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May 5, 06 at 3:19pmIamhim

Well, I found a real timeline for Zelda!

·THE MINISH CAP: Well, this is ancient Hyrule, there is no Master Sword, and the people don't know what is the triforce, the Zelda I of this game was cursed and put to eternal sleep sometime after the end of the game, this game starres Link and Zelda I.

·FOUR SWORDS: This is the obvious sequel to THE MINISH CAP, it starres Link and Zelda II.

·FOUR SWORDS ADVENTURES: This is the obvious sequel to FOUR SWORDS, it starres Link and Zelda III and Ganondorf I.

·THE OCARINA OF TIME: This game is set in a different area of Hyrule than in the previous games, in the gap between FOUR SWORDS ADVENTURES and THE OCARINA OF TIME the Hyrulians knowed of the Triforce, and the Master Sword could have been forjed in that time (It could also be forjed before THE MINISH CAP, but is less likely) after Zelda sens Link back in time, it created a split timeline, it starres Link and Zelda IV, and Ganondorf II.

·MAJORA'S MASK: This is the obvious sequel to OCARINA OF TIME (It's set on Kid Link's timeline), it starres Link IV.

·ORACLE OF AGES and ORACLE OF SEASONS: This is centuries after MAJORA'S MASK, but before the Great Flood, you may are asking ''This game can't be set in this place because Twinrova resurrects Ganon in this game, but in OCARINA OF TIME Ganon wasn't dead, he was sealed!'' that's true, but Twinrova resurrects Ganondorf I from FOUR SWORDS ADVENTURES, not Ganondorf II from OCARINA OF TIME!, this starres Link and Zelda V and Ganondorf I.

·THE WIND WAKER: Tingle is here because the original Tingle somehow got from Termina to Hyrule, maybe he followed Link IV? well the sealing of Ganondorf II broke, after this game, Link IV and Tetra went exploring and found a new land, this land was called Hyrule, paying tribute to the original Hyrule. It starres Link and Zelda VI and Ganondorf II.

·A LINK TO THE PAST: This could have been a loooong time after THE WIND WAKER, because all the places have the names from THE OCARINA OF TIME era, the seal in wich Ganondorf II was at the end of THE WIND WAKER brokes, and this begins the game's story, at the end of the game, Ganon II is killed (Not sealed). This game also needs to be here because it's the last use of the Master Sword, This game starres Link and Zelda VII and Ganondorf II.

·LINK'S AWAKENING: This is the obvious sequel of A LINK TO THE PAST, Link VII sailed out of Hyrule so that Ganondorf II couldn't be resurrected, this game just starres Link VII.

·THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: Ganon II is resurrected (Maybe his henchmen found Link VII and killed him?) so Ganon II invades Hyrule, the survivors escape to the North of Hyrule, but Link IIX saves the day, this game starres Link and Zelda IIX, and Ganon II.

·THE ADVENTURE OF LINK: This is the obvious sequel to THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, this game is set on the north of Hyrule, Link must awaken up Zelda I, wich was put to sleep sometime after THE MINISH CAP, the bad guy of this game is Dark Link and the followers of Ganondorf, that want to resurrect him killing Link IIX, this game starres Link and Zelda IIX and Zelda I.

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Dec 24, 11 at 3:56pm

My theory is that link isn't the same every game but he also isn't different. I think that every link is a reincarnation, hence the name link. They are all connected in some way but they are all different people. And also, in link to the past, when they say that the master sword sleeps in lost woods forever, couldnt someone (link's reincarnation) find it then hence use it? I mean it's not like someone came along And put a curse on itso that no one xxould ever touch it again... Just because it says it sleeps forever doesn't mean that no one could use it...

Oct 30, 11 at 6:59am

oh and ad no its not first if you read in the game informer and watched interviews miyamoto says this explains the birth of the master sword and ganon but that does not mean its first in timeline meaning ne would make more games that explain the war with the demons and the unknown warrior goddess who we mighg play as

Oct 30, 11 at 6:56am

i just realized everyone minish cap and its sequels do not go in the timeline why because they have have the hylian shield it cant be first because hyrule royal family was not made yet. well its like this minish cap and its sequel could go after spirit tracks because of the new hyrule and royal family but in the whole thing about ganon would not make sense cause ganon died in ooa/oos and ganondorf died in wind waker. ganon demon side ganondorf human. and there were no sword that descend from the sky. so minish cap is a stand alone game just for the market.

Oct 30, 11 at 4:21am

Miyamoto had Previously said that Ocarina of Time is the first in the timeline and Now Skyward Sword is said to take place before it and that makes it first

Sep 18, 11 at 6:16am

you guys are wrong all of you the four original games lttp, loz, loz 2, and links awakening take places after oot in the main timeline. so here is the true zelda timeline if you have question i will explain. note cdi games and manga are not i repeat ARE NOT canon.
zelda timeline also note all zeldas are apart of the royal family daughters of zelda and minish cap and others is a false retelling of skyward sword legends are both similar.
yong link/ fake link timeline
skyward sword- ocarina of time- majoras mask- twilight princess the young link timeline is not finished master sword still exist.
adult link/ true link timeline
skyward sword- ocarina of time- a link to the past- loz- loz 2, oos/ooa, links awakening, wind waker, master sword, gannondorf, hyrule, triforce no more., phantom hourglass, spirit tracks end.

Sep 18, 11 at 3:07am

Dec 14, 10 at 2:51pm

All I can say is that Ocarina of time is the first game to actually feature the Master Sword and A Link to the Past is the last to feature it. Not only did te end say the sword slept forever but don't forget Link used the Great Fair to forge the sword (golden). Skyward Sword is going to tell the origins of the blade so let's just wait and see. Not to mention some swords depend on the player. IF you forged the sword once or twice. On MM if you uses the Kokiri , Razor, or Gilded. I firmly don't believe the Golden Wolf to be any Link.

Nov 2, 10 at 2:19am

I'm pretty sure that the timeline split applies around the end of Oot. In one timeline, Link stays grown up, loses his memory, moves into Ordon Village, and TP occurs, and in the other one, he is reverted back to child form, and MM occurs

Sep 8, 10 at 11:00pm

This is definitely not right.

Aug 9, 10 at 10:01pm

how i see it is that oot is first then majoras mask then four swords then four swords adventure then minish cap then the the oracal games then wind wakker then hour glass the link to the past then the legend of zelda then zelda 2 the tp then spirit tracks

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