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Jun 25, 06 at 6:30pmWormy111

i need help killin the yian kut ku. any strategies plz? jungle on 2 star

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Sep 1, 12 at 5:47am

at low level at one point he will just stay and do nothing for like 3-5 seconds atack hes head then and he will die eventually.

Aug 21, 12 at 1:46pm

stand under him when he starts to spin double roll away but if you need 2 heal run wait for him to charge run out the way he falls over then heal

Jul 29, 11 at 3:56am

quote ms
i have a different reason for not being able 2 kill the kut-ku... I do what you say in here, with the flash bombs and the pitfall traps but:
1 the flash bombs do not work
2 he does not fly into the air so I cannot place a trap under his shadow
3 when I try to hack at him with my assassins blade he does any of his attacks and knocks me down and takes away most of my health

nvr use flashbombs or any bombs when ur fighting against two cuz its too hard to hit both and the blue kut ku is much faster if u wanna capture it u can just lay it anywhere in the area (preferably in the center easier to attack and more chance to springing the trap) and lure him into the trap. (lay down a trap then run behind the trap somewhat far away and when he charges at u the trap will hold him down. you do not necessarily have to put the trap right underneath him

Jul 29, 11 at 3:44am

quote MHF Hunter
yes flash bombs and pitfall traps help alot but for me i didnt use anything i got myself a bonespike and it kill him pretty easy just try and stay underhim that way he doesnt tail whip you. If you see a tail whip comming to hit you just roll out of the way or defend. Try and attack his head its his weak point.
thats wrong the head isnt really a weak point the head is actually a strong point u need a weapon sharp enough to break the beak if u wanna attack his head

my advice for killing kut kus are watch how he moves dont get greedy with attacks if your using GS mainly do slash and roll slash follow him near the back of the wing so u get a view of his thighs. another advice use the White Serpentblade if u can upgrade it make it into a silver serpentblade even better. **major flaw need 10 med monster bone** if you still have trouble killing the kut ku dodge 90 degree of the direction hes charging and get behind him then slash at the leg also when hes in rage *beak on fire* dodge until he calms down or wait til he uses his fire spit attack and attack the neck or tail (more dangerous a the head cuz he can charge without warning whereas the tail, chances of dodging are higher plus the amount of damage dealt by the tail is less.)

Mar 18, 10 at 1:59pm

hi and i am impeder im a killer of kut kus and ive killed mostly around 500 of em i usually use my hammer: bull tusk hammer,it has a 900+ damge green sharpness, it only took me 3 triple pounds to kill a kutku in da first triple pound the ear went falling down then da second 1 he fell seeing stars around his hed and the third triple pound . . . . . Hes ded,my wepon is very hard 2 get for novice hunters so im advicing those hunters to go da training school 2 practice. . . . note:killing a kutku in da gathering hall is a lil harder but it is da easier 1 for me. Pitfall traps,sonicbombs,flashbombs,and barrel bombs are also gud for yan kutku, i du it dis wey first ill throw a sonic bomb then if u have much time set the barrell bombs now in front of him then use a small barrel bomb,boomerang,or stone after the sonic bomb wer off then der an angry kutku. I hope dis helps gud luck!

Sep 13, 09 at 6:24pm

just get a powerful Hammer or Greatsword and smash his Skull in...AKA, go for the head...

Sep 12, 09 at 12:20pm

i was doing the iopray hunting quest whith an upper battleaxe and i was able to kill the blue kut ku fairly quick but to make one u need monster bone+ or u can just use pba= poision battleaxe it has better sharpeness so it could do the trick and its sns just keep upgrading ur hunters knife until assasins dagger then there should be a poision axe then upgrade that and wellah u have pba but u might need a med or lg monster bone but thats easy to get and if that dosnt work then just get vile serpentblade its pretty much the best blade until u kill rathalos to get better materials i used it to kill los in the first place it took a while but not that long with pit traps:)

Aug 31, 09 at 8:22pm

(Yes, I am considering the date OP posted this but...)

Maybe you should try DODGING his attacks?
I really don't know how a person could be bothered with such a "1 *" boss (an easy boss to be exact.) Not trying to be snobby here.

But seriously, if you can't beat a kut-ku (be it chief quests or HR ones,) you're just wasting your time. Go adopt a new strategy, equip easy to use weapons and worthy armors. BTW, Armor isn't meant to absorb all the damage, maybe it wasn't even meant to take any damage at all (for the stats it gives off.) As for the weapon, any would do, it's not the one who stays underground/underwater for too long nor is it as fast as a tigrex on rage mode. Even a flimsy SnS would do, it depends on the user.

Here's a tip:
The less health you lose, the quicker the battle is.

Feb 3, 09 at 4:44am
Euerie Kiotto

Hmm im new here. I killed over 30 already within about 7-10 hours not bad id say but here is a method. I think there week really but if u flash bomb them and use barbario Tusk i thnk it is? and stand in front of him him enough to conect with the 3 hit high combo then step back do it again and again flash him then start over. Sometime sits good to use the 1-2 combo aiming for his head then step because if you 1-2-3 him in his head he may bite you before you can jump back and even if you do itl take 2 steps back to dodge his tail but a lil damage never hurt ay? anyhow do this and head shot him but his wings work better as well with this method easier to dodge his bit and tail whip as well but in his hea dor wings takes less than 30 stabs count if u dont believe me ^^

Feb 1, 09 at 4:37pm

You can try and get the great serpentblade it has over 600 attack. I beat the Kut-Ku with this sword.

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