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May 7, 06 at 5:05amLady_Sparda

Since I got Deathy's blessing, I now declare the Official Devil May Cry 4 Information Thread open!

From that day forth... my arm changed...

And a voice echoed...


Give me more power!

Starring: Nero, and Dante


One day, as the Order of the Sword is assembled in its cathedral to celebrate a festival, a mysterious man clad in a red coat, with snow-white hair, crashes through the ceiling and begins slaughtering the clergy...

Not enough known at the moment to write a real synopsis. Stay tuned!



Nero, an orphan who was taken in and probably raised by Kyrie, is a young knight in a religious order named The Order of the Sword, based in the city of Fortuna. This order worships Sparda as a god and has vowed to hunt demons. Thanks to his great fighting abilities as well as his sardonic and solitary nature, Nero is in charge of carrying out the Order of the Sword's dirty work. At some point in his young life, Nero's right arm has become possessed with a strange, fiery presence...


One day, for reasons unknown, Dante bursts into Fortuna's cathedral and begins slaying the clergy, to Nero's great displeasure.

Dante is the other main character in the game, and will be playable, just like Nero.


A songstress and sister of the leader of the Order of the Sword's Holy Knight. Kyrie is Nero's mother/sister figure.


Commander of the Order of the Sword's Holy Knight. Credo is Kyrie's older brother.


Member of the Order of the Sword. Alchemist.


Member of the Order of the Sword.

Screenshots and CGs
Style System

It has been confirmed that Dante could switch styles on the fly; his 4 styles from DMC3 (Swordmaster, Gunslinger, Royal Guard and Trickster) will make a comeback. He has also aquired Darkslayer, Vergil's style in DMC3SE.

Devil Trigger


Nero's Devil Bringer has a Devil Trigger of sort, a blue, ghostly, cranky figure emerging from the arm.


As usual, Dante's weapons will grant him Devil Triggers.


  1. Red Queen: Nero's sword. It has a brake lever on the guard to power up attacks.
  2. Blue Rose: Nero's vertical double barrelled revolver that fires golden bullets.
  3. Devil Bringer (arm): Nero's possessed right arm is a weapon he can use to grab and toss enemies.

As usual, Dante has an impressive arsenal.
Devil Arms
  1. Rebellion: Dante's basic sword. A gift from his devil father, Sparda.
  2. Gilgamesh: Gauntlets, greaves, spurs and a mask. A hand to hand weapon much like Ifrit (DMC1) and Beowulf (DMC3).
  3. Lucifer: A strange device that rides around on Dante's back and launches swords that explode to take out enemies when Dante throws a rose onto the field.
  1. Ebony & Ivory: The trademark weapons of the series. Dante's twin pistols.
  2. Coyote-A: Your standard shotgun. Another staple of the series that, this time, gets a name.
  3. Pandora's Box: The gun-based Devil Arms of DMC4. Pandora's Box is an ominous looking briefcase that carries enough weapons to wipe a small country off the map, if Dante wishes so.
  1. --
Style Rankings


Game Difficulty

The difficulty levels will probably be similar to what we had in previous games, but no level has been confirmed yet.

Release Dates

North America
Playstation 3: February 5th, 2008
Xbox 360: February 5th, 2008
PC: TBA (Q1 2008?)

Playstation 3: February 8th, 2008
Xbox 360: February 8th, 2008
PC: TBA (Q1 2008?)

Stay tuned for more info!


The following statements are speculations, fan theories and/or the result of people thinking silly thoughts aloud. They are NOT actual, confirmed information about the game. If any of these is ever confirmed by Capcom, it will be moved to the information section.
  1. Nero is Vergil.
  2. Nero is Dante and Vergil's third long-lost triplet or half-brother.
  3. Nero is Dante's son.
  4. Nero is Trish's son.
  5. Nero is Sparda reincarnated.
  6. Nero's arm is possessed by Vergil.
  7. Vergil is in DMC4.
  8. Trish is in DMC4. Yes.
  9. Lucia is in DMC4. No. The game takes place before DMC2.
  10. Lady is in DMC4. Yes.
  11. The girl in the trailer is Matier. Nope.
  12. The girl in the trailer is Lady/Trish/Lucia with a makeover. Neither.
  13. The girl in the trailer is Nero's wife/girlfriend. She is his mother and sister figure. She has taken him in, and might even have raised him.
  14. The girl in the trailer is the main bad guy of DMC4.
  15. The Order of the Sword/Nero stole Dante/Vergil's amulet.
  16. The Order is evil.
  17. The Order is manipulating Nero and using him as a weapon.
  18. Devil May Cry 4 will feature more weapons, moves, enemies, locations, music, and cutscenes than all the previous releases combined.
  19. This whole game is a nightmare Dante is having. He'll wake up at the end and everything will be fine.
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Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Jan 26, 08 at 8:24pm
Best with Trickster

There was allso an update on the mongraph sections, with three new videos of Dante's gameplay,

Jan 26, 08 at 1:31pm

The official site has been updated with 2 videos.

In both of the videos, if I have seen correctly you can see Dante with Vergil's weapon (forgot the name).

It's the Katana weapon he had in DMC 3.


Jan 23, 08 at 6:12am
Best with Trickster

There's been an official site update on the Demons section and a good picture of Dsnte's DT is now revealed.

Jan 17, 08 at 8:30am

New official ENGLISH site at

Go watch the LIVE ACTION advertisement videos and proceed to cream your pants and despair you'll never have a kickass cosplay costume like the actors do.

Jan 11, 08 at 9:48pm

The first post of the thread is now up to date.

Dec 8, 07 at 9:26pm

Official site update!

You can now see the weapon Lucifer and the demon One Winged Dark Knight (nice mouthful) in the Characters and Devils section respectively.

Nov 6, 07 at 9:52am

Vid originally posted by Lady Sparda

if you check the video at around 1:50- 1:59 you can see that Dante switches between Lucifer and Gilgamesh... AND rebellion, Dante has triple switching for Melee weapons, Fact

EDIT: new stuff; Nero fighting against Echidna screenshots from Games Radar

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Nov 4, 07 at 12:22am

Official Site Update!

Two new monsters/bosses are in the Devils section: Echnida, the snake plant thing with the babe(? looks vaguely like a dude in makeup to me) bait fighting Nero in the trailer, and Assault, which look like the ol'DMC1 Blades (or, alternatively, defrosted Frosts).

It's also announced on the front page that popular Jrock group L'Arc-En-Ciel will also be making some music for the game.

Furthermore, the Column announces the release of a special DMC4 soundtrack December 19, and a tentative release date (probably for Japan): January 31, 2008.

Oct 23, 07 at 12:52pm

IGN's DMC4 Progress Report Coverage from Capcom Gamer's Day

Weapons are explained in more detail this time.

Oct 19, 07 at 5:38pm

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