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Jul 13, 06 at 12:27amSuperfast Oz

Hey all,

You may recall me saying that I was ending the NAM program, and that you may well see it return in another format. Well, that day has arrived FAR quicker than I ever expected. With a little help from some neo members and extensive research into the languages involved, I have managed to write this whole project with 1 week preparation and 2 weeks of coding.

That said, this is no rush job. I had quite basic objectives initially (ie the version I released to mods mid last week) but I quickly saw how much I could achieve and committed
myself to pulling off the one thing NAM.exe could never do - integrate!

The ideal NAM would be so efficient that you didn't even need to know you were using it. I think this initial release is basically there. Anyway, enough hype. Let me explain installation and usage. Please read carefully, I can't be bothered answering questions because you rushed to install it like a kid on christmas morning.

Installing NAM: Firefox Edition

1. Download the namfox.xpi file that you see at the bottom of this page.

2. Open Firefox, press Ctrl + O or File > Open File..

3. Select namfox.xpi and press Open.

4. Wait the few seconds, then select Install.

5. Then restart Firefox, and NAM: Firefox Edition is installed.

Using NAM: Firefox Edition

The Toolbar

1. Okay so you installed NAM. Upon restarting Firefox you will immediately notice the below toolbar.

2. As I said originally, NAMs essential functions would NOT require you to know you are using it. This toolbar can easily be disabled by right clicking the top area of Firefox and unchecking the bar. You need not see it again. Read on, this will all become clear.

3. Let's move from left to right. First up is a drop down menu item called Forums. This is pretty self explanitory as it is all just handy links for you to work through. I'll come back to the Save Messages menu icon later on.

4. Next up is Smilies, a simple drop down that lists all of neoseekers smileys. If you are on a Post screen of any kind, clicking a smiley will add the relevant markup to the text box. Next up is Custom Messages but again I'll return to that once we're done with the toolbar.

5. Next up are two search boxes, for Neo Files and Neoseeker generally. Enter your query and press the 'Search Neoseeker' button and choose what category you wish to search. Simple, I hope!

6. Last up is very important! This isn't meant to pressure anyone of course, but if you're ever flush for cash maybe consider a donation to neoseeker to help keep things running excellent. Incase there is any confusion, this button simply takes you to the relevant Neoseeker page, you're not supporting me. I work for free.

The Buttons

1. Okay so that's the toolbar out of the way. Now onto the most important aspects of this extension: Browser integration! Head over to a thread and and choose Post New Reply. After a couple of seconds your screen should jump a bit and look like:

Notice the additional buttons, functional as follows.

Image Link: Adds the markup for an image link the same way 'Bold' would.
Anchor: Adds anchor markup.
PM Link: This is designed to create a working link for a PM based on what you have typed. It will replace everything you have typed, and following two prompts will supply a PM Link similar to the Moderator Application link.

Replace: Uses two prompts to perform a generic replace function on the current text.
List: Uses prompts to build a formatted link. Keep pressing OK to add more entries. Press Cancel when you're done and it will add the markup.
Num List: As above, but adds markup for a numbered listed instead of bullets.
Indent: Adds markup to Indent encapsulated text.
X2: Adds markup for superscript.
X2: Adds markup for subscript.
Align: Adds the relevant markup to align text.

Custom Messages

1. The key feature of NAM functions as follows. You have 15 messages that you can store on your computer and recall instantly with no effort. To save a message you go to any post screen on Neoseeker (ie New Thread, New Post, Send PM etc) and enter information as follows.

2. I hope that's pretty clear. If not, just enter the message you wish to store in the post reply box, set the Name you want to call the message in the subject box, choose save from the menu. You can then access your messages using either of the dropdowns.

3. Saving messages is the only thing that requires you to use the toolbar. If you hate the toolbar, you'll have to enable it to save a message, then disable afterwards.

Update: Version 0.2 - 8 Aug 06

The following updates released 8 Aug 06.

1. Access keys for Bold, Italic, Quote, Underline and Link name buttons added for Close thread page.
2. Slight design changes to allow the full toolbar to display at 1024*768 resolution.
3. Added Link name button to Close thread page.
4. Added IMG button for all pages.
6. Smileys drop down now has a graphic to represent what you're adding.
7. The below quick reply screen will appear when viewing a thread.

Update: Version 0.3 - 17 Sep 06

The following updates released 17 Sep 06.

1. Added Check/Uncheck buttons to the Moderator Control Panel (Mods only) which simply checks or unchecks all the tick boxes on a page.
2. Added the same buttons the mod queue, will show to non mods too but obviously won't be of use.
3. Added a Default Message function, where you can specify a segment of text to auto fill anytime you go to make a post. This is done exactly like saving a custom message (see above) except you now choose the Save Default Message item in the menu. To clear your saved default message, simply go to the post screen and save with the text box blank. Default messages are ignored anytime you quote, edit or do anything that puts text in automatically.
4. Added buttons to Forum Settings page to aid signature building. I didn't go with all the buttons as some I thought were unnecessary and cluttered the page too much.

Update: Version 0.4 - 21 Nov 06

The following updates released 21 Nov 06.

1. Quick Edit. Double click any post to enter quick edit mode. If you have permission (ie you are the author or are a moderator) you can submit any changes. There is no confirmation page when quick editing a post.
2. Added some buttons to the guestbook signing page.
3. Added Spoiler button to the normal posting screen only (excludes NeoPM and various other screens).
4. CSS Override. Legacy viewing styles are restored as close as I can get.
5. Mods: Open and Close thread buttons for quick reply added. You can post to a closed thread by choosing the Close Thread button.
6. Use Signature checkbox added below quick reply. Default will always be checked.

Update: Version 0.5 - 22 Apr 07

The following updates released 22 Apr 07.

1. Quick Quoting. For multiple quoting to the quick reply box. Next to the quote/edit/del/report links on the bottom of each post, you will see another link for "quick quote." If you click that, the content of that post will be quoted and go to the quick reply box.
2. Quick Reply Enhancements. Adding quick replies and using quick open/close no longer give you a confirmation page, but instead refresh the page where your post will appear.
3. Automatic Updates. Starting with releases after this one, you'll be able to update using Firefox's built-in "Find Updates" feature to update NAMFox.
4. Minor User Interface Enhancements. Quick Edit and Quick Reply will use a loading image to let you know that your post is currently being posted/edited. Quick Edit now has a link next to the normal quote/edit/del/report links. There are a few other UI enhancements as well.
5. Bug Fixes. Last but not least we know there were a lot of bugs in v. 0.4. We hope the fixes enrich your NAMFox experience.

Update: Version - 8 May 07

The following updates released 8 May 07.

1. Quick fix for neoforums v. 0.9 so NAMFox would provide base functionality. Bugs still existed because of the new nTags that came out.

Update: Version - 12 May 07

The following updates released 12 May 07.

1. nTag Updates. Quick Edit and Quick Quote should work with the new nTags that came out earlier this week.

Update: Version - 2 Sep 07

The following updates released 2 Sep 07.

1. Quick Reply / Quick Edit Update Automatically
  • Most Quick Reply/Quick Edit cases will not need to refresh the page.
2. Quick Reply / Quick Edit Feedback
  • In the case that your post violates any of Neoseeker's rules (e.g. too many consecutive characters), you'll get feedback like the following for Quick Reply:
Or Quick Edit:
3. Quick Reply Interface Changes
  • You'll see that the general interface for Quick Reply, allowing for some new features:
  • Preview for Quick Reply.
  • When you want to see what your post will look like without leaving the page, click the Preview button, and you'll see something like this:
  • Go to Full Reply for Quick Reply.
  • If Quick Reply doesn't satisfy your needs, click the Go to Full Reply button to go to the normal reply page with your post in tact.
4. Use Signature and Hide Edit Tags for Quick Edit
  • Quick Edit also has a few interface changes. The most notable are that you can choose whether to have your signature showing or not. Also, you can decide whether you want to hide any edit tags that may appear in the post after you edited it.
5. Backup/Restore Custom Messages
  • New feature courtesy of a suggestion by Freeze. This will allow you to export your current set of custom messages and import others. Using this function, you can potentially have unlimited custom messages.
6. Configuration Settings
  • If you're familiar with the about:config interface in Firefox, then you can edit preferences for NAMFox, or you can edit preferences through Firefox Tools > NAMFox Preferences option.
7. As Always, Bug Fixes. [Notably, NAMFox buttons return to PM screens]

Update: Version - 22 Nov 07

1: Added support for multiple video tags
2: Added support for frag smiley when quick editing.
3: Replaced align dropdown with Videos markup.
4: Check added to prevent duplicate Quick Quote functionality.
5: Chat link in toolbar link corrected.
6: Changed quote button functionality inline with modernised markup.
7: General Quick Edit/Quick Reply Bug fixes

Update: Version - 26 Nov 07

1. Quick edit post merge bug fix.
2. Quick edit hide edit tags bug fix.
3. Minor bug fixes.

Update: Version - 16 Dec 07

1. New Preferences:

As you can see there is an option for automatically adding a tick mark to the "Keep message in your sent folder" when sending a PM. Also, you can choose which markup buttons you want to see on the reply screen and the PM screen.

2. Adds a new message to the quick reply screen which shows the message that moderators can set for a forum. For example, in RFS, you will now see this:

3. Adds new markup features to quickedit, including [faqimg], [hr], and [neovid] tags. (See here for an example of these tags.)
4. Changes the NAMFox toolbar to search at instead of (Yes, just for you Krunal!)
5. Fixes duplicate quote buttons on the PM screen.
6. Quick Edit fix where your entire post wouldn't be shown after clicking "Submit" if you had a [code] or [php] tag in the post.
7. Adds Gametrailers and Neoseeker Video options to the videos drop down list.

Update: Version - 14 Jan 08

1. Bug Fix where quick reply was a bit too overzealous in what it was showing after a new post.

Update: Version 0.6.2 - 26 Mar '08

1. Fixes a compatibility issue with Firefox

Update: Version 0.6.3 - 28 Mar '08

1. Fixes another compatibility issue with Firefox

Update: Version 1.0 - 14 June '08

1. Edit your custom messages from the preferences window. Details
2. Surround text with your custom messages, similar to how markup buttons surround text. Details
3. Backup custom messages from the preferences window. Details
4. Ever accidentally hit the back button while making a quick reply? NAMFox will restore your quick reply if you ever accidentally navigate away from the page. Details
5. AutoComplete now available for helping you to use all of Neoseeker's markup tags more easily than ever before. Details
6. NAMFox now trims video URLs when using video tags. Details
7. You can now open the toolbar links in a new tab. Details
8. Keyboard shortcuts now available for certain markup tags. Details

== End of Documentation ==

There you go then, that's basically everything. Hope you enjoy NAM and I hope it enhances your neoseeker experience.


  1. If you receive an error message that says, "The custom message file <file_path> has been tampered with. Please contact Artificer to try to resolve the issue," drop me (Artificer) a PM. I can then work with you directly to get your messages back. If you can open the custom message file beforehand and copy and paste the contents of the file to send to me then that would save a lot of time.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Jul 16, 12 at 2:28pm

quote Abused Child
Is this system now outdated and dead? I remember using it back years ago and it was very useful. Just wondering before I download it, again.
In a way it is, but it's usefulness is still there.

Jul 9, 12 at 4:26pm

Is this system now outdated and dead? I remember using it back years ago and it was very useful. Just wondering before I download it, again.

Dec 27, 11 at 11:08pm

Thank you. Now to get back to writting reviews.

Dec 27, 11 at 7:30pm

quote Ren of Heavens
Once you've installed NAM, replace the installed NAM.exe with the downloaded update one.
Those links still work, so enjoy a bit of nostalgia.

Dec 27, 11 at 7:25pm

So I don't have Firefox and have no intention of using it but I do want NAM because I found it very useful on my old PC for writing reviews while offline. So could someone please tell me where to get the old NAM?

Nov 3, 10 at 3:33pm

My markup seems to be disabled from my PMs (it was the same as these posts), how do I set it up?

Actually, it only doesn't work when I compose a new PM


Jul 22, 10 at 3:39pm

Did you ever have it set to automatically insert the mark-up in the posting areas?

Jul 22, 10 at 12:52am
Pompey Fan

Yeah, my browser still seems slow.

The only mark-up I had was the colour, and it was so slow just using that. It's quicker just selecting or coping the colour code myself.

Does get really annoying tho, I really liked NamFox

Jul 21, 10 at 9:04pm

Go to the Tools menu and click on NAMFox Preferences. There's a check box on the "Main" pane that allows you to disable it.

Jul 21, 10 at 9:02pm
Pompey Fan

Sorry, how do I disable AutoComplete?

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