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Jun 25, 06 at 5:30pmOogity_Boogity_Boo

OK, so we were making event matches in the create a something thread but in fear that other parts of the game would be left out this thread was created. Gotenks or Barmy, if you want us to do it in the create a something thread just close this one...

quote Dark Mind 007
Event Match: 01

Name: Metal Battle

Characters: You (choose), Metal Mario, Metal Kirby, Metal ZSS, Metal MK, Crazy Hand.

Description: Fight all the Metal Characters and defeat Crazy Hand!


You: 3
Metal Charcters: 1
Crazy Hand: 200 HP

When you start you will be in a Metal Gear Solid-ish room. There will be 1 Heart Container. Advance into the next room to find Metal Mario, Metal Kirby, Metal ZSS, and Metal MK. Defeat them all, go backwards into the next room, and grab the Heart Container. Continue on. In the next room, you will find Crazy Hand! Try to hit him, and you will get electrified. Why? He has an Electric Shield. It's invisible, it only shows up when you attack him. The only way to defeat him, is by going up the stairs (left side of the room) and diving into him, he will loose 50 HP. Do this 4 times to beat him.
quote Shadow_Link
Event Match 02: The Weakest Link

You: (choose)
Description: a generation's strongest. Fight the Hero of Time.
CP: Regular Link, Metal Link, Shadow Link (ironic), Giant Link, "Cruel" Link (if Link were in Cruel Melee...well, you get the idea) all on Level 3. Fierce Deity Link.

Stage: Hyrule Temple Past, Upgraded Destination


You: 4
All Links up to L10: 1

Level 10 Link: 2, second 250 HP.

When you start, you will be in the Hyrule Temple GC stage, only with upgraded graphics, and you will fight every single form of Link that I can think of right now, you have 4 stock, they have one. You fight them Space Travelers style (when you beat normal Link, Metal Link suddenly appears, when MLink is dead, you verse Shadow Link, etc.)

When you make it to Fierce Deity Link, a cutscene will play, and FDL will suddenly materialize in a Master Hand fashion. He has 2 stock, ranks as the second-heaviest character after Giga Bowser, and basically is a stronger version of Link. You play on an upgraded version of FD GC (hence the name "Upgraded Destination.") It not only has cooler graphics, but also sports laser guns that will track your char, power up, and shoot, and are roughly similar to a combination of the tornado on Hyrule N64 and Samus' homing missiles. They may seem unavoidable, but they don't move as quickly after they start powering up (which makes them a tad easier to avoid.) When you do beat FDL, another cutscene will play, and you will have beaten the Event.
quote Oogity_Boogity_Boo
Event Match 03: Through the Looking Glass
Description: Into!
Character: Your choice

You have 1 stock and you have to fight Kirby and Metaknight who have 2 lives each at the same time. The only items are whatever Kirby items there are.
lets make the difficulty go up as we get into the higher numbers.

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Nov 16, 12 at 1:46pm

Vs Giant Metal Mecha Giga Bowser

Sep 27, 12 at 10:49pm

Co-op Event Match #31: Wanted Suitors
Description: Those bullies are trying to mess with the Mario Brothers! Get them off the stage, will you?!
Characters: P1-Luigi and P2-Mario
Opponents: CPU3-Invisible Sonic and CPU4-Invisible Captain Falcon
Stage: Port Town Aero Dive
Music: Car Select
Stock: P1-Luigi: 2 lives, P2-Mario: 2 lives, CPU3-Invisible Sonic: 2 lives, CPU4-Invisible Captain Falcon: 2 lives

Jun 26, 10 at 5:48pm

I`m back guys now with a new event,
Thanks for blocking the double post when I wasn`t here for a long time.

Meta Night

Description:Meta Knight has a hard mission on Spear Pillar.He wonders what it is?

Stage:Spear Pillar
Music:All of the Music on the stage.
You:Meta Knight(staring with 45%)(stock is 3)
Opponents:Random X3(each has ??? HP according to difficulty)(all CPU`s are level 8)
Easy:All opponents HP are 300.
Medium: All opponents HP are 325.
Hard: All opponents HP are 350,making it a tiny challenge to the event.

You ? ? ?

Objective:Make all opponent`s health gauge reach 0 HP!
Notes:Only Cresselia appears in a random time and only lasts for 10000 milliseconds.

Use a quote if you like it!

Jun 15, 10 at 7:59pm

Not sure if anyone has thought of this yet, but:

Name:Mission Impossible

Character: Choose

Description: A battle of super proportions! Fight against the super forms of Bowser, Wario, and Sonic's Giga Bowser, Wario-Man, and Super Sonic!. Don't worry, this time around, you CAN hurt them.

Items: None

Stage: Final Destination

Stocks: 6 for you, 1 each for you opponents.

CPU Level: 9

Prize: Unlocks Bowser Jr., Waluigi, and Knuckles as playable characters

You start out on FD against Super Sonic. This acts much like All-Star mode in that when you beat one character, the next will appear after but you do not get healed in between. Super Sonic retains his power and speed, but he has in fact become extremely vulnerable. Attack damage output against Super Sonic is now five times what it would be were he normal Sonic. Knckback is also increased against him 5 fold. More about timing than anything else.

After defeating Super Sonic, Wario-Man appears next. You fight him as you would regular Wario. He is no longer invulnerable but nothing more is changed besides that.

After defeating Wario-Man, Giga Bowser shows up for the final battle. Giga Bowser in this is exactly like the Melee Giga-Bowser since he can flinch, so just think of him as a giant bowser

Jun 06, 10 at 8:54am

Event name: Time Takers
Description: you mean on top of Timers, I got to deal with Dialga slowing my motion??? Man this just ain't right.

Character: Sonic(5 stock)
Opponent: Lucario(5 stock)

Rules: KO Lucario 5x as quickly as you can in the slowed dimmension of time, but be wary of the foe's ability...

Jun 05, 10 at 3:27pm

Event Name: Road Rampage
Description: Only cars and the damaging race track can KO the enemies, not you!
Character: Ice Climbers (Infinite stock)
Opponents: Fox, Pit, Sonic (Start with 80% each) (Level 3) (2 lives each)
Rules: You are the Ice Climbers and you can't KO any of your opponents! Instead, you have to knock them into a stage obstacle and the obstacle has to KO them. With 80% damage each, they won't be lasting very long against the cars. Get rid of everyone in 5 minutes.

May 30, 10 at 3:43pm

Name: Maze

Character: Snake

Description: As Snake, you must make your way through a modern/futuristic maze and defeat the patrolling Samus (plural). The goal is to either to defeat all Samus or make your way to the roof of the building, take a capsule (filled with some "secret" weapon or device) without destroying it and make your way back to the start. In stamina mode; 120 health for you; 80 for each of them

Items: Start with Super Scope (BTW, what happened to the cloaking device?) There are Super Bombs in the dead ends of the maze.

Opponents: 10+ Samus Level 4

Stock: 1 for yourself; 1 for each of them

Stage: Random maze patterns; Start in lower left corner (but not extreme lower left). Samus equally spread throughout level. Opening at top of level.

Prize: Maze Stage and New Item - Mario Hat with Wings (makes you float)

Apr 13, 10 at 7:39pm

quote Name Undisclosed
Name: The True Final Battle

Character: Tiny Jigglypuff

Description: Playing as Jigglypuff, you will face off against every character at once! Truly a match for the ages.

Items: None

Opponents: Every Character, Giant

Stock: 1 (Enemies, 5 Each)

Computer Level: 9

Stage: Final Battle Arena (a fusion between Battlefield, Final Destination, the three Stage Builder stages included with Brawl, and the Test stage from Melee)
OMG! Anyway here is a question for 2 persons.
Do you wnat another event match by me?

Apr 12, 10 at 11:34pm
Name Undisclosed

Name: The True Final Battle

Character: Tiny Jigglypuff

Description: Playing as Jigglypuff, you will face off against every character at once! Truly a match for the ages.

Items: None

Opponents: Every Character, Giant

Stock: 1 (Enemies, 99 Each)

Computer Level: 9

Stage: Final Battle Arena (a fusion between Battlefield, Final Destination, the three Stage Builder stages included with Brawl, and the Test stage from Melee)

Apr 06, 10 at 7:36pm

It`s a Japanese shooting game.

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