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Mar 2, 06 at 3:39amReaper7

can anyone help me beat yunalesca like any good stradegies or something cause my people really really suck cause i never use the sphere grid and when i did i screwed up and skiped hastega,reflect and all the other good stuff except for holy

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Mar 20, 16 at 8:36am

How to beat 90% of the bosses in this game:

Grind Tidus, Lulu, Auron and Yuna up

Get at least hastega for tidus

Get doublecast and all 4 ga's (firaga, thundaga, etc) for lulu

Get armor and mental break for auron

Use black magic spheres to get the 4 ga's for yuna too

Use hastega at start

Spam spells with lulu and yuna

When it's tidus's turn again switch into auron and use mental break

Continue to spam spells

Boss will die real fast, this has worked for me all the way from the fight with seymour just before zanarkand to jecht, all bosses between those 2 have fallen to this strategy.

Mar 17, 16 at 10:56am

Easy boss - Auron Yuna Tidus hastega don't use zombie ward - don't use healing - just attack lots and cute darkness and sleep - aeons in p1 and p2 after you have your line up as well as Kimari also a zombie for an occasional switch - when you hit p3 most your characters should still have 2-2.5k hp and Auron should be hitting for 6k.
The fight is easy because you really don't need to worry about any of the mechanics at all

Jul 30, 12 at 4:21pm

i tried to reflect and it got me through the first part the she ended up with regen giveing her 9999 every turn!!!!!!

Mar 16, 10 at 4:33am
Omnisage Venzorph

Yeah, I suggest that you bring a lot of Holy Waters with you prior to the battle. Her first form is highly focused on status ailments (countering with Blind for attacks and Silence for magic casted on her), but is weak and low on HP.

Her second form is dangerous, with zombifying techniques and Curaga casting. It is important to know that non-zombies have just as much chance to be cured by Yunalesca as the zombies do. I found that out during my fight.

Like what was mentioned before, leave at least one member zombified as the third form begins, or it's Game Over. Holy is useful against her. Just keep wailing on her and keep your people alive (or undead) and you should eventually win. She will use Megadeath again after a little while, so leave some zombies around.

I actually didn't think this battle was too hard, or at least I never lost to her. Just be careful with who you keep zombified. My party in this battle was Tidus, Auron, and Yuna. Yuna is actually quite useful for support and healing. Reflect isn't really necessary for this battle, but used properly it can be helpful. It could also be a hinderance when healing and removing status ailments, however. Use your best judgement.

Mar 15, 10 at 6:40am

Or you can get Yuna to Holy on her SG. Yunalesca's 1st form is quite easy. When she's entering 3rd DO NOT cure Zombie cause she's casting Mega-Death when she enters it. After she cast Death just heal your party that she don't finish you with Full-Life.

Mar 14, 10 at 9:31pm

If you have a few good items in your inventory, Rikku's Mix Overdrive can help flatten Yunalesca in no time. And I used Auron with an Evade & Counter weapon to do massive damage to her - he barely got touched and was hitting for 5,000 HP+. Lulu's Fury (Firaga works best) can take out the first form easily. The only thing that caught me on the hop the first time I played it was Megadeath, but that' already been covered. If you have a Level 3 or 4 Key Sphere and an Underdog's Secret, a Trio of 9999 works wonders, followed by a Bahamut overkill. Sweet.

Mar 11, 10 at 4:54am

quote Blackshakes
another good strategy is in yunalesca's first form get tidus or kimari or yuna to cast reflect on everyone, save your aeons till the third stage and remain zombified throughout the fight. trust me works every time!
Maybe, it's not a sure fire solution though - she still has standard damage attacks and being zombified means you can't heal yourself.

Having at least one character both zombieproof and deathproof can help a lot - getting the crafting ingredients can be tricky though.

I generally try to keep at least one part member unzombified and healthy and just raise them if they get killed.

Mar 9, 10 at 2:05pm

another good strategy is in yunalesca's first form get tidus or kimari or yuna to cast reflect on everyone, save your aeons till the third stage and remain zombified throughout the fight. trust me works every time!

Mar 2, 06 at 8:20am

Not using the sphere grid is a big mistake. I suggest you train up and use the grid, missing those spheres isn't a huge set-back, just go get the most important ones and carry on. You need to build your stats! If you're still too lazy however, here's a sphere grid free strategy:

quote No Sphere Grid Challenge FAQ

Lady Yunalesca is a weak boss and most of her attacks cannot harm you. What
harms you is when she turns your party members into zombies and using healing
magic to kill you. In addition, Lady Yunalesca has three forms but with Trio
9999, you can take them out quickly before she kills you. You don't even need
First Strike but it is suggested. The key is setting up your battle order in
one round such that either Tidus or Rikku kill the first two forms and have
Lulu kill the last form. If you have Chocobo Feathers or Chocobo Wings, it is
useful to use them in the first round to speed up your characters. Equip
everyone with First Strike Weapons.


1. Have Rikku use Trio 9999 (WINGS OF DISCOVERY x2)
2. Have Lulu and Tidus defend
3. Lady Yunalesca should attack, make sure all your characters are alive and
have at least 300 HP and then have Rikku use an elemental Gem, probably a
Fire gem. Otherwise heal your party members. I suggest using a Mega Potion
just before Rikku's Turn
4. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you see an opening for Rikku to attack

Lady Yunalesca will change form and counter attack with Hellbiter(250 damage).
Hellbiter shouldn't kill you if your HP is above 300 but it will turn all your
party members to zombies.

5. Have Tidus use his Slice and Dice

Lady Yunalesca will change form again and this time she will cast Mega Death
on your party, but since your party is already dead (zombies) it will have no

6. Use Lulu's Fury Overdrive to finish Lady Yunalesca.

Mar 2, 06 at 3:53am

Ok what is your specific problem?

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