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Jan 18, 06 at 1:08amChaos Swordsman

Hello, and welcome to the Final Fantasy IV Advance version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? This has been approved by Prince Sander, and it is not your typical Millionaire-type game thread. Instead, this will not only feature multiple-choice questions, but also true/false, short answer, and ordering/matching questions as well.

The basic rundown of the game for those unfamiliar with Millionaire-type trivia games is that the host (in this case me) will post a fastest finger question to begin with. The first person to answer the question correctly is then placed in the hot seat, where it is his/her time to shine (or make a complete fool of themselves). A series of 15 questions will be asked, and not all of them will be easy questions. I could give you easy questions and gradually get harder, or I could be a complete ass and give you extremely difficult questions from the very beginning.

The contestant in the hot seat will have 3 lifelines, and each may be used only once:

  • 50-50. If this is used, I will eliminate two of the wrong answers, giving you a 50% chance of answering a question correctly.

  • Poll the audience. For a period of 24 hours, other users will be allowed to post their thoughts on the correct answer, but they may only post once, and this includes alias accounts. This is to keep the game fair for all, and to give an honest outlook on what the community's overall opinion is.

  • Phone a friend. You may request someone other than myself to help you with an answer by posting what they would choose should they be in your position.

  • You may only attempt to answer a fastest-finger question once. If you get one wrong, you can't guess again until all the wrong answers have been exposed and a new one has been posted.
    Note that even if you use phone a friend and ask the audience, you are not bound to automatically accept the answer of the majority as your answer for the question, as it might be wrong.

    Some basic ground rules for the game
    1. Do not post unless you're in the hot seat. The only exception to this is when you've been asked to post your thoughts using the phone a friend lifeline, the ask the audience lifeline, or when a fastest finger question is posted.

    2. The person in the hot seat will have 48 hours to answer a question. If, within 48 hours, he/she has not answered a question, then that will automatically become the fastest finger question.

    3. Questions may be directed to me via PM. Please don't ask me if you can be a host, however. If I feel that an extra host is necessary, I will find someone I feel comfortable with assisting me in running this game. In other words, don't call me, I'll call you.

    4. After you have just been a contestant, please allow at least three different people to be in the hot seat before you attempt another round.

    5. THIS GAME WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! If you haven't played the game entirely yet and you don't like spoilers, then don't bother with this thread until after you've beaten the game, as this will contain spoilers, and I will not give any spoiler alerts.

    6. RELY ON YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE GAME! This is to test your knowledge of FFIV Advance, not to test your skills of looking information up on the internet. If you can't answer a question on your own, then use a lifeline, not the internet.

    Top Scores

    1. Kyros - 1,000,000 gil
    2. dragon2000 - 200 gil
    3. slifer4000 - 100 gil

    For the first fastest finger question...

    What level is Cecil at when you first start the game as a dark knight?

    A: 8
    B: 10
    C: 5
    D: 1

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    Jun 11, 12 at 12:49am


    Mar 4, 11 at 3:21pm

    What's wrong? Is my knowledge too much for you? Bring on the 200 gil question.

    Mar 4, 11 at 2:38am

    A: Sword of Legend. You get Excalibur after upgrading it with a rat tail i believe. not important. A, final answer, bitches!

    Feb 27, 06 at 9:18pm


    Feb 23, 06 at 10:16pm
    Chaos Swordsman

    Time's up, so another FFQ is due.

    What weapon is Cecil equipped with as soon as he becomes a Paladin?

    A: Sword of Legend
    B: Excalibur
    C: Lightbringer
    D: Light Sword

    quote dragon2000
    'Scuse me for not playing this game every second of my life when I get the *bleep*in chance. You do this shit on purpose anyway.
    I've only played the game twice, but I payed attention to minor details throughout the game both times.

    Feb 11, 06 at 11:26pm
    7 Dragon

    quote protomanexe07
    quote dragon2000
    *Yawns* Thanks for making this so gay Proto.
    These questions aren't hard if you pay attention to detail.
    'Scuse me for not playing this game every second of my life when I get the *bleep*in chance. You do this shit on purpose anyway.

    Feb 11, 06 at 8:15pm

    quote protomanexe07

    There are two allusions to the biblical book of Genesis in Final Fantasy IV Advance. What are they?
    How did I know this easy question was going to pop up? -_-

    Feb 11, 06 at 7:01pm

    i would guess but i dont even kno what the biblical book of genesis is. unless its near the beginning and i forget about it

    um wait can you make it multiple choice? i could guess that way

    This message was edited by sumazndude on Feb 11 2006.

    Feb 11, 06 at 6:57pm
    Chaos Swordsman

    You are still allowed to guess and you still have lifelines you can use. You can walk away if you want to, but there's nothing wrong with guessing on a question you don't know the answer to. You may get it right.

    Feb 11, 06 at 6:53pm

    this is sad i dont kno
    i guess ill enter again when theres a question i kno

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