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May 8, 05 at 12:25amBlue Cloud

ppl, my best friend came up with this idea

hows about this

they should do it like a trilogy

1st movie, story about Kain and his backround
2nd movie, story about Raziel and his backround
3rd movie, mainly based on the fight between them (which takes place in defiance, espeacially the scene where Raziel sacrifices himself to the sword)

now my best friend is VERY EXCITED over the idea of this, and I already have a pretty good idea what this movie would look like, it would have to be an almost complete CGI backdrop

the actors I have in mind
for Kain: GAVIN ROSSDALE OR CHRISTIAM BALE, they look the most like Kain!
for Raziel: my best friend had either Keanu Reeves or Johnny Depp in mind, but I am free to suggestion

for Kain movie, stuff like Slipknot (man I was playing the game, and Slipknot songs like No Life and Liberate fit INCREDIBALLY WELL!)
for Raziel movie, stuff like Linkin Park and Korn, nad maybe some Techno (name some)
for Fight, something dramatic like Evanescence (IMAGINARY WOULD FIT GREATLY with it's dramatic, hardcore sound, or something else, also open to suggestion)


so please ppl say whatcha will about this

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Jan 27, 12 at 2:33pm
anand m

its a very good idea
it will be a good hit in theater screens
like soul reaver there are many games which have good story
like my most favorite
shadowman from acclaim
which is very good game with storyline.

Jan 26, 12 at 8:16pm

Enough is enough people, I mean come on a movie after defiance what of those who have not ever played it. People are so over whelmed just buy wanting what they want but seriously think for others. I know the realm of Nosgoth very well. As far as any scripting if ever a movie is done at all stick to the original. the game has so many holes in small portions of the game script it is not funny just fill in the blanks as you will. For the ones who thought the story was no good you need to look at the artist and those who made the game possible. LOK and LOK SR was a very good series and to those who thought defiance was not a good series you need to look a bit more out side the box. there was a lot of history in defiance. The history of janos, the history of the sarafan, also the rich story about raziel and kain and how raziel was once the power of the blade. there is a lot more i could go into with defiance but come on. Stick with the story line no modernization and just fill in the holes tho the actor who did the ancient one is dead bless his soul. Do the story justice and stick to what it is so many game movies fail because of some of these reasons.
1. Sometimes fans lack the common sense to just be fans.
2. If you wish to do a script to a possible great movie you have to be a lok fan unhindered and truly passionate.
3. Must have played all the games to get the full history and take freaking notes for Christ sake.
4.Its about the loyalists and the fans who know the game well it will be the fans who make the decisions on how the movie reacts nowadays to the general public.

Nov 5, 11 at 4:17pm

I have a better idea. i am planning on being a director when in a few years(im halfway through high school) why not start with soul reaver, and maybe a blood omen movie after soul reaver(PREQUEL!) then soul reaver 2, followed by defiance. I really want to make a live action movie of this and im glad others agree. I will start writing a script for soul reaver and see where it goes but dont expect it for a few years because im also working on a star wars parody called space movie. I will eventually make soul reaver. See u in the future!

Oct 27, 11 at 7:05pm

Hello people: I believe the LOK story line to be perhaps the greatest vampire account of all time. Even better than Underworld. It is a shame that Amy Hennig has not been properly recognized for her outstanding creation outside the gaming community. With regard to a movie adaptation to the video game series, I have read some good ideas in this thread however I believe that the nature of today's Hollywood would dilute this awesome story in the name of the almighty dollar. The DOOM flick stank (despite the performances) because the producers buggered with John Karmak's story so as not to offend the god squad with notions of satanism, inverted crosses, hell portals and such. The only way to produce this thing properly is for some indy CG operation to style up the production as it was meant to be. When I saw the Final Fantasy movie on cable, I was 20 minutes into it before I realized that I was hearing Donald Sutherland and seeing someone else. Currently CG animation is nearly indistinguishable from live action. I truly hope that LOK is brought to the screen but I am surely willing to wait until it can be done in an uncompromising fashion and appropriately scored. Here's to hoping that the entertainment industry does not water down another one. Cheers.

Sep 20, 11 at 8:47pm

quote Oni_Slayer
Hey guys, dont know if this thread is still alive no one has posted in like 3 days.
Anyway, i have been thinking of tying to make a movie out of this series for the last 3-4 years. Always thought it had the makings to be the next best fantasy series of films like a star wars or even LoR.
I have actually started outlining the process and preparing to write a script but i have some questions that i would like to get the input of other die hard fans like myself. These are my ideas so far:

1. NO big name actors. Like a orlando or christan. I would
like to see a new breed of actors come out of this.

2. Not entirly rely on CGI. Of course you would have to
use it somewhat, but not to the extent of say the three
latest Star Wars movies. My perfect example is once
again LoR, great mix of CGI and real life.

3. I am debating how to work the story. Cuz in all
fairness this story is too complex with the time
traveling especially to follow it ver batum. So here is
what i am thinking:
First Movie - Blood Omen 1
Second Movie - Blood Omen 2
Third Movie - Soul Reaver 1
Fourth Movie - Soul Reaver 2
Fifth Movie - Definace

Sixth Movie - If they decide to make another
game. We could follow that or
make up our own ending which ive
had some ideas on how to end the

Anyway i dont want to give away my ideas on how to work this thing, just giveing out an overview of how it would run. So after reading this any input or knowaldge to offer would be great.

Okay, this sounded somewhat good. At least up until you mentioned "Sixth Movie". What the hell?? Did you even play Defiance?? It ended. Nowhere to go with that. Kain is dead, Raziel fused with the Soul Reaver and defeated the Elder God. Anything further than what the original author planned, would be a wasted effort, and you'd kill the series.

Jul 19, 10 at 4:51pm
LOK krazy

Hello guys,
I feel an hourly movie series like PRISON BREAK, LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, etc; would exhaust the complex storyline of LOK and satisfy the abyssal hunger of suspense, plot, dialogue, graphics and animation such a comprehensive storyline would demand.
It would have to be a well planned story with details not trivially handled.
Watching this movie series should be like a junkie getting relief from his ecstatic crave of an addiction for more spectacular wonder.
This movie series should make many a gamer crave for a new phase of LOK game release as better understanding is gained via the movie series.
This movie must be the total package. I think a trilogy would not do the magic.

Mar 15, 10 at 5:15am

I like the suggestion of a trilogy that focuses on raziel in the first movie. Starting with a focus on Kain and keeping true to his nature would be risky... Calling Kain an antihero is a stretch... He's is stright up evil and selfish... not qualities that a mass audience can get behind. His character would need to be introduced to the audience slowly over time so that only in the third movie is he revealed as the true antihero he is. This is actually in keeping with his character's evolution in the games as well... indeed he only comes to be aware of his more noble intentions later in the series.

But I think a lot of ppl got into the series like I did... I played soul reaver first and Raziel was my champion... I wanted him to prevail over Kain. But the story is sufficiently complex and well done to the point that, by Defiance, Kain won me over... I wanted Kain and Raziel to unite against their common adversaries. But I needed Raziel as a way to start the series. I couldn't identify with Kain's motives in Blood Omen.

Aug 11, 09 at 6:43am

I think that we all wish that they produce a Legacy of kain movie.
but we cant just wish that, we must try to give this idea to a big producer or a big director, so he can do it.
I am sure that this game story is really really a good 1.
I really liked it
so I hope someone or some of you guys take this game idea to someone who can change it into a great movie.

Jul 19, 09 at 1:33am
Prince of Persia LOK

I have the perfect thing (with permission from eideos and crystal dynamics). Instead of original, add one more person to it. I even have a name for him. Drake, he's half vampire, half dragon. I don't care who plays him as long as that person can have spiked hair. Drake would come in looking for His brother, RAZIEL. (and before you say no) He has beaten kain in his human form and nearly killed him before a man (moebieus) saves him and kain doesn't see him. Drake would normally be in human form and also he has a mech arm like in full metal alchemist. he doesn't know about kain being a vampire or raziel knowing him. and he sees the future and saw what happens to raziel in defiance. so he doesn't tell anyone and leaves after 19 battles with demons to pursue his goals, get (and bang) his girl, and to keep earth safe of Evil beings and creatures. that would make a good character for another entirely different movie

Jul 13, 09 at 5:35pm
Keith L.

Dude, first their needs to be a script. I already started in one of my own for the Blood Omens. I plan on making a trilogy. The first one would be Blood Omen 1 and 2. The second one would be Soul Reaver 1 and 2. The last one would be Defiance. Alsom, to make it you would need like a 1 million dollar payroll AND permission from Eidos, or they would sue you. Yeah.

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