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Jun 13, 05 at 11:21pmcheesykirby

I got this idea off the ssbm forum, but its a little different.
Create a character to play as that you CAN'T play as and describe how they're diff. from kirbys handling, IE lighter, can shoot lasers, ect....

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Feb 3, 12 at 1:29am
Golden Warrior

speed compared to kirby's
10 x bigger than kirby
butt gets big
has 1 life
100 x slower than kirby
cant jump or draw with paint

and just to make sure you dont get back at me .....

Golden Warrior
turns ssj5
charges spirit bomb or kamehameha at random
use spirit bomb or kamehameha

has 10 golden lives which take 10 hits to get out
when 5 lives get out I summon ssj5 Gogeta
same size as kirby
1000000 times faster than kirby


Jun 20, 11 at 6:33pm
lol gamer

lol iv got loads....

note:speed would be out of ten,5 being kirbys speed

tap:grows nine heads and whips em around.
hold: same thing but gives you ability to climb walls and cielings.

hold:toxic gas emits in the same way as beam.

hold:turn every thing on the screen to stone.

tap: generates a random pokemon to attack the nearest enemy(non legenderie,rare,shiney or black & white).
hold: cycles through all pokemon of every region befor sinnoh and the pokemon in sinnoh(but no legenderies,ect,ect)

tap:same thing but with rares,shineys legenderies and black and white virsion pokemon.
hold:same thing but with legenderies,ect,ect)
speed in air:30
speed on land:5
health: its over NINE THOUSAAAAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidding its thirty

im gonna do some more another time...

see ya som other time all of you fellow neeoseekers!!!

Mar 14, 09 at 6:14pm

A kitty: just a teeny bit faster than Kirby,starts with nine lives (unless you have more already),touch him and he turns into a cloud,and if enemies get caught in it,the kitty will stop and shred them to pieces,9 health,and when you defeat an enemy with powers,the kitty can fly until he gets hit.

Dec 23, 08 at 8:40pm
BO-Bob, super Hippie

pikachu character; it would do a quick tackle when u tap it, and if it gets the crash ability, it uses volt tackle. 3 life, 2 times as fast as kirby. no ability pickup besides crash.

Puyo Pop: it would just roll and pop when you touch it

OK, this one would ROCK!!! Napoleon Dynamite; it would roll and shoot out [/i]vote for pedro[i] buttons!

And Finally: Buz lightyear: zap people.

Dec 5, 08 at 2:05pm
BillybobJoe III

Bomb Ball: When you tap him, he'll explode and kill everything in one shot. He only works once and he's a powerup.He has the same stats as the ball that was powered up.

Apr 19, 08 at 9:07pm

Kirby??? (Kirby Maximum, a special female version of Kirby)

Has 9 health, can carry on abilities from one level to another. She has boosted abilities. She is much faster than Kirby. She sinks in water.

How to unlock:

Beat Drawcia with all the fake balls in this thread.

Apr 17, 08 at 8:21pm


Kind of like Kirby. He's slower. He can cody abilities. Collect stars and kill enemies to kill the bar on the top sreen. When the bar is filled, press A,B,X, or Y, and Gooey will turn into the form he gets in the final boss of Kirby's Dream Land 3. Use the control pad to move (You fly), A or X to shoot a star, and B or Y to stick out your tounge. Gooey will change back to a ball if the bar becomes emtey. Collect stars and kill enemies to re fill-the bar and keep the fun going! Gooey can't go in doors unless e is in ball form.

Apr 8, 07 at 6:53pm

quote GameGuy637
ok i got more!!!!!

a computer: it downloads a software to send all enemys to hell!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! ok ha haha...?
OMFG septuple post!

Sep 6, 06 at 7:23pm

My computer: slow moving, not many lives

Sep 3, 06 at 6:33pm

How about some originality? I'd put in a glass ball that can't fall too far or it'll crack (lose life), and also it would travel along the rainbows in the opposite direction. 3 life, invincibility to lasers, but no other powers.

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