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Jun 28, 06 at 2:18pmStocks109

In the interest of keeping my sanity (and time) I'd like to create one master thread where you guys can ask whatever questions you like. I can't guarantee I'll answer all of them but I'll certainly do my best.

Also, if a moderator could sticky this thread that would be most helpful. Thanks.

Full Q&A

I've adapted some questions from this thread, and amended some answers context so it reads more like an interview. I also divided them into rough subject areas.

Character Creation | Vehicles | Gameplay | Environment | AI | Miscellaneous

Character Creation

Is it possible to render life-like faces with character customisation?

Yes. A month or so ago we had people here at the office creating all sorts of real life celebrity lookalikes. Everything from the A-Team to Urkel.

Also, can the character's voice be customized as well?

Yes and no. Yes as in the voice matches the race. No as in the player doesn't have control over the voice.

Is it possible to render female characters using this system?

No, female creation is not supported.

Can we change the physical appreance of our characters after we start the game? If I make a fat character can I make him skinny if I choose to?

Yup, via the plastic surgeon. Oh yea, it'll also lower both police and gang notoriety. But it does cost some money though.


Can we fly? If so, what is available to fly?

No flying vehicles for this iteration of SR.

Was the reason you didn't include flyable vehicles or bikes/motorcycles a techincal one or was it simply a design choice?

A little bit of both. Fact is even though the X360 poly / texture pushing skills have gone up by a considerable amount, DVD transfer speeds have not. Now thats not to say we can't ever do the vehicles you mentioned but for this round we wanted to learn the 360 first before attempting something as amibitious as that. Now that we have the tech down (it didn't use a licensed engine like GTA does) we can explore the options of expanding upon it, in the future.

Is there motorbikes?

No motorbikes for this iteration. But we have a ton of different vehicles you can discover in the world. If there is a sequel you can bet we'll look really hard at adding them in.

Are there any actual real cards in the game?

No real cars.

I'd like to know if visible damage from gunfire can be seen on cars, i.e. bullet holes on the chasis, shattered-glass, deflated tires, etc.

Yup. Glass breaks, bullet hole decals show up when a car gets shot, and tires can be deflated. Our vehicle deformation system is light years ahead of GTA's because we actually do real-time deformation while GTA's was purely canned deformation. This means in SR no two car collisions will produce the same damage effect.


What sort of difficulty should we expect in Saints Row?

We've worked really hard at making sure the missions aren't too difficult (or too easy). We've brought in tons of focus testers (people who have never played the game before) and had them play through the game from beginning to end. We recorded a lot of data and looked at where people were having the most difficult time. We adjusted from there.

Now our activities are an entirely different matter. Our activities have 8 difficulty levels associated with them. And you can bet that the later levels of the activity are pretty tough. But you don't have to play them if you don't want too.

Will there be cheats?

Tons o' cheats. Also, we have a pretty neat way you unlock them too. I think you guys will dig it. But I'm not telling specifics.

Can we go Swimming?

Yes, you'll be able to swim. Also, in case you fall in the drink and the nearest exit point to land is far away all you have to do is press a button and you'll instantly warp to the nearest exit point.

Is there going to be a ragdoll button outside of Insurance Fraud?

Nope, the ragdoll button is only available during IF.

Is it possible to get money from civillians like in GTA? If so, how does it work? Is it like GTA with floating money or do you pick it up off of them or something?

Cash bundles will drop from dead NPCs.

I've spotted drugs in some videos, will they still be in the game?

Drugs are available and are sold along with Liquor at Brown Baggers (liquor stores). The city of Stilwater is quite liberal.

As for what they do? Well drugs and booze originally were the player's only health regen sources but that has since been nixed and replaced with genuine Freckle Bitch's food. Now they are mostly used just for fun.

Activity rewards, are we talking about a tangible game asset (vehicle, weapon etc) or achievements equalling bragging rights?

Both. Complete each location and you get a tangible reward. Complete all 3 locations and you earn a tangible reward AND an achievement.

When you are wasted or busted by the cop, where will you end up?? (ie, in GTA is hospital and police station)

Police station when busted, Hospital when smoked.

How many wanted level are there in this game, and how do you lower them? (ie, GTA has 6, lower by bribe or spray paint your vehicle).

5 for cops, 5 for each gang (that is LC has 5 levels, VK 5 levels, WR 5 levels). In order to lower notoriety instantly you can either visit the plastic surgeon or Forgive and Forget.

Can we own assets like in GTA?

You will receive cribs throughout the game. But there is no purchasing of safe houses ala GTA: SA.

What sort of Safehouses are there, and how many do we have in this game? Can they be customized?

Ok so we have 4 cribs, which, are major pieces of property that are rewarded throughout the game. Cribs are places to arm yourself with free weapons (more cribs earned = more weapons available, access your bought / rewarded customization items, pickup money earned from owned neighborhoods, access garage, and last but not least serve as reload points from a save game.

How does the save system work?

Now the save system is pretty damn cool for an open world game. Essentially you can save anytime, anywhere. Just go into the menu, select save, and the game is instantly saved. No more traveling to save triggers! However, there are a few limitations to this system. We don't save mission / activity progress. So if you were to save during a mission / activity and reload that save all progress will be lost. Second when you reload from a save you will start at the nearest save trigger from where you selected to save. Make sense?

Can we customize our cribs?

No crib customization for this round.

I haven't heard a lot about the mp3 player in a while; is it still in the game?

Yup, you can bring in your playlist from your XBox or go into the music store and buy any of the music heard on the radios and create your own in-game music playlist. Pretty cool, IMO.

I know we can get the merchandise and money out of the safe in a store; but can we get it out of the cash register as well?

Yup, you can bust up the register for some cash.

I have noticed a lot of people complaining about what they saw in a video. It looked like you can't take your vehicle up stairs. Is this true?

Some stairs are accessible, some are not.

How many drugs are in the game and what effect will they have on you?

Two types of drugs (weed and liquor), 4 variations each. As for what they do? I won't divulge details.

While playing Insurance Fraud, will our health degrade?

Only if you don't trigger the ragdoll.

How long can you play Insurance fraud? Is it timed or can you do it your hearts content?

Each level is timed. But you can replay the activity as much as you want.

Stillwater Environment

How destructible are environments?

Very destructible! Small Trees, Bustops, benches, light posts, street lamps, fences, etc. The list goes on and on!

Are peds dressed dynamically or is there static "old guy in hawaiian shirt" peds all the time?

All our peds have different clothing options. Not static at all!

Artificial Intelligence

Are police complete morons like GTA where they are happy to run down 500 peds to stop you after bumping their car?

I wouldn't say police are morons in our game but in the interest of design and how our notoriety works when the cops come after you they can be relentless.

Will our allies have decent AI? Like not get killed a few minutes into the battle?

Allies are very useful and as long as you are fighting with them they won't die very easily. But I also must mention that you can revive allies infinitely! Even important, mission critical ones. So no more failing a mission due to bad AI (I hate it when other games do that!)

How well will the pedestrian A.I. be? Will we see random police chases and store robberies?


Miscellaneous Questions

What kind of Live content is likely?

The demo will go up on Marketplace Aug. 1. As for downloadable content we plan on having multiplayer levels, clothing, vehicles, maybe some weapons.

Is there a limit to people we can have online simultaneously?

You can have up to 12 people in most online modes (co-op supports 2 players vs. AI)

How long is the demo?

Well we are releasing the entire Saints Row district of Stilwater so you could theoretically play forever. However, in terms of missions / activities I would say probably about an hour or so.

How do you feel now that the end is in sight and your baby is about to be set free into the world?

I'm excited that everyone will finally get a chance to play what we've been pouring blood, sweat, and tears into for the last 3 sum years.

On Online Gang Play; Will you be able to customize your gang? For instance; will you be able to create a gang name, and pick your own gang colors and motto?

You can definitely pick a gang name. Gang coloring is entirely up to the gang and its members. There is no option to select which gang color you want.

Do you know for sure if there will be a Saints Row 2?

Don't know. Depends on how SR performs.

Also, can you ensure to us the game play smooth online, connection-wise and in terms of frame-rate, especially with 12 players on screen?

If you guys have a good connection then, yes, you shouldn't experience any lag issues. Framerate is solid.

How much space did you guys use up on the dvd9? I ask because a lot of people on ps3 forums are saying that GTA4 will need to toned down for 360.

We did not max out the DVD.

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Jun 8, 08 at 10:16pm

I just want to revive this thread in the hopes that the developer comes back to the site to talk to us about Saint's Row 2.

Sep 28, 06 at 3:58pm

Sep 28, 06 at 3:43pm
Steel Magnolia

No mate, what was posted before was totally different and a lot better! You really missed out by not being quick enough

Sep 28, 06 at 3:29pm


Is this what was posted before?

Let me report it, I have never done it before

Sep 25, 06 at 2:45pm

I hate it when the whole post gets removed. I want to see what was so bad that it had to be taken away.

Sep 17, 06 at 7:46pm
Steel Magnolia

He was trying to use html, which obviously won't work in a post, with what seemed like names of medication or something. Strange boy

Sep 17, 06 at 4:39pm

Ooh Lawd.. is that some linkies?

Sep 9, 06 at 1:43pm

Yeah some tags require a 3 button code to spray, usually a button press a rotation of the left stick and another button press, it will prompt you on screen most of the time.

If you don't get the on screen prompt its a simple case of pressing the A button 3 times.

Sep 9, 06 at 1:24pm

Some of them don't show up, so normally pressing A three times works.

Sep 9, 06 at 6:18am

It's like pressing in a button code. It will show up on the screen when you start spraying.

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