LANCE, the dragon master, accept your challenge!
With a quick, dramatic move, Lance, who had his body covered up with his cape, spreads out his arms while holding his cape in each hand, flaunting his pride, power and awe at Ash!
Ash: Alright, let's get this over with!
Ash trivially looks at the direction of his opponent without as much as a hint of fear or impression in his eyes, as if he thinks nothing special of the upcoming battle, like it's just another chore to get out of the way. The Champion's enthusiastic display of pride and power seemed to have had no effect on him.
Lance does not appreciate Ash's demeanor and sudden arrogance, but tries not to show anything. He puts up a confident smile and looks down at Ash, who continues to simply stand there and wait for Lance's first move. Before his smile fades, Lance makes his move.
Lance: Alright. I'll lead with GYARADOS!
Lance tosses a Poke Ball from the top of the dragon statue. It falls in a brilliant curve from that height and then lands on the battle stage, opening up and revealing a Gyarados.
Ash: Are you ready, Pikachu?
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash: Alright, get in there and show 'em!
Pikachu runs into the battle stage and faces Gyarados. Gyarados then roars loudly at Pikachu and looks at him with a furious, bloodlusted look in his eyes! Pikachu instinctively shivers and takes a step back in fear, but then he turns his head and looks at Ash behind him, who reassures him with a confident look and a nod. Pikachu then is quickly relieved, nods back at Ash, and then he looks at Gyarados again, with a determined look in his eyes this time.
Ash: Okay, Pikachu, hit him with your Thunderbolt!
Pikachu: Piii... kaaa... CHUUU!!!
Pikachu charges up an unbelievable amount of electricity in his body, getting engulfed in it, before discharging it all on Gyarados! A massive stream of lightning travels from Pikachu's body and engulfs that of Gyarados, frying the Water and Flying-type Pokemon alive!
Gyarados roars incredibly loudly in pain, as he feels the electricity invading and zapping every single fiber of his incredibly conductive body! Lance watches his Pokemon undergo the excruciating electrocution without as much as a hint of empathy in his eyes, but only a cold, calculating stare. The only words he had to say to his Pokemon during this time were:
"GYARADOS, hold on with your FOCUS SASH."
Desperate not to disappoint his trainer, Gyarados dug as deep as he could in his heart, and there he found the courage to just barely hang on to consciousness. Despite being a living cooked fish by this point, Gyarados stayed afloat, with his eyes closed, and much steam coming off his fried-up body.
Uncaring of the Pokemon's condition, Lance issued an order.
Gyarados opened his eyes, and loyally obeyed his trainer's command. He started performing a ritual serpentine dance around the stage, strengthening his physical power and speed.
Ash: Heh...
As lowers his head a bit, such that his hat cast a shadow over his eyes, hiding them. But a smile on his mouth was visible.
Meanwhile, Gyarados finishes his dragon dance, and then Lance calls his next attack.
Gyarados prepares to slam the ground to cause an Earthquake. But suddenly, Ash looks and points his index finger at his direction!
Ash: Pikachu, Quick Attack!
At the sound of those words, Lance's blood suddenly chilled within his veins! In front of his widened eyes, he witnessed Pikachu zipping across the stage at huge speed, before smashing onto Gyarados with an amount of power that seemed completely beyond belief coming from such a small mouse, sending the gigantic water serpent flying away like a ragdoll! Gyarados flew and crashed onto the dragon statue on which Lance was standing, causing Lance to shake in his boots figuratively and literally! After crashing on the statue, Gyarados' massive, unconscious body fell and landed to the ground, where it laid motionless.
Ash: Yes! You did it, Pikachu! Hahaha, great!
Pikachu: Pika!
Pikachu looks back at Ash and winks at him, while also doing the thumbs up sign.
Lance: ...
Lance bitterly withdraws Gyarados back to his Poke Ball.

Ash: Nice! Now we're off to a good start!
Lance: So you used QUICK ATTACK to take down GYARADOS by bypassing the SPEED boost he had gotten through DRAGON DANCE and finish him first. That was indeed a splendid move, Ash Ketchum. Well done. I do have a question for you, though.
Ash: What is it?
Lance: How come you did not do the same thing in our previous battle?
Ash: That was because someone had snuck an Idiot Ball into my items. I got rid of it now, though.
Lance: I see.
Ash: Now, I'm serious! And I've also trained more than before! This time I'll show you my true skill, Lance!
Lance: Interesting. Let's see that skill, then.
Lance grabs his next Poke Ball.
Lance: Your next opponent will be DRAGONITE!
Lance throws his Poke Ball to the stage. Upon hitting the ground a Dragonite pops out, and lets its cry ring across the stage.
Ash: A Dragonite, eh? Okay. Pikachu, are you ready?
Pikachu: Pika!
Pikachu bravely and confidently faces Dragonite.
Dragonite suddenly takes off at unbelievable speed and flies into a straight line towards Pikachu!
Ash: Pikachu! Hold your ground!
Pikachu: Pika...!
Dragonite smashes onto Pikachu with incredible speed and force, and Pikachu starts sliding back on his feet, being pushed back by Dragonite! But despite Dragonite's insanely overwhelming power, Pikachu somehow holds on, and grabs Dragonite by the antennae on his head, while still being pushed back and sliding on his feet!
Lance: ... What?
Lance (thinking): That PIKACHU... It's holding on? But how...? With my DRAGONITE's HUGE POWER, it should have fainted on the moment of impact. Hm? No way... Is it holding a FOCUS SASH?
Tension appears on Lance's face.
Ash: You're too predictable, Lance! All your Pokemon's attacks are physical attacks! Pikachu, use Counter!
Lance widens his eyes and gasps loudly, as before him unfolds an extraordinary event, the likeliness of which he had never even dreamed of in his life. Lance sees his Dragonite pushing at huge speed and with an enormous difference in weight behind it against a small rodent, which against all odds manages to hold its ground against the massive dragon, grabbing on to its antennae, whilst its tiny feet painfully scrape against the ground as it gets pushed back with huge speed. Then, that same rodent puts forth a colossal struggle in the face of the overwhelming adversities, and then, as if by a miracle, manages to actually swing the enormous dragon by its antennae, and send it flying away at double its original speed! Dragonite, now no longer in control of its own flight path, flies through the air at insane speed and crashes straight onto one large stone structure with a huge torch on it, demolishing it completely and getting buried under the rubble, which then get set on fire by the torch's fire getting poured onto them! With the light of the burning rubble illuminating the front of his body, Pikachu now stands facing the rubble, taking many quick breaths after his exhausting feat!
Ash: A-Amazing! It worked! You did it, Pikachu! You've defeated Dragonite! Hahahahaha! Looks like the training we did with the Move Tutor paid off!
Pikachu: Pika pika...!
Pikachu's tone is serious, as is his look while he continues to look at the blazing rubble under which Dragonite's buried under.
Ash: Hm? Oh, right. It's not over yet. Lance has made all of his Pokemon hold a Focus Sash...
Suddenly, the fiery rubble under which Dragonite is under explode and get sent flying away. Dragonite emerges from them, breathing heavily, and struggling to get on his feet, with one of his knees currently on the ground.
Lance briefly looks at Dragonite. Then he just emotionlessly closes his eyes, lowers his head and does nothing, as if he's given up on his Pokemon.
"Take him down! Quick Attack!" Ash's voice is heard by his ears.
Pikachu finishes Dragonite off with a Quick Attack. The sound of Dragonite falling to the ground is heard. Lance, as if he had expected just that, promptly pulls out Dragonite's Poke Ball and returns it to rest.

Ash: Yeah! That's two dragons down! You did great, Pikachu!
Pikachu: Pii... kaaa...
Pikachu is still catching his breath.
Lance: I see. So you made your PIKACHU hold a FOCUS SASH, and even somehow managed to find someone to help you teach it COUNTER, judging by your words. That's quite an impressive improvement over the last time we battled, Ash Ketchum.
Ash: Heh! You have yet to see the extent of this improvement!
Lance: I look forward to seeing it.
Lance grabs a Poke Ball and throws it.
Lance: Next will be... DRAGONITE!
Lance's Poke Ball hits the ground and opens up in a flash, revealing a Dragonite, again. Lance crosses his arms and smiles arrogantly, while looking down at the battle from the top of his dragon statue. However, Ash's reaction is far from the expression of despair or worry that he had expected.
Ash: Another Dragonite, eh? Okay...
Ash looks at Pikachu.
Ash: Pikachu... What do you want to do?
Pikachu: Pika!
Pikachu looks at Ash with a determined look.
Ash: Are you sure? You don't have to do this, you know...
Pikachu: Pika pika!
Pikachu's voice confirms his determination.
Ash: Alright. Be careful.
Ash looks at Dragonite, ready to begin the battle.
Dragonite takes off at blinding speed and heads towards Pikachu in a straight line at huge speed!
Ash: Pikachu, Quick Attack!
Pikachu: Pika!
Pikachu also kicks off the ground at great speed and zips towards Dragonite. The two Pokemon clash head-on at the center of the stage, and Pikachu is sent flying!
Pikachu: Chaaaaaaa...
Ash: Pikachu!
Ash runs forward and grabs the falling Pikachu into his arms. Then he looks at him, and Pikachu also opens his eyes and looks at Ash. Ash gives him a comforting smile.
Ash: You did alright there, buddy... Now that Dragonite took an attack, he can no longer use his Focus Sash. All that's left is to finish him off!
Lance: Hmph.
Lance smiles a bit at the sight of Pikachu being taken out. But it's a bittersweet smile, as while he is happy that Pikachu was taken out, he also can't help but feel disappointment about the fact that Ash's Pikachu had taken out two of his dragons by itself, in addition to depriving his second Dragonite of its Focus Sash. It was a quite unpleasant thought for Lance to think that a mere rodent had caused such devastating damage to his dragons. Nevertheless, he tried not to dwell on it for now.
Meanwhile, Ash gently puts Pikachu down to rest, and then he pulls out a Poke Ball.
Ash: Go, Snorlax!
Ash throws his Poke Ball into the stage, and out comes Snorlax. He's lying on the ground, snoozing.
Lance makes a smile in an attempt to lift his own spirits.
Lance: ...Get ready!
Ash clenches his fist in front of him, and stands defiant and faces Lance with confidence and determination, which are reflected in his eyes and smile.
Ash: Bring it!
Dragonite rears back its head and charges some incredibly powerful golden energy in its mouth, while the atmosphere in the entire arena somehow turns darker. Then Dragonite thrusts its head forwards again, and fires a massive beam of golden energy from it, which also has a distinct screeching sound as it is fired! The beam easily finds its target on the massive, immobile body of Snorlax, crashing onto him and creating a huge explosion! After that, the atmosphere turns back to normal. Following the huge blast, Ash and Lance then wait for the explosion's dust to settle down to see what became of Snorlax.
The dust settles down, and Snorlax is damaged quite badly, but still in fighting condition! Seemingly not even very aware of what happened, he's still snoozing!
Ash: Heh!
Lance looks unsurprised.
Lance: I thought as much. I take it SNORLAX was also holding a FOCUS SASH?
Ash: No. But he is holding a Mint Berry!
Lance: What!?
Ash: Snorlax, use Rest!
Snorlax takes a relaxing nap and heals all of his damage. Then, mid-sleep, he pulls out and eats his Mint Berry and wakes up again, in perfect condition! At the sight of this, Lance is visibly distraught, his widened eyes being a testament to his incredible surprise!
Ash: Hahaha! Nice going, Snorlax!
While Ash celebrates, Snorlax yawns loudly, and scratches himself.
On the less joyous side of the stage, Lance closes his eyes, and his brows frown above them.
Lance: What exactly is going on here, Ash Ketchum?
Ash: Huh? What do you mean?
Lance reopens his eyes and looks at Ash with a serious and somewhat annoyed countenance.
Lance: How was your SNORLAX able to survive a HYPER BEAM from my HUGE POWER DRAGONITE? In case you don't remember, my dragons' HYPER BEAM is a physical attack.
Ash: What's so strange about it? Snorlax is a tough Pokemon, after all.
Lance: It doesn't add up! Your TAUROS was KO'd in one hit from my DRAGONITE's HYPER BEAM in the previous battle we had, even after having his ATTACK cut by TAUROS' INTIMIDATE! Your SNORLAX has higher HP but less DEFENSE than TAUROS. They can't be that far apart in terms of physical resistance!
Lance spoke in an loud, angry, and frustrated voice, while looking angrily at Ash!
Ash: What are you talking about, Lance? Why can't my current Snorlax be that far off from the Tauros of our previous battle?
Lance: What?
Ash: What?
Lance: So you're going to claim... That within the one week you had to train between our previous battle and this one... you managed to raise your Pokemon's abilities by such an amount?!
Ash: Yup, that's what I did.
Lance: Ridiculous. It took me YEARS to take my dragons to the level they're at... and you're now saying your Pokemon managed to surpass them with just a few days of training?!
Ash: You know that dragons are mythical Pokemon. They're hard to catch and raise...
Ash: Well, I guess that part wasn't true.
Lance: You...!
Ash: Alright, Snorlax! Use Ice Punch!
Snorlax: Snooorlax!
Snorlax gets up on his feet, and then he rears back his right fist, which starts shining with some icy energy! Meanwhile, Dragonite is still gasping for air after firing its Hyper Beam before, and is nothing more than a sitting target for its slumbersome but extremely powerful opponent. Snorlax swings a heavy, frosty blow straight on the left side on Dragonite's face, freezing that side of its head solid in ice! Dragonite feels the frost spreading throughout both the exterior and the interior of the left side of its head, spreading past its skull and into its brain, freezing its brain along with all the functions going on within it! Dragonite lets out an extremely loud, bloodcurdling cry of excruciation as a reaction to the unbelievably intense signals of pain that its brain received while being frozen, before its entire brain gets covered in ice, shutting off all of its functions, causing the massive dragon Pokemon to black out and faint! Dragonite then falls to the ground unconscious, shaking it due to its massive weight. Half of its head is frozen, and its skull is also badly fragmented from the power of Snorlax' punch. Some blood also pours out of its mouth, as a result of the devastating internal injuries in its head.
Lance quickly ends the grim sight by withdrawing his Dragonite back to its Poke Ball. Meanwhile, Ash celebrates Snorlax' victory and praises his Pokemon.
Ash: Great work, Snorlax!
Snorlax, lying on the ground, yawns loudly and changes side.
Ash: Hahaha!
In the meantime, Lance he has his eyes closed for a bit, before suddenly reopening them and looking at Ash with a dead-serious look.
Lance: Ash Ketchum.
Ash: Hm? What is it?
Lance: Did you train your SNORLAX in a specific way such as to solely be able to defeat my DRAGONITE?
Ash: Huh? No, I did nothing like that, why?
Lance: So you're saying it's a coincidence that your SNORLAX had both the defensive power to withstand my DRAGONITE's HYPER BEAM, and the offensive power to take it down with one ICE PUNCH.
Ash: Coincidence? What do you mean?
Lance: I mean that it would be unlikely that your SNORLAX would possess the HP, ATTACK and DEFENSE to be so effective against my DRAGONITE, unless you micromanaged his training for that specific purpose.
Ash: Huh? What's so unlikely about it? We trained together to raise all of the stats to their full potential, including Speed and the Special stats.
Lance: What?!
Lance looks extremely surprised.
Ash: Hm?
Lance: Wait! You mean... that all of SNORLAX's stats are maximized?!
Ash: I thought I made myself clear.
Lance: But what you're saying... is impossible! No one is able to bring all of the stats of their Pokemon to their full potential! At best, you'll only manage to max out two of them!
Ash: But I'm Ash Ketchum! I'm gonna be the very best, like no one ever was!
Lance: What!
Lance looks extremely surprised, confused, and in disbelief!

Ash: Come on, Lance! Let's move this thing along!
Lance: Ghh...
Lance reluctantly pulls out his next Poke Ball. It is clear there are many thoughts in his head. But the need to proceed in the battle doesn't give him enough time to think about it right now.
Lance sends out his Charizard, who comes out with a roar.
Ash: Perfect!
Lance gasps.
Ash: That's enough, Snorlax!
Ash pulls out Snorlax' Poke Ball and withdraws him into it. Afterwards, he pulls out another Poke Ball and throws it into the fray.
Ash: You go out too, Charizard!
Ash's Poke Ball opens in a bright flash, and Ash's Charizard comes out with a loud roar! Then he faces Lance's Charizard with a confident grin and an extremely eager look in his eyes!
Lance: So it's our two Charizard against each other again.
Ash: Yes. But this time, we're going to win! Charizard, Rock Slide!
Ash's Charizard lets out an incredibly loud roar which shakes the atmosphere, while many huge rocks start to rise out of the ground behind him and fly into the air! After reaching a certain height they get suspended there for a while, and then suddenly they all get shot out at Lance's Charizard at huge speeds, smashing onto him and inflicting enormous damage! Lance's Charizard's flesh and bones are pulverized under the crushing power of the falling rocks, while his tough skin is torn apart at multiple places for his blood to gush forth with pressure! Lance's Charizard is forced on his knees with unbelievable injuries all over his body, barely hanging on with just 1 HP left.
Lance looks on without emotion or concern. He opens his mouth only to order his Charizard to attack.
Lance's Charizard briefly closes his eyes and wings to concentrate his remaining strength. Afterwards, he reopens his eyes and flaps his wings outwards quickly, launching himself towards Ash's Charizard at incredible speed! Ash's Charizard seems ready and clenches his fists, bracing himself for the impact. Then Lance's Charizard rears his head to the right, before smashing it straight onto Ash's Charizard's chest, with enormous force and speed behind the impact!
Ash's Charizard gets hit incredibly hard on the chest, and slides back on his feet a considerable distance. He eventually stops, still standing on his feet, but his eyes are closed. Then he spits out a lot of blood, before opening his eyes and looking sharply at Lance's Charizard!
Ash: Charizard!
Lance: Tch. So he made his CHARIZARD hold a FOCUS SASH as well...
Lance narrows his eyes and looks displeased as he observes Ash's Charizard.
Ash: Alright! Now both you and Lance's Charizard have no items! Let's show 'em who's the strongest in an equal battle!
Ash's Charizard lets out a loud, fearsome roar despite his heavy injuries, and then suddenly leaps off and flies in a straight line at huge speed towards Lance's Charizard, who widens his eyes!
Lance also widens his eyes.
Ash: Alright! Go, Charizard! Use Seismic Toss!
Ash's Charizard flies at Lance's Charizard and grabs him with his arms, before flying straight up, dragging his foe into the sky! Lance's Charizard struggles to release himself from Ash's Charizard's grip, but is overpowered and is unable to escape. Meanwhile, while flying up, Ash's Charizard starts spinning around at a high speed, causing Lance's Charizard to become incredibly dizzy! Then after a while of this, Lance's Charizard rests in Ash's Charizard's arms almost fainted, and then Ash's Charizard stops spinning and keeps flying up some more, until reaching an incredible height! Then Charizard starts flying in a circlular and spinning motion while still holding Lance's Charizard, which the trainers of both Pokemon look from the ground in awe! Ash's Charizard does several circles and simultaneous spins in the air, further tormenting his helpless victim, until eventually, he grabs Lance's Charizard by the arm, and then tosses him straight towards the ground with huge power at the end of his last circle! Lance's Charizard, too dizzy to muster any reaction or even understand what's going on at this point, shoots passively straight down towards the ground like a meteorite, and then he crashes on the ground with a tremendous impact, shaking the whole stage and raising a large cloud of dust! Meanwhile, Ash's Charizard descends from the air and lands on the ground on his feet, causing a tremor due to the powerful way he landed. As he lands, the cloud of dust around Lance's Charizard clears up, revealing him to be unconscious amidst a pool of his own splattered blood.
Lance: ...
Lance retreats his Charizard back to his Poke Ball.

After having defeated Lance's Charizard, Ash's Charizard lets out a loud, victorious roar!
Ash: You did it, Charizard!
Ash's Charizard smirks pridefully and triumphantly. Lance glances at him for a second then quickly averts his eyes.
Lance: Hmph.
Lance makes his face expressionless and hard like a stone. He just pulls out his next Poke Ball, and without any visible emotion, throws it into the stage.
Lance: Then AERODACTYL will go.
Lance's Poke Ball pops up, and out comes Aerodactyl, letting out a loud screech.
Ash: Aerodactyl, huh? Okay... Get back, Charizard.
Ash withdraws Charizard back to his Poke Ball, and then he pulls out another Poke Ball and throws it.
Ash: Your turn, Gliscor!
Ash's Poke Ball pops up, and out comes Gliscor.
Aerodactyl lets out his cry as he starts flying towards Gliscor with his fangs wide open!
Ash: Not so fast! Gliscor, Ice Fang!
Lance: !
Gliscor suddenly flies through the air much faster than Aerodactyl, surprising him, and before Aerodactyl can even process what's going on, Gliscor attacks, sinking his teeth into Aerodactyl's neck! Aerodactyl cries out in pain, and then he starts flapping his wings, kicking, and shaking his head in an attempt to escape, but this only causes Gliscor to bite harder in order to hold on. Then, some icy energy starts coming out of Gliscor's fangs, which spreads through the interior of Aerodactyl's body through his open wounds, freezing him solid from the inside out! Aerodactyl lets out a bloodcurdling screech of excruciation as he feels the attack freezing him down to the bone, and then he lashes out with his entire body and spirit in desperation, using every last muscle and power in his body all at once in an effort to escape! His efforts quickly pay off, as Gliscor lets go, and then Aerodactyl flinches and tumbles back through the air for a bit, before eventually regaining his balance and facing Gliscor, with the look of panic still not having worn off his widened eyes though. In his panic, Aerodactyl also seemed to have completely forgotten about Lance's command, as after barely surviving, he instead assumes a defensive stance against his opponent!
Ash: Great, he flinched!
Lance: ... Tch.
Lance looks dissatisfied, angry and defensive. Some veins throb on his forehead, betraying the emotions he's trying to hide.
Ash: Okay, one more Ice Fang and he's out! Do it, Gliscor!
Gliscor: Gliiiii!
Gliscor flies at Aerodactyl and once more attacks with Ice Fang. After the second icy bite, Aerodactyl falls to the ground from the air, fainted. A red beam is shot at him almost immediately afterwards, returning him to Lance's Poke Ball.
Ash: Yay! You did it, Gliscor! Very good!
Gliscor: Gliiiii!
Ash and Gliscor celebrate. Meanwhile, Lance currently has his eyes closed, then after a bit he opens them and looks at the joyous pair of the Trainer and his Pokemon, who seem to be acting as if Lance isn't even there. Eventually, Ash notices that Lance is looking at him, and he turns his attention to him, while Gliscor also follows him and also turns around and looks at Lance.
Lance: So you gave your GLISCOR a CHOICE SCARF to outspeed my AERODACTYL.
Ash: Well, if I have the advantage of knowing my opponent's team, might as well use it, right?
Lance: That is not a reliable way to improve your strength, Ash Ketchum. You may know your opponent now, since you have battled me before, but this will not always be the case. You will not always be in the position of knowing your opponent's team and making a counter to it before battle.
Ash: That may be true. But since I do have that advantage now, wouldn't it just be dumb not to use it?
Lance: The key to improving is to overcome your opponents through your strength, not their weaknesses.
Ash: Why not a combination of the two?
Lance: ...
Ash: Well?
Lance: Forget it.
Lance pulls out his last Poke Ball. He throws it to the stage, where it lands and opens in a bright flash, revealing a mighty, imposing Dragonite, Lance's strongest and highest-level Pokemon!
Lance: DRAGONITE for the win!
Dragonite lets out its cry loudly, and then it turns its head to the left and looks at Lance with the corner of its left eye. Dragonite has a very confident look, and Lance's spirits are lifted as he looks at his most powerful Pokemon, a ray of hope in what seemed to be a losing battle so far.

Ash: Okay! Gliscor, return!
Ash returns Gliscor to his Poke Ball. Then he grabs another Poke Ball.
Ash: Tauros, I choose you!
Ash throws his Poke Ball to the stage, where it opens up in a bright flash of light, revealing a powerful, intimidating Tauros! Tauros stands on his hindlegs and then stomps the ground hard with the hooves of his front feet, causing it to tremble, a sight which slightly intimidates Lance's Dragonite!
Ash and Lance look at each other for some quiet moments, while their Pokemon also do the same for each other. The silence is interrupted when Ash eventually decides to make the first move.
Ash: Alright! Tauros, attack with Stomp!
Tauros roars. He starts charging at Dragonite, with his hooves causing the ground to tremble with every step! Then he jumps at Dragonite, and one of his front hooves lands straight on Dragonite's face, sending a powerful impact through the dragon Pokemon's skull! The attack leaves a footprint-shaped mark on Dragonite's head, but not enough damage to cause it to faint.
Dragonite retaliates with a heavy Dragon Claw attack, slashing Tauros' body with his powerful right claw and sending him flying away! Tauros slides back an impressive distance on his hooves, but then he stops and stands his ground, unwilling to go down just yet. In fact, he seems to have quite a lot of stamina left, despite being injured badly by Dragonite's Dragon Claw attack.
Ash: Nice work, Tauros! Now that he's weakened, all that's left is to end it!
Ash smiles, and then he looks at Lance.
Ash: ...Get ready!
Lance gasps.
Ash: Tauros, use Horn Drill!
Tauros' horns start spinning like drills, and he begins charging towards Dragonite! Lance widens his eyes and focuses on Tauros' spinning horns, and every step Tauros takes towards his Dragonite makes his heart pound louder!
Dragonite kicks off the ground and flies towards Tauros with incredible speed! The two Pokemon clash, and then they seemingly brush past each other and then keep going for some distance, before both of them eventually come to a stop, Tauros sliding on his hooves and stopping, and Dragonite flapping its wings and landing down. Tauros and Dragonite then stand with their backs turned on each other, with each of them facing the rival trainer. The outcome of their clash is still unclear.
Ash and Lance both look on with agony and anticipation. Lance's heart quakes within his chest, while Ash seems somewhat more confident, and nowhere near as stressed.
Suddenly, Tauros stumbles a bit and falls on his front right knee.
Ash: ...
Lance: ...
Suddenly, a bloody red line appears on Dragonite's stomach. Some blood also starts pouring out of its mouth, and Dragonite coughs out blood. Then the bloody red line on Dragonite's stomach rips open into a huge hole, from which Dragonite's guts spill out in front of it! Dragonite's entrails pour down on the floor, and then Dragonite closes its eyes, coughs out some blood, and then falls over, landing into a pool of its own blood and entrails in front of it!
Ash: It's... it's over! Haha... hahahaha! You did it, Tauros! You defeated Dragonite! Hahaha!
Ash runs excitedly towards Tauros and gives him a warm, celebratory embrace, while laughing happily! Meanwhile, Lance looks at his defeated Dragonite, and withdraws it back to its Poke Ball with regret.
Ash: I did it! I cleared the League challenge! I'm the Pokemon League Champion! Hahahahaha!!
Pikachu: Pika pika!
Ash, Pikachu and Tauros celebrate their victory joyously, smiling and laughing.
Lance: It's all over.
Lance closes his eyes and hangs his head in shame and defeat, while everything blacks out for him...

Dec 20, 13 at 1:09pm
Chaos Lord

Here is a short story I wrote yesterday night:

Somewhere there was a bored, depressed guy known as Trevor. He was currently alone in his room in his house, sitting in front of his computer and seemingly bored out of his mind, browsing the internet at random, but not very interested in whatever he was seeing. In his left hand, he was holding a 30cm ruler, which he was throwing in the air, having it do a 360 degree spin in the air before falling and catching it again, and then repeating the process over and over again, having gotten so much used to this practice that he was not even paying attention to himself doing it. Somewhere in his room, there was also a bunny that Trevor had as a pet, and it was currently minding its own business eating its food.

Then suddenly, in an abrupt manner, the bunny stopped eating. It raised its ears, seemingly perceiving something, and then it stood up on its hindlegs. Then for some mysterious reason, it froze in that stance, facing directly at the North. Meanwhile, Trevor looked at his computer, sighed very deeply and closed his eyes. Then he slowly reopened his eyes and said "Geez, how boring... I keep saying that I'm the best over and over, keep trying to act like I used to in the good ol' days, all great and noble and stuff, but... I just can't seem to feel anywhere remotely to the way I used to anymore. Something's amiss... in my soul. Could it be that my countless accumlated experiences have made all things dull at this point, as opposed to the past, when everything was fresh, new and exciting to explore? Could it be that my hopes and dreams of the past have been subconsciously crushed at this point by my realization of reality's limitations? Could it be a negative thing that that I now feel and admit myself and my powers to be limited, something which I would never even consider in the past? Man, I don't know... But I no longer feel myself to be invincible anymore... The burdens of reality are pressuring against me, and I hate this, but I'm gradually starting to feel their pressure more and more... Reality has gotten heavy in a strange way, such heaviness I never at all felt in the past... Where has the seemingly endless energy and inspiration that I used to have long ago gone? Why can I no longer feel excited about things, and write huge stories and create stuff like in the past? I don't know... I just don't know". As Trevor was contemplating his depression, his bunny was still sitting completely idle facing the North, like an eerie ice statue. Then suddenly, the bunny's hair was all raised! Then its eyes gradually turned red, until becoming completely blood-red, and then suddenly, the bunny's body started increasing in size! Meanwhile, Trevor said "Well... At least I've got you for company, buddy" as he turned on his chair to face his bunny. Then Trevor widened his eyes and gasped as his bunny was now 9 feet tall! Its muscles had also grown insanely, and were clearly visible under its raised fur! "W-What the...!! Oh my g- oh my god!!!" Trevor said then as he immediately got off his chair and backed away from the bunny in terror until his back slammed against his room's wall. Then the bunny grew out huge claws from its legs and hands, its incisors turned to viper fangs, some acidic foam started coming out of its mouth, and some patches of fur also fell off its body at various spots! It also grew a second pair of eyes right beneath its original ones, had a huge, forked, snakelike tongue, and also spread open four massive dragon wings, but furry, from its back! "GGGRRROOOAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!" the bunny roared then, shaking the whole room with its monstrous voice, while Trevor also screamed loudly in horror and shat his pants! The bunny then bounced towards Trevor at huge speed, lopping off his entire left arm with one swing of its left claw! "GRAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!" Trevor screamed incredibly loudly then, as he turned his head to the left and looked with widened eyes as his blood was spraying out uncontrollably from his body, giving the walls and floor of the room a brand new red paintjob! Then the bunny bit off his entire head from the neck up and crunched it a few times before gulping down the skull fragments, flesh, blood and brains in its mouth, while Trevor's headless and armless corpse stood on its feet for a few seconds spraying out blood, before gradually toppling and then falling to the ground lifeless, splashing into a pool of blood. The bunny then started gnawing on Trevor's corpse, when a guy in gray suddenly entered the room and shotgunned the bunny in the head, killing it instantly.

Oct 15, 13 at 9:53pm

Heres a story about bug pokemon.

One day a man was driving down the street of Lumoise city in the Kalos region. Scatterbugs and weedles we're hitting his window and he was disgusted by it but he laughed. He laughed and said "Weak pokemon you can't even dent my windshield." Then a Heracross smashed through his windowshield. Lesson Learned.

Apr 29, 13 at 1:52pm
Chaos Lord

The Coming Of The TRUE LORD

In the universe there were seemingly infinite planets, stars, black holes, comets, and other random celestial objects. Yet, the vast majority of them were just random concentrations of various materials floating pointlessly in space, serving no purpose than to just look pretty. Only three of them had more to them: beings that inhabited them.

The first planet was Earth, the planet where the people and the Pokemon lived. Earth's surface was largely covered by water which formed the oceans, the seas, the lakes, and the rivers, inhabited by various kinds of aquatic Pokemon, and the land that stuck out of the surface of the water, forming continents and islands, was where the people and the non-aquatic Pokemon lived. Earth's atmosphere was relatively clear, and its lands were filled with great varieties of flora and fauna, where many Pokemon lived. Of course, there were also the humans, who had marked the lands with their towns and other industrial accomplishments, although in the Pokemon World, the humans generally took care to be in harmony with Pokemon and nature, so there was not much pollution or anything (although there were a few occasional exceptions, such as the case of the Pokemon Farfetch'd, which was carelessly overhunted). So the humans lived together with the Pokemon, forming bonds and looking and working toward a brighter world together. Giving them warmth and light was the Sun, a huge planet which had long ago been set ablaze by the sacred flames of the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh for the very purpose of creating the conditions which would allow for the flourishing of life on Earth (although, this fact is widely unknown to the people of the Pokemon World, and is in fact only referenced in a single very old book that can be found somewhere in the Great Library Pyramid in the province of Kestaldasart City of the Chaos Region). At night, the Earth was also still getting some light thanks to the Moon, on the surface of which the Sun's light was reflected and illuminated things on Earth a bit. The people of Earth had long speculated that their planet, and in fact the whole universe, was created by a legendary God-like Pokemon known as Arceus, and thus, many believed Arceus to be the Ultimate Lifeform. Some other people, who mainly live in a region known as Pokeia, believe in another legend, according to which God's name is Ryuumaru, the "Highest God in the Universe". Supposedly, two stone tablets with writings on them, known as the "Eight Guides To Justice", were written by Ryuumaru himself, and are followed as law in the region. Yet some others, especially in the Chaos Region, think that a mysterious being depicted in some extremely ancient wall carvings, referred to as "The Great PokeGod", may in fact be the one who stands in the place claimed by the two former beings seen as deities. Until today, though, no solid proof seems to exist on Earth to confirm the supposed status of any of them, leaving people to rely on just speculation and faith.

The second planet with living beings on it was Dragon Planet. It was a planet about the size of the Earth, but slightly larger, and as its name suggests, it was inhabited by dragons! Dragon Planet was a very beautiful planet filled with all sorts of natural places where dragons made their habitat: great mountains often forming ranges, cavernous, active volcanoes, heat-filled deserts, seas teeming with fish and other small sealife, dark oceanic depths, crystal-clear lakes, rushing rivers, powerful waterfalls, lush forests, vast plains, grassy hills, and just about any kind of natural place you can imagine. The lands of Dragon Planet all formed into a giant, dragon-shaped continent, surrounded by the ocean that filled the rest of the planet. The whole planet was completely untouched by any form of pollution, making the air very pleasant, refreshing, and invigorating to breathe, while the atmosphere was paradisial-like, with a slight golden-coloured tint. Light and warmth were given to the planet by a small star which orbited it, that appeared to be of the same size as the Sun, but was actually smaller, and only appeared like that because it was closer to Dragon Planet compared to how close the Sun is to Earth. Shining brightly as that star, the ruler of Dragon Planet, a human known as ACCLAIM ruled the whole Dragon Planet from a huge, golden ruby-eyed dragon statue to the North, which was hollowed out and fashioned as a rich house on the inside, serving as the Dragon Master's residence. ACCLAIM was a man with gold hair, black eyes, wore a blue shirt with a picture of a dragon from Dragon Planet known as Goorialdra, black pants, and a black cape with a picture of the one-of-a-kind, most powerful dragon on Dragon Planet, a half blue half red dragon known as Dragonaurus. ACCLAIM's cape was extremely special and was known as the Dragon Cape, and he also held a mighty sword with a golden blade, purple hilt, and two green dragon wing-like attachments to the hilt, known as the Dragon Sword. Both of these items had been crafted by some insanely rare and special materials, known as the Dragon Paper and Dragon Stone, respectively. There was only enough of those materials on Dragon Planet to make their respective items, and after that, there were seemingly no more. The Dragon Paper was a material which had never been damaged by anything so far, and from it, the Dragon Cape was made, which in turn was thought to be completely indestructible. The Dragon Stone had the appearance of gold, but it was actually a different material, which contained an unbelievable amount of power within it. The Dragon Sword was shaped from it, and it was so powerful, it could cut open even the hardest Shuckle shell just by lightly tapping it with the blade! In fact, there had been nothing other than the Dragon Cape that the Dragon Sword had not been able to damage so far, so ACCLAIM believed that the Dragon Sword could cut anything other than the Dragon Cape, which was believed to be invincible. ACCLAIM made these judgements based on his experiences so far, but actually, he did not know that there actually was someone who could not only effortlessly stop the power of his Dragon Sword, but also tear through his very Dragon Cape as well. That was the ruler of the third inhabited planet in the universe: ChaosLord, the ruler of Chaos Planet.

Chaos Planet was the third inhabited planet in the universe. It was a dark, ancient planet inhabited by machines and dark beings, which were long ago created by a Grand Being for the purpose of an evolutionary experiment. However, the Grand Being was eventually overthrown by the one who currently stands as the ruler of Chaos Planet: ChaosLord, the Ultimate Organism. ChaosLord was a huge red dragon-like machine, who once bore the title of "Prince of Evil". He rules Chaos Planet from the top room of his black, 100-floor tower, Chaos Tower. From there, he can see the entire expanse of the lands and waters under his rule: rough landscapes stretching as far as the eye can see, between the turbulent waters of the oceans, and under the dark, dispiriting sky. 66.6% is land, and the rest is water. Looking to the North pole, there is a frozen expanse, with constant snow and hailstorms, and a prominently huge mountain in the center; to the South pole, a dry desert, with constant winds and sandstorms, and a colossal canyon in the center. In between them are the rest lands and the oceans, containing many varied and distinct landmarks, such as: an incredibly hot region surrounded by a roughly circular range of mountains made almost solely of rock, within which are active volcanoes, from which rivers of lava flow into lakes and deep underground places, and has a prominently huge mountain in the center; a region of mountains and plains with an electrifying, paralyzing atmosphere, whose sky is constantly filled with dark thunderclouds raining thunder and lightning down to the ground, and has a prominently huge mountain in the center; a lush, exotic island teeming with dinosaur life, and has a prominently huge mountain in the center, and the island is uniquely enlightened, like it is day, by some special light-creating power coming from a mysterious source; a vast range in the ocean above which a huge rainstorm constantly rains with such power that the raindrops can even wear down steel, and so thickly that one can not even see any further than a meter, and the ocean there reaches so deep that just about nothing can survive the pressure, and not even the light reaches the bottom; a collection of some astonishingly tall pillars of rock rising out of the sea somewhere and reaching up to the sky, and incredibly strong winds blow around these pillars; an unbelievably huge cyclone raging above the ocean somewhere, extending into an inverse whirlpool that goes to the bottom of the ocean under the water; a very vast forest of dark trees so tall they nearly block out all sight of the sky (from within the forest), inhabited by nightmarishly strong and dangerous creatures lurking within; a huge, insanely long row of thousands of mountains; a giant peninsula with many lakes, rivers, and a huge grey jungle, inhabited by huge and primitive dinosaur-like machines; a den in the sea where seadragons live; a huge ripple-like formation on the landscape near the start of the desert to the South; a forest of purple, extremely poisonous woods and toxic swamps; a grey-looking wasteland with variously shaped and sized rocks and a large tower somewhere in it; a massive, dark forested mountain with a temple on the summit, surrounded by another huge, mountain-tall concentration of soil and rocks forming around it, filled with many passes leading to and from the dark mountain as a labyrinth; a castle located somewhere; and of course, File City, the main city where the advanced machines of Chaos Planet live. Many machines and dark beings are also spread around and inhabit the rest of the planet, in environments suited for them and favoring them. All these diverse lands, waters, and skies where the machines and dark beings live are so hostile, extreme, and dangerous that it would be beyond anyone's imagination to even think it possible to conquer them... However, the Great OverLord of Chaos managed this seemingly impossible task, bringing even the ten Legendary Machines under his rule. Now, he rules all of Chaos Planet, either personally or through those directly below him: the three Chaos Generals, or the ten Chosen Champions after them. Although the evolutionary experiments carried out by the Grand Being before him were brought to an end, and the reason those evolutionary experiments happened was addressed as well, thus ceasing a lot of the conflict that happened back then, the machines and dark beings of Chaos Planet lost none of their appetite for blood and destruction, and continued practicing against each other for fun, until a time came when they would have a new opponent to slaughter...

One day, the machines were roaming about the planet as usual, fighting each other for practice or other stuff. But then at some point during the day, the machines suddenly stopped fighting each other. They just stood there and looked at the dark sky. Then Dragon Planet was visible from Chaos Planet every 99999999 years at 8:00 at night. And it was that exact day when it was visible. Then when it was 8:00, the machines all saw Dragon Planet and smiled bloodlustly! "Massacre!" Knightmare said, as he started swinging his huge sword around impatiently. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!" the Lizard Demon laughed insanely as he looked at Dragon Planet with widened, insane eyes! "Hmhmhm" Vamdemon laughed, as he looked at Dragon Planet with his arms folded, with an ambitious look in his eyes. "Yay! It's time to play!" Puppetmon said then in a cheerful voice. Then suddenly ChaosLord's voice was heard from the top of Chaos Tower "Ha, ha, ha". Then everyone turned and looked at him. "Now, be patient, you guys. I know you've all been waiting for this... But actually, I want to give these guys a chance. So I'm sending Liquidman first to deliver a message" ChaosLord said then. Then ChaosLord looked at Liquidman and said "Are you ready, Liquidman?". Then Liquidman, a human-like machine made of metal that can change between solid and liquid form, said "Absolutely, O Great OverLord of Chaos!". Then ChaosLord said "Good. Off you go, then", as he teleported Liquidman straight to Dragon Planet.

Meanwhile, on Dragon Planet, where it was also night, the dragons could barely notice Chaos Planet from their planet, as Chaos Planet was shrouded in darkness, making it extremely difficult to see. Then suddenly, Liquidman appeared on top of a mountain. The dragons then all turned and looked at him. Then Liquidman created a megaphone (he can create stuff with his metal) in his hand and raised it up to his mouth, and then he said "Listen up, lowly reptiles! I am Liquidman, sent here as a messenger by the Ultimate Organism himself, ChaosLord!". Then he pointed at Chaos Planet in the sky and said "See that planet? That's Chaos Planet, the planet in which the Great OverLord of Chaos resides in his Chaos Tower. Now get on your knees and worship him in that direction!". But the dragons didn't listen, and one of them fired a Hyper Beam at Liquidman, blowing off his right arm and megaphone. But then Liquidman regenerated his arm and said "Insolent serpent!" as he formed a spear of metal into his hand, which he then threw at the dragon who Hyper Beamed him before. The spear flew and impaled the dragon through the head, killing him. Then the rest of the dragons became upset over this, and looked at Liquidman furiously. Then Liquidman said "What's with those expressions?". Then suddenly a Mantisaurus leapt at Liquidman and chopped his head off with his scythes. Liquidman's head flew up after being cut, until it stopped and started falling down again. Then as it fell down, Liquidman caught his head with his hand! Then Liquidman's head melted into liquid form and merged with his body, before regrowing out of his neck again! The dragons were startled at the sight of this. Then Liquidman said "Another sinner. Die!" as he formed a throwing axe in his hand, which he then tossed at Mantisaurus. The axe then span as it flew, until it hit Mantisaurus right between the eyes, getting planted through his skull and killing him instantly. Then the other dragons became outraged and started swarming Liquidman from all directions. Then Liquidman said "Ungrateful lizards, is this how you repay the Great OverLord of Chaos for the chance he's giving you at survival? Fine then. If you'd rather choose to keep your arrogance over your lives, then so be it. Die with your arrogance!". Liquidman then started spinning around himself really fast, and then dozens of javelins made of metal started flying out of him and shooting extremely fast towards all directions, impaling any dragons who drew near! Then some dragons died by this, but then some others stayed behind and blasted some fire at Liquidman. But then Liquidman ducked and dodged the blazing hot flames, before slamming both his hands on the ground and saying "Rising Stakes!". Then some huge stakes of metal burst out of the ground below some dragons, impaling them sky-high! As the impaled dragons' blood dripped down the huge stakes under the Full Moon, some more dragons lunged fast at Liquidman in an attempt to catch him off guard while his hands were on the ground. Liquidman quickly formed one of his hands into a scythe and quickly chopped off an Archeoptegon's head, but then a Pidgeogon tackled him hard and fast and sent him flying. Then some dragons started flying after him. But then Liquidman did the "pistol" sign with both his hands and started rapidly firing some metal bullets at the dragons chasing him, which hit them and caused small explosions upon impact! Some dragons were slowed down by this, but then suddenly a Dragonice pressed forward and crunched Liquidman in the left leg, which then started freezing solid! "Argh!" Liquidman said then, visibly distraught, as he quickly punched his own leg and shattered it to pieces! Freed from Dragonice's grip, he then raised both his hands above his head and created a huge, double-handed axe, which he then mightily brought down on Dragonice, who was charging for another bite, hitting him right in the skull and splitting his head open! Dragonice's blood and brains then flew in Liquidman's face, distracting him enough that a giant Fatalagon then rushed at him with his mouth wide open and swallowed Liquidman whole! But then Liquidman transformed both his hands into longswords and carved his way out of Fatalagon's belly with a cross chop of his sword-arms, making his brutal emergence and slaying the dragon in the process. He also grew back his left leg during that time. But then a Blue Eyes Ice Dragon fired a giant ice blast at him, freezing his entire upper body solid! But then Liquidman kneed his upper body with his right leg, shattering it to pieces, and then his legs kicked off a nearby dragon straight towards Blue Eyes Ice Dragon, who flinched a bit at that sight. Then Liquidman's right leg landed a huge kick on Blue Eyes Ice Dragon's face, which also created a catastrophic explosion upon impact, blowing up Blue Eyes Ice Dragon's head in a huge, bloody explosion, which splattered tons of blood in all directions! The blood splattered all around in nearby dragons' faces, flinching them, while Liquidman took that opportunity to regenerate his upper body again. Then a Red Eyes Dark Dragon fired a huge beam of darkness at him, but Liquidman deflected it with just his hand. "Hmph, a dark-type attack? As if such an attack from you would work against a being from Chaos Planet!" Liquidman said then as he grew some glider wings from his midsection, and then dove at Red Eyes Dark Dragon and delivered a powerful explosive punch in his chest (which was also made more powerful by the speed he had developed while diving), causing a powerful explosion which blew off most of the area between Red Eyes Dark Dragon's arms, carving a crater on his body. But then a Goorialdra fired a rainbow-colored beam at Liquidman from behind, hitting him in the back, destroying his glider wings and sending him crashing hard into the ground. A large cloud of dust was raised, and the dragons landed around it and surrounded it. The cloud of dust settled, and the dragons then saw Liquidman on the ground, his arms and head also gone after Goorialdra's previous attack. Then Liquidman kneeled up and started slowly regenerating. At the sight of this, the dragons immediately decided to charge. A DrillDragon rushed first at Liquidman, but by the time he reached him, it was too late. Liquidman had already regenerated his head and left arm, which he raised at DrillDragon's direction to his defense. DrillDragon then charged at huge power and tried to drill Liquidman, but then Liquidman said "Harden!", as he hardened his body to an insane level! Then DrillDragon used Horn Drill on Liquidman's arm, but despite his incredible power, which was even further enhanced by the speed of his charge, Liquidman was just pushed backwards and slid on the ground for some distance before eventually stopping, but DrillDragon's drill had not managed to leave even a dent on Liquidman's arm! Then Liquidman said "Die!" as he finished regenerating his right arm, which he then transformed into a blade that extended fast towards DrillDragon's throat! But just before it could reach, a Dragonburn blasted some insanely hot flames at it, melting Liquidman's entire right arm and the whole right side of his upper body as well! "AAAAAAAAARGH!!!" Liquidman screamed then, as he jerked back. Then a Dragun stepped forth and opened his mouth and fired the cannon within it at Liquidman, while at the same time firing the Charge Dart Rifle and Scorpion Missile Launcher in his hands. The attacks hit and blew up nearly all of Liquidman's upper body, except for a very thin part of his left side and arm. Then the Dragun was about to fire again, when Liquidman suddenly swung his left hand and tossed a razor-sharp metal boomerang at him, slicing clean through his throat. As Dragun fell down dead, a Swordragon immediately rushed to keep the pressure by charging with his two swords and swinging them down at Liquidman, carving down through both his legs. But then Swordragon's swords got stuck into Liquidman's legs, and when he tried to pull them out, he couldn't! Then the blades of Swordragon's swords melted away and got absorbed into Liquidman's body, leaving Swordragon confused with just the hilts in his hands! Then the metal blade boomerang which Liquidman had thrown before returned back and hit Swordragon's neck from behind on its way, chopping his head off, before landing on Liquidman and getting absorbed into his body. Liquidman then regenerated his head and said "Enough of your silly games!" as he pointed his left hand at the dragons for an attack, but then all the dragons opened their mouths together and all fired a Hyper Beam at Liquidman, blowing him up in one gigantic explosion! Then the dragons watched at the huge cloud of dust after the blast, and when it settled away, there were just a few drops and puddles of liquid metal left on the ground. The dragons then calmed down a bit, thinking it was over. But then suddenly, the drops of liquid metal on the ground started moving! The liquid metal drops and puddles all moved and converged at the same point somewhere on the ground, from which Liquidman slowly regenerated and regrew his body, until he was back to normal size and perfect shape! Then the dragons looked at Liquidman with disbelief. Then Liquidman said "Don't you get it? As long as even one drop of my body remains, I can completely regenerate just from that! Such is the magnificent power of I, Liquidman, one of the strongest machines of Chaos Planet! Resisting is pointless! Now, I'll give you just one last chance... Get on your knees and worship the OverLord of Chaos... lest I run out of patience and slaughter you all!" as he pointed his index finger up at Chaos Planet. But then suddenly, a bright light shined in the night sky to the right side of Liquidman, where he was pointing! Liquidman then looked up and saw a huge golden comet falling from the sky straight at him! Before he could react, the huge golden comet then landed straight on him, and exploded in a huge, golden explosion! The gigantic golden explosion was much huger, more compressed and more powerful than even all the Hyper Beams fired by the dragons previously combined, and it was so bright and gigantic, that it could actually even be seen from Chaos Planet!

Back at Chaos Planet, the machines were looking at Dragon Planet, and noticed the golden explosion, appearing as a tiny gold dot on Dragon Planet from their point of view. "Hm?" Mechanikat said then. "What is it?" Alphamon asked. "That's a quite high concentration of energy..." Mechanikat said then, focusing carefully at the explosion. "Is Liquidman in trouble?" Alphamon asked then. "Well, sheer power alone won't be able to defeat him... But I wonder if that's all the enemy can muster" Mechanikat said then. "It would be interesting if it wasn't..." the Massacrer said then. "Heh. Even if that would put Liquidman at risk?" Beelzemon said then, as he looked at the Massacrer. "If he loses, it's his own fault. I would like to see the kind of power that can do that..." the Massacrer said then, as he caught his left glove with his right hand, while some unnatural movements were happening within his left glove! "Always thinking about collecting new powers, aren't you? Well, sorry, but... If such a strong opponent exists out there... Don't think I'll let you get to them first! I've been itching for a good battle for a while now, and I'm not about to let an opportunity for such enjoyment slip away!" Beelzemon said then. "..." the Massacrer remained silent then, as he continued looking at Dragon Planet, together with the rest of the machines.

Meanwhile, back at Dragon Planet, the huge golden explosion had currently raised a huge cloud of dust. The dragons then looked at the direction where the comet had come from. Then they saw the silhouette of a half blue, half red dragon flying towards them, with a man with a sword and a cape riding on his back. As they drew closer, they were revealed to be Dragonaurus and ACCLAIM! Dragonaurus then landed on the ground, and ACCLAIM jumped off his back. Immediately the dragons worshipped him. Then ACCLAIM inspected the battlefield and saw some of his dragons had been killed. Then he raised his right hand, which was then engulfed in some green flames. Green flames then also engulfed the corpses of all the slain dragons, which then regenerated their wounds, and all the dragons started to get revived! Meanwhile, the cloud of dust faded, revealing just three drops of liquid metal left of Liquidman. The three drops all moved and combined at the same point, and then from there, Liquidman rose back to his complete form. Then Liquidman saw ACCLAIM reviving the dragons and asked "Gh... Who are you?". Then ACCLAIM said "Oh? You're still alive? I thought I destroyed you...". Then Liquidman said "Don't think so highly of yourself... Who are you even, to think you can take me down so easily?". Then ACCLAIM said "Tsk tsk tsk... You invaded my planet... without even knowing who it is you're going up against?". Then Liquidman said ""Your" planet?". Then ACCLAIM said "That's right. Am none other than the ruler of this planet, The Great DragonMaster ACCLAIM. And who might you be?". Then Liquidman said "I am Liquidman, a machine from Chaos Planet. I was sent here on a mission to enlighten the inhabitants of this lowly, worthless planet as to the existence of the Ultimate Organism, ChaosLord, and give them an opportunity to be spared from sure death by becoming his loyal subjects". Then ACCLAIM said ""Ultimate Organism", eh? I wonder 'bout that...". Then Liquidman said "You dare question the OverLord of Chaos' power?". Then ACCLAIM said "No, am not questioning it. Infact, the Ultimate Champion of this universe is me, the Great Magnificent DragonMaster ACCLAIM! So your ChaosLord is not the Ultimate Organism". Then Liquidman said "Alright. You can keep these thoughts of yours... IN YOUR GRAVE!!!" as he suddenly did the "pistol" sign with his hand and shot out some explosive metal bullets at ACCLAIM! But then ACCLAIM hid behind his cape, which was then hit by many bullets which also exploded upon impact, raising some dust. But after the dust faded away, ACCLAIM's cape and ACCLAIM himself were completely unharmed! Then Liquidman said "What?" as he saw that. Then ACCLAIM said "Allow me to explain. This is the Dragon Cape. It's made of an indestructible material known as the Dragon Paper, and not a single thing exists in this world that can damage it. So it's completely indestructible" as he showed off his cape to Liquidman. Then Liquidman said "So you're covering behind it for defense?". Then ACCLAIM said "Exactly. And this is the Dragon Sword" as he pulled out his Dragon Sword. Then Liquidman looked at the Dragon Sword, and then ACCLAIM said "This sword was made of an invincible material known as the Dragon Stone. It's so powerful it can destroy anything in just 1 slice, and not even a Shuckle or Steelix can survive after being hit once by it! The only thing it can't damage is my Dragon Cape, since it's indestructible. But other than that, there's nothing in the universe that my Dragon Sword isn't able to cut!". Then Liquidman said "Shuckle or Steelix, eh? But those Pokemon are nothing compared to the machines on Chaos Planet". Then ACCLAIM said "OK then... Let's give you a try!" as he swung his sword at Liquidman! A widen-eyed Liquidman then looked with surprise as his arm was sliced off and flew away with seemingly no effort at all! Then Liquidman said "...Tch!" as he looked at his armless shoulder. Then ACCLAIM said "There, sliced like nothing. So, what d'ya think? Still think you can stand a chance against the Dragon Master? Fwahahahahahahahaha!". Then Liquidman said "Fool, it's going to take a lot more than that to defeat me!" as he regenerated his arm. Then ACCLAIM said "Hm?". Then Liquidman charged at ACCLAIM and swung a huge kick at him. But ACCLAIM protected himself with his cape. Then Liquidman's kick caused a great explosion upon impact, which sent ACCLAIM sliding back on his feet, while the dust from the explosion also blocked his view of Liquidman. Then ACCLAIM slid for a bit and stopped, and then the dust cleared and Liquidman had disappeared. Then ACCLAIM said "Hm? Where'd he go?". Then Liquidman slowly and sneakily rose out of the ground behind ACCLAIM, as if growing himself out of the dirt! Then Liquidman fully grew out of the ground behind ACCLAIM, and then he did the "pistol" sign with his hand and pointed his index finger at ACCLAIM's head, before firing an explosive metal bullet from it, popping ACCLAIM's head in a small blast! Then ACCLAIM's headless body kneeled and then fell to the ground before Liquidman. Then Liquidman said "Hahaha, see, see! Having some protective cape isn't a substitute for true defense! This here fool's head popped like a watermelon!". Then he turned around and looked at the dragons and said "Y'all see that! Your leader's head popped just like that! Now you have no choice but to worship ChaosLord as your new Lord... or join your old Lord in the pits of Hell! So, which will it be?". But then suddenly, a huge green flame burned behind Liquidman, illuminating the place! Liquidman noticed the light and turned around, and then he saw that the flame was engulfing ACCLAIM's body. Then ACCLAIM sat up, and his head had grown back! Then Liquidman said "What!?" with an extremely surprised look when he saw that. Then ACCLAIM stood up and said "Looks like I was a bit careless... Oh well. It's not like I really have any need to be careful, anyway...". Then Liquidman said "You! What did you just do?". Then ACCLAIM said "I simply used my dragon powers to revive myself". Then Liquidman said "What? You can do that?". Then ACCLAIM said "Ofcourse. Just like I revived my dragons before, I can also revive myself as well. I can also just heal any wounds, and do much other stuff in offense too, thanks to my Great Dragon Powers". Then Liquidman said "Then what's the point of even having the Dragon Cape if your body can't be destroyed anyway?!". Then ACCLAIM said "Convenience" as he pointed his hand at Liquidman and fired a huge Hyper Beam at him! But then Liquidman crossed his arms in front of his chest and said "Harden!", as he hardened his body insanely, and the Hyper Beam blew harmlessly past him, although it pushed him back on his feet. Then ACCLAIM jumped up and landed on the ground behind Liquidman, who was still sliding backwards, and had not noticed ACCLAIM since the Hyper Beam was blocking his view. Then ACCLAIM tripped Liquidman from behind with his leg, and Liquidman fell down and rolled a bit. "You!!" Liquidman said then as he then got up from the ground and tried to catch ACCLAIM's throat with his hand, but then ACCLAIM moved out of the way and chopped Liquidman's arm off with his sword. "Argh!" Liquidman said then as he reflexively backed down and started regenerating his arm. But then ACCLAIM leaned back his fist, which then became engulfed in some green flames, and then did a huge punch on Liquidman's chest, the impact of which produced a huge explosion of green flames! The green flames explosion completely obliterated all of Liquidman's body but his legs from the knees down, which then fell over to the ground and turned to pools of liquid metal. The two pools of liquid metal then flowed away from ACCLAIM but went towards each other and combined, and then Liquidman regenerated completely out of them. The ACCLAIM said "Interesting..." as he saw that. Then Liquidman said "Heh! You're not the only one with an indestructible body, y'know!". Then ACCLAIM said "Maybe not right now. But..." as he raised his Dragon Sword and pointed it at the sky. Then Liquidman said "Huh?" as he saw that. Then ACCLAIM said "Great UnRevive Storm!" and created a special storm in the sky. Then Liquidman said "What's that?". Then ACCLAIM said "Curious? I'll show you". Then he looked at Dragonaurus and said "Dragonaurus, use Slash!". Then Dragonaurus used an upward and diagonal Slash on Liquidman, hitting him at the chest and launching him off his feet by the great power of the attack. Then Liquidman flew in the air for a bit and then landed on the ground and slid a bit. Then Liquidman sat up and said "What was that for?" as he looked angrily at ACCLAIM and Dragonaurus. Then he suddenly widened his eyes. Then he looked down at his chest. Three long, deep cuts on it were there after Dragonaurus' Slash. However, for some reason, Liquidman couldn't regenerate the damage, even if he tried to! Then Liquidman said "What...?" as he realized he couldn't regenerate. Then ACCLAIM said "This is my Great UnRevive Storm. Under its effects, you won't be able to regenerate any damage or revive yourself any longer...". Then Liquidman said "You... You can do something like that?!". Then ACCLAIM said "As your own body can attest... indeed, I can". Then Liquidman said "You... YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!" as he suddenly slammed down both his hands on the ground! Then suddenly, much liquid metal appeared beneath ACCLAIM's legs, like a quicksand made of liquid metal, and then the liquid metal started moving up ACCLAIM's body and engulfing him! Then Liquidman said "FINE! If I can't destroy your body, then I'll just trap you and bring you to ChaosLord! It's all the same!", as his liquid metal continued engulfing ACCLAIM, until it covered his body completely! The liquid metal around ACCLAIM then shaped into the shape of a cocoon and hardened, trapping ACCLAIM inside! Then Liquidman appeared a bit relieved, and said "This is it... What powers you have don't matter if you can't even move to use them". Then he started approaching ACCLAIM's metal cocoon. But then suddenly, the metal cocoon was engulfed in some green flames, which glowed in front of Liquidman! Then Liquidman said "Wh-What now?" as he stopped and looked a bit shocked and nervous. Then the metal cocoon with ACCLAIM inside melted away by the green flames, and ACCLAIM emerged from within! Then Liquidman said "Gh!" as ACCLAIM charged up to him and tried to slash him with his Dragon Sword! Then Liquidman raised his right arm in front of him and said "Harden!", hardening his body to an insane level. However, ACCLAIM's Dragon Sword sliced through Liquidman's right arm like a hot knife through butter anyway, chopping it off! Then Liquidman screamed "AAARGH!!!" as he stomped ACCLAIM with incredible power in the chest, sending him flying away! But then ACCLAIM did a backflip and landed on his feet, sliding for a bit before coming to a halt. Then Liquidman said "GGGRRROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!" incredibly loudly, as some insane amounts of dark energy started radiating from his entire body! Then Liquidman turned completely black by the dark energy, and then he started growing in size! Then Liquidman grew and grew, casting a huge shadow over ACCLAIM, Dragonaurus, and many other dragons as his size just kept increasing! Then Liquidman eventually became a 600m tall giant! Then his size stopped increasing, and the darkness that was surrounding his body also got absorbed into his body, giving him back his normal color. Then Liquidman looked down at ACCLAIM and the dragons, who now seemed like nothing more than mere ants before him! Then Liquidman said "THIS FARCE HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH! PREPARE TO DIE!!!" as he raised his huge right leg into the air, and prepared to stomp on ACCLAIM, Dragonaurus, and dozens of dragons within the range of his foot! Then the dragons all flew away but ACCLAIM stood and covered himself with his cape, before Liquidman's huge foot stomped down on him, and also caused an unbelievably enormous explosion upon impact with the ground, which caught many of the dragons that had been flying away into its range before they could get away, and disintegrated them all under the sound of their death roars! Then an unbelievably enormous cloud of dust was raised after the explosion, reaching up to Liquidman's waist. Then the cloud eventually settled after some minutes, and the dragons all watched in anticipation. Liquidman then raised his foot, and saw ACCLAIM in the middle of a giant crater shaped like Liquidman's foot, huddled and completely covered under his Dragon Cape. Then Liquidman said "Now, you're mine. I'll trap you under tons of metal, which not even your fire will burn through..." as he reached for ACCLAIM with his giant hand. But then suddenly, before Liquidman could grab him, ACCLAIM suddenly emerged from behind his cape, and then he stood up and said "Great Slash!" as he he swung his sword at the direction of Liquidman, sending forth a huge, vertical slash as tall as a skyscraper! The slash, which even fissured the ground as it travelled, then sliced clean through the middle of Liquidman's body, chopping him clean in half! "GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Liquidman said then, as the two pieces of his giant body fell over hard on the ground, causing some heavy tremors! Then Liquidman's body melted into liquid metal, which then got absorbed in the ground. Then ACCLAIM said "Hmph" as he saw that. Then suddenly, many huge stakes of metal started erupting out of the ground, impaling many dragons sky-high! Then the stakes kept coming out of the ground across a huge range, impaling more and more dragons, even ones flying high in the sky! Then ACCLAIM said "What?" as he saw all that. Then suddenly a cage of metal grew around ACCLAIM from the ground, seemingly trapping him! Then the whole ground within the cage changed into some quicksand-like liquid metal, in which ACCLAIM started sinking! Then ACCLAIM said "Tch!" as he sank down to his knees in the liquid metal, and continued sinking! But just then, a loud dragon roar was heard across the skies. ACCLAIM looked and saw it was Dragonaurus! Dragonaurus dived through the air fast towards ACCLAIM, dodging several metal stakes which erupted out of the ground in an attempt to impale him on his way, and then he smashed through the cage with the sheer force of his speed and mass, grabbed ACCLAIM out of the liquid metal "quicksand", and flew up and away extremely fast to gain some distance. Then ACCLAIM said "Nice job, Dragonaurus", as Dragonaurus growled affirmatively and tossed ACCLAIM on his back. Then ACCLAIM stood on Dragonaurus' back, looked down at area with the huge metal stakes erupting out of it, and said "OK, this guy's persistent! Let's shut him up, shall we, Dragonaurus?". Then Dragonaurus roared loudly, furiously, and enthusiastically, as he looked down at the area Liquidman was buried at. Then ACCLAIM said "OK, go! Ice Blast!" as he put his palm on Dragonaurus. Then Dragonaurus roared before he blasted a huge, thick beam of ice out of his mouth at the ground where Liquidman was buried at. Dragonaurus kept firing the gigantic icy beam across all the area covered by Liquidman's stakes, freezing it all solid! Then Dragonaurus and ACCLAIM looked for a while, and saw no more stakes were coming out. Then ACCLAIM said "OK, looks like we immobilized him. Let's finish this! Dragonaurus, Golden Blast!". Then Dragonaurus charged a huge amount of gold energy in his mouth, which he then fired into a huge, bright gold energy sphere, which resembled a golden comet! The Golden Blast then landed on the frozen area where Liquidman was, creating a crazy huge golden explosion, which could once again be seen from Chaos Planet! The explosion was also so powerful, that it caused a massive earthquake that could be felt across almost all of Dragon Planet, and created huge winds, tornadoes, tidal waves, caused volcanoes to erupt, blizzards, and thunderstorms!

At the same time, back at Chaos Planet, the machines were still watching Dragon Planet, and saw another golden dot appear on it. "That attack again..." Mega-Emperor said then. "Yeah. Looks like Liquidman's having himself some fun over there. Hey, shouldn't we get going too? At this rate, he's not going to leave anything for us to fight" Beelzemon said then. Then suddenly, a Catbot came out of a laboratory building in a rush. "Lord Mechanikat!" the Catbot said. "Hm? What is it, 167?" Mechanikat said then, as he turned and looked at the Catbot, who also had the number 167 inscribed in some extremely tiny letters somewhere on a machine part at an interior place on his body, hidden such that the Catbot was unrecognizeable by outsiders. "We've gotten the results from the tracking program we had installed on Liquidman. The indications show that Liquidman... has passed away to Hell" the Catbot said then. "What?" Mechanikat said then, looking a bit surprised. "Heh. So much for your best creation, Mechanikat" Beelzemon said then, with a smug smile on his face. "What an uncompassionate thing to say about a comrade, Beelzemon" Vamdemon said, although he was also smiling evily. "I see. The enemy must possess some extraordinary powers to be able to bring Liquidman down to such a state... Even us Chosen Champions should exercise caution if we come across whoever Liquidman's enemy was" Mechanikat said then. "Hey, speak for yourself! I'll send these dragons to Hell in the blink of an eye! Just give me the okay!" Beelzemon said then, as he looked at ChaosLord. "Patience, Beelzemon. Let's wait for their response first..." ChaosLord said then, with an evil smile on his face, as he looked at Dragon Planet.

Back at Dragon Planet, ACCLAIM used a storm known as the Great Revive Storm to revive all of the dragons that had been killed during the battle with Liquidman. Then his dragons gathered together around ACCLAIM, in order to resume everything that had just happened. ACCLAIM then faced his dragons and said "OK, so that guy said he was representing ChaosLord, the Ultimate Organism from a planet known as Chaos Planet. Did he mention where that planet is?". The dragons then pointed to Chaos Planet in the night sky. Then ACCLAIM looked at Chaos Planet and said "I see, so that's Chaos Planet, huh? 'K, so the ruler of that planet sent a messenger to us, right? Then let's respond with a message of our own...".

Meanwhile, at Chaos Planet, the machines were still looking at Dragon Planet impatiently, waiting for ChaosLord's decision. Some could barely contain themselves, and started attacking each other! A Magmabot used Fire Punch on an Electabot, who then responded with a ThunderPunch. A Gunchamp randomly fired his guns in the air in excitement, but then a Colduck snuck up behind him and used Ice Punch on his back, freezing him solid. Some of the machines in Alphamon's army were sparring together for practice, while the machines in Machinedramon's army stood completely still, patient, and disciplined. "Boooring boooring!" Puppetmon said then, as he threw some strings at some of the machines in Machinedramon's army and started controlling them for fun, but then Machinedramon fired a Giga Cannon at him and threw him off a tree branch on which he had been sitting. "Hey, what was that for?" Puppetmon said then. "You started it, Puppetmon" ChaosBlackWarGreymon said then. "Well, I'm bored of waiting! When is the attack going to begin!" Puppetmon said then. "That's up to ChaosLord to decide" ChaosBlackWarGreymon said then. "He sure is taking his time, though..." a voice said then. ChaosBlackWarGreymon turned his head and saw ChaosPiedmon. "But I'm not complaining. This feeling of stewing in anticipation is a form of pleasure, if you think about it" ChaosPiedmon said then. "The ones stewing should have been these dragons... stewing in fear" another voice said then. Puppetmon, ChaosBlackWarGreymon and ChaosPiedmon then looked and saw ChaosMetalSeadramon. "But that Liquidman messed up. Now rather than surrender, they're probably preparing themselves for battle" ChaosMetalSeadramon said then. "I would certainly hope that to be the case. There is no greater joy than turning hope to despair... and the higher that hope is, the better!" ChaosPiedmon said then. "Enemies with a higher fighting spirit pose more of a threat... but the rewards for fighting and defeating them are greater, too" ChaosBlackWarGreymon said then. "So, you think Liquidman may have been purposely sacrificed to instill hope and fighting spirit into the hearts of these dragons to make better opponents of them?" a voice said then. The Chaos Generals and Puppetmon looked and saw Mega-Emperor. "Who knows... Liquidman was a machine created after the great war in the past. As such, he lacked the experience that the rest of us have in fighting dragons. Perhaps, that was the reason he was selected. Maybe the intention was never for him to win..." ChaosPiedmon said then. "If true, that's a pretty nasty plot..." Mega-Emperor said then. "It's nothing compared to some of the other things ChaosLord did during the great war of the past, though... There's a reason they called him the "Prince of Evil", after all..." ChaosPiedmon said then. "Hmph... If they won't surrender, I do not care about the state of those dragons. They're just targets to slaughter! If it were up to me, I'd have already destroyed that planet in a single blast!" ChaosMetalSeadramon said then. "I will concede that mass destruction is a pleasure. But there's so many emotions you'll miss out on if you do things that way. I prefer to savor these emotions..." ChaosPiedmon said then. Then suddenly, a Catbot rushed out of a lab. "Lord Mechanikat!" the Catbot said. "What?" Mechanikat said then. "Our radars have shown multiple readings of energy sources same as the golden explosions observed on Dragon Planet! There's thousands of them, and they are all heading towards Chaos Planet!" the Catbot said then. "Where from?" Mechanikat asked. "Dragon Planet! They should be visible from here in about a minute!" the Catbot said then. Then all the machines looked at the direction of Dragon Planet and waited for about a minute. Then they saw a storm of thousands of huge golden comets shooting across the sky, heading straight towards them! These golden comets were all Dragonaurus' Golden Blast! Then the Catbot asked "What should we do? Should we activate the Planetary Defense System?". But then ChaosLord said "There is no need to... I will take care of this", as he looked at the thousands of golden comets. Then all the machines looked at ChaosLord with awe and anticipation. Then ChaosLord raised his hands and said "One Billion Missiles". Then, one billion organic missiles were summoned in the sky of Chaos Planet! They were so many that they were blotting the sight of the thousands of golden comets! Then the machines gasped as they saw that. "Amazing... He summoned a billion missiles just like that..." a Crushtoise said then in awe. "So this is the power of the OverLord of Chaos..." a RoboMime said then, looking extremely amazed, with his eyes fixed on the one billion missiles filling the sky! "Actually, that's just one of his lower level attacks" Mega-Emperor said then to the RoboMime, who was standing next to him. "What!" RoboMime exclaimed then, extremely surprised! Meanwhile ChaosLord looked at the thousands of golden comets, and then he pointed his left claw at them. As soon as he did that, all the organic missiles in the sky pointed themselves at the direction ChaosLord was pointing at, and started flying there! They were heading straight for the golden comets! Then the thousands of huge golden comets and ChaosLord's one billion organic missiles kept flying in exact opposite directions, until they eventually collided together, resulting in some unbelievably gigantic, golden explosions in the sky! The combined brightness of the explosions was as bright as the Sun, and temporarily shone over Chaos Planet and made it look like day for a few seconds! Then many machines and dark beings covered themselves from the bright light, which they were not used to, since it's normally always dark on Chaos Planet. Then a few seconds later, a huge shockwave also blew across Chaos Planet, lifting many rocks off the ground and sending them flying, and also raising much sand into sandstorms, and water into tidal waves! Some machines and dark beings were even lift off the ground by the huge winds and sent flying across large distances! "What power..." a RoboAlakazam said then, as he covered his face with his arms against the strong and sand-filled winds, which buffeted him and many other machines harshly. Though some, such as ChaosLord, the Chaos Generals and the Chosen Champions, simply stood amidst the extremely powerful sandstorm like nothing, and watched at the explosions in the sky. Then, about a minute later, the winds started to subside, and things began returning to normal, while the huge golden explosions in the sky had also long ended, and their light disappeared, veiling Chaos Planet in darkness again. Then the machines and dark beings started picking themselves up after the huge chaos caused. "Wow, that was something... To think these dragons could work up an attack like that... But it's over now, ChaosLord ended their attack" a Launcher Spider said then. "Yeah..." a WaruSeadramon, who had been sent flying out of the water and had landed on the land, said then. "Wait, it's not over! Look!" a Raidon said then, as he pointed his arm at the sky! Then the machines looked at the sky and got surprised! Half of ChaosLord's missiles had not been destroyed in the explosion, and they were continuing to fly towards Dragon Planet! So now 500,000,000 missiles were heading towards Dragon Planet! "Heh... ChaosLord's attack not only was enough to stop the attack from Dragon Planet... but half of it was left to deliver a counter-attack too!" a Centarumon said then. "Such power... and this wasn't even one of his strongest attacks, too... ChaosLord... just how powerful is he??" the RoboMime who had spoken with Mega-Emperor before thought then, as he watched the 500,000,000 missiles disappearing in the sky on their way to Dragon Planet...

Meanwhile, back at Dragon Planet, ACCLAIM was standing next to Dragonaurus, and along with the other dragons on Dragon Planet, they had all watched at the huge golden explosions in the sky which had happened when Dragonaurus' thousands of Golden Blasts collided with ChaosLord's missiles. Then they were all surprised as the explosion had happened much earlier than anticipated, and after its light faded away, they saw Chaos Planet still in the dark distance, completely intact! Then ACCLAIM said "What's that? Looks like something went wrong...". Then suddenly, something started to appear in the sky! ACCLAIM said "Hm?" as he and the dragons looked to see what it is. Then what appeared before their eyes was ChaosLord's 500,000,000 missiles, flying fast and straight for their planet! Then ACCLAIM said "What! Another attack!?" as he saw that. Then he looked at Dragonaurus. But he saw he was exhausted after having fired thousands of Golden Blasts before. Then ACCLAIM looked at the sky again very nervously, and he said "Dammit! They're coming!" as the missiles approached at huge speed! Then the missiles broke through Dragon Planet's atmosphere and started landing across all of Dragon Planet, bombarding it everywhere! ACCLAIM covered himself under his cape, while the dragons panicked and started running in caves, deep water, and other places to hide! But it was pointless since these missiles caused incredible explosions that collapsed whole caves, and blew up entire underwater areas along with everything hiding in them, and they layed total waste to just about every corner of Dragon Planet where the dragons could possibly hide! Then millions of dragons got killed in the explosions, which could kill a dragon in one hit, and many huge earthquakes were caused, tsunamis swept across the seas and oceans, volcanoes erupted, strong winds and huge tornadoes occurred, and then blizzards and thunderstorms started everywhere! The entire Dragon Planet was violated extremely harshly by the barrage of 500,000,000 missiles landing all over its surface, causing such damages that nearly all of its landscape was changed! The beautiful natural places on Dragon Planet were completely ruined, with entire forests set on fire, beautiful natural formations and caves devastated to rubble, rivers randomly diverted in huge craters, mountains destroyed and disfigured, plains filled full of giant craters, grass turned to a vastness of ashes, crystal-clear waters filled with dirt turning them all to mud, smokes and fires burned everywhere dimming the bright skies, and dragon corpses and dismembered body parts were scattered everywhere you could look! The barrage ended after about five minutes, and then after the shaking end explosions stopped, ACCLAIM, under his cape, heard the sounds of fires burning, dragons roaring in pain, and things crumbling. Then ACCLAIM uncovered himself of his cape, and raised his eyes to see the atrocious, horrible sight before him: his planet destroyed beyond recognition, and almost all of his dragons killed, with the few lucky survivors having extremely heavy and crippling injuries, such as extremely deep wounds, shattered bones, or limbs blown off. "Iiioouurrrrrrrrr..." a Batdragon with both its wings blown off cried painfully, as it was fallen on the ground and tried to kick it with its legs, pushing itself towards ACCLAIM, reaching a bit closer to him, before it closed its eyes and died in front of ACCLAIM's eyes. Then ACCLAIM looked around and saw a Scorpidron lying dead and upside down with his tail and most of rear body blown off, a Skullserpent's broken skull with none of the rest of his body left, a Dragongold crushed under a huge rock, a Dragonplant burned to ashes, a Rhybowserdon without legs, trying to crawl on the ground with his arms, a Yoshidramon impaled on a broken tree, a Three Headed Monster with just one head left, a headless Lochnesaurus and some other water dragons floating dead in a lake of mud, some dragon skeletons burning within a huge fire, and Dragonaurus with extremely severe burns on the right, blue side of his body, which was now almost all discolored, and his right eye missing. Then ACCLAIM looked at the sky with his eyes widened and looking insane and screamed "C H A O S L O R D ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !" insanely loudly, with a voice loud enough to echo across much of Dragon Planet!

Back at Chaos Planet, the sounds and flashes of the explosions that happened at Dragon Planet were even heard and seen from Chaos Planet, and the machines observed them in awe. Dragon Planet's surface shapes and colors also changed a lot, with the surface now having many visible craters on it, and the forest greens and water blues changed to ashes black and muddy brown. In fact, almost no blue or green color could be seen on Dragon Planet anymore after the attack, since all the flora was burned and the waters filled with dirt. The machines were surprised at that drastic change in appearance. "Incredible... All of this damage on a planet with just one attack..." a Tyrannosaurus Wrecks said then, looking at the devastation. "Yeah..." a Tinmon added, lest almost speechless in awe. "Hey, did the dragons get killed?" Puppetmon said then. "It looks like it..." the Massacrer said then. "Blast it, we got worked up for nothing!" Beelzemon said then, looking a bit annoyed as he looked at the devastated Dragon Planet. Meanwhile, somewhere in the background, Knightmare and the Lizard Demon were fighting each other, after a random attack of the Lizard Demon on Knightmare. "So then, what happens now?" Alphamon said then. "The dragons will recover" ChaosLord said then. "Hm?" Vamdemon said then, as he and many other machines and dark beings turned their attention to ChaosLord with interest. "This attack will make the difference of whether they will surrender... or whether they will fight back to the fullest extent of their powers, if they decide to cling on to the hope of victory that was suggested to them after Liquidman's defeat" ChaosLord said then. "So, it's not over?" an Aggronn said then. "No. When they get back on their feet, we will confront Dragon Planet about their final decision. And if it's anything other than submission... Then... it's bloodbath time" ChaosLord said then. "YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!" the machines cheered loudly then. "So this attack was to show the dragons the seriousness of the predicament they're in, and push them to fight as hard as possible in the event they decide to resist..." ChaosPiedmon said then. "Which would not be all that unlikely after they have already tasted victory once against Liquidman" ChaosBlackWarGreymon said then, in continuation of ChaosPiedmon's assertion. "What pointless provocations" ChaosMetalSeadramon said then, looking unenthusiastic about the plan. "If you're just looking to destroy the enemy, maybe all those measures seem pointless. However, if you're looking for an enjoyable battle, they make all the difference" ChaosPiedmon said then, with an evil smile and a nasty look in his eyes.

In the meantime, at Dragon Planet, after the initial shock, ACCLAIM mustered up all his spiritual strength, and with pain but courage, started to build back his planet after being ruined by ChaosLord. With a sorrowful but serious face, ACCLAIM raised his sword in the air and said "Great Revive Storm!". Then some green wind-like energies started flowing out of his sword, spreading everywhere, and making everything which came in contact with them to revive and rejuvenate, in effect undoing or reversing the damages from ChaosLord's missiles! So the wounds of the dragons started slowly closing, and previously dead dragons reopened their eyes as they came back to life, while even the trees and landscape started changing back to their former states! However, ACCLAIM also noticed that the atmosphere of his planet was somewhat darkened after ChaosLord's attack, and the atmosphere now had a dark tint rather than its previous golden tint! ACCLAIM also realized that this darkness in the atmosphere was considerably slowing down the process of reviving his planet! Then ACCLAIM said "How peculiar... It seems those missiles were infused with dark energy, which has now spread in the atmosphere, but... I've never seen dark energy in such power and concentration before. It's even being a great hindrance to my Great Revive Storm, especially in the areas and the dragons hit directly by the missiles... At this rate, it may be a while before I've completely restored the planet, which would only be the matter of an hour otherwise. That ChaosLord... I've never known of someone like him before. Perhaps I should be more careful than normal around him...", as he continued the incredibly slow restoration of his planet.

At the same time, back at Chaos Planet, the machines were now waiting until the upcoming onslaught begins. "So how long's it gonna take before the dragons are ready? I can't wait for the raid!" an impatient Giant Soldier of Steel asked then, as he flailed his sword around. "It's not so easy to recover from the damage of my attacks, so it's going to take a while. In the meantime, there's another matter that calls for attention..." ChaosLord said then. "Hm?" a JumboGamemon said then. "ChaosBlackWarGreymon, ChaosMetalSeadramon, ChaosPiedmon... Do you remember that planet we visited many years ago? The one Arceus filled with his creations..." ChaosLord said then, as he looked at the Chaos Generals. "Ah, yes, the Earth. Amusing little planet... I remember some primitive, bipedal creatures there worshipping us as Gods... Some of them even thought we created all life when I used Enchantment to bring some clay dolls to life and make some other automatons out of soil..." ChaosPiedmon said then. "What a pitiful creation. The pathetic beings there were so weak, they couldn't help but fall to the ground in our mere presence" ChaosMetalSeadramon said then. "Indeed. We needed to constantly hold back our powers just to not unintentionally crush them" ChaosBlackWarGreymon said then. "And do you remember what they called me?" ChaosLord said then. "The Great PokeGod..." ChaosBlackWarGreymon answered. "That's right. Back then, the beings on Earth knew their proper stations in life, and had the appropriate respect and worship for their betters. But after all these years... I no longer hear many prayers from them. As the Great PokeGod, I am rather displeased by the negligence of the religious duties of my subjects. So, how about we visit Earth once again... and rekindle their faith?" ChaosLord said then. "I don't know. Forgive me for saying this, OverLord of Chaos, but spreading faith doesn't really sound too enticing of a task... We're warriors, not preachers" a Skizor said then. "If the faith fails to spread, it could turn into a massacre, though..." ChaosLord said then. "Then it's on!!!" a Gunchamp said then as he fired his shotgun in the air, followed by many machines' loud cheers of excitement at the prospect of a massacre! "Ha, ha, ha. I thought so. Alright, then. We shall depart soon..." ChaosLord said then.

Far away across the universe, there was the planet which ChaosLord had been talking about, the Earth. As of current, the Earth was befallen by the serene night, and most people and many Pokemon were fast asleep. Somewhere on Earth, there was a region known as the Chaos Region. It was a varied region which encompassed many different kinds of landscapes within its borders, such as cold, frozen and snowy areas to the northwest, hot deserts in the southeast, plains, mountainous ranges, thick forests, rivers, it was bordered by the sea, and even included some islands in its sovereignty. On a prominent, incredibly steep, and high area of the highest mountain of the region, Mt. Chaos, stood an ancient, legendary castle known as Castle Drachensburg. The castle was surrounded by forests and powerful rivers, which were inhabited by many incredibly powerful, high-level dragons! Those dragons were once in the service of Dark Dragon Master, a cruel dragon master who used the dragons under his command to terrorize and slaughter nearby populations of people and Pokemon. However, he was eventually taken down by King Jager, who then took over Castle Drachensburg and reigned as the first ever King of the Chaos Region. Since then, Castle Drachensburg has served as the residence of the Kings of the Chaos Region, along with the mighty Knights under the King's rule, watching over the entire Chaos Region from their position. The current King of the Chaos Region was King Randor, and he was currently sleeping in the King's Quarters inside the castle. Then suddenly, he started having a dream. In the dream, King Randor found himself in an unknown place in the dark, where he could see nothing. Before he could think of much, a voice called his name: "King Randor...". King Randor heard the voice, but did not immediately recognize it. "Who is it?" he asked. "It's me" the voice replied, suddenly sounding more familiar. Then King Randor slightly widened his eyes, coming to a realization about whose voice he was hearing. "O-OverLord of Chaos..." King Randor said then, as he slowly got on his knees. "To what end can I be of use to you, O Great PokeGod?" he asked, with his head humbly bent down. Then the voice said "In thirty moons... I will descend upon the Pokemon World. Prepare them for my arrival...". King Randor then said "I will do as you wish". Then the voice said "If they are not prepared...", followed by a small pause. King Randor curiously raised his head a bit to look, and saw blood started dripping from everywhere! Then King Randor looked at himself, and saw that he was also bleeding! The blood spread to cover everything, and as King Randor's entire sight turned red from the blood, he woke up, sweating!

King Randor immediately and frantically got off his bed, and started running to alert everyone of his vision. Despite the fact that it was almost midnight, mobilizations immediately began to deliver the message of the PokeGod's coming to the Pokemon World. Thousands of missionaries, monks from the PokeGod's Sanctuary, and archaeologists were sent across the Pokemon World, informing the people about the PokeGod's arrival. The word was spread about the coming of the OverLord of Chaos, and attempts were made to convince people to have faith in him, lest they lose their lives. King Randor also ordered the Knights to be in readiness for war, in order to deal with regions or other uprisings who refused to believe in the Great PokeGod, since he was determined to make everyone have faith in the Great PokeGod, either through word, or through sword. The main culprit was the region of Pokeia, which followed a different religion known as Pokeism (which worships Ryuumaru as the "Highest God in the Universe"), however, they managed to temporarily avoid war by lying about their beliefs, a practice completely acceptable among Pokeians (as many other similar dishonourable, foul, and lowly acts, which made them hated by the vast majority of the Pokemon World (Pokeism as a religion was even banned from several regions in the Pokemon World, as it was seen as a hatemongering religion), except those clueless enough to not know them very well, or a few diplomatically tied to them for other kinds of reasons). The rest of the regions of the Pokemon World were much more open to the possibility of the PokeGod existing, and awaited with curiosity and excitement for the time of the PokeGod's coming.

To honour the Great PokeGod, King Randor also had many PokeGod Worshipping Temples raised among the Pokemon World. However, the 129 first of those were assaulted and destroyed by aggressive Pokeist zealots, who hated the Great PokeGod, calling him the "Prince of Evil", a title the Great PokeGod was also controversially referred by. The zealots were later raided within their own hideout, captured and paradigmatically lashed, before being thrown in the dungeons of Castle Drachensburg. In response to the Pokeians' destruction, King Randor then erected 1337 PokeGod Worshipping Temples, more than ten for each previously destroyed!

The days passed, and despite the occurrence of some conflicts, including several failed plots to spread chaos by a shady Pokeist organization known as Dragon Rush, which was misguided by its leader, a cold and malevolent man known as Rocker, the Pokemon World eventually overall became very accepting to the idea of the Great PokeGod visiting them, thanks to the efforts of the missionaries, monks, archaeologists, and other people of the Chaos Region, who had spread their knowledge of the PokeGod across the whole Pokemon World. Now, just one night away from the anticipated arrival, the Pokemon World was waiting to see what would happen with mixed, but mostly positive feelings, such as interest or excitement, but sometimes also being negatively predisposed, such as most of the people of Pokeia, harboring intense, stubborn disbelief, or hatred for the prospect of the OverLord of Chaos' coming.

Coincidentally, just about at the same time, ACCLAIM had also completely finished the restoration of Dragon Planet with his Great Revive Storm. With that out of the way, it was time to decide what to do next. So ACCLAIM gathered his dragons, and himself jumped on the top of a huge mountain, and started giving a speech. "Alright, dragons. By now, all the damage caused on our planet was restored. I'll admit, our enemy is powerful. But..." ACCLAIM said, as he raised his Dragon Sword in front of him, while his Dragon Cape also waved in the air. "I have never seen anyone withstanding the power of my Dragon Sword, or being able to get past the defense of my Dragon Cape! With those, no matter how powerful our foe is, we will surely achieve victory!" he continued, and then his dragons roared loudly and cheerfully! "Alright let's go! To Chaos Planet!" ACCLAIM said then, as he pointed his sword somewhere in space, and then all his dragons started flying towards there! ACCLAIM also jumped on the back of his Dragonaurus, and then the two flew in front of the group, leading the charge!

ACCLAIM and the dragons flew fast, and soon got to where they thought Chaos Planet should have been. But to their surprise, they found nothing but a huge round platform there! In the middle of it was standing ChaosPiedmon, one of the three Chaos Generals. Then ACCLAIM said "You! You're one of the beings of Chaos Planet, aren't you? Where's Chaos Planet?". Then ChaosPiedmon said "Hmhmhm... Perhaps I will tell you... But only if you can make it worth my while". Then ACCLAIM said "What do you want?". Then ChaosPiedmon said "Nothing much. Just to see the power of the one who hopes to stand up against the Ultimate Organism". Then ACCLAIM said "So you want a battle?". Then ChaosPiedmon said "If you please". Then ACCLAIM said "Fine, it's your funeral!". Then he jumped off Dragonaurus' back and landed onto the platform. Immediately then, he charged ChaosPiedmon and tried to slash him with his sword. But then ChaosPiedmon grabbed and drew his two upper swords from their sheaths on his back, and parried ACCLAIM's attack with the sword in his right hand! Upon seeing that, ACCLAIM widened his eyes and said "What! Am I seeing right...? An attack from my Dragon Sword was blocked?!". Then ChaosPiedmon said "Don't underestimate the power of one of the Chaos Generals, boy!", as he slashed ACCLAIM across the chest with the sword in his left hand! The slash also happened so fast, ACCLAIM didn't even have time to cover himself with the Dragon Cape! "Ughhhhh!!!" ACCLAIM said then as he slid back on his feet, blood spouting from his wound. Then he eventually stopped and grabbed his wound with his left hand. ACCLAIM then looked at his own blood in his palm, and thought "Blood...!", before raising his head and looking at ChaosPiedmon, only to see him suddenly disappearing! The next thing ACCLAIM saw was ChaosPiedmon reappearing right in his face, swinging his right sword at his throat! ACCLAIM reflexively jerked back quickly, avoiding having his entire head cut off, but his throat was slashed, and much blood started spraying outwards from the wound! "Ghhhhh!!" ACCLAIM said then as he stepped backwards almost uncontrollably. In the meantime, ChaosPiedmon watched this in delight, while ACCLAIM's blood was dripping off his sword. ACCLAIM then tripped as he was walking backwards and fell down, but then quickly, seemingly out of fear, rolled his body and got on his left knee, while covering himself with his cape defensively and looking at ChaosPiedmon with panic-inspired focus. Then ChaosPiedmon said "What's wrong? Is that all? Please don't tell me you intended to insult the Great PokeGod by challenging him with those skills...". Then ACCLAIM said "Dragonaurus! Help me out here!!". Then Dragonaurus immediately opened his mouth and fired a ginormous Hyper Beam at ChaosPiedmon. But then ChaosPiedmon pointed his index finger at the Hyper Beam and said "Psybeam", as he fired an equally large Psybeam from his index finger! Then the two attacks clashed and cancelled each other out in a huge explosion! ACCLAIM was also surprised by the lack of effort ChaosPiedmon seemed to put in his attack to stop Dragonaurus' Hyper Beam. Then the dust from the explosion covered the area between ChaosPiedmon and Dragonaurus, and Dragonaurus started trying to look through it to detect ChaosPiedmon. But then suddenly he heard a voice behind him, "Right behind you". Immediately after, Dragonaurus felt a sharp blade being planted into his back! Dragonaurus roared in pain, looked back, and saw ChaosPiedmon planting one of his swords into his back. Dragonaurus then swung his tail at ChaosPiedmon, who then quickly pulled his sword out of Dragonaurus' back and flew away, barely but confidently and elegantly dodging the attack. Then Dragonaurus turned around and tried to crunch ChaosPiedmon, but then ChaosPiedmon said "Stone Edge!", as he summoned a huge, sharp rock above Dragonaurus' head, which then flew down at a very sharp speed and hit Dragonaurus really hard in the head, even driving his head down and crushing it against the ground! Then ACCLAIM said "Dragonaurus!" as he saw that. Then ChaosPiedmon said "Thunder!", and then a giant pillar of lightning came crashing from the sky and landed on Dragonaurus' body, causing a huge explosion of electricity! Then ACCLAIM said "Ugh!!" as he covered his eyes and face from the blinding light and energy wave of the attack! Then ChaosPiedmon said "Rock Slide!", and then hundreds of huge, extremely heavy boulders were summoned above Dragonaurus, which then fell on him, and buried him whole under tons of rock! The falling rocks also raised much dust as they fell, but then the dust settled down, and ACCLAIM looked and saw a sight which looked like Dragonaurus was buried under a tomb of huge rocks! Then ACCLAIM said "Dragonaurus!!" as he immediately tried to start his Great Revive Storm. But then ChaosPiedmon telekinetically unsheathed his other two swords from their sheaths on his back, and sent them flying at ACCLAIM to interrupt him. ACCLAIM saw them and immediately hid behind his cape for protection, forced to cancel the creation of the storm. The swords hit ACCLAIM, but his cape stopped them from inflicting harm on him, although the cape itself was damaged a bit, but not enough to be very noticeable. Then ACCLAIM thought "Dammit, what's going on? He's unexpectedly strong! Lucky I've got my cape... As long as I can cover myself with it, I'm safe...". Then ChaosPiedmon said "Oh? That's a quite durable cape you've got there. But...", as the blades of his two swords went through ACCLAIM's cape as if being ghosts, and were planted on ACCLAIM's stomach behind the cape! "Urrrggghhhh!!!!!" ACCLAIM groaned painfully then, as much blood came out of his mouth! " won't be enough to stop my Ghost Thrust, I'm afraid..." ChaosPiedmon continued with an evil smile. "SHIT!!!" ACCLAIM said then, as he hit the hilts of ChaosPiedmon's two swords which were planted in his body with the blade of his own sword, unplanting them from his body, before pointing his palm at ChaosPiedmon, looking at him furiously, and firing a huge Hyper Beam at him! But then ChaosPiedmon simply and calmly pointed his right sword's tip forward at the incoming Hyper Beam, and then upon hitting the sword's tip, ACCLAIM's Hyper Beam was split in two parts, which travelled on the right and left sides of ChaosPiedmon, missing their intended target! Then while that was happening, ACCLAIM ran at ChaosPiedmon and tried to surprise attack him with his sword. But ChaosPiedmon saw through his moves and blocked his attack easily. Then ACCLAIM started attacking ChaosPiedmon repeatedly with his sword, but ChaosPiedmon was blocking and deflecting all of his attacks with his right sword, while stabbing him repeatedly in the stomach and chest with Ghost Thrusts of his left sword. Then ACCLAIM started losing a lot of blood at an alarming rate, so he was forced to back down, as he sensed his Dragon Powers, which were regenerating the damage on his body, reaching their limit! But as he backed down, ChaosPiedmon's two other swords, which ChaosPiedmon had thrown at ACCLAIM earlier, then flew sneakily behind ACCLAIM and stabbed both his legs behind the knees, with the blades of the swords emerging out of ACCLAIM's knees! "AAAAAAARRRGGHHHHH!!!!" ACCLAIM screamed in excruciation then as he fell down on his back, with the bloody blades of ChaosPiedmon's swords protruding from his knees! "AAAAAARRGGHHHHHH IT HURTS!!!!" ACCLAIM screamed in pain then, with his entire body trembling from the pain, barely even being able to hold his Dragon Sword in his hand! ChaosPiedmon then paused to watch this, smiling evily, with a sadistic gleam in his eye. "Nnggghhhhh!!!!" ACCLAIM moaned then, as he then started pulling ChaosPiedmon's swords out of his knees with much pain. Then ChaosPiedmon said "You seem to be able to recover from damage with your Dragon Powers, but all powers have a limit. And judging from your decision to back off just before... It seems that your limit was about to be reached, am I correct?". ACCLAIM then struggled to get the first sword out of his leg, and then started pulling the second sword out. ChaosPiedmon then said "Now, what will happen if you are pushed beyond your limit, I wonder?", as he suddenly twisted, turned, and swung the sword which was still stuck in ACCLAIM's knee, ripping off his whole leg below the knee, before pointing that sword at ACCLAIM's throat! "AAAAAAAARRRGGHHHHH!!" ACCLAIM screamed in pain then as that happened. Then ChaosPiedmon said "Should we see what lies beyond that limit?", while his other sword, which ACCLAIM had pulled out of his other knee before, flew right above ACCLAIM's head and pointed vertically down towards it, ready to be planted in ACCLAIM's head! ACCLAIM widened his eyes in terror, and suddenly saw his whole life so far flashing before his eyes! But then suddenly, just as ChaosPiedmon was about to finish ACCLAIM off, ChaosPiedmon's movements abruptly stopped, he widened his eyes a bit, and then looked at the stars. "Oh, looks like it's about time!" he said with a bit of amusement, as he noticed the positions of the stars relative to each other. Then ACCLAIM said "A-About time? For what?". Then ChaosPiedmon said "The Second Coming of The Great PokeGod". Then ACCLAIM said "W-What?". Then ChaosPiedmon said "Hmhmhmhmhm... This is a fortunate timing for you. ChaosLord is about to visit Earth to address the sin known as religious negligence. It is not a show to miss. So, I will be taking my leave. Thank your luck for being allowed to keep your life, for now...". Then ACCLAIM said "Wait! So ChaosLord went to Earth? That's why he's not here?". Then ChaosPiedmon said "Precisely. He travelled there along with Chaos Planet. If you wanted to meet him, that would be the place to find him". Then ACCLAIM said "I see...". Then ChaosPiedmon said "Although, you may want to address the situation at Dragon Planet first...". Then ACCLAIM said "What's wrong with-", as he turned his head to look at Dragon Planet in space, but was suddenly left with no words, as he could no longer see the planet there! Then ACCLAIM said "What! What happened to Dragon Planet?!". Then ChaosPiedmon said "Who knows... Why don't you go and find out? Anyway, I'm off to join the massacre - I mean, visit to Earth. Adios!", as he suddenly teleported away.

On Earth, it was a night, and the time was approaching for the PokeGod's arrival. Many people were out of their homes, and Pokemon out of their Poke Balls, all looking at the sky, and waiting eagerly in anticipation...

At the platform where ACCLAIM and his dragons were, the rocks under which Dragonaurus was buried started shaking. Then suddenly Dragonaurus' loud roar was heard, before the rocks covering him were blown away by the force of his powerful spreading wings, which shed them all off and sent them flying away! Then ACCLAIM said "Dragonaurus! Are you okay?". Then Dragonaurus roared loudly and affirmatively. Then ACCLAIM said "Heh, ofcourse, I know. There's no way you'd be taken out by just that. I was just a bit surprised back there for a moment, that's all. I didn't expect our enemies to be that strong, really...". Then Dragonaurus roared a bit furiously. Then ACCLAIM said "Yeah, he left. He said he's going to Earth, where ChaosLord also is...". Then Dragonaurus roared impatiently. Then ACCLAIM said "Sure. We'll definitely go after them, just as soon as my leg has healed a bit to reattach... That pierrot managed to chop it off somehow during the chaos, and his attacks are a bit difficult to heal, like the effects of the attack on our planet were. Speaking of our planet, I wonder what's going on in it...", as he looked at the now dark, seemingly empty space where Dragon Planet used to be visible. Then Dragonaurus looked at ACCLAIM and made two roars, one of which was more prolonged than the other. Then ACCLAIM said "I see, so you think we can do it on our own? Heh, you know what? I was actually thinking of the same idea". Then he looked at the rest of his dragons and said "Alright, dragons! I will go with Dragonaurus to Earth to confront ChaosLord. All of you are to go to where Dragon Planet was and check what's going on there. After you've dealt with whatever's happened there, come join us on Earth. Chaosdrasaurus Rex, am placing you in charge", as he looked at a dragon resembling a black Tyrannosaurus Rex with red eyes and brown spikes on his back towards the end of his sentence, known as Chaosdrasaurus Rex. Chaosdrasaurus Rex then roared confidently and affirmatively, and then he started flying and leading the group of dragons towards Dragon Planet's location. Then ACCLAIM's leg and other wounds also healed, and then he jumped on Dragonaurus' back, pointed his Dragon Sword at the direction of Earth, and said "Go!", signalling the commencement of their flight towards Earth...

On Earth, it was now about midnight. A Full Moon was standing in the middle of the dark sky, which for some reason appeared a bit darker and more eerie this night than usual. Then suddenly, an unexpected Lunar Eclipse started to happen...

To be continued...

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