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Jan 9, 06 at 10:16pmCrystalLaser

Kain was a kid in Final Fantasy II, and Ricard was conisdered the last Dragoon who was Kain's fathers friend, but he had promised to train Kain the ways of the Dragoon, though Ricard died, Kain some how becomes a Dragoon, in Final Fantasy IV, Kain then comes back, he is a full Dragoon, that his Kain's past as we know it, though they do not show his training.

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Jan 13, 13 at 9:39pm

Ok, well, I believe Ricard is Kain's dad. Here's the proof:

Ok, so, yeah, the worlds aren't similar. But the worlds go deeper than just 2 and 4. I believe the worlds from 1, 2, 4, and 7 are all the same. If you remember in one, you had to collect the 4 elemental crystals to save the world. It's the same thing in 4. I believe something happened with the earth crystal, and it reshaped the face of the world.

Secondly, there would just now be a coming of airships in 4, since they were now being mass-produced. There were two in the entire world of 2. Not exactly what you'd call "advent of the airships."

Third: Kain mentions that his dad died fighting the empire, and if you look at the little kid's name at the end of the custcene in soul of rebirth, Ricard says that kid is his son, and that his name is Kain.

Fourth: No, there would not be very many ruins of the old dungeons in 4. I imagine after the earth crystal messed up the world, either the ruins would erode away, get sucked into the earth (probably where the dwarves got the stone for their castle in 4), or someone up and repaired t, and started another civilization.

5: I know Kain and Ricard's weapon usage is different, but that doesn't mean they aren't related.

6: due to Cid from 7 having the last name of Kain from 4, and already having somewhat of a family tree already, I think Cid is Kain's son, and that the worlds from 1, 2, 4, and 7 are linked. (I k now that one's a bit of a stretch, though. But who knows? Maybe Kain and Rydia hooked up after they saved the world.)

Feb 9, 06 at 3:36am
Epsalon ZX

I didn't say it proved anything. Only that the Cid from that game had the same last name as Kain and Ricard, and seemed to possess some slight dragoon skills. All it can lead to is theory, nothing more.

Edit: Correction, I did in fact say that it was proof of relation to FFVII. I didn't mean to though. Sorry about that. I do see your point.

Feb 9, 06 at 1:11am

There has been a Cid in about every FF game since FFII. That doesn't mean anything. There are also alot of Biggs and Wedges. Does that mean they are related too? It does sound like a good theory, you just don't have enough evidence to back it up.

Feb 8, 06 at 2:48am
Epsalon ZX

In the ending to the Rebirth chapter of FFII, you learn that the name of Ricard's son is Kain. And they're both Dragoons. That, plus the fact that Mysidia is in both games hinted to me that they were the same world at the very least. FFVII is also somewhat related, I think because Cid has the same last name as both Kain and Ricard. "Highwind" Plus, his limit break 'Boost Jump' is somewhat of a dragoon skill.

Feb 8, 06 at 1:38am

There are only 2 games in Final Fantasy that have other games branching off of them and they are FFVII and FFX. I was just saying that FFII &IV both have towns named Mysidia that have about the same relevance to the games.

Feb 8, 06 at 1:34am
Chaos Swordsman

Just because Mysidia is there in both games doesn't mean that they're automatically related. If they were connected in some way, then there would have to be something relating to the Mysidian Tower somewhere in the world of FFIV, and the only towers are the Tower of Zot and the Tower of Babel; neither of which are connected in any way with the Mysidian Tower of FFII.

Feb 8, 06 at 1:09am

There is a Mysidia in both games. I thought it sounded familiar when I played through FFIV so I checked FFII and it was there. It was the town full of mages and the Tower that you get Ultima from. And there is a passage below the surface that takes you somewhere in both Mysidias. One isn't in the city but it still said Mysidia on the Start menu.

Jan 22, 06 at 2:17pm
Chaos Swordsman

I'm a little skeptical about Ricard and Kain having a connection from Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy IV.

To start off with, the world maps have completely different shapes as far as land masses go. True, the land does shift due to plate tectonics, but it's not possible for the entire world to change that much in about 10-15 years, which is the probable length of time in between the two games if Ricard and Kain truly are related.

Also, there would have to be some remnants of the world of Final Fantasy II, such as Fynn and Altair being in ruins, if there was a connection, because something would have happened to the cities and nations of FFII to make room for Troia, Baron, Damcyan, Fabul, and the other kingdoms of FFIV. If there was a meteor shower that hit the planet in the time between the two games and wiped out all the FFII civilizations, then there would obviously still be craters left over, and the only craters you see are on the moon.

Third, airships were just being introduced in FFIV. If you read the prologue, it said something to the effect of "with the advent of airships...". Advent means coming, and in FFII, airships were already in use, as you can plainly see with Cid's airship that he gave to Firion, along with the Dreadnought of the Empire.

Finally, Ricard was able to use a wide variety of weapons (his weapon of choice, however, was a sword), and Kain uses a spear as his main weapon, but the only other weapons he can use and still deal a reasonable amount of damage are the sword and axe. True, he can fight with his bare hands and use the bow and arrow, but they're nowhere near as efficient.

Jan 16, 06 at 11:56pm

Wonder why they didn't show him training?

Jan 14, 06 at 2:40am
7 Dragon

It's possible. Actually, VERY possible. What a kickass theroy you've come up with as well.

If you've seen the ending of the game, Kain goes to face himself on Mt Ordeals just like Cecil had to when he became a paladin and such. He finally takes off his helmet and says something about his father. Who is most likely Ricard indeed.

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