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May 2, 06 at 5:38pmVerdant_Abyss


Ive got permission for this club from Chiro (praised!)

The Rules
  • No Flaming
  • No Spamming
  • Respect Other's Ideas
  • Be Creative!
  • Have Fun!!

    The Club

    Have you ever seen a ped walking down a street, and wanted to torture him? ever saw a ped walking across a bridge and wanted to punch him off? then this is the club for you!!
    In this club, we think of new and imaginative ways to torture and punish the pedestrians of San Andreas. Remember, Be Creative!. All methods that are contributed will be given credit for. If you want to join up, say so, and your name will be added to the list. Remember, if you want to join, you can!

    General methods to torture those poor, innocent peds!

    1) go up to the top of the really high building is Los Santos on a bike with someone on the back (you need to recruit them) and then grab the parachute. Drive off one of the edges and bail. It's hilarious sometimes, as I once had a guy land on top of a car. -followfollower

    2) get in a car and drive really slowly towards a pedestrian, hit him gently, not so much that he dies straight away, just so your car drives over him. He should now be on the floor, nearly with full health, trapped under the car. Set the car on fire with him under it, and he will slowly burn to death, unable to move, and then BANG! the car explodes sending him flying.-Zero Tolerance

    3)Get a tow truck, then tow another car with a ped in it. Go to a cliff, and reverse to the cliff edge so the car is dangling over the cliff. Exit the Tow Truck, then set the ped's car on fire. Now, get back in the Tow Truck and drop the car. Watch the ensuing hilarity. Rinse and repeat.-shanebyrne88

    4) Get a Hydra or AT-400 and fly as high as you can, then divebomb down and jump out. Then, parachute down and watch the peds run like crazies into the traffic, and when a car stops alot of the time a car will hit the back of it hitting the other ped killing him slowly as all the other cars drive over him.-the knowledge

    5) Recruit someone and get in a car then go up really high and drop out and as i was falling the other guy fell much faster and hit the ground ages before me but as in was falling i spawned a hydra and when i hit the ground the guy who had fallen first was surrounded by a puddle of blood but alive for some reason and i thought oh well thats and then CRASH,SPLAT,BOOM! that hydra that i forgot i spawned lands right ontop of him crushing him and then - dathboy

    6) Hit a person on the streets with a bunch of satchels and wait untilt he walks into a crowd and throw a Molotov Cocktail, it will burn everyone up. When the ambulance shows up, detonate the charges.-The Duce

    7) Alright, I finally found a good way to torture some of them damn pedestrians. Firstly grab yourself one of those car packing lorries, they have the bit at the pack where you can put cars in. Stop the car so that other cars will come in behind you. Once there's a car that's behind you reverse so that they go in to the bottom section of the packing section then close the top bit down so they can't get out. Then speed away whilst doing drive-bys. The pedestrian will probably be shitting themselves with the guns and will try and escape but will just be driving in to the cabin of the lorry. After a while open up the top packing section and brake suddenly. The pedestrians car should roll out. Before they drive off, reverse on top of the car and crush it. The car will hopefully have got a bit of damage in it's ride with you so crushing it shouldn't take much to blow it up. As soon as the flames start to appear, run for it!-Tommo 9000

    (post a method and it will be added here, with your name next to it)

    Two-Player Tortures
    Torture your friends or enemies with these crazy methods!

    1) I once played 2 players with a friend and got the Helicopter i think its the Maverick and flew as high as it would go.(bout a few miles higher than biggest building) and told him we were over the water and we jumped out, then i put the jet pack code in and floated safely to the ground while he plummeted all the way down and landed on a cab - The Duce (praised for a great torture!)

    2) Play two player mode, then get to any airport with planes. Have your player two guy climb up the plane and stay there. Then make the main character ride the plane. Make the plane fly high without making the player 2 guy fall. If possible, go higher then immediately tilt the plane. The guy on the plane should fall like sh**!! We tried that and we laughed our ass off our seat! - moan11

    Girlfriend Tortures
    End your date with a bang with these sadistic methods!

    Banners and Avatars section


    Founder: verdantabyss
    Torturers: the knowledge, followfollower, bada75, Zero0 Hour, Zero Tolerance, JRipley, speedfreak, shanebyrne88, Tommo9000, Catfire, The Duce (praised), The Main Attraction

    Attention to all new members
    Due to the problem that some clubs have of members signing up then never coming back, i have made a decision. If any member doesent post within the space of one week, their name will be highlighted in red, and they will have "possibly quitted" next to their name. If, after a further week, they have not responded, their name will be taken from the list. This may seem a little harsh, but in the last club i made i had about 13 members who joined then never came back. If anybody thinks this unreasonable, then please tell me and we can discuss it.

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    Dec 17, 12 at 10:23am
    Dark Stormer

    For me It's a mental torture.
    Ram a car into a wall, there for blocking both doors, kill the driver but not the passenger, then lite the car on fire and watch.
    It's evil but prize winning.

    Jul 11, 09 at 10:58pm
    Epsilon Freak

    What is wrong with you people? Your psychotic! You should recruit a ped, get in a plane, and when you get really high jump out. They wont be equipped with a parachute

    Jul 11, 09 at 10:18pm

    I loved this Thread so.


    Jul 20, 07 at 5:15pm

    it is mean but oh well its fun

    Jul 20, 07 at 3:49pm

    yeh, i do tortures alot, and i realy mean a LOT

    This message was edited by toetancham on Jul 23 2007.

    Jul 20, 07 at 11:56am

    quote toetancham
    lol i join to (if possible )
    first get a hooker in your car and drive to the nearest train-rail. when the train is about 400 meters from you, get out quickly and the hooker awaits her dead xD (1 time when i did that, the hooker had no head, arms and chest anymore really strange) also possible whit recruited persons
    That reminds me of something I like to do with the hookers. I get and park the passenger side of the car at the end of a cliff that leads to water so when the hooker gets out she falls into the water then drowns.

    Jul 20, 07 at 6:48am

    lol i join to (if possible )
    first get a hooker in your car and drive to the nearest train-rail. when the train is about 400 meters from you, get out quickly and the hooker awaits her dead xD (1 time when i did that, the hooker had no head, arms and chest anymore really strange) also possible whit recruited persons

    Jul 19, 07 at 1:31pm

    Pretty much everyone can join, since mostly everyone is at the GTA4 forum, and less or here im afraid.

    Jul 19, 07 at 1:11pm

    can i join? i like to do taxi mission and ditch the the taxi with the person into water (sorry about the bad mistakes)

    Jul 19, 07 at 1:40am

    If i can join im in heres an idea put the cars can fly cheat then get into a taxi press R3 FOR THE SIDE mission get a ped in fly to tha tallest building u can find then press R3 again and follow the ped to his death he or she will scream on their way down and when they hit youll hear a crack.

    also i found this other great website about epsilon and mythts check it

    This message was edited by GTA legend on Jul 18 2007.

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