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Jul 13, 05 at 9:56pmadrenalrush

All right, for those of you having problems with Toreno's first real mission at Verdant Meadows, a.k.a. N.O.E., I thought I'd help you with this walkthrough.

Get in the Rustler, which is "all loaded up and ready to go." Taxi out of the hangar a bit and press R2 to turn right. When you've lined up with the runway, accelerate and take off. However, DO NOT retract the landing gear at this point as it will improve the handling of the plane. Once airborne, bank slightly left and use the canyons for cover. Fly through the canyon, and hang a slight right when you see the electrical tower. Be sure you don't hit it or else it's surely curtains for CJ. After navigating that obstacle, head left and continue down the river while being mindful of the radar. You should see a bridge with ample room to go under. Do so, then pull up so you'll have some room to clear the next bridge. Resume your low-level flying. You'll cross the highway on the coast and a bridge in Tierra Robada. Keeping low, clear the bridge. Now, you should be heading towards Easter Bay Airport. Again, stay low. You should still have the landing gear down, keep it that way until I tell you to retract it. Again, low, fly a few feet off the ground of the grounds of the airport. After you've passed the tarmac, pull up and pilot the aircraft down the highway running through Doherty and Foster Valley. Stay below the radar! When you approach the T-intersection, you have two choices: Retract the gear now and climb over the trees so you'll be able to pass through the corona in Angel Pine, heading south, or hang a left through the large clearing of trees (should be on the left side of your screen) and then retract the gear and climb over the trees as you approach said opening so you'll have a chance to hit the corona heading north. If you peak your visibility bar heading for the corona, it depends on if you've dropped the cargo or not. If you have done so, make a beeline for the sea and lower the gear until the Hydra is gone. If not, head for the sea, wait until the Air Force stops sniffing around and then head back to Angel Pine and try again. Anyway, after the drop has been triggered, bank left until you're over open water and head north whilst staying over water and under radar. Eventually, you'll reach San Fierro. Keeping low, pass under the Gant and Garver bridges. Now, a good idea here is to follow the landscape north, flying over Las Barrancas and making a gradual turn so you'll be flying over the bridge near Valle Ocultado. Just clear the mesas in the area and line up with the runway. Gently press down on square to begin your descent. The plane should land on the runway. Taxi to the red marker to complete the mission.

If you are unsure about the above walkthrough or have additions/suggestions, send me a PM.

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Jul 14, 05 at 7:33pm

Lol. No problem. Glad to help.


I recommend getting full health and armor for this mission as you'll be going up against the Army again.

Back at the Airstrip, you wait for Truth to show up, and he does in grand fashion: Flying all over the place in the jetpack. He tells you to listen for something that will be the answer to everything and it is what they least want you to get. He then takes off. Get the jetpack and intercept the military train. It is recommended by the author that you bypass the train and then come up behind it so you will not be dealing with the brunt of the soldiers. Kill the first group of soldiers on the flatbed railcar and bust the box (which will be empty). Make your way to the front of the train, killing soldiers and busting the next box. At the front of the train, kill the soldiers remaining and bust open the last box. This is the green goo Truth sent you to get. Pick it up and then kill the last soldier, riding shotgun. Head north to the Airstrip. Truth will declare 1992 is 'the year zero' and jump into the Mothership and flee without telling CJ what it is. Mission complete. Verdant Meadows is now an asset, generating up to $10,000. Collect it regularly. That's it for the strand. You should have gotten a call from Woozie some time ago, so head into Las Venturas to the Four Dragons Casino to advance the story.

Jul 14, 05 at 7:20pm

Lol i just made a thread asking for tips on this one..thanx adrean

Jul 14, 05 at 7:15pm


After completing Stowaway, The Truth will ring you and tell you to get to the Airplane Graveyard. Do so if you're not already there. However, for this mission, full health and armor is recommended as you'll be going against M4-toting soldiers for what will most likely be your first time in the game. After the cutscene, in which Truth is outraged at CJ working for Toreno. You will then drive the Mothership to the Restricted Area in a cutscene, which means you can't actually drive. Damn. He will drop you off and then make a beeline for it. I find that the thermal goggles are not a necessity here, as I am confident that at this point you have reached Hitman level with most, if not all, weapons in your arsenal, thus allowing you to lock on soldiers from afar. Truth will give you a knife and a silenced pistol. You know what to do, waste the Army goons. Get your Uzi-type weapon out and lock on the first soldier you see and then shred him. If you don't already have the weapon, go pick up his M4 (although it may be necessary to blast the other soldiers in the area). Note, this walkthrough is not designed with gaining access via the blast doors in mind. Anyway, continue to waste soldiers. Be sure to take out the ones standing on the spotlight towers as they will do significant damage to your health if not taken care of. You may also want to take out the lights to aid your infiltration of the base. If you are running low on health, there should be an health pickup near the entrance you came in from. Armor can be found in the control tower. Once you have taken care of all the soldiers and the control tower is still active, go there to open the doors and enter via the doors. If the tower is disabled, there is a nearby vent. Shoot the covering and jump in. Utilize the health pickup if needed be. Blast the grate and exit. Once again, the process is very straightforward here, keep blasting the living hell out of the soldiers with your weapons and stay alive. There should be an armor pickup behind what seems like a glass wall just ahead of where you enter the interior of the base. Ditto for a minigun. Go back and keep blasting soldiers. When you reach the second area (identified by casks and boxes and via walking through a red-lighted tunnel or the nearby tunnel, kill and repeat, kill and repeat. Once all have been taken care of, get on the central walkway and go to the room at the far end of the hall. Here, you will likely find some pickups. Go right and navigate the maze of hallways until you reach a room with two scientists in it, a map of San Andreas in the middle, and a red marker. Kill the scientists anyway and go into said marker to disable the base's SAM defenses. Return to the hall and go down the open grating for health and armor if you need it. Go to the right (as if you have come back from the control room) and up the stairs. Here, blast any soldiers you see. It is also a good idea to utilize either the silenced pistol or the knife, strafing and rolling around corners to waste the soldiers. If necessary, blast them like usual. Navigate the maze until you come to a room with computer terminals. Here, you will need a keycard. And, fortunately, there is a scientist nearby willing to do so. Kill him if you wish and pick up the card and step into the red marker to access the black project. Go through the door, blasting the Army guys with your weapon. Make your way down the spiral staircase, killing the Army, to reach the project, which is a jetpack. Pick it up and lift off through the open silo. If you have deactivated the SAMs, it should be easy sailing to El Castillo del Diablo. If not, use your Micro SMG to lock in on incoming missiles and blast them away. Get the hell away from there PDQ. Anyway, head for the Devil's Castle and enter the red marker. A cutscene will follow, and Truth will peel out without giving you a ride into town, so it's up to you to get back to civilization. Head back to the airstrip for the next mission: Green Goo.

Jul 14, 05 at 12:03am


If anyone's struggling with what I find to be a simple mission... this is the post.

Simply accelerate the PCJ-600 the second you regain control of CJ and lean slightly forward for the aerodynamic boost. Drive the bike past the Washington so you should be able to avoid the first set of barrels. After you pass the car, tilt L3 left towards the plane whilst accelerating. Make sure you avoid the second set of barrels. Keep accelerating until you get on the ramp. If done correctly, you should be able to get on before takeoff. Although, it may take a few tries to get on. Once aboard, you CANNOT use guns as the plane is packed with explosives. Instead, use your melee weapon and take out the governmental goons. Don't worry about getting knocked down by the barrels that roll down as they do no damage, although it will take awhile to get back up. In total, there are 5 guys to kill. One will come for you when you regain control of CJ. The next two are off to the right in two separate nooks. The fourth will come after you when you get to the back. The final guy will have the parachute, so kill him and pick it up. Place a satchel charge anywhere on the plane and run towards the back. DO NOT detonate it as you will be blown up with the plane. Simply press square to jump when you get to the ramp. After the mission ends, you'll be freefalling for a while. But, if you want to be Mr. Extreme, freefall into the water without using the parachute. CJ will survive if he hits the water. Land, on the other hand, will splat him.

Jul 13, 05 at 11:56pm

woops forgot we got off topic lol my bad..well doin sum stuff now but i'll hit ya up in pm sumtime....Latez all

Jul 13, 05 at 11:47pm

quote SephirothRulerOfEvil
Hey Gaz u get 100 percent yet??
yes i got it a couple of weeks ago sepiroth. IM on the 100% list. But were going off topic. Lets talk in the CWM thread yeah.

Jul 13, 05 at 11:41pm

Lol *does the ren and stimpy dance* yes im not the only one...

Hey Gaz u get 100 percent yet??

Jul 13, 05 at 11:39pm

its alright sepiroth. I have been known to do it aswell. When i first became a member of neo, i was makin threads here there and everywhere without lookin at topic listings.

Jul 13, 05 at 11:38pm

i dont think it was intentional..Even i've been known to make threads that didnt need to be made...honest mistake...(i aint harpin on ya or nothin gaz)

Good tips though..stupid noe mission

Jul 13, 05 at 11:35pm

Those threads are there for a reason. (I dont mean to sound like daisy). But there is no point making a thread like this when there is already one. Even if its old or not.(Sorry to sound like daisy again. Luv ya daisy lol)

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