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Jul 13, 06 at 10:56pmVeGiTAX2

Hello everyone,

As many might have noticed, the previous thread was overflowing with posts. As such we present to you the new and possibly not so much improved introduction thread for the forum.

Please take your time to introduce yourself and share a bit of info with the fellow Anime and Manga fans in the forum.

Examples being:
  • How you started watching or reading anime & manga
  • What are some of your favorite titles past or present?

Please limit your postings to one per user, also please try to keep from making this into a discussion thread, there's pleanty of opportunities for that in the rest of the forum. ^^:

Finally, we hope your stay in the Anime Forum is enjoyable, we wish you all safe travels as there is high chance that you may never make it out of here again.

Anime Forum Introduction Archive:

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2. Introduction Thread

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Oct 16, 14 at 1:28am

Hello there!

My name is Kitty/Kat and I am currently a University student. :3 I love to watch anime, and have been doing so since I was about 5 (DBZ). I eventually got into Yu-Gi-OH!, Pokémon, and Digimon. When I got older I discovered Naruto & Bleach. :3 I've watched tons of anime of all different genres. (Even many unorthodox ones )

My favorite anime at the time has got to be Fairy Tail, which I have been keeping up with c: I've also been watching the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden, Free!, and Love Stage. I recently finished watching with Corpse Party, School Days, and Deadman Wonderland (DW is Amazing!) Still not quite finished with Higurashi, but I'm getting there. I loved Avatar the Last Air Bender and started watching Legend of Korra some time ago. c: My favorite anime movie is definitely Wolf Children

Idk what else to say, but I've watched many more and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

Patiently waiting for the next season of Attack on Titan!

Sep 26, 14 at 8:22pm

Hey guys I thought I might introduce myself here as I seem to be doing a fair amount of anime watching lately.

Aug 06, 14 at 1:06pm

Just dropping by, Darganball here. I actually like more than what my username sounds like.

Aug 02, 14 at 7:57am
Mega Shuppet

Hey guys. I'm Mega Shuppet. Call me MS, or by my real name "Jolon".

Been on neo for quite a while now. I'm usually hanging around the Pokemon forums. Had no idea there was an anime forum, so I'm dropping by for some lurking/occasional posting here and then. I've been into anime for about two years now. I usually watch romance comedies but I'll watch the occasional psychological thriller. My mates give me shit for watching ecchi but *bleep* 'em lol.

Favourite animes would have to be Steins;Gate, Mirai Nikki, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan and Seitokai Yakuindomo.

I'm on MAL too, check out what I've been watching here.

So yeah that's me. Looking forward to being a part of the community.

> MS

Jul 26, 14 at 2:07am

I have a confession to make, I actually still like Anime...

I don't know what made me think I hated it, maybe it was Naruto, that series can be a bit annoying, I don't Naruto, the only character I like that's a Naruto character is Orochimaru, and that's because he reminds me of Marilyn Manson, maybe it was Dragonball Z KAI, I didn't like Kai for some reason, I like Dragonball Z, just not Kai, my favorite Dragoball Z good guy is Trunks, favorite villain, Cell.

I think the biggest let down of Anime that made me turn like that was Bleach, I hate Bleach, wth happened to that Anime to be what it is?

Another Anime I used to like was Avatar The Last Airbender, but is that really a legit Anime?

Either way I still like Azula, she was the only good character in that.

I think I'm going to start watching Toonami again, I already started started drawing again.

Jul 14, 14 at 11:04am

quote Blingage
Hey seekers. I joined this site many years ago but was never apart of these Anime forums so I'm taking the chance to introduce myself. My favorites include Mushishi, Nichijou, Sora no Woto, Baccano, Tatami Galaxy, and Katanagatari.
Damn what a list. I see you have a genre. Deep welcome man.

Jul 14, 14 at 6:28am

Blingage Welcome and niiiice taste. I like you already 8D. Mushishi and Tatami Galaxy love.

And belated welcomes to Dark Wave, Shadowdarkrai, DeadDocInc, tractadactle as well. Always good to see new faces.

Jul 12, 14 at 11:57pm

Hey seekers. I joined this site many years ago but was never apart of these Anime forums so I'm taking the chance to introduce myself. My favorites include Mushishi, Nichijou, Sora no Woto, Baccano, Tatami Galaxy, and Katanagatari.

Jul 12, 14 at 8:08pm

Hi, I think i was first 13ish when i started watching anime and it started with a random TV channel that would play Naruto, Yu-gi-oh, DBZ kai, and Bleach. I watched those animes for a while then i found websites where i can watch more.... I had problems controlling myself with all the new stuff to watch. Once i was about 15ish i found manga.... lets just say that I'm currently addicted to it and can't go a few hours without reading a chapter (or volume) of some type of manga.

Jul 08, 14 at 7:42am

What uuup Neo peeps! I'm re-introducing myself! I'm DeadDogInc, your friendly internet english dub anime Otaku.

I spent a lot of my teens and young adult life on this site but more specifically the anime forum. Its nice to see that even after over 5 years away from this site that I'm still top 25 in this forum, lol kinda.

Id say my anime obsession began about 12-13 years ago after I saw (like so many others) an episode of DBZ, but technically unknowingly to me at the time it started with Speed Racer. Yes older folks, Speed Racer is an anime.

I own enough anime dvd's to open up my own store, and Ive seen over 100 different anime in english. No subs here, not my thing. Feel free to ask me any questions or for suggestions. Support the industry, don't DL anime and buy bootlegs!

With that said hopefully I'll stay an active member like I was years ago. LOVE and PEACE!

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