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Jul 13, 06 at 10:56pmVeGiTAX2

Hello everyone,

As many might have noticed, the previous thread was overflowing with posts. As such we present to you the new and possibly not so much improved introduction thread for the forum.

Please take your time to introduce yourself and share a bit of info with the fellow Anime and Manga fans in the forum.

Examples being:
  • How you started watching or reading anime & manga
  • What are some of your favorite titles past or present?

Please limit your postings to one per user, also please try to keep from making this into a discussion thread, there's pleanty of opportunities for that in the rest of the forum. ^^:

Finally, we hope your stay in the Anime Forum is enjoyable, we wish you all safe travels as there is high chance that you may never make it out of here again.

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Sep 23, 15 at 7:37pm

Oh hello! Been a while since I registered, but better late than never to introduce myself

Am a newbie to anime/manga (actually got into reading this by going on a trip to Korea last year) and I thought this would be the good place to immerse myself in the scene.

Hope to learn and enjoy a lot, and contribute, of course

Sep 03, 15 at 6:02am
Houndoom Trainer

Can't believe I haven't introduced myself earlier, lmao.
Well, hey there, I'm Houndoom Trainer - please excuse the username, I was a noob when I made this account, hahaha.
I love anime. I love all kinds, from those dark kind of animes to the ones with magical girls in it. xD
Well, sorry for the boring intro, but I hope to post here often.

Aug 24, 15 at 5:34pm

Oo welcome Die! Hope you enjoy your stay 8D.

Aug 24, 15 at 5:29pm

Hello neoseekers! My name is Die. I just started this a few days ago. How did I find this? I found this website while looking for solutions for a game called Shadow of the Colossus, which is a very stunning and sad game. I don't want to ruin it for anyone :3 Anyway, I'll be on a few times a week for posting and looking up fun things for my spare time. Love you all!

Jul 19, 15 at 12:52pm

My name is Princesssugartits, I'm pretty new to Neo, I came here for the Pokemon stayed for the Smash bros forums. That's where you'll probably see me. I started watching anime when I was like 5, watching Yugioh, Pokemon, Beyblade, Digimon, basic little kid stuff.
These are anime I've finished:
Gurren Lagann (MY FAVORITE!)
Fooly Cooly
B gata h kei (only 12 episodes???? )
DragonballZ Kai
I've been watching these: Sword art online 2
Cowboy Bebop, Durara(ara??), Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, and maybe Mitchiko and Hatchen( don't know if I like it)

Jun 25, 15 at 6:36pm
Shawn Yasumara

I introduced myself here a number of years ago and didn't post at all afterward, so I see fit to re-introduce myself.

Hello all! Name's Shawn Yasumara. I've been a fan of anime since I was a kid, my first few being the likes of Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and Yu Yu Hakusho on Toonami.

My Top 5 as of this post is:

5. Kill la Kill
4. Yu Yu Hakusho
3. Strawberry Panic
2. The Slayers
1. Magic Knight Rayearth

Currently watching Hell Teacher Nube and enjoying every minute of it!

I can't say I'll be posting terribly often because most of the threads discuss new and ongoing series and I tend not to watch ongoing series until they conclude. I tried watching Season 2 of YuruYuri when it was new and the wait for each episode was surprisingly agonizing

Jun 23, 15 at 5:55am

Hey! Sorry for the 12-day-late response, I've been a bit busy with vacationing and whatnot.

Mastix, I guess it's because, a while back, I was searching Google for something and came across a thread in the Pokemon forums. Checking out the thread made me feel pretty nostalgic, so I popped around into the old forums I used to frequent. Most of them were dead (thank god), but I decided what the hell, I've got nothing to lose by making a new account. Seeing as I'm no longer a ridiculously immature 12-13 year old, I thought it'd be easy to reintroduce myself to the community with a fresh start.
TL;DR, it was a spur of the moment sort of thing!

Either way, thanks for the welcome! I'll be around more often, and I'll try not to be a stranger here. :)

Jun 11, 15 at 12:12pm

Hey guys, since I just realized the this thread exists, I would like to introduce myself.
I'm a man of wealth and taste
but whats troubling you is the nature of game

I have an interest in some animes, mainly FMAB, Deadman Wonderland, Akira (the movie), Sword Art Online, and other ones I can't remember. I like metaphorical booze and not as metaphorical women, and I hope I can occasionally contribute something to these conversations you fine folk have here

Jun 11, 15 at 10:57am

Misguided, you gotta stop lurking! Amy always appreciates a good fan of Polar Bear's Cafe. I hope this community serves as a good way to get reacquainted for you. What prompted the return a solid 6 years later?

May 31, 15 at 11:10am

Hey, everyone! My name's Lux, and I'm sort of(?) new to Neoseeker.
If you want to get technical, I had an account here way back in 2009, but decided to quit.
I recently decided I want to get reacquainted with the site, and where better to start than in the forum where I used to lurk a lot?

All that aside, some of my favorite anime include:
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Eureka 7
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Polar Bear's Cafe
  • And many others!
I hope to see you around the forum!

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