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Feb 13, 06 at 8:45amRaijin1999

Anyone who posts- make one post that contains all your stat data. When updated, do not make a new post, but instead update (edit) your old one. I'll edit guest posts to keep them on track. This way I can put up an index in this post to track simple names to each submission.

You can talk about your stats here!

I haven't played too much, as I was juggling Doom 3, Ghost Recon 2: SS, Rainbow 6 3: lockdown, and others, and am now using my PC to play stuff I wasn't able to play before upgrading. But anyway, here's what I got so far..

Name: Raijin
Player Points: 32088
Rank: General
Kills: 14725
Kill-Death Ratio: 10.80
Deaths: 1,363
Points per life: 23

Gunslinger: 172
Technician: 67
Demolition: 20
Marksman: 39
Regulator: 67
Endurance: 714
Guardian: 424
War Hero: 262
Frenzy: 101

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Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Aug 21, 12 at 9:37pm

Name: Kiwi
Player Points: 144, 732
Rank: General
Kills: 39, 941
Deaths: 1, 496
K/D Ratio: 26.69
Points Per Life: 96. 74

Endurance: 722- Legendary
Guardian: 672- Legendary
War Hero: 603- Legendary
Frenzy: 668- Legendary
Gunslinger: 510- Legendary
Regulator: 300- Legendary
Marksman: 189- Legendary
Demolition: 211- Legendary
Technician: 444- Legendary

Best Game:

(I did it today. ) (on single mode, difficulty elite)

Map: Geonosis
Team: Republic


Tank Buster: 32
Killing Spree: 108
Public Enemy: 236
Dead Eye: 142

Player Points: 941 (killed lots of Geonosians)
Hero Points: 105
Kills: 451
Deaths: 26
Headshots: 138

Endurance: 26
Guardian: 26
War Hero: 4
Frenzy: 21
Gunslinger: 14
Regulator: 8
Marksman: 3
Demolition: 9
Technician: 14

I killed over 200 Geonosians.

(created 8/21/12)

(updated 8/22/12)

(updated 8/27/12)

(Updated 6/17/13)

Mar 17, 12 at 10:52am
the best

name:chase99 player points:791530 rank:general kills:938160 i cant remember my ratio deaths:2065 points per life:about 67 gunslinger458 technician:2073 demolition:853 marksman:98 regulator:57 endurance:5061 guardian:2530 war hero:1265 frenzy:413

Mar 10, 12 at 2:05pm

name. player 1[yeah yeah shut up]
rank. general
kills 36430
kill death ratio 30.08
deaths 1211
points per life 52
gunslinger 175
technician 23
demolition 9
marksman 6
regulator 14
endurance 1099
guardian 775
war hero 521
frenzy 506

Jan 29, 11 at 4:51am

Kill/Death ratio-19/42
PTS. per-27.5
War Hero-782
These stats took forever to get.

Jan 14, 11 at 11:28am

Dumbo (normal AI difficulty)
Player points: 103,588
Rank: General
Kills: 35,663
Kill/Death Ratio: 12.97
Deaths: 2749
Points per Life: 37
Career Medals: All Legendary
Gunslinger: 494
Technician: 94
Demolition: 77
Marksman: 64
Regulator: 133
Endurance: 2549 (The number is on two lines!)
Guardian: 1771
War Hero: 1247
Frenzy: 632

Perfect (normal AI difficulty)
Player points: 911
Rank: Sergeant
Kills: 332
Kill/Death Ratio: --
Deaths: 0
Points per Life: 911
Career Medals: (a few veteran)
Gunslinger: 2
Technician: 2
Demolition: 2
Marksman: 2
Regulator: 2
Endurance: 8
Guardian: 8
War Hero: 8
Frenzy: 7
(Hint: Training on single player, if I die I don't save my profile. Great place to get those other skills.)

(P.S. There is a logical format to these stats for someone who knows enough about the game. If some just makes stats up there are ways to tell.)

Demolition: (Reward remote rockets that you can pilot yourself. AWESOME!) To increase your demolition you have to have 4 critical hits on a vehicle in one life. One way I got mine to the reward is playing the Hoth land level as a Rebel Vanguard over and over, the AT-AT Walker's critical point is the neck.

Technician: Slice into a vehicle, you only need to do it once per life, for some vehicles it takes less time.

The most fun I've had is when it is down to just me and 30 odd enemies in Conquest mode.

Dec 2, 10 at 6:24pm
The Chosen One

once i got 250 kills and 2 deaths in one battle
it is possible, just change the reinforcement settings
it took about half an hour:P

Nov 26, 10 at 8:28pm
Comm. Cody

Name: Comm. Cody
Rank: General
Player points: 36,155
Kills: 20,125
Deaths: 1,355
Kill/Death Ratio: 14.85
Gunslinger: 42
Demolition: 3
Regulator: 61
Endurance: 907
Guardian: 455
War Hero: 303
Technician: 37
Frenzy: 246

I wanna get 40,000 points soooooo bad!

Oct 6, 10 at 12:31am

name: shoot em up
player points: 7136
rank: general
kills: idk
deaths: idk
points per life: 36
kill/death ratio: 24/12

demolition 0 seriously how do you get this
gunslinger 4
marksman 7
regulator 6
technician 5
frenzy 40
endurance 222
gaurdian 68
war hero 30

Jun 16, 10 at 4:13pm

Name: Thomas
Player Points: 100,233
Rank: General
Kills: 238,902
Deaths: 498
Points Per Life: 556
Kill/Death Ratio: 1220/23

Demolition: 12
Gunslinger: 64
Marksman: 0
Regulator: 12
Technician: 3
Frenzy: 25
Endurance: 243
Guardian: 233
War Hero: 234

Favourite Unit: Jet Trooper
Favourite Veichle: Droid Tri-Fighter

Jun 13, 10 at 8:49pm

name:RYNO (yes in game 2)
points per life:307

war hero:790
frenzy:1,393 none of this is a joke i have been playing this since i was 7 and i play it A LOT!!!

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