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Jul 4, 06 at 5:27am$$M()NEY$$

Ok I just got this game last week and I love it. But there is a bunch of things Im not sure about. So if someone could answer these that would be great. This is basically a list of questions.

When I use Hinder or (Expidete?) what do those do? I know it says but I dont get what they mean. Does Hinder make it take longer for enemy officers to appear? or soilders.

And lets say I'm invading and I just sit in my main camp. Can my army take over the other main camp if they were good enough of course.

And when I use Demoralize does it make it easier for my troops to take out the enemy officers?

I use set ambush often and what determines where they spawn? because sometimes they spawn around me others somewhere else. And one time when it was just the enemy main camp left they spawn right in there.

And is there a trick to get certain policies? I read a faq that says you have to have certain officers, for instance Dio Chan, Da Quio, Xio Quio(dont think i spelled them right) have to be on the same force to get charm enemy. I usually drag out the battle to try and get new ones but I never do. I form an alliance with the last property left and just keep getting money and looking at consult. But I have played empire 3 times today and didnt get a new one.The ones I dont have are ice arrows, sorcerers,bandits,charm enemy, Rally troops, poison enemy, and slow march. Sometimes I keep looking at recruit and hire and some officers never show up. So if i do need certain ones i have no idea how ill get them. I beat it with yellow turbans to try to get sorcerers and nanman for armor troops but nothing.

Can you still get the 1000 ko medal in free mode?

What deterimes which of your stats go up such as life musuo ect in weapon or character.

Can enemy officers take over your main camp without having support from one of theres. Or does your troops keep spawning just as if you were to just rush their main camp?

And when capture and buy an officer what determines the area they go? or is it just random.

And my last question at least fo now is can you have any of your officers on horses? in dw4 empires the three officers you pick ride them. I know the ruler does or the first guy on the list you pick but is there any other way? Im sure there isnt i was just wondering if there was a secret like getting all saddles up to a certain number or something. And I actually feel stupid for asking that question lol.

Some of these are probably hard to answer but if you do it will be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 5, 06 at 4:23pm

I think the red circles means the General is in retreat.
I notice them around the heads of generals that are in your territory or are running away back to one of their bases.

The poison marsh wouldn't really make sense to have as a default for that level seeing as "poison enemy" is a tactic you have to buy.

When placing generals you can change the territory by selecting one of the territories at the top of the screen. It will then take you to the map where you can select the territory. From there you can place the "unplaced" general in the new territory.

I honestly don't think the other characters weapons have the player stats.

Jul 5, 06 at 3:01pm

Thank you Lu Bu I appreciate that.

Jul 5, 06 at 1:45pm
The Mighty LuBu 1989

and more anwser's.... things-I'm not so sure if they mean the enemy will be captured,some times they are around the enemy but I don't capture them.Then again I don't really know.

2.if you hire them anyway except for when you capture them in battle it will just place them(usually near/where you find them).When you have to place them,click on the box at the top of the little screen.It will bring you to the map and just choose the area you want to place them.Then put the people you want there in it.

3.I'm sure they use the same weapons that you have(the enemies probably do too).It would make sense,seeing how they have the same stats that you got them too.But it's not easy to tell since there aren't elements on the weapons like in DW3/XL.

4.allies gain health by sitting in a base long enough(same with enemies).As for receiving supplies,it probably gives health(or if you standing in a suplly base then anything) plus it usually raises morale for that officer.

5.not sure why they took the poisoness affect away,guess they felt it was too unfair for people invading there.

Jul 5, 06 at 12:58pm

Thanks, the red ring thing was really my main question. But my third question is, you know when you get atributes is what i should have said, do your AI allies get the atributes on thee weapon. Like if I was sun jian and I put an attack 20 on lets say the 2nd weapon. And my weapon smiths are on the second weapon. If I were to be someone elsee but have sun jian in my army at the time, would he have that attack 20 on his weapon or no. I know only the people that made the game can answer that, jut seeing if anyone knew by chance. That may have been a little confusing.

Jul 5, 06 at 12:08pm

those red things are signs so that you can capture enemy officers.

If you have land, you should devide the famous officers. ( 1 or 2 for each pease of land )

don't understand the third Q

I don't know

and that one I don't know either

This wasn't much help but try to look it up on the internet

Jul 5, 06 at 10:53am

Playing more last night i had some more questions lol.I have read through the faq but i might have missed something.

What are those red circles that spin around your officers?

And when I hire/recruit ppl y does it ask me where i want to put them and most of the time it places them somewhere? And even when i have a bunch of zeros on my lands it asks me where i want to put them and then i cant even change where, so i have to dismiss them. Even when i didnt reach the officer limit.

And there might be no way of knowing this one but when your ai officers have their 4th weapon, does it have the stats it normally has for when you use it?. And for all the other levels? or does it just look like the 4th weapon.

And what does it mean when an officer recives suplies? For the first time last night It said that I recieved them while i was sitting in the base but i didnt notice it do anything, but maybe cause my health was full. And this could tie to this question. How do your allies gain more health? I was thinking it was when they recieve supplies but im not sure.

And Finally How come the swamps of nanman dont poison people any more?

Hopefully I wont figure out something else that has me thinking.

Jul 5, 06 at 8:32am

that's not very smart of you, that you didn't found it out jet. ( I haven't got the game jet but now I know )

BTW thanks for the thanks

Jul 5, 06 at 5:53am

Is "Set ambush" a tactic? I have never gotten that one... DAMN! And I've gone through the game 10 times atleast now.

Jul 5, 06 at 3:24am

lol sorry, thank you strategist!

Jul 4, 06 at 8:36pm

and where is my part of the thanks, of saying gamefaqs is a good site

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