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Jun 18, 06 at 4:45pmSoa

The Legend of Dragoon II


1) Forward
2) The Age of the Dragoon
3) The Legend continues
4) Characters (playable)
5) LOD2 Image Gallery
6) Progress
7) What I Would Like To Have In It
8) Official Site/Download
9) Request Section
10) FAQ


When I went to my friend's house (about 4 or 5 years ago) he played a RPG Game called The Legend of Dragoon. Now at the time I thought all RPG style games where lame; press a button & you character can run and slash the enemy…how fun. But my friend ended up playing The Legend of Dragoon (LOD) game well I was there and it looked okay, so against my whole anti RPG games I tried LOD. I only played a few hours, but I was drawn in, like dogs to a whole ham on a table (when no ones around). Well a few weeks latter I bought the game and played it and beat it. It became my favorite RPG game of all time (and still is to this day). So being a LOD Fan I searched the bowls of the internet to find a Legend of Dragoon Fan Site (so many years latter of course). Well then I became interested in making games (starting with Game Maker); I even edited some LOD images so they could be used in RMXP. But they ended up looking like $H!t, so I gave up on the whole idea, not to mention that the character sets I had where for RPGM 2003 not RMXP…

So the idea died away and was lost in the depths of GamingW,, & Dubs site, but now its back and better then ever. I'm going to use RMXP (legal version) to make it. I also found a script to change the battle system to an animated one; so it will have an animated battle system. It wont be exactly like the original LOD game (I'm sure you knew that), but it will be close. Now as for sprites (Character sets, title sets, etc) I have to make them (note I said I make them). I have had some time to practice my spiriting abilities and I have gotten okay at it so I'm making my own sprites (character sets, icons, etc) or editing sprites. Well before I give you the goods I will explain a few things so:

The Age of Dragoons- This is the original story for the first game, I'm using it as an introduction incase people have never heard of the game.

The Legend Continues- This is my story for my unofficial sequel to LOD.

Image Gallery- Any sprites I have made for the game will go here; this includes sprites other people make.

Progress- Here you can read the latest updates & progress on the game.
What I Would Like To Have In It- This is where I will explain the things I would like to add to the game (see for more info).

Now on to the goods…

The Age of Dragoons

Many millennia ago...
The great deity Soa planted a seed into the land of Endiness. The seed grew into a gigantic tree, the Divine Tree, which bore 108 fruits. Each of these fruits created a species...
The towering, massive Gigantos the 97th fruit...the small, long-haired Minitos the 99th fruit, the formidable Dragons the 105th fruit, the passive, agrarian humans the 106th fruit, the magical flying Winglies the 107th race. The fruits fell from the tree and took their places in the land of Endiness, filling the once-barren land with life. The 108th fruit was known as the God of Destruction...but why would Soa create the world just to destroy it?
Whatever the reason, the offspring of the Divine Tree obtained peace in the land of Endiness for many thousands of years, until...
Thinking that their magic made them superior, the Winglies became power hungry, and took over. They killed off many of the 108 species, and enslaved the humans. For many hundreds of years the human race were servants to the magical Winglies in their five cities: Deningrad, the Birth City; Aglis, the Magical City; Zenebatos, the Law City; Mayfil, the Death City; and Kadessa, the Royal Wingly Capital. These cities floated on clouds high in the air, along with many Wingly fortresses such as Flanvel. The humans were at the mercy of the magical Winglies, led by the cruel Melbu Frahma, who carried with him a magical orb from which he could obtain unlimited magical powers.
Melbu screams in pain and attempts to kill the Dragoons with the last of his strength. Zieg and Rose, knowing what they must do, take the Dragon Buster and attack Melbu Frahma. They tell the others to get out of the Moon, but not to worry about them. Dart flies down and picks up Shana and heads out. Melbu attempts to get rid of them with his electric attack, but Zieg and Rose slice through him with the Dragon Buster. Rose and Zieg are finally together once again, forever, and Rose thanks Dart as she and her love go into the next world.
The team makes it out and watches as the Moon that Never Sets explodes. In sadness, Dart yells out to Rose and his father one last time.
Back in Rogue, Haschel is teaching Kongol the way of Rogue art. Miranda is with her sisters once again, with Wink recovering quickly. Everyone in Fletz is as happy as ever, especially Lisa and Nello. Meru introduces her fiancé, Guaraha, to the human world, and is having a "spinning" time. Albert and Emille are now happily married. Dart visits Lavitz' mother, who welcomes him with open arms. Back in Seles, the townspeople are rebuilding Seles. Everyone there is overjoyed that both Shana and Dart have returned safely, and it looks like the two will finally be able to settle down together and live happily ever after.
Then, at the end, the white and purple bird that has been following everyone lands next to a white and red bird. Below, the Dragoon Spirits of the Darkness Dragoon and Red-Eye Dragoon lay waiting for the next legend…

The Legend Continues

The legend was born 5 years ago and began 11,000 years ago with the Divine Tree. Nothing could compare to the powers of it or the 108th fruit. A fruit that bore the God of Destruction and it started with the Moon Child. A child that was said that if she fused with the Virgo embryo that the God of Destruction would be born. But Melbu Frahma; He was the leader of the Winglies during the Dragon Campaign. Has always hated humans and will do anything for power. He was supposed to have died during the Dragon Campaign, had different plans instead he fused with the embryo and he became the God of Destruction. Melbu had lost, but at the cost of Rose's and Zieg's life…
It has been five years since that battle and life has returned to normal in the land of Endiness. But the people of Endiness fear that the God of destruction will return, after all no mortal creature can kill a god…
…And so a new Legend is born…

Characters Playable

Now the original LOD game had 9 playable characters (7 only playable as 1 dies & another latter is kidnapped). Now in LOD2 there are eight playable characters and they are as follows: Dart, Shana, King Albert, Haschel, Lloyd, Kongol, Miranda, & Mura. Each character has their own abilities and Dragoon Spirit (Dart=Divine, Shana=Darkness, Albert=Wind, Haschel=Thunder, Lloyd=Fire, Kongol=Earth, Miranda=Light, & Mura=Water).

Note: If you see no link to something (i e Image) this means it has not been made yet or is being made. To see a list of who has been made and who is under development click here.

Dart- He is the hero of the game. He is no longer looking for the Black Monster that destroyed his hometown. He joins the adventure when King Albert sends word to him to come to Basil on urgent matters.

Image Previews: Face Set | Character Set | Dragoon Character Set | Battle Set | Dragoon Battle Set | Dragoon Spirit Icon | Other

Shana- Dart's childhood friend and the mysteries that surround her keep growing as even more mysterious things start to happen to her on this new adventure.

Image Previews: Face Set | Character Set | Character Set | Dragoon Character Set | Battle Set | Dragoon Battle Set | Dragoon Spirit Icon | Other

King Albert- He is the ruler of Basil. He is a kind king who is well loved by his people. His adventure starts with a visit from a familiar rival of Dart's who was thought to be dead.

Image Previews: Face Set | Character Set | Dragoon Character Set | Battle Set | Dragoon Battle Set | Dragoon Icon | Other

Haschel- He is an expert martial artist and is a longtime friend of Dart. He is looking for his long lost daughter for twenty years. Perhaps he will find her…

Image Previews: Face Set | Character Set | Dragoon Character Set | Battle Set | Dragoon Battle Set | Dragoon Spirit Icon | Other

Lloyd- He is a mysterious man, who is an expert fighter. He was thought to have been killed by the God of Destruction, but appear to King Albert with bad news.

Image Previews: Face Set | Hooded Character Set | Character Set | Dragoon Character Set | Battle Set | Dragoon Battle Set | Wingly Battle Set | Dragoon Spirit Icon | Other

Kongol- He is a Giganto, who first fought against Dart for emperor Doel. He joins Dart after saving his life because Dart had been kind to him earlier. He was in Rouge with Haschel learning martial art from him.

Image Previews: Face Set | Character Set][/link | Dragoon Character Set | Battle Set | Dragoon Battle Set | [link name=Dragoon Spirit Icon | Other

Miranda- She is one of the four Sacred Sisters of Mille Seseau. She is very loyal to Queen Theresa and doesn't mind fighting for justice. She has a sad past. She is called upon again to help when Dart and his team need to get to Flanvel Tower.

Image Previews: Face Set | Character Set | Dragoon Character Set | Battle Set | Dragoon Battle Set | Dragoon Spirit Icon | Other

Mura- She is a strange girl from the village of Donau. She joins the group when someone from her home is taken. She is quite skilled in battle and has a big secret.

Image Previews: Face Set | Character Set | Dragoon Character Set | Battle Set | Dragoon Battle Set | Wingly Battle Set | Dragoon Spirit Icon | Other

Note: To see more images check out the Image gallery of this topic.

LOD2 Image Gallery

Here are some links to images that you may wont to check out.

Note: if you wont to see images of the characters then look at the section above this section. If text is not linked its not made yet or under development.

1) Rose


Here I will post any updates to the game. This includes but is not limited to: New Images, Story Updates, Character Bio Updates, Screen Shots, Demos, etc

1) Updated a few character set: Rose, Dart, Shana, King Albert, Shana (dress), Kongol, and Haschel.

What I Would Like To Have In It

Here is a list of some of the things I would like to add in the game. Take Note that they may not appear in the game.

1) Animated Battle System (99% chance will be in game)
2) Animated Battle For Enemies (15% chance will be in game)
3) Original LOD Music In Game (100% chance will be in game)
4) Stardust Search (100% chance will be in game)
5) Change Characters During Battle (95% chance will be in game)


Official Site/Download

Here you can find links to downloadable demos and full game. Along with Links to our website/forum.


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Jan 13, 16 at 4:18am

I too Love Legend of Dragoon!

Apr 27, 14 at 8:53am
that not the point

And when ever u post more info text me at

Apr 27, 14 at 8:50am
that not the point

So when will u create LOD2 and how many players will it be cause multi player mode would make it more fun then u wouldn't have to train all them by yourself and one more thing u should be able to use your last saved file to continue onto the next LOD. LOD2

Apr 27, 14 at 8:40am
that dosent matter

1st. Will this game be officially created

2nd. U need to get this created because the legend of dragoon was awesome and I want to see it get even better
And be put in stores for what ever system u like

3rd. And when it gets created put it in gamestop or a good store everyone can reach

Nov 8, 13 at 7:43pm
Too old to still be

Soa I have been converted to xbox but I loved this game. It was the first non-fighting game I ever beat. Which platform is it going to be on?

Sep 9, 13 at 9:58pm
rubicant phantom

When I was younger I would have jumped at a chance like this. I got experience with gaming programming knowledge and Java but I don’t have the passion for it any longer.

I do have a load of ideas for the sequel to legend of Dragoon as well as many other games ideas, including an entire story board and script which I made for my project when I studied games design. It’s got nothing to do with LOD but it could be incorporated into the sequel.

Aug 10, 13 at 10:12pm

Our time may be better spent trying to convince a developer to remake the game. I would personally remake the game but i do not have any skills other than thinking up some story and new mechanics to add onto what already exists. im not an artist or a programmer...

May 21, 13 at 8:54am
Joshua Stowers

I'm not amazing but I've got some development experience with Unity and I'm a pretty good web developer. If you need any help let me know.

May 3, 13 at 1:04pm

quote Soa
This is explained in the first one and from back story you learn that they are not connected in that way.
You're an idiot.

Haschel is Darts grandfather... it's heavily implied to the point of being fact.

-Shana starts whistling a lulaby
-Haschel recognizes it as the song that his daughter Claire WROTE and dedicated to her future child.
-Haschel then asks Shana where she heard it... and she told him that Darts mother CLAIRE F%$#ING SANG IT TO HIM AS A LULABY.
-Haschel says "So it wasn't just coincidence for me to be here".

So you're telling me that it's just one ridiculous coincidence that both of them are named Claire, both of them knew the same unique lullaby for their child, and their ages chronologically match perfectly.

What back story are you talking about? There's nothing whatsoever in the back story that implies or insinuates otherwise.

On an on-topic note: You've vastly disappointed hundreds of people here by promising sequel that you gave up on and haven't at least had the respect to inform everyone that you're no longer working on it. Please, this isn't Diablo III, you don't need 10 years to make this game on RPG Maker lol.

May 3, 13 at 11:14am

I hate this fandom so much. I like this game please stop ruining it by acting like children. There's no sequel being made, nor will there ever be, I swear to god you guys are almost as bad as the sonic fans and far worse than the final fantasy fans. It was one game, made over a decade ago, it was fun, leave it the *bleep* alone.

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