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Dec 19, 05 at 10:10pmMassive Attack

quote tidus04

This has been set up for all to understand so it should not be that hard. I am only setting up 2 links per guide for all guides submitted [ say for the battle against the Earth Eater there will be 2 made links ]. But this dose not stop you from submitting for that same battle because if i find yours better and more informing then the other guide made for that topic then i will use yours and get rid of that one.

You can submit a guide for any part of the Final Fantasy X game [ Blitzball, Aeons anything like that ] and i will make space for it.

You are aloud to DOUBLE POST in her under the circumstances that you are ONLY posting more then 1 guide. It is easier for me to read if they are separated from 1 post. If you comment on a post you can not then go forth and post again as that is not aloud. You gotta edit the last post

And all other Forum Rules apply.

I hope you found the FAQ to help you out with your situation, but if there was any problem then please post in this thread or post in the main FFX forum area and someone will help you out

If there is a link you have found not to work can you post a message here quoting the link that dose not work. Thanks

Thanks To --> Baralai_17 who found a mistake in the text for me

Please disable Sig or I will report your messages when you post in here and also no one on one conversations saying like Nice guide ect... from now on and that may even be reported as well > =D

Spam deletions were the entire reason that this thread had to be recreated in the first place. Strategies only, please.

Storyline Bosses [Chronological Order]

[Sinspawn Ammes] - tidus04 [Sinspawn Ammes]Skye X
[Geosgano]sONYFREAK [Geosgano]Skye X
[Klikk] - sONYFREAK [Klikk] - Skye X
[Tros] - oblivion46000 [Tros] - Skye X
[Kimahri] - oblivion46000 [Kimahri] - Skye X
[Sin, Sinscale x3] - sONYFREAK
[Sinspawn Euchilles] - Volrath16 [Sinspawn Euchilles] - The Owner
[Lord Ochu] - Skye X [Lord Ochu] - Dice
[Sinspawn Geneaux] - Volrath16 [Sinspawn Geneaux] - Skye X [Sinspawn Geneaux (Tidus-only)] - Twin Fatality
[Oblitzerator] - Reload [Oblitzerator] - Skye X [Oblitzerator (Tidus-only)] - Twin Fatality
[Sahagin Guard x18] - oblivion46000
[Chocobo Eater] - Skye X [Chocobo Eater] - The Owner [Chocobo Eater (Tidus-only)] - Twin Fatality
[Sinspawn Gui] - oblivion46000 [Sinspawn Gui] - Skye X [Sinspawn Gui (Tidus-only)] - Twin Fatality
[Sinspawn Gui, 2nd Form] Reload [Sinspawn Gui, 2nd Form] Skye X
[Extractor] - oblivion46000 [Extractor] - Skye X [Extractor (Tidus-only] - Twin Fatality
[Spherimorph] - Reload
[Crawler, Negator] - Jaguar
[Seymour, Guards, Anima] - sONYFREAK [Seymour, Guards, Anima] - raver2004 [Seymour, Guards, Anima] - The Winged Cloud
[Wendigo, Guard x2] - Nemesii [Wendigo, Guard x2] - Dice
[Evrae] - GallantmonX [Evrae] - Garkaz
[Issaru's Summons] - sONYFREAK [Issaru's Summons] - ali3n
[Evrae Altana] - dragon2kool [Evrae Altana] - The Owner [Evrae Altana] - Trust Kill
[Seymour Natus, Mortibody] - Skye X [Seymour Natus, Mortibody] - 744566668676 (Guest)
[Defender X]Yami Yugi II [Defender X] - Christ24
[Biran and Yenke Ronso] - Reload [Biran and Yenke Ronso] - BahamutX
[Seymour Flux, Mortiorchis] - GallantmonX [Seymour Flux, Mortiorchis] - Yami Yugi II
[Sanctuary Keeper] - ShadowMandarb [Sanctuary Keeper] - GallantmonX
[Spectral Keeper] - Volrath16 [Spectral Keeper] - oblivion46000
[Yunalesca] - dragon2kool [Yunalesca] - The Owner [Yunalesca] - Fantasy Fan
Optional: [Ultima Weapon] - Mako Cloud [Ultima Weapon] - GallantmonX
[Sin] - Jaguar
[Sin (Head)] - sONYFREAK [Sin (Head)] - The Owner
Optional: [Omega Weapon] - GallantmonX [Omega Weapon] - Galacticdramon
[Seymour Omnis] - dragon2kool [Seymour Omnis] - kiker55
[Braska's Final Aeon] - Yami Yugi II [Braska's Final Aeon] - sONYFREAK
[Yu Yevon] - Yami Yugi II [Yu Yevon] - Demonlord

Monster Arena

    [Area Creations]
[Stratoavis] - Jaguar [Stratoavis] - soamesey
[Marlboro Menace] - oblivion46000 [Marlboro Menace] - soamesey
[Kottos] - Jaguar
[CouerlRegina] - oblivion46000
[Jormungand] - Jaguar
[Cactuar King] - Jaguar
[Espada] - Jaguar
[Abyss Worm] - Jaguar
[Chimeragiest] - Penance
[Don Tonberry] - Jaguar
[Cateboplas] - oblivion46000
[Abadon] - Jaguar
[Vorban] - Penance
    [Species Creations]
[Fenrir] - oblivion46000
[Ornitholestes] - oblivion46000
[Pteryx] - oblivion46000
[Hornet] - oblivion46000
[Vidatu] - Jaguar
[One Eye] - oblivion46000 [One Eye] - Nemisis13
[Jumbo Flan] - Penance [Jumbo Flan] - The Owner
[Nega Elemental] - oblivion46000
[Tanket] - oblivion46000
[Fafnir] - oblivion46000 [Fafnir] - XsLashEr325
[Sleep Sprout] - Volrath16
[Bomb King] - oblivion46000
[Juggernaut] - Jaguar
[Iron Clad] - oblivion46000
    [Original Creations]
[Earth Eater] - oblivion46000 [Earth Eater] - Jewels
[Greater Sphere] - oblivion46000
[Catastrophe - Jaguar
[T'huban] - Mr Muffins [T'huban] - oblivion46000
[Neslug] - oblivion46000 [Neslug] - The Owner
[Ultima Buster] - oblivion46000
[Shinryu] - Jaguar
[Nemesis] - Leonheart [Nemesis] - Friction
    [Dark Aeons (PAL version only)]
[Dark Valefor] - Jaguar [Dark Valefor] - The Owner
[Dark Ifrit] - Jaguar [Dark Ifrit] - The Owner
[Dark Ixion] - kiker55 [Dark Ixion] - The Owner
[Dark Shiva] Jaguar [Dark Shiva] The Owner
[Dark Bahamut] Nemesii [Dark Bahamut] The Owner
[Dark Yojimbo] - Penance [Dark Yojimbo] - Nemesii
[Dark Anima] - Nemesii [Dark Anima] - The Owner
[Dark Magus Sisters] - Penance [Dark Magus Sisters] - The Owner
[Penance] - Dark Penance [Penance] - The Owner

[Final Fantasy X Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides]

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Jun 5, 14 at 7:15pm

Quicker fights for Monster Arena farming.

Wakka/Tidus get Loner Overdrive mode
2 members use "Escape" Command
Wakka just change weapon (just click the same weapon)
>>Full Overdrive>>Attack Reel/Blitz Ace>>Change Weapon>>Full Overdrive>>>>>>>>

Aug 21, 12 at 11:44am

Monster Arena Originals Help

Earth Eater:

If your party's armor has Deathproof, you're good. Even with Auto Phoenix, you should be just fine. Cast Hastega first, as always, then nail it with Quick Hit. It will counter with Megaton Punch, which causes Death. After 2 hits dealing 90,000+ damage, it will fall over. Keep using Quick Hit. It will counter with Flare every time, so it helps if you have armor with Auto Shell, and a 255 Magic Defense. Anyway, just pound it with Quick Hit over and over, and it'll be over in a minute or so.

Greater Sphere:

Cast Hastega. Make sure you have armor with Auto Shell, and a high Magic Defense; at least 225. You can hit him with Quick Hit, but he'll counter with Ultima, which is why you need a high Magic Defense. That's basically it.


Okay, seriously, this one is so easy, you might not even need Hastega. Just use Quick Hit over and over again and you'll win.


A bit harder. Forget using Hastega, it would be better if your armor had Auto Haste, as well as Auto Protect and Auto Shell. Aslo, Break HP Limit is absolutley needed if you want to survive Convergence. You can either Quick Hit it for an hour, or you could cast Doom and just try to survive until it reaches zero. Every time you attack it, it counters with Condemn, which dispels all magic effects on your Party (i.e. Haste, Protect). It has an attack sequence. First, it claws one of your members. Next, it casts Rainbow, which inflicts status ailments. Then, it will use defensive magic spells, Protect, Shell, and Regen. Finally, it uses Convergence, which does a good 50,000+ damage if you have Shell and 255 magic defense. Just choose a strategy. Quick Hit or Doom Either way, you still have a chance.


This one's annoying. Make sure your party has Wakka in it, and all three members have full overdrive and know the ability Entrust. First, cast Hastega. Then, use Wakka's overdrive Attack Reels (and try not to screw up). Then, have one of the other two members use Entrust on Wakka. Then, use Attack Reels again. Repeat this with the other member. That should take care of the shell. Then, just use Quick hit. That ends it.

Ultima Buster

This guy is number two on my Top 5 Most Annoying FFX Monsters. First, make sure everyone has Strength, Defense, and magic Defense at 255. Make sure their armor has Auto Phoenix, Auto Protect, Auto Shell, and Auto Regen (These four abilities together make Assault Weapons (i.e. Assault Shield, Assault Bracer)). First, hit the arms. Then, kill the head with Wakka's ball. Then, quick hit it until the arms regenerate. Then kill the arms again. They will regenerate every few minutes, so just kill them every time. It ends pretty fast after that.


Underwater battle, so you only got Rikku, Wakka, and Tidus. Make sure their overdrives are full. If their armor all has Auto Phoenix, Auto Potion, Auto Shell, and Auto Protect, you should be good. Use Rikkus mix. Mix two Wings to Discovery to get Trio of 9999. This helps tremendously with Auto Potion and Auto Phoenix. Now, just use Blitz Ace and Attack Reels. Piece of cake.


See, I haven't gotten him yet because I need to capture one more fricking Tonberry. () So, I'll post him later.

Jul 30, 09 at 4:25am
Final Fantasy 0

overdrive sin
hp: 140000
mp:not sure but he doesent use magic
at the beginning at the battle cast hastega on everyone and have auron use mental and armor break to weaken his defenses. now have tidus use his overdrive(blitz ace is particulary good) have lulu cast ultima fury and have auron use torando and let wakka use attack reels. after that use quick hit, ultima, holy, and other things. have yuna summon a strong aeon if sin's gauge is almost full. i think he has a supreme gem so try stealing it

Jun 20, 09 at 9:54am

About Seymour in his third form, use Auron, Wakka and Yuna. In my case both Wakka and Auron have more then 4k in HP.

Anyways, don't bother attacking with Wakka and Auron, just make sure they stay alive incase Yuna dies so you can revive her with a Phoenix Down. Every time it's Aurons or Wakkas time to attack make sure to switch so that Yuna can summon her aeons.

Start with the weakest (Valefor) and finish with the strongest (Bahamut). Yojimbo won't really be needed, unless you wanna spend money on him ^^ Also make sure that they all are on their overdrives becuase Seymour will banish them after 1 attack.

Another reason why to have Auron and Wakka (if they now have more then 4k in HP) is after Seymour uses his huge ass annoying attack that takes alot of HP, revive Yuna and finish him off with Bahamut (he should take around 22-25k damage) and then you're done!

It took me 3 times though, so if it doesn't work the first time be patient~

Jul 2, 08 at 2:53am

An extra note: It's easier if you kill 2 Sinspawn and then leave 1 more. They don't respawn, so you only have to deal with the damage that one can dish out. Building Valefor's overdive before you board the ship is easier too.

Jul 2, 08 at 1:34am
Ronso Rage X

Name: Sin (Liki)
HP: 2000
Special: Boss
Long range
Strength: 1
Magic: 1
Status Vulnerability: Armour Break Berserk Confusion
Darkness Doom Eject
KO Magic Break Mental Break
Petrification Poison Power Break
Provoke Scan Silence
Sleep Slow Threaten
Haste NulBlaze NulFrost
NulShock NulTide Protect
Reflect Regen Shell

Comments: Don't worry about the Sinscales. They just keep on coming. Just focus on Sin. Sin is the 1st long range foe so swords won't work. Attack with Wakka's ball or Lulu's magic, Kimahri's lancet or Summon Valefor. If you wish to achive "overkill" use Valefor's overdrive. Watch out for the sinscales "Spines" attack. When it's wings start to glow, kill them quickly to avoid it.

Mar 25, 08 at 3:34pm

Just some notes on that fight.

To take out the Guado Guardians you'll want to use Kimahri's Stone Breath, a Petrify Grenade, or Wakka's Status Reels to Petrify them (this bypasses Auto Potion, and kills both guards in a single action). Otherwise you'll have to Steal from them first to disable their Auto Potion.

HP: 6000
MP: 999
Strength: 20
Magic: 25
Overkills at: 1400

Guado Guardians:
HP: 2000
MP: 10
Strength: 5
Magic: 20
Overkills at: 2000

HP: 18000
MP: 999
Strength: 30
Magic: 30
Overkills at: 1400

Mar 8, 08 at 6:45pm
The Winged Cloud


The battle begins. First off, have Tidus, Yuna and Wakka talk to Seymour to buff them up. Have yuna cast Nulfrost, Nulshock, Nultide, and Nulblaze in that order. Every time you attack his Guado Guardians they heal. Have Rikku "Steal" from them to stop their healing. Firstly kill his Guardians 1st because you cannot kill Seymour because of the guardians Guard ability.

After defeating his guardians, Attack Seymour. After sending his HP down to 3000. He'll summon Anima. Summon an aeon(Try Shiva or Ifrit), his pain inflicts auto-death, which your aeons are immune too. He'll boost his overdrive gauge till it's full and he'll do Oblivion, which does 4000 damage. Just plummet his HP down to 5000 and do a overdrive with your aeon, the aeon's overdrive should at least do 9999 Damage, enough to kill anima, now back to Seymour.

Seymour will do Multi-Spells but Ga spells with your aeons, summon a different aeon and cast NulFrost, NulBlaze, NulTide so the aeon isn't killed. Once your overdrive gauge is filled, do a overdrive and Seymour has fallen.

HP: 6000
MP: 999
Strength: 20
Magic: 25
Overkills at: about 4000 damage

Guado Guardians:
HP: 2000
MP: ???
Strength: 5
Magic: 20
Overkills at: about 5000 damage

HP: 18000
MP: 999
Strength: 30
Magic: 30
Overkills at: about 6000 damage.

Hope this helps.

~The Winged Cloud~

Feb 26, 08 at 10:39am

If you cast reflect on your characters, then reflect your own magic off them he will not counter every attack with condemn
NOTE: He will NOT use counters against Reflected Magic ONLY if you do the strategy from the beginning (ie Th'uban has not already used a counter)
So if Th'uban has already used Condemn previously then the first time you use Reflected Magic he will still counter with Condemn

Feb 26, 08 at 3:22am
Mr Muffins

quote Mace22
Note: If you cast reflect on your characters he will not counter every attack with condemn. Credits to Mace22
This is incorrect. You need to Reflect your own magic off your own characters to damage Th'uban and prevetn Condemn. Simply casing reflect on a character or your party won't prevent Condemn.

Fixed. Thank you again. I've never used that strategy.

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