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Mar 8, 06 at 7:02pmiminlastplace

I was wondering if either Ramza likes Agrias or if Agrias likes him?

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Feb 10, 15 at 10:27pm

Actually it up to you to decide but they look very fabulous pair in this Lord Vermillion 3 artwork

Apr 10, 13 at 5:13pm

I find it refreshing that there ISN'T a love story (well there sort of is, but it isn't with the main character ( very slight spoiler: also if you beat the game you will know why I only say sort of)). It seems that all movies and games feel like they have to have one no matter what.

Dec 26, 12 at 10:58am
Ramza/Agrias fan

Technically Ramza did NOT have any relationship with anybody. He's busy concentrating on his adventure of saving his sister < @ one point >. So yeah, pretty sad. right?

Agrias was busy too as well. And well, during her birthday [ exclusive in war of the lions ] Mustadio kinda likes her D:<

By the way, if you have a deviantart account or not, be sure to take a look at the fan club of Ramza-x-Agrias-FC -

Nov 21, 10 at 12:49am

Non, sûrement pas! Perhaps it is only me that recognizes that Agrias only has one sole motivator, and that is Princess Ovelia. Most of Agrias's actions revolve around her in some way, and surely it is not only me who sees that it is more likely to be romantic there than with Ramza.

Jul 12, 10 at 12:57pm

I would first like to state that Reis, is already actually married to Beowulf, if not, then they're close enough to be, and i haven't actually seen the clip about Agrias's B-day, but as far as i know, Mustudio loves her, i have yet to notice Agrias showing feelings for anyone. and as for Ramza, i hate to hurt people's feelings, but this has to be said, he does actually only show any kind of emotional attachment to Alma, and yes it would be called incest, but she is actually the main chick in the game, i think, instead of making it a love interest, they made him close to his only full blood relative, considering it states that Ramza and Alma both have the same mother, but Zalbag and Dycedarg have a different mother, but Zalbag is only evil at the end of chapter 1, but after that he tries to make up for it. But that's the info i have on the relationships, no need to actually listen to me though, it all depends on what kind of relationship you prefer them to show you, considering that there is only one family love in there, which is Ramza and Alma... and no i am not into the whole sister brother love thing... but there's what i have on the question.

Dec 1, 09 at 5:48am

I think Ramza and Agries would make a great couple, I mean they are both very strong willed people that will always stand for Justice.

Just my oppinion but no one is more suitable for Ramza than Agrias. They should have had a kid then got married at the end, that would have been a nice twist!!

Nov 10, 09 at 2:30am

It's real. But it's only for the PSP Version.

Oct 30, 09 at 7:59pm

if you don't get anything out of it i wanna say it sounds pretty bogus. i mean those are some pretty damn esoteric prerequisites just to see mustadio do some well-wishing...

Oct 28, 09 at 4:51pm

quote gobi1972
Well, since no one had mentioned it (Yes, I did read through all the posts), allow me to tell ya guys a secret.

The one who likes Agrias is Mustadio.

When Agrias joins the Party, she will have two knights with her - Lavian and Alicia. I forgot the date and time, but on her birthday, ya have to have those two characters, and be in Garland Magic City. Just go into the Inn and a special scene will play out where Mustadio will wish/give gifts to Agrias on her birthday.

BTW, Agrias is like 24 yrs old and Ramza is about 20 ... kinda of too old for him.
Has anyone tested this?

Oct 9, 09 at 1:54pm

My pesonal idea is still that Ramza and Rafa make a good couple. Agrias is much older then Ramza.

Now, as far as game support, the only character to even mention something that might suggest she has a thing for Ramza is Meliadoul. If you select her sprite and read her quote she refers to love. Assuming it would be Ramza as the comander speaking with them or dismissing them, it can be assumes Meliadoul is trying to tell Ramza she loves him. Ramza however, seems oblivious to anything but rescueing Alma... and as many lives as he can, even Delita's stinking worthless hide if he would have let him.

Just my two cents.

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