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Jul 13, 06 at 10:56pmVeGiTAX2

Hello everyone,

As many might have noticed, the previous thread was overflowing with posts. As such we present to you the new and possibly not so much improved introduction thread for the forum.

Please take your time to introduce yourself and share a bit of info with the fellow Anime and Manga fans in the forum.

Examples being:
  • How you started watching or reading anime & manga
  • What are some of your favorite titles past or present?

Please limit your postings to one per user, also please try to keep from making this into a discussion thread, there's pleanty of opportunities for that in the rest of the forum. ^^:

Finally, we hope your stay in the Anime Forum is enjoyable, we wish you all safe travels as there is high chance that you may never make it out of here again.

Anime Forum Introduction Archive:

1. Umm-Hi! New to Neo-Anime?
2. Introduction Thread

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Jul 08, 14 at 7:42am

What uuup Neo peeps! I'm re-introducing myself! I'm DeadDogInc, your friendly internet english dub anime Otaku.

I spent a lot of my teens and young adult life on this site but more specifically the anime forum. Its nice to see that even after over 5 years away from this site that I'm still top 25 in this forum, lol kinda.

Id say my anime obsession began about 12-13 years ago after I saw (like so many others) an episode of DBZ, but technically unknowingly to me at the time it started with Speed Racer. Yes older folks, Speed Racer is an anime.

I own enough anime dvd's to open up my own store, and Ive seen over 100 different anime in english. No subs here, not my thing. Feel free to ask me any questions or for suggestions. Support the industry, don't DL anime and buy bootlegs!

With that said hopefully I'll stay an active member like I was years ago. LOVE and PEACE!

Jun 18, 14 at 1:12pm

Whatsup, I would prefer not to reveal my name so I am fine with SD (just a short cut for shadowdarkrai).
Anyway, I became interested in animes for quite some time already.
I started with Naruto and honestly it totally absorbed me so I went on to see the manga after finishing watching the animes. After that, I went on to -
Yugioh 5ds
One piece

I saw a few other as well but cannot really remember now as that was a couple of years ago.
Currently, I am re watching one piece. Not sure why, probably because I forgot the storyline.

Anyway, hope to meet some anime fans around!

May 29, 14 at 8:59am
Dark Wave

Hey, guys.

I'm only just starting to watch some of the non-big animes, and I'm new to the Neoseeker forums (obviously). Some of the animes that I've watched include:

The Dragon Ball series
One Piece
Full Metal Panic!
Attack on Titan
Avatar: The Last Airbender (if it counts )

Animes that I'm planning to watch include (in no particular order):

Ghost in the Shell
Death Note
Elfen Lied
Code Geass
(maybe) Steins;gate
(maybe) Fairy Tale

Apr 29, 14 at 12:34am

Hi i am pokemonmasternnnw
I like:
Beyblade [Metal Manga]
Hayate the Combat Butler

Apr 25, 14 at 12:52pm
Roronoa Zoro

Sup, guys?

Mar 21, 14 at 8:50am
Pim P O Raptor

Hey everybody it's the totally legit pimp velociraptor here.

I'm kinda new to the Anime scene I was just wondering what are some good anime outside of: Death Note, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, SWORD Art Online and Bleach.

I've finished Death Note but have just started watching Bleach and SWORD Art Online, I've gotten through a good few episodes of Fullmetal (I've met the homonculus Wrath) and Monkey.D.Luffy is about to battle Enaru for the second time. So yeah any recommendations?

P.S. Please make sure the character of the names aren't that far away from each other, velociraptors only grow to about 2 ft.

Mar 13, 14 at 9:28am
Poopi Kockuss

Thanks guys, I appreciate the suggestions. I started watching code Geass now, and so far I'm drawn into it. Immediately see the deathnote similarities.

Mar 12, 14 at 12:54am

quote Poopi Kockuss
I don't what to watch now, please help neo people.
I'll agree with Mastix there. Gurren Lagann and Code Geass would be great next steps.

After that I'd say Darker than Black would fit with that kind of thing and if you're willing to diversify a little, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya might be good as the premise is cool enough to blow your mind a little and keep you interested while also getting you more used to shows in a high school setting.

Mar 11, 14 at 11:57pm

quote Poopi Kockuss
I'm worried I started with the best and it's only downhill from here.
I really don't think you need to worry. There's an ever-growing pool of great shows to watch. Just move on to the next big thing and you'll do fine. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann or Code Geass are popular next steps from what you've watched. You can't go wrong with those.

Mar 11, 14 at 3:51am
Poopi Kockuss

I'm Poopi Kockus, and I'm new to the anime side of this site. My first anime was similiar to most being pokemon/digimon/dbz etc. Never finished any one of them though
Recently I've been getting more serious into watching anime, and so far I've completed 3 series' : Fullmetal Alchemist, Brotherhood, and Deathnote. I'm worried I started with the best and it's only downhill from here. It's overwhelming with how many different anime their is out there. I don't what to watch now, please help neo people.

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