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Dec 27, 05 at 5:54pmasdgasDavid

I used to play FF III on the SNES and I just downloaded the ROM and now I am stuck on this battle. When Vargas puts the doom countdown on Sabin and you have to use the blitz attack I dont know at what point to input the < > < A blitz. As soon as I click on blitz, Sabin shines a little light around him and then it almost immediately says 'incorrect blitz input'. The walkthroughs on the site were talking about an cursor appearing when it was time to input, but I havnt seen anything.

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Jul 14, 15 at 2:51pm

Thank you so much for your help guys! I know it's been 10 years since this forum post was made... but it still help'd me alot!


But after like 4-5 Deaths to Vargas.. I Finally managed to pull it off! (dont take it as a sexual joke[b][/b])

~El Loco

May 18, 15 at 8:09am

quote AlTheRipper
I have the Wii Virtual Console version, played with the Game Cube controller... What buttons do I push?
Use what buttons you use for Left, Right, Left.

So select Blitz once.

Press <-- , --> ,<--

Press your Confirm/Examine button.


For all systems I would recommend doing it SLOWLY until you get the timing of his Blitzes down. It will take several turns for Vargas to KO Sabin, you can even use a Hi Potion if necessary.

I.e. If youre impatient, and keep pressing the Confirm button repeatedly, it will not give you time to input the Blitz combo. If you press Blitz more than ONCE, before entering the button combination, you will still get "incorrect Blitz command" .

quote bassgdae13
As Blitzes are unique to Sabin, which at this point you just met. no you are not taught how to use it before the battle.

Feb 19, 15 at 8:02am

I have the Wii Virtual Console version, played with the Game Cube controller... What buttons do I push?

Jun 20, 14 at 7:37am

Finnaly got it...

Press left, right, left WHEN the finger pointer points your character. Then press A button

1. Point to Blitz (not press)
2. Press left then right then left
3. Press A

Thank you all already helping

Nov 8, 13 at 8:35pm

Yes! I am also using the ROM on ZSNES and have tried EVERYTHING!!! and I know I'm doing it right (even looked up a video on youtube) but everytime it still says invalide input code or whatever.. If anyone using a ROM version of this game on their computer has figured it out please let me know your secret, otherwise I'm thinking there is a bug or something because I tried slower speeds, using the keyboard instead, and still after 50 tries NOTHING!!

Jun 3, 13 at 1:54pm

At what point were you taught how to use blitzes? Because there's no way you should just know that you need to use that button combination? Did the game mention blitzes before this point?

Jan 13, 13 at 9:15am


quote Comboz

1. Point to Blitz (using up-down button)
2. Press A button ONCE
3. left right left (the finger still pointing your char)
4. Press A (to execute Blitz)

Sep 19, 12 at 10:20pm

Oh my god!!!!!! i was thinking that light was the curser not the finger before clicking A.

I finally got it.

yeah you point the blitz.

while the finger pointing at your character hit <-- . --> . <-- then A which on normal fight mode selects the one you attack.

so choose blitz. while the flashing hand is showing pointing at the guy's chest type in left, right, left. then A.

not while he is moving (doing the attack)

Jul 23, 12 at 9:39am

Okay, you people need to buy a clue and LEARN TO READ. It's Left, Right, Left ON THE EFFIN D-PAD!!!
Go over blitz, select it once. It should stay in a still screen. Press left, right, left ON THE D-PAD and then confirm. THEN Sabin should to the attack. If you STILL can't do it, just give up playing or figure it out yourself ¬¬

May 11, 12 at 9:29pm


I have been to numerous forums and still can't get this. Yes, I know to select BLITZ, then while the cursor is on Sabin, to press left, right, left A.

I'm using a SNES9X for the MAC.

I have done everything from making adjustments to the keyboard, changing the speed settings in the emulator, typing the command fast, slow, etc.

I have even kept attacking until Sabin says "Hey, use the BLITZ attack" to try it then. Still, nothing.

I'm at a complete loss. Don't know if its a bug in this particular Rom or what. Any insight would be great. Thank you.

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