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Jun 09, 05 at 9:44pmChiroVette

New 100% Thread! Folks I took ALL the names of everyone who reported getting 100% from the [link name=Original 100% Club Thread]index.php?fn=view_thread&t=456900&p=1[/link] and I closed that thread. I was going to update my first post in that thread as planned, but it was too filled with conversation and SPAM to be bothered deleting all the posts and conversation, so here is the new one:

Okay folks, its been sort of a tradition that in every GTA forum that I have Moderated I started a 100% Club where I keep a list of ALL the Registered Neoseeker members who have reported getting 100% completion in that thread.

So if you are a Neoseeker member and have accomplished the feat of 100% Completion report it here and I will start the list from the first person who reports it by editing this post.

Note: ALL posts will be deleted from this thread as the members are added to the list. So this first post will be the ONLY permanent post in thread.

Oh and a common topic in the last thread was that there were a lot of accusations of lying. People were demanding proof from anyone who reported acheiving 100% Completion. This is ABSURD! NO proof is required. If you report that you have 100% Completion in this thread, you will be added to the Club with no further question or proof required. If someone lies about it, and says they got 100% Completion when they didn't, that is their problem.

Edit: I will sticky this for a while to give everyone a chance to see it who hasn't seen the 100% Club, and report on getting their 100%!

100% Completion List:

  • ChiroVette
  • Mart king of all men
  • nyknicks8
  • KaozKrew
  • MikePavy
  • JBGTA3
  • Killer Clown
  • gtalegends
  • longhorn7101
  • jestor
  • billabong52
  • Mario420
  • Wolfpac
  • Torque1T11
  • KrNJuN
  • AgentZ
  • JLCrazy80
  • AliBaBaGaNeS
  • kid kaos
  • mnmfan
  • Joel C
  • InsaneBoarder234
  • Game Masta
  • bense
  • KngAlaric
  • think of something
  • chilas
  • john75
  • Human Beef
  • timmylol
  • the13thman
  • Damascus_Dude
  • NFSU2
  • grovestreetgangsta
  • lil_shorty_me88
  • death_by_fish
  • ercin13
  • xDeLtAx
  • Monkeychunks
  • tomhealy
  • Tsuchinoko
  • Austin Cooper
  • Zero Tolerance
  • DragoniteBallZ
  • Matt J
  • jackal_man
  • guticb
  • DMC24Guy
  • Scirocco
  • Da Balla
  • cpisani007
  • Gratis_250
  • gamer6789
  • dinosoid
  • ercin13
  • Disengage
  • Desert Eagle
  • followfollower
  • lone_wolf_nwo
  • Lemons90
  • Dawgsta
  • rajput
  • Gohanssj
  • coolspanner
  • twinkle
  • halomaniac
  • Oblivion
  • sarpadon
  • Nickle_Back
  • The Getaway fan 14
  • simsrusisback
  • gazunited
  • Knauffboy8
  • thesimslover
  • o_snuffles_o
  • Krack50
  • CJ_The Best
  • ironhammer
  • sktndevil
  • Listen To Wedgey
  • EnigmaOfIntra
  • MrGTA
  • SpiralingDownwards
  • jedi_knight_anakin_s
  • Tec 9
  • Vice and Easy
  • Don Sciogliere
  • Chocobo Warrior
  • adrenalrush
  • Moogo Monkey Masta
  • Rude_boy_loves_ska
  • Dr Zoidberg
  • StefanVirag
  • superdogg
  • The Duce
  • Dj_mixes
  • BillybobJoe
  • swanton_bomb
  • Moores
  • neversoft42
  • rKeinUm
  • lilmunkey
  • whodabest
  • Krimson_Dragon
  • MonkeyChicken100
  • Smexzay234
  • scottbrown_123
  • AliBaBaGaNeSh
  • Vice and Easy
  • *bleep*ish
  • Whitetrash2800
  • G Loc
  • doctor_moriarty
  • spuckigel
  • Coognut
  • Spidey Man
  • adidaspj
  • Drakefireborn
  • Derek Vader
  • dan_s_03
  • merc142
  • Mensfuff
  • Double_En
  • revolver_ocelot
  • littlesmigsy
  • ShiZor9
  • jackel690
  • MidWestFoo13
  • Agent 65
  • hutchie_91
  • cedurep29
  • acdc515
  • TakerLives
  • Wallace Jr
  • Arjy
  • devils hand
  • Bill1610
  • Coi Cki
  • m.z
  • superhamster
  • SS4Gogeta
  • kaduuk666
  • Taio
  • shanebyrne88
  • bada75
  • fermento
  • the knowledge
  • kingmatt28
  • Tommo9000
  • Gotrunks
  • Tom
  • Zer0 Hour
  • stinger06
  • Eyebrows
  • kingup
  • BullFish
  • Solid Snake 4Life
  • lil ff kid reborn
  • meloman11
  • Zorravin TCC
  • DragonSeifer
  • nevada massacre
  • Purpolhaze210382
  • ercin 13
  • Drift_King_R34
  • JustAGuy
  • xionux
  • levrev2
  • Meadsy_gta_expert
  • Gta_Josnor
  • Achiro
  • Tank420
  • BJ McDonald 19
  • crackawoody
  • l3ig_l3en
  • livingdead90
  • GTAstunter831
  • pablo2k6
  • mattneiland
  • Tajiumasa
  • Fetro
  • TurboIce
  • Scroungelo
  • GTA3Freak3
  • dxrocks_666
  • Vicious Net
  • oRiginal
  • Truly Lost
  • BlackDevils
  • ben_legend
  • Chris_Player
  • Arsenal06
  • willbaxter93
  • roman506
  • Filter
  • Gamesta100
  • Pr3tzals
  • Nozza_1000
  • red dragon
  • Gunman 92
  • The_True_Gamer5
  • fisher2k7
  • the_hidden_tactics
  • Keeps1117
  • Midnight Cat
  • Blue Moon 2006
  • Rune Ripper
  • gta1987ben
  • b4db0y
  • Tool_Fan_06
  • king rock
  • Blake shady
  • DMD SS player
  • Adamleeluigianthony
  • greenboy111
  • ProGamer18
  • kidfromdaeast
  • Bulcky
  • Red_Phoenix
  • Dfitzishere
  • robertryan676
  • lnx12
  • papa81
  • dac94
  • The_True_Gamer5
  • dogzpeed
  • Subzer0
  • GTA dude93
  • sonicx
  • Elmarcoz
  • Birdman93
  • arachnophilia
  • The_Unit
  • GTA legend
  • toetancham
  • jakeass22
  • gennic
  • HilaryDuffGta
  • Nihilanth1982
  • SRU_ Benji
  • jdigz
  • MattM73
  • Falconz
  • Willetts
  • alleypuppy
  • W00tbeer1
  • arsenalno1fan
  • Black Swan
  • Sphinx
  • W a r hero6
  • liamone1
  • hipopotomose001
  • UrbanCupcake
  • BullyBoy96
  • elcheezo
  • pro king
  • Little Jacob
  • jeppe 14
  • Killer71
  • luigi_96
  • Sadistic
  • Menimitz
  • Spudical
  • Aerosmith
  • jonathan454500
  • bryan00002
  • z fighter
  • BlackDevils
  • screamingabdabs
  • jakecal
  • computer1906
  • nibbsy7
  • The Omega
  • the jamester
  • puinguz12345
  • Aaronccfc
  • kyleranden
  • cgauld7
  • Frazeb
  • Bandito
  • radiox
  • Brazillian23
  • conord72
  • nerazzuri
  • BazBro
  • XandysimpsonX
  • Omegaplib
  • Military G
  • R3b3l
  • the duel king
  • the Nameless
  • Skillet
  • xxxxzzzz1
  • Frigazee
  • Speed Demon
  • quickfinger
  • FACT
  • DashD
  • Neo Holtsky
  • Vid Gamer
  • SneakPeeker
  • Baks
  • COD Fan 2010
  • Chelsfccg
  • Amon Duul

    I would like to take a minute to welcome the following members to the 100% Club for the first time:

    SneakPeeker, Baks, COD Fan 2010, and Chelsfccg.

    WELCOME to the NEWEST members of the illustrious 100% Club!!

    [color=#666666]This message was edited by Gregm(60874) on 2011-10-04T23:16:57-07:00.
  • Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

    Sep 11, 14 at 5:20pm
    Epsilon Freak

    Hey! I finally beat GTA: San Andreas on 100% and I've been playing it since it came out! I've also beaten all of the GTA's except 1, 2, 3, and Chinatown Wars on 100%. For me San Andreas was probably the easiest. It was easier than I thought however completing all of the stunt jumps would have made it more difficult. Good to be a part of the 100% Club!

    Also, I beat 3-Vice City Stories after downloading the PS3 versions. That means I had to replay them all and in doing so I decided not to use cheat codes. The only cheat code I used was the jetpack code in San Andreas, and I only used it once but I wish I hadn't.

    May 12, 14 at 10:31pm

    Hey you guys,

    I know some look at it as wimps or losers,, but once in a GREAT while, you find a game that kicks your butt.

    I've been playing GTA San Andreas PS2, for four years, and CANNOT beat "Lifes a Beach"

    Call it dyslexic or odd fingers or just cant get KC and the Sunshine band music out of my head..


    Is there anyone,, anyone ANYONE, out there that would do this mission, if I sent them the chip,

    Playstation 2, 8 mb,, ntfs requires you make a score of 4000, I usually get 2400 to 3200

    and then I could one day enter this list LOL,

    I am off from college for 3 months,, so I would like to finish by the end of Sep..

    anyone interested, PLEASE contact me at

    [i]I will pay for the shipping, the insurance, and any other costs. [/i]

    Thanks a gagillion or two.

    Live fast, die hard!!



    Well Dudes,,

    I got a WAY to open the door without the dance, and thanks to a person here in Neoseeker!!

    after four years, I just turned 50% and am on my way to the other 50

    will post and ask for an "ADD" when I get er done!!

    have fun!!

    Live fast, die hard!!



    Just passed 73% and only have 9 missions left and 55 side missions,, like biking and gravel pit, and racing

    still hoping to make it by this year,, don't think I will make it before school hahaha

    have fun!!

    Live fast, die hard!!


    Apr 24, 14 at 1:59am
    Alex gta

    Καλησπερα! Im for greece.Ειμαι στην πολη Las Venturas στο Gta στο Ps2.Εκει εχω κανει μια Girlfriend οπου λεγετε Millie και αυτη εχει μια καρτα.Εκανα την αποστολη Up, Up and way και μολις την τελειωσα μου τηλφωνησε ενας.Μετα πηγα στο σπιτι της Gilrfriend μου, την σκοτωσα,καποιος με πηρε τηλεφωνο και μου ειπε να μπω στο σπιτι της και να παρω την καρτα που εχει για να την χρησιμοποιησω στην επομενη αποστολη που ηταν η Breaning the bank at Caligula's.Αυτος που με πηρε τηλεφωνο μου ειπε πως οταν παρω την καρτα της και βγω απο το σπιτι της θα μου τηλφωνησει για να μου βγει η παραπανω αποστολη στο The four Dragons Casino ωστε να συνεχισω τις αποστολες.Αυτο ομως δεν εγινε και δεν μπορω να κανω καμια αποστολη μονο την αποστολη που υπαρχει στα Verdant Meadows την Ν.Ο.Ε που εχει το visibylity και ετσι δεν μπορω να πεταξω ψηλα και ετσι μου πυροβολουν το αεροπλανο μου.Μπορει καποιος να με βοηθησει σχετικα με αυτο που εχω παθει στο Las Venturas ???

    Aug 14, 13 at 7:32am

    quote Ivan Lukić|message:35244650
    I DID IT , but strangely everywhere on internet it says you have to do ALL side missions BEFORE the last mission End of the Line but I did all side missions AFTER the last mission and still got 100% percent
    Same here, haha. But doing it side by side is fun right?

    Aug 13, 13 at 12:58pm
    Ivan Lukić

    I DID IT , but strangely everywhere on internet it says you have to do ALL side missions BEFORE the last mission End of the Line but I did all side missions AFTER the last mission and still got 100% percent

    May 27, 13 at 8:19pm

    Just saw this thread. First GTA game I got 100% on.

    May 02, 13 at 9:11pm

    I completed 100% last summer. Felt like it was about time I finally did it. Currently got 1 rampage and the patriot missions to go in GTA 3. Hopefully I can get Vice City and 4 done before GTA 5 comes out.

    Apr 28, 13 at 5:54am

    Hey all, I'm Ayush, and a big fan of San Andreas for a long time. Just thought of getting into the GTA SA forum after 100% completions! One of the most awesome moments right there. Beat the game without cheats with 100% completions twice, and have mastered the game completely.

    Jan 02, 13 at 2:29pm

    Finished today. You know, a decade later. No cheats.

    Dec 17, 12 at 9:31am
    Dark Stormer

    I hold the local record, 2 weeks, no cheats, just non stop playing and pasing out in the end.
    I'm still blacking out from this, but it was worth it.

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