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Jan 24, 06 at 8:53amAnima Sword

WhatI basically mean is, your favorite Zelda character NOT INCLUDING Link, Zelda, or Gannondorf? These can be townsfolk, sages, bosses, helpers (e.g. the owl) whatever...

My personal favorites are probably the following

1: Orca (I have a thing for Swordmasters)
2: Drarunia (He's cool for a large rock monster...then there's the dance)
3: Swiftblade (Again...Swordmaster thing)

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Apr 20, 13 at 1:29am

quote rchri
3 the stone thing because the sound it make AND if you try to blow it up IT GO UP TO THE SKY X D
The stone things are called "Gossip Stones". I like them too. Also if you hit them with your Megaton Hammer they get flattened temporarily.

Apr 18, 13 at 5:06pm

All my favorites are

Bullbo the boar: I love this boar, I often ride Bullbo more than Epona

Ganon's Horse: better than stupid Epona

Twinrova: I like Twinrova, in fact I like all Gerudo

Aveil the Gerudo: the leader of the Gerudo, 3rd in command of all the Gerudo

Nabooru: The second in command of the Gerudo, gotta respect that

Ganondorf: hes my all time favorite Zelda character

Ruto: My favorite Zora chick

Zoras: I love Zoras they're so cool!

River Zoras: a type of Zora, again I love Zoras

Mikau: Thank you, Mikau, I've aways wanted to be a Zora, I get sad everytime I play the song of healing for him

Lulu: Shes very simular to Ruto, which is why I like her

Maple the Witch: Thanks for healing me, Maple, the Dark World can be brutal sometimes

Anju: I like Anju

Fado: I like Fado better than Saria

Bubble: I love these guys, they are so funny

Like Like: I actually like the Like Likes

Redead: I like Redeads, they're so scary

Darknut: These guys are quite challenging, I like that

Fierce Deity Link: I wish this was in more Zelda games

Dark Link: That would be cool if Link could turn into Dark Link

Apr 18, 13 at 4:44am

Top favs
1 minda because she is so COOL
2 impa because she is fast can use a sword and COOL
3 the stone thing because the sound it make AND if you try to blow it up IT GO UP TO THE SKY X D

Feb 6, 13 at 5:19pm

I particularly liked Dark Link from Ocarina of Time. But so far, my favourite sub-character (if it qualifies as one) is the blue Iron Knuckles in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. They're one of the few challenging enemies in that game, since they throw swords at you. There's also a couple in the Great Palace sitting astride horses, but they don't pose much of a threat.
It would be cool to see both in a 3D Zelda game.

Jan 26, 13 at 4:06am

1. Tingle
2. Impa
3. Dark Link!

Dark Link is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 18, 12 at 11:15am

I also like Maple, to me she plays a huge role in Link to the Past because she heals Link and sells him potions for those Dark World dungeons.

And do monsters that Link encouters during his adventures count as sub-characters?

Jul 15, 12 at 2:29pm
Cheeky boo

Oh my gosh I can't believe no1 has said midna!!! She is soooo cool if you minus the nagging, nearly dying on you and making zelda kill herself to save midna,( yeah I'm only on the part just after you get the master sword >_> ) I just love her!!! She is soooo cute

Jul 15, 12 at 1:06pm

I like Hena, the fishing chick.
It's really cool how when Link goes inside the baitshop, he looks at things and Hena just comments on everything.

Jun 4, 12 at 7:44pm

My favorite Zelda sub-character has got to be Twinrova, I always liked that after you beat them they start yapping about whos older before their spirits disappear.

Apr 29, 12 at 7:35pm

I guess this is where I should have said Colin, like in the other, similar thread.
Colin, because he is cute and has a big heart. He just needed to discover it.

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