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Aug 9, 06 at 3:17pmBASGTA


Processor - i5 3450 3.7GHz
Motherboard - AsRock Z77 Pro 3
RAM - 12GB DDR3 1066
Graphics Card - Radeon 6870 1GB
Monitor - Acer 24" (1920x1200), + Dell 21.5" (1920x1080), + HP 21.5" (1600x1200)
Harddrive - WDBlue 500GB Main, WDGreen 2TB Media, WDBlue 500GB Back Up.
Operating System - Windows 7 SP1 (#7600)
Case - NZXT Switch 810

CPU-Z 1.61 Validator

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Jul 8, 12 at 4:20pm

Updated first post as it was really outdated.

Preparing to get a Z68 board, i5 3450 and a Corsair H60. Will try to take some pictures of the set up and post benchmarks.

I bought a Switch 810 case a week or two ago.
AsRock G41M-VS2 + E6500 + 4870
Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR + E8400 + 4870
Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR + E8400 + 6870

May 28, 11 at 4:07pm

E6500 + AsRock G41M-VS2 + 3GB DDR2@266MHz

E8400 + Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR + 3GB DDR3@533MHz

Mar 16, 10 at 4:15am

Aug 14, 09 at 8:10am

So either Windows 7 or the ATi driver support is horrible. I've had Windows 7 for a while now and last night I ran Aquamark 3 just for the hell of it, and I got a score of ~28,000 (~28fps) If you look at the front page you'll see that with XP I got ~50,000 (~50fps)

Mar 23, 09 at 7:19am

Friend gave me a All-in-Wonder x800.

That's +2,000 on 3DMark01, and +6,000 on 3DMark03. Not bad for a free upgrade.

Nov 1, 07 at 6:40pm

I blew up.

Anyway, my friend bought a 7600GT in the summer, and I've been planning on taking the 6200 off his hands for free. I finally have it. I thought it would preform the exact same, or a tiny bit better or worse. It also has SM 3.0, so I thought I'd be able to play some SM 3.0 games finally. (On low settings at low frames of course)

I got it literally 5 minutes ago. I installed the newest drivers (which are beta) I remember my 9600XT running the first game test of 3DMark03 at 150FPS, and this card just did 80FPS, but I think the smoke from the planes looked a lot better for some odd reason.

The whole plan is to use this card (if it's better), save up some money, then sell this 6200, and my 9600XT and then buy a good card.

Anyway, I'm off to benchmark the card, then I'll see if I can OC it and get any performance from that.

EDIT - lmao This card is *bleep*ing G.A.R.B.A.G.E

EDIT 2 - And the conclusion is, this card is garbage. I OCed it to 390/600, and got about 2 more FPS in Aquamark 3. I tried to unlock the pipes, but this is a different version I guess. I have the NV44, 64bit card, while the unlockable one is the NV43, 128bit.

EDIT 3 - Alright ladies and gents. I had a problem with this card yesterday. I installed RivaTuner, and it wanted to reboot. So I rebooted, logged into my Windows user account, waiting about 1 minute, and the screen went black. It froze I guess. I went into safe mode, and it didn't go black or anything so I was suspecting the OC I did. I ended up putting my 9600XT back into my computer, loading up normally, uninstalling the drivers, downloading the latest (but not beta) drivers, took out my 9600XT and put in my 6200, installed the latest drivers and now it works fine again.

I was wondering if this was due to the overclock, if it was the beta drivers I had, or something else.

This message was edited by BASGTA on Nov 02 2007.

Jun 28, 07 at 9:56pm

The Future Shop flier came again today, and they have a 7600GT AGP x8 for $169.99. I'm not sure if in the other flier if it was a 7800GS/GT or a 7600GT, but I'm sure that one was $200, so either the price dropped quite a bit in a week or two, or I can't read.

Jun 25, 07 at 10:11pm

Yes, this could very well be. But with my particular setup atm, this is what i'm faced with. Maybe if I had a better mainboard I could notice some differences. But for the sake of the argument, as it stands with my current rig it is what it is.

Jun 25, 07 at 9:54pm

If dual channel decreased performance in any way, I doubt that the industry would have made the jump to standardized dual channel motherboards. I also doubt that there would be thousands of people scoring higher on memory read/write benches all over the internet.

I don't have any figures, yet, but dual channel definitely has a slight boost over single channel. I'm with Cheesy on this one...something is definitely awry.

When booting into single channel, are you sure that default SPDs are not usurping your custom timings? A difference of 100-300 3D Marks can definitely be attributed to running from 1T to 2T, or from an increase of your CL.

Jun 25, 07 at 4:36pm

I've lost complete use of dual channel now that my motherboard has been abused by so much overclocking. So i'm stuck running in single channel and I yield better fps (not as jumpy) in games and my desktop loading times are like 4 seconds faster. I dont know how to explain it.

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