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Nov 3, 05 at 7:42pmAmbian

can someone tell me the easyist way to get into the chest on the phantom ship b/c all the walkthroughs i looded at i couldnt underrstand


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May 31, 13 at 2:34pm

THE PHANTOM SHIP, I remember it well, and let us say that the treasure chest...... was repeatable.

I have nothing to say now that everybody mentioned it.
All I have to say is, memorize the ghost patterns, because you will be dodging those guys a bunch, if you are going for all the treasures.

May 30, 13 at 9:25am

There are 24 possibilities with your 4 numbers and only 10 tries. The code resets after 10 tries (when you battle the skeletons). I also heard that the code resets after you reload. In other words, you have to be very lucky to get the Ultimate Wargod. However, you can still try your best.

Here is how to create a list:

Eg: 1468

These are the possibilities. There are 6 chances with each number.





Basically, to create your own list you pick one number in the code and figure out 6 possibilities with that number.

eg: 0619

I pick 0. Now, I need six chances to go with 0.


Then, I pick 6 and go through all the three-digit chances with 6.


I hope this is explained well.

Nov 7, 05 at 4:19am

Yes, thank you. Saves me the trouble, though I dug it up anyway for future reference. I'd actually find the talisman more useful than an Ultimate Wargod, because I don't usually miss a whole lot of Additions. Immunity to instant death > auto-Additions, IMO.

Nov 6, 05 at 4:22am

If its ok with Koveras I got the list right here actualy (Panic Guard - 10 Tries, Stun Guard - 19 Tries, Magic Ego Bell - 5 Tries, Talisman(BTW very good later on for a certain boss) - 3 Tries, Ultimate Wargod(As mentioned above good if u cant quite get those additions) - 2 Tries, 100G - 2 Tries)

Nov 6, 05 at 3:52am

Very true, I'd rather put something other than an Ultimate Wargod in my accessory slot. Still, it's good for Addition power-leveling. Once you get each Addition maxed, swap out for a Phantom Shield or something of the sort. If nothing else, get it so you can sell it for 5000.

So, to stay on-topic, if you have a hard time on some Additions (Moon Strike for me... arrrrgh!!), an Ultimate Wargod might be a good idea. If you're pretty good at all of them, then this chest isn't ABSOLUTELY necessary. Maybe I'll post a list of what else you can get from it if I can bother to find my strategy guide.

Nov 6, 05 at 3:29am
Yugi Muto

Ah, Ultimate Wargod is over-rated since I know all the additions very well.
You'll do better memorizing addition than getting an Ultimate Wargod!
It makes the game fun too.

Nov 5, 05 at 3:56am

There are four ghosts in another part of the ship (I forget where it is) that give you one number each. Three of those numbers, in a certain order, will open the chest. The trick is, the item inside changes each time you try to open it.

I know the one you get from your first try is an Ultimate Wargod, very cool, but they go downhill from there, down to a crappy potion or something.

To get that Ultimate Wargod, you'll have to be patient, because it's time-consuming. Try getting the four numbers, writing them down, then going to the Queen Fury to save. Then, use any combination of those four numbers. There are 24 combinations for each set... no one number is used twice, unless you got two of the same number. If you try a new combination each time, you should eventually get the Ultimate Wargod.

The only problem I can see with this rather cheap method is that the numbers may change each time the game is loaded. Never hurts to try, though, so if you want to put the time in, go for it. Let me know if it works!

P.S. Good to see all this activity in here! It makes me quiver with glee! (Okay, I'm caffeinated...)

Nov 3, 05 at 9:00pm

From wat I know its completly random

Nov 3, 05 at 7:42pm

can someone tell me the easyist way to get into the chest on the phantom ship b/c all the walkthroughs i looded at i couldnt underrstand


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