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Jun 15, 05 at 8:22pmGreat Zhuge Liang

Who's better, Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, or Lei Bei?

I think Zhang Fei is the best. while it's true that the 3 brothers had to fight Lu Bu and was a draw, Zhang Fei, later, faced Lu Bu alone and was a draw. To push Fei over Lu Bu, Zhang Fei swore in the garden to be brothers, wwhich was honorable. Lu Bu was unloyal and dishonorable.

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May 15, 14 at 11:59pm
Lu bumitsunari ishid

Lu bu confirm better!!!Double confirm!! Triple confirm!!!

Mar 31, 14 at 12:26pm

You guys misunderstand Lu Bu. He was used. He had every right to be suspicious of those who wished to control him for his battle prowess. Also not to mention most of those who sought to control him were also corrupt.

Mar 30, 14 at 8:00am

Guan Yu is the best . he is my hero .he was very brave and powerful and also Honest but lu bu was not

Feb 26, 11 at 7:52am
Zhang Fei btw

For gods sake,do you guys read Romance of the Three Kingdoms or are you hell bent on the fact that Lu Bu Is incredibly hard on chaos no matter what game... Bar empires
Zhang Fei may be a brute, but hes a funny brute and as mentioned in THE VERY FIRST POST, drew against Lu Bu on his own, to me, good guys win in a draw.

Jul 6, 10 at 10:03pm

lu bu wins in a battle but i say Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are better because they are actually loyal.

Jul 5, 10 at 10:12am

Lu Bu is better because i unlocked him in dynasty warriors 6 he has a sword lke boomerang a 4 bladed boomerang he`s easy to use and i unlocked the red hare king horse so i completed lu bu`s equipments i used guan yu and zhang fei in dynasty warriors 6 i prefer lu bu guan yu is sloy but so powerful zhang fei too winners: 1st: Lu Bu 2nd:Zhang Fei 3rd:Guan Yu

Sep 1, 09 at 9:34pm
none 1234531

lu bu is the best he would kill Guan Yu and Zhang Fei easy he,lu bu kills everyone they had to get loads off people to defeat him because he was so good he is the best fighter off all time and thats the end off all this.

Jul 30, 09 at 1:06pm

quote shakeyourtits21
guan yu By Far Is way Better then lu bu zhang fei will prolly loose to lu bu but out of all ill have to go wit guan yu cause hes my main man and hes a beast and all you guys are dumb except the ppl who voted for guan yu because get the hell outta here lu bu sucks balls i can beat him wit wei yan in dw6 soo all yaw niggas stepp back......

if you guys wanna talk to me then send and email at
XD The ignorance here!

quote huge
Guan Yu is way better.He was the God of War and had the strenth of 10000 men. Guan Yu could take out Lu Bu any time!
zhang Fei couldn't though.But in the end Gaun Yu is better.
Strength means nothing in skill. Lu Bu was capable of holding off Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei.

But... I think you got your facts wrong anyhow. I do believe it was Zhang Fei said to have the strength of 10,000 men.

quote fallen phoxin
guan yu as i do not like lu bu whose is anggornt
"anggornt" I'm assuming is "ignorant"?

Anyways, that's hardly the case. Lu Bu was the greatest fighter in all the land, even if he didn't understand science when it came to battle his skills were unmatchable. To say he was ignorant, at least when it came to fighting, is pretty idiotic in itself

Jul 30, 09 at 9:27am

Guan Yu of course. he's the hero.

Jun 27, 09 at 12:25pm
fallen phoxin

guan yu as i do not like lu bu whose is anggornt

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