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Jun 13, 05 at 4:04pm90s Vamp

...I'm stuck on Wakka's ultimate weapon. Now, let me tell you, I hate blitzball. Even if I'm winning a game, it just gets so tedious doing the same thing for ten minutes. (that feeling only worsens when neither team is scoring) Naturally, blitz isn't something I'm doing for the fun of it; I just wanna finish up that chapter of the game and get Wakka's sigil.

Can anyone tell me the best team combination and their locations? (I mainly work with free agents)

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Apr 06, 14 at 7:20am

have to ask has anyone ever got a double digit score, I came close once when the computer would run head long into my center attack and then I'd just have tidus score from half court with sphere shot

Apr 03, 14 at 11:10pm

Nimrook is the best goalie ever

Apr 02, 14 at 7:45am

So yeah.. I use the original Aurochs.
Botta is awful, and datto just doesn't want to level (15 levels lower than Tidus) but I have yet to lose a game. I just got the Status Reels, and I already have the attack reels. Just waiting on Auroch reels.

Mar 28, 14 at 2:56pm
Saif yaseen

I'll tell ya straight up. The original aurochs are the best. If im honest, i would replace only the keepa ab botta. Reason being is because botta's got shocking pass, block, attack, and he loses the ball too quickly.

Now heres why i have the original except a few changes:
Tidus - jecht shot is unbeatable and he's just a boss
Datto-his pace is(after levelling up)WOW! Shot=WOW
Letty- good all round player. Good pass, block etc
Jassu- good all round player. GREAT pass and block
Wakka- best attacker(besides tidus) stronger than all others. His swim technique is different to all others cos he's better when you level him up.

If ya gonna have different players, have nimrook, and brother. Readon being is because brother is the fastest player ever. Strong, good block, good attack, and the best player to start off with. Only reason why i dont have him on 24/7 is cos he looks like a trampy style version of kings of leon lol. Other than that, he will wipe the floor with anyone!

Mar 23, 14 at 5:49am
Eroad_ball_ldn PS3 i

Don't even blog spent 337 hours on ff10 on ps2 just bought it on ps3 attack reels is the best overdrive in game with break damage limit u can do 99 999 x16 damage I completed everything except penance could of dun him with yojimbo but that's boring

Mar 21, 14 at 8:05pm

blitzball: best ff mini game ever

May 11, 13 at 10:25pm

this is where I state ive always used the original set and never lose. though it takes Datto a long lime to catch up to Tidus when they all pass over lvl 29 they are insane. but knowing how to use formation changes cuz if you dont the game notices and works around it (like 2mins of passing all over the water sphere). all you need is

Jehct shop
sphere shop
spin ball
(tackle tech)
ive gotten SHT stat up to 42 at lvl 23

Tackle slip
volley shop
spin ball
(tackle tech)

then your defence just give them Venom and Wither techs and everything plays out smooth. after 4 play thru's im finally changing out players to see what happens. but giving them a chance pays off. but i love Blitzball. I solely keep FFX for it.

May 11, 13 at 12:36am

I did some calculations and here are the top 5 players for each position based on attribute weightings. I'm ignoring skills here, too many variables. Text in italic brackets shows the weighting for each stat, assume 0 for unmentioned.

Forwards (EN: 1.0, SH: 1.0, PA: 0.2):
  1. Larbeight
  2. Isken
  3. Vilucha
  4. Basik
  5. Argai
Defense (AT: 1.2, BL: 1.0, Pass: 0.2):
  1. Kulukan
  2. Ropp
  3. Navara
  4. Auda
  5. Linna
Mid (PA: 1.2, EN: 1.0, SH: 0.1, SP: 0.1):
  1. Mifurey
  2. Svanda
  3. Vuroja
  4. Irga
  5. Kiyuri
Goalie (CA: 1.0):
  1. Nimrook
  2. Wedge
  3. Nizarut
  4. Zamzi
  5. Raudy
If you weight each attribute the same (except for catch obviously) these are the top 5 overall best players in the game stat wise:
  1. Mifurey
  2. Linna
  3. Kiyuri
  4. Navara
  5. Vuroja

Apr 04, 13 at 7:28pm

To get Nimrook, make a note of how many games he has left on his contract the count the games until he has one game left. Save before you play the next game, play an exhibition match (or whatever they're called, I forget, the ones which don't give experience), forfeit it, then see if he gets released. If he gets resigned, reset and repeat until they release him. Bit of a cheat but it works.

Mar 20, 13 at 7:39pm

Currently using

Nimrook is impossible to get on every playthrough ive ever done. He's constantly getting resigned for 20+ games.
But it doesn't really matter, I'm a collective 101-0 in my last 2 playthroughs lol.

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