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Jul 07, 06 at 5:12pmSolitaire

Yeah, not the greatest title, it will most likely get changed later on. =/

I've been wanting to do this for awhile now but wasn't quite sure how I wanted to organize it. With all the recent changes I've been making in the forum I thought now would be a good idea to get off my fanny and get this started. ^^;

Ok, now you are all wondering what the heck I am talking about. The purpose of this thread is to provide a place where the forum members & guests can discuss things in the forum. If you have any suggestions to improve the forum or wish to offer any constructive feedback on any changes made or just in general on how things have been in this forum here is the place to do so.

Likewise, if you have any concerns / questions about the forum and the way it is run, and would like the feedback of your peers (which you can't get with a PM) then by all means post it here. An example of which could include a clarification on a forum rule.

I will also use this thread to make any announcements that effect this forum.


To start things off, some of you have probably noticed a few changes already, namely the un-floating of 2 threads (Manga Discussion & Anime Announcements). In the past the super moderators always seemed to be of the opinion that the fewer sticky threads the better. Thus those two threads have been chosen to be un-stickied, however links for them as well as a link to the Anime GD have been added to the Forum Header courtesy of my Co-Moderator VeGiTAX2.

  • Originally the Manga Discussion thread was stickied as an experiment to see how much interest people had in discussing manga, because at the time people weren't sure where to discuss Manga and we didn't have any manga title threads available to work with. With a growing list of manga titles, and a growing awareness that posting about manga in this forum is perfectly acceptable, the Manga GD isn't needed as some kind of sign post anymore.

  • As for Anime Announcements, the thread wasn't making much of an impact as a sticky and was frequently overlooked. I'm hoping that by unsticky-ing it that it will actually generate more interest whenever someone makes a time relevant post and it pops back up to the top of the forum.

  • There has been another change made, or rather an alteration, that I doubt most people are aware of. I've been working on up-dating the Title Index (*Laughs sheepishly at the folks that are no doubt saying, "About damn time"). In addition to slowly adding in titles I may have overlooked, I've been adding links to previous incarnations of threads that have generated more then 1 discussion thread. No this has not been completed, and yes I am still working on it. I would appreciate any feedback on how the indexes look, and how useful you find them. If you have any suggestions for improving them, by all means post that here.

    .: Super Moderators :.


    Ren of Heavens

    Sonic Flash



    .: Forum Moderators :.



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  • Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

    Jan 17, 15 at 6:43am

    Forum needs a footer change.

    Jan 13, 14 at 12:42pm

    shayne And I am thankful for your contributions~ ouo.

    But seriously, what kind of crossover can we do? Card animu, versus DBZ animu versus... moe mecha? Anime hasn't got a definite representative haha.

    Jan 13, 14 at 11:56am

    you know why ppl are posting? CUZ I MADE THE THREADS MWAHAHA
    ok more like a stroke of 2014 luck and cool people returning all of a sudden

    Jan 13, 14 at 11:47am

    Gentle pressure was what's needed to get people posting again hur ouo~.

    If you have any ideas about cross-over events, then let's hear them. Doujin Games will be merged back to Anime soonish since that forum was experimental, and welp, no new activity for a year nao 8D.

    Jan 13, 14 at 8:27am

    quote Swampert X
    Amy, Mastix, maybe it's time for some crossover events with the Dragonball, Gundam and Yu-Gi-Oh! forum.

    Or do something to make the Doujin Games forum a new life?
    It does seem like activity is up. Maybe it's time. That poor sap who got the DB forum could probably use some initiation anyway. Isn't that right Kaboom?

    Jan 13, 14 at 7:07am

    Swampert X by crossover events you mean:

    best joey wheeler cosplay?
    best athran zala cosplay?
    best master roshi cosplay?

    no seriously though i'd totally be interested in crossover events depending on what they were about

    Jan 13, 14 at 7:05am
    Swampert X

    Amy, Mastix, maybe it's time for some crossover events with the Dragonball, Gundam and Yu-Gi-Oh! forum.

    Or do something to make the Doujin Games forum a new life?

    Dec 15, 13 at 3:55pm

    It's dead jim.

    A fix is in the mix, may take a few days though. 'till then the fancy bits of the header are removed so they can't break anything important.

    Dec 15, 13 at 11:38am

    Well something in the header broke for me. I'll see what happened XD.

    Nov 27, 13 at 10:47pm

    quote Kingy
    This forum is friggin gorgeous guys. Almost makes me want to develop an interest in anime just so I can post here. ;D
    All thanks go to Amy. She's a wizard.

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