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Jul 07, 06 at 5:12pmSolitaire

Yeah, not the greatest title, it will most likely get changed later on. =/

I've been wanting to do this for awhile now but wasn't quite sure how I wanted to organize it. With all the recent changes I've been making in the forum I thought now would be a good idea to get off my fanny and get this started. ^^;

Ok, now you are all wondering what the heck I am talking about. The purpose of this thread is to provide a place where the forum members & guests can discuss things in the forum. If you have any suggestions to improve the forum or wish to offer any constructive feedback on any changes made or just in general on how things have been in this forum here is the place to do so.

Likewise, if you have any concerns / questions about the forum and the way it is run, and would like the feedback of your peers (which you can't get with a PM) then by all means post it here. An example of which could include a clarification on a forum rule.

I will also use this thread to make any announcements that effect this forum.


To start things off, some of you have probably noticed a few changes already, namely the un-floating of 2 threads (Manga Discussion & Anime Announcements). In the past the super moderators always seemed to be of the opinion that the fewer sticky threads the better. Thus those two threads have been chosen to be un-stickied, however links for them as well as a link to the Anime GD have been added to the Forum Header courtesy of my Co-Moderator VeGiTAX2.

  • Originally the Manga Discussion thread was stickied as an experiment to see how much interest people had in discussing manga, because at the time people weren't sure where to discuss Manga and we didn't have any manga title threads available to work with. With a growing list of manga titles, and a growing awareness that posting about manga in this forum is perfectly acceptable, the Manga GD isn't needed as some kind of sign post anymore.

  • As for Anime Announcements, the thread wasn't making much of an impact as a sticky and was frequently overlooked. I'm hoping that by unsticky-ing it that it will actually generate more interest whenever someone makes a time relevant post and it pops back up to the top of the forum.

  • There has been another change made, or rather an alteration, that I doubt most people are aware of. I've been working on up-dating the Title Index (*Laughs sheepishly at the folks that are no doubt saying, "About damn time"). In addition to slowly adding in titles I may have overlooked, I've been adding links to previous incarnations of threads that have generated more then 1 discussion thread. No this has not been completed, and yes I am still working on it. I would appreciate any feedback on how the indexes look, and how useful you find them. If you have any suggestions for improving them, by all means post that here.

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    Ren of Heavens

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    Apr 21, 15 at 5:12pm

    quote Aurora
    Amy, Mastix

    Reckon you could fix these link colours?

    Done. No idea why I changed the colors there. Absolutely no clue. Thanks for the request. Sorry it took so damn long.

    Mar 14, 15 at 2:30am

    quote Mastix
    Are there any opposition voices? Pokemaniac, why do you think it should be official protocol? My worry with that is that it shuts down discussion of second seasons if no one has created the thread yet. I don't want people to not post because no one has bothered to create a second season thread. The way I envision this is "If someone felt it was worth the effort to create a thread, I don't want to stop them. If they don't think it's worth creating a thread, they can post where there's available space already."
    Well, mostly for the same reasons that Aurora came up with, but there's also the fact that there's less confusion as to exactly what is being discussed in a certain thread, that way the discussion for all specific seasons could be going on at the same time, while preventing the aforementioned confusion without needing those pesky spoiler tags everywhere. As of course there will always be the basic discussion and comparison between previous seasons and such.

    As for your point about the creation of threads, well I think it could also boost the activity in that respect, if we encourage the creation of threads for new seasons, then I'm sure someone will be up for it. And well, if there's not then the discussion could continue in the previous thread until someone is willing to create a thread for the next season.

    Aurora - Yay, I need this.

    Mar 11, 15 at 2:44pm

    Aurora Go for it o3o~. Hopefully there would be enough activity to keep it floating for a while.

    Mar 11, 15 at 2:37pm

    Mastix, Amy

    Thread idea.

    Basically like a caption contest, except there is no contest element. Someone posts a screencap from an Anime, and people post their hilarious and witty captions. Every X days a new screencap can be posted by whoever wishes to.

    Should be low maintenance on everyone's part and a bit of fun.

    Yay or nay?

    Mar 11, 15 at 1:18pm


    Seems that getting rid of these custom background-color and color styles will fix the issue:

    a.label {
    color: #fff;
    background-color: #c1cbe2;
    a.label:hover {
    color: #fff;
    background-color: #cdd8f0;

    I don't see why you'd need them, either, if the custom tags are going to have the image overlay. But maybe you know otherwise?

    Mar 10, 15 at 6:43pm

    quote Aurora
    Amy, Mastix

    Reckon you could fix these link colours?

    Do you know the CSS names for those tags? See, presently we've got the styles set for our custom tags, and I think the tags in threads have the same style sheets. Unfortunately the custom images we've got don't come through. I wonder how we can fix that. TO THE WIKI.

    Mar 10, 15 at 3:53pm

    Mastix HUR, DUR, CODING. Wut.

    Mar 10, 15 at 3:38pm

    Amy, Mastix

    Reckon you could fix these link colours?

    Mar 08, 15 at 2:50pm
    Mister MacPhisto

    Aurora, imo it's what makes the most sense being an organic fit to the series/topic.

    Sometimes that might be season, other times it might be arc...could be series, or episode, or even a specific character's narrative arc. Whatever you can discuss and enthusiastically pull others in with.

    Any avenue you take is going to have it's strengths and weaknesses really. It's just a case of not going about things in a way that one way is the only way and excludes possibilities as that simply prevents discussion from happening. But you and I know that already as it seems we're on much the same wavelength.

    Mar 08, 15 at 2:42pm

    Mister MacPhisto

    Yeah, that's a good point. I suppose, though, that any system for divvying up a show into discussion threads is going to be imperfect. You can have a single thread, meaning maximum breadth of discussion, making it easier for people who have watched the entire show to discuss arcs and themes that transcend seasons, at the expense of newcomers who would want to discuss one season at a time in isolation as they watch. Breaking the threads down may also spawn deeper discussions for the same reason as why general threads are considered bad, but that's just a theory.

    I don't really think there's a right or a wrong way. It depends what you want to optimise, where you want the balance to lie, etc.

    quote Mastix
    Aurora, yeah that's fine if you like. I want discussion to be as safe for spoilers as possible. I've talked about this with other members, and the view I personally prefer is one where people can create spaces for discussion at their discretion without being concerned about me or someone else reprimanding them. If you want a thread for a particular episode you thought was monumental enough to warrant its own place for discussion, go for it. For many series we already do have season 2 threads, and they work out fine. I *think* you might find that typically people only want to hop [img][/img]into threads after they've watched the whole series, including new seasons. But that's definitely not always the case, especially with shows like Psycho-Pass where part of fandom doesn't accept the new material and doesn't want to hear about it.
    Awesome, thanks! That seems a reasonable approach.

    On the topic of safeguarding spoilers, I see that some folks prefer to wrap their comments on a particular episode in spoiler tags. One issue with this, in my opinion, is that it can impede discussion. If I want to start a discussion based on their remarks, what am I to do, wrap my replies in spoiler tags as well? The whole thing is a bit of a can of worms. Letting people compartmentalise discussions into separate threads where they see fit seems sensible.

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