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Apr 16, 06 at 3:26amDragonJ

Have you made up a character in your head that you would like to see in a Zeldagame?Well I thought It'd be cool to share our ideas.(I checked and I dont think there is a forum like this besides the story one)Please include name,age,,birthplace(old or make your own)race(old or make your own),weapons,special powers,background,and how they would fit into the Zelda series.I'll go first.

BP:Kakariko Village
Special powers:Half Dragon Transformation
Background:Family died in fire that was caused by the spirit of the shadow temple,but blames Link for it so he travels the land hoping to encounter Link and avenge his parents or so he thinks.While searching on Death Mountain He was bitten by an evil dragon and nearly died of blood loss but after recovering he found that the dragon's powers had fused with him.
Appearance:About 6'6 around 167lbs.short black hair with short bangs just above his black eyes. Mildly muscular
with his sword strapped to his back.Sleeveless black tunic
and ankle long black pants.After assuming Dragon form he sprouts big red dragon wings(able of flight),his left hand becomes a red dragon claw, and he grows a red dragon tail.

Ok thats my character I hope you all share your ideas.

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May 30, 16 at 4:35am

Name: Rungo
Age: Unknown, but middle-aged to older.
Race: Goron
Weapon: Fists
BP: Goron City
Personality: Profound, little-speaking, strong, coarse, caring (to only Link), a badass. (He's like Auron from FFX)
Abilities: Nothing out of the ordinary, but is really strong.
History: Rungo is found in the Cryptic Cavern dungeon towards the end, before you fight the boss. He was defected from Goron City when he was young, after being accused of killing two of their own. He had nowhere to go, and grew weary and depressed, and found his way to the cavern and has been staying there because of his anger and depression and fatigue.
How he fits into the story: When Link finds Rungo, he is asleep, and he wakes him up, and since Rungo has never seen another living race since his defection, he is surprised, and ecstatic at first, but calms down. He starts to be coarse towards Link because of his hatred and anger that is still surging through his body. Rungo eventually runs off, and a chase scene between Link and him occurs. Link eventually loses him, and goes back to exploring the cave. Rungo and Link have another encounter when Rungo indirectly helps Link with a puzzle, but only his voice can be heard. When Link reaches the impossible-to-beat boss's arena, and Link is being defeated, Rungo, like a badass, jumps in with a loud smash on the ground. The boss has been making a continuous loud smash, as heard throughout the dungeon when playing as Link, for the past few decades that Rungo has been there, and he had to get used to it. Although it doesn't annoy him that much, it still has annoyed him and caused him trouble for years. Rungo takes all of his hatred and anger out on the boss, and slays him, inadvertently saving Link. At this point, Link witnesses Rungo's true power and is grateful to him. Since he has just taken his anger out, he is no longer as coarse towards Link. Link promises to help Rungo out of the cavern, and so Rungo agrees and joins Link's party.

May 3, 16 at 2:24pm
Ro Tsuko

Here's mine

Name: Ylliana
Age: 15
Race: Hylian
Weapon: A staff
BP: Unknown since captured
Personality: Shy, distant, and friendly, brave and headstrong in dire situations
Abilities: Able to change shape of staff, control of ice
History: Nothing much about her before she turned 4. Was captured by Ghirahim at the age of 4 and raised by him. He tried to teach her to fight, but knew she was very frail. As time grew on, she became a very skilled wizard, and Ghirahim grew to love her as a sister. When she is attacked, Ghirahim becomes angry and destructive. After Demise turned Ghirahim into his sword, she rebels and tries to fight to bring him back.
She swore to Demise that she will bring Ghirahim back and decides to help Link in his different lives.
Appearance: Wears a periwinkle dress with a dark blue ribbon tied just below her breasts and fingerless periwinkle gloves that go to her upper arm. Has dark as night hair with white streaks and grey eyes.

Jul 16, 15 at 4:06pm

Name: Liamorn

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 101 lb

Age: 12

Birthplace: Hyrule

Race: Hylian

Appearance: dark brown hair with brown eyes, he wears an orange tunic with a heavy shoulder pad on his left shoulder he also has metal gauntlets with chainmail armor underneath and his older form wears a heavy tunic with heavy armor underneath.

Weapons: Greatsword (younger) Bigger Greatsword with Big rectangular shield (older).

Bio: younger brother of princess Zelda and good friend of Link. This little guy is incredibly strong for his age, therefore he can use the greatsword very easily. He also accompanies Link on some of his journeys.

Games he appears in: Skyward sword, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight princess, Four swords, Hyrule Warriors, and all of the upcoming games

Feb 11, 15 at 7:21am


Feb 11, 15 at 7:21am


May 10, 14 at 5:08pm
Clarise Schmidt

Name: Princess Clarise
Age: 17
Birth Place: Hyrule Castle
Sister(s): Princess Zelda and Princess Louise (she'll be posted later on)
Brother(s): None (so far)
Wepons: light Arrows, Magic, Death Singing (ocassinaly) ,The Wisdom Sword and Anything that has do do with snow
Gender: Female
Bio: Clarise dosent like to be couped up inside the castle she wants to go out and explore but she knows her farther does that to Protect her and keep her safe.
Reborn from which Goddess: Din
Race: Hyiland
Clothes: Basiclly Zelda's from 2006 but hers is blue.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Emerld Green
Which Triforce does she/he hold: She actually has all parts of the triforce Wisdom,Courage and Bravery.

Mar 23, 14 at 7:50pm

Name: The cursed one (the fairy's call me Z)
Age: Unknown
Race: Guardian
appearance: 8'5 tall, Weight 150, 600 w/his blades, ghostly white hair, his eyes are blood red, no face-shoal expression, his skin somewhat pale, 5 pink fairy's follow him around♥, his left arm and part of left cheek to the eye is covered in twilight, he wares no t-shirt only shorts and a scarf that midna gave to him as a lo♥e band and a scar over his heart
BP: In Twilight but banished(or so he think's)
Weapon: anti master sword/the void blade(ultra great sword)and magic
Special powers: speaking pink fairy and turning into the cursed one(twilight form vary ultra scary)
Background: he was burn to be a guardian to protect midna till his last breath, but midna and Z got to close, and zant used his magic to teleport me out of the twilight so Z wont git in the way and not being in twilight made him mostly human and time as past and link destroyed the mare of twilight and now it his mission to find link so he find the shared's twilight so he can go home.☻

♥♥♥I you like him ♥♥♥

Nov 8, 13 at 9:07am
Chase Custer

Name: Lael
Age: 23
Race: Hylian
BP: Kakariko Village
Weapon: Bow and fire arrows
Magic: N/A
History: Mother died while giving birth to him. He thought it was Link's fault. Stole Link's bow and fire arrows, then was banished to the Twilight Realm. Escaped and is now looking for Link to get revenge. Is considered a helper of the goddesses, but is really not.

Appearance: Blood red hair, brown eyes, 6', Wears a black tunic with a black trench coat over it.

Aug 21, 13 at 6:46pm

info:mom is from twili and dad is a zora....when was a little kid she ran away from mom and dad she ran to hylia lake and saw it was not the same she went in the water and then she went to the twilight mirror she went to the twili and saw that hylia lake was in twilight and hyrule was in twilight then she went out the twili went to faron forest saw a wolf and a imp on it then she went in the water to hide from the wolf.

Aug 20, 13 at 7:53pm

bp:shadow temple
powers:turning to dragons
info:was born in the shadows of the shadow temple was bitten by a ghost dragon after days he fond out that the dragon that bitten him gave him powers to turn to any dragon one day something that looked like a shadow beast came to his house then he turn to a dragon and said to him self wow it is cool to be a dragon then killed the beast then days after he said i do not want to be a human then he turn to a ghost dragon and lived as a dragon

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