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Jun 13, 05 at 4:04pms Vamp

...I'm stuck on Wakka's ultimate weapon. Now, let me tell you, I hate blitzball. Even if I'm winning a game, it just gets so tedious doing the same thing for ten minutes. (that feeling only worsens when neither team is scoring) Naturally, blitz isn't something I'm doing for the fun of it; I just wanna finish up that chapter of the game and get Wakka's sigil.

Can anyone tell me the best team combination and their locations? (I mainly work with free agents)

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Feb 23, 15 at 8:42am

Tidus, vilucha, miyuri, ropp, kyou, nimrook with jumal as a spare on the roster since he has the next best ca in te league by level etc, and he makes a decent goalie when I need to level up nimrook.

Miyuri ropp and kyou make up my defense and I mve them around into mid fielder on occasion for more experience. Vilucha is lagging behind Tidus because I got her late and she is havog touble breaking through goalies while jetch shot is practically guaranteed but despite that i have still managed to cause a three way league scoring tie on my team with kiyuri of all players being the third

Feb 20, 15 at 5:59pm

You may here one million different opinions. This worked for me.

Early game (by blitzball players' levels - until approximately 35):

Forwards: Tidus, Wakka, Larbeight (two out of three)
Middlefield: Brother
Defense: Ropp, Judda, Lakkam, Zalitz (two out of four)
GK: Nimrook
*Really early in the game (until level 5), just hire anyone better than the existing ones for just a few games.

Mid game (until approximately level 75):

Forwards: Tidus, Wakka, Larbeight (two out of three)
Middlefield: Tatts
Defense: Ropp, Judda, Lakkam (two out of three)
GK: Nimrook

End game (level 99):

Forwards: Tidus, Wakka, Larbeight (two out of three)
Middlefield: Vuroja
Defense: Ropp, Kulukan
GK: Nimrook

Feb 12, 15 at 9:23am

I have
Tidus lf
Blappa rf (ship)
Letty mf
Jassu lb
Kyou rb (djose temple after crusaders death)
Durren gl (calm lands)

Nov 22, 14 at 3:06pm

Heres info taken from a gamefaqs url. (I cant post the url since im a new user)

[i]Forward: SH and EN most important
Keepa - 99 SH(doesnt have much else going for him tho)
Larbeight - 96 SH(highest EN as well endgame, and solid AT stat make him top shooter for most people endgame)
Linna - 92 SH(highest PA endgame, and very good AT and BL stats endgame, but her very poor EN (27!!!) endgame makes most people overlook her)
Vilucha - 91 SH(good EN as well)
Honorable Mentions:
Tidus - 78 SH(good EN, and free)
Wakka - 80 SH(good EN, 1 gil per game, and sentimental reasons )
Nedus - 74 SH(99 SP!!!)
Isken - 81 SH(99 EN!!!
Most people that I know use Larbeight, Vilucha, and/or Isken endgame, but pretty much any character with 75+ SH is effective.

Goalie: CA most important
Nimrook - 67 (best, anybody who tells you otherwise is lying)
Wedge - 62 (honorable mention for being 2nd best)

Midfield: All stats important, PA most
Vuroja - 99 PA (best PA, and most of his other stats are above average, he is the best OVERALL midfielder
Honorable Mentions:
Linna - 99 PA (best offensive midfielder)
Kiyuri - 90 PA (best defensive midfielder)

Defense: AT and BL most important, PA somewhat as well
Ropp - 73 AT (best) and 53 BL (solid) combined with 96 PA make him the most sought after defender
Irga - 67 AT (2nd) and 55 BL (solid) with 79 PA (solid) and 79 EN (nice bonus)
Kulukan - 64 AT(3rd) and 64 BL (great) combined with 96 PA make her 2nd most sought after for most people
Nav Guado - 54 AT (decent) and 82 BL (best) with 84 SP (great bonus)
Honorable Mentions:
Anyone with above 50 AT, BL, and PA will all make solid defenders[i]

Some characters, like Wedge, aren't very good at later levels, or they actually lose some of their capabilities. For instance, Wedges shot will never go above 21, and after a certain level, he begins to lose his shot powers. The characters listed here, according to this guy, have the best stats when theyre at the highest levels. My team is Tidus, Larbeight, Viroja (spelling?) Killukan, Ropp and Nimrook, I got most of them between level zero and twenty, and they've been whooping everyones behind since I got them. By the way I have Tidus instead of Vilucha because I cant beat the dark aeon to get back into Besaid and recruit Vilucha yet.

Oct 29, 14 at 1:57pm

Blappa (good shot, block, pass, en)
Brother (all round good stats attack, pass, shot, en, speed, block best for mid leveling up is unreal no one gets by him)
Ropp (good en, pass, attack, block)
Judda (good en, pass, attack, block)
Nimrook (best keeper)

Wedgie is good just passing too low i had tidus, datto, brother, ropp, jassu, keeper at first and i was unstoppable with just tidus, brother, ropp so far nd a.ronso has good shot just too slow try the team above i love blitzball & its probably the beat team i have ever had & seen on the game people are choosing players on here that ain't even good compared to these :-/

Oct 19, 14 at 1:29pm

Best depends on many things, including level of the players and your playstyle.

LF - Titus will be your #1 pick until late game.
At around level 70 Larbeight passes Tidus as the #1 LF. Only keep Tidus for late game if your play style is dependent on Jecht Shot.

RF - Vilucha
There are issues with getting her, however, so you may choose to use Larbeight here instead.
She is located in Besaid Village, so you can only get her during one of the three times you can backtrack after opening BB (The earliest is after Djose Temple, but before crossing the Moonflow). If you do not recruit her before getting the airship you cannot get her until after you defeat the boss Dark Valefor.
If you can get her she has great stats throughout all levels and begins the game as a FA, so you don't have to wait on a contract.

MF - This is this #1 play-style dependent pick.
If you like to use your MF speed to pull defenders out of position and then throw to uncovered forwards, then Brother's speed makes the playstyle possible.
If you play the MF as an offensive position, then use Linna as she has great Shoot stat.
The best Overall MF is Tatts. His Speed maxes at 71, which is nothing near Brother's max 99, but his still well above avg and the rest of his #s are very good. Even if you use Brother, which is my preferred method, Tatts is still a good player pre-Airship as you can get him out of Kilika if you go back for Vilucha/Larbeight.

LD - Ropp
Best Defender in the game. Period.
You get him almost immediately after BB opens up, so no reason to use any other LD ever unless you want to min-max at early levels. Zalitz has slightly better stats from 1-30, but not by much and not enough to bother leveling him, IMO.

RD -
Wedge early-mid game.
Kuluhan passes him ~ level 60.

GK- Nimrook
Best Goaltender. Period.
You don't get him until airship. Best replacement G until that time is Miyu. Jumal is close behind Miyu, if you want to play BB between Luca and Moonflow.

If the NPC re-signs a player you want or not is randomly decided when the contract is finished,as is the length of the contract. Save before every game. That way if Nimrook re-signs for a 39 game contract you just have to reset and play 1 more game for another chance at him, not 39.

Keep in mind that your play-style will mean your millage may vary, but here are the best lineups for my playstyle. (Notes: I do not min-max every level and prefer to change out only for long-term improvement. Also, I don't play BB until after I can backtrack immediately after Djose.):

LF: Tidus
RF: Vilucha
MF: Brother (Tatts until airship)
LD: Ropp
RD: Wedge
G: Nimrook (Miyu until airship)

LF: Larbeight
RF: Vilucha
MF: Brother
LD: Ropp
RD: Kulukan
G: Nimrook

I hope this was helpful.

Sep 05, 14 at 2:32am

LF vilucha
RF shaami
MF brother
LD linna
RD ropp
GL nimrook (if not availiable then miyu)

Jun 08, 14 at 10:02am

I actually use the original Aurochs, except I switched out Keepa for Nimrook. The Aurochs are a pretty well balanced team and work well together. I may sub out Datto for Wakka.

Lol look at me replying to a 9 year old thread

May 06, 14 at 6:57pm

quote GreatPhoenix
have to ask has anyone ever got a double digit score, I came close once when the computer would run head long into my center attack and then I'd just have tidus score from half court with sphere shot
Yes, 11-0 and I could have gotten higher but I wanted exp for people other than wedge. It was my first game against the kilika beasts and I had a pretty amazing team because I didn't play til I had the airship because I wanted a perfect team (see below) and wedge would almost always steal the ball, got close enough to shoot without the defenders hitting me and I always scored, I was about 8-0 at half time, it felt mean and I needed exp for defenders so instead of continuing to kick the puppy I did that.

Edit; pic proof

My team at the start was:

Tidus - reasonable player and the jecht shots are harsh.
Wedge - op at the start, will be replaced soon as he's started to level off
Rin - love rin + he's a decent midfielder for a fair margin of the game, May replace soon though
Ropp - duh. If you don't have him you're weird. Out and out the best defender.
Zalitz - just replaced with nav Guado because zalitz becomes crap FAST
Jumal - still waiting for nimrook... Let it go al bhed. Turn away and slam the door, let him go.

Apr 29, 14 at 10:05pm

Main team
LF Tidus
RF Argai Ronso
MF Eigaar
RD Judda
LD Wedge
GK Nimrook

Fast team for running circles and getting games done faster
LF Gidus
RF Eigaar
MF Brother
RD Judda
LD Wedge
GK Nimrook

My main teams forwards can essentially shoot from middle of sphere with sphere shot (i use sphere shot for Tidus instead of Jecht to get the extra xp from breaking opponents, plus Jecht takes 30 secs to score and is not that big of a deal when you can break everything easily (later on maybe not so, but now yes)).. I use the speed team in 2nd half to run the game out with Brother and run laps around the sphere.

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