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Apr 11, 05 at 10:00pmLightningThedgehog

Tee-hee, I've been looking at a lot of people's art lately and I was kind of like, "Maybe I'll put some of my own up!" So here we are. xD

A lot of these things I either drew for other purposes, so they'll either have one of my usernames on them, or nothing at all. But if you know my art well, you'll be able to tell right off that it's mine.

I also don't have a scanner, so I borrow my friend's. Of course, I've only done it twice, so you'll only see two scanned pictures on here. xD

Anyway, I'll put art up in my next post, mm'kay? ^____^ Enjoy yourselves while viewing my hideous art!

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Aug 24, 05 at 2:18pm

Lightning I loved the expressions on your pencils sketches! You do a really good job with that!

Aug 24, 05 at 5:30am

Cool! Awesome! I have an account on Deviant Art, the account is Lutearina. And I draw manga too! Its really fun. I drew the ones that are up in sixth grade. They look pretty good, I think. and the Elf-girl my friend Amber drew in sixth grade. We draw 24/7. I also have some new really awesome ones like Salem and this one girl I have no idea what to call her. Oh well. Salem is one of my dearly beloved oldest original characters. He's a boy. XD hope you can check it out! ^_-

Apr 14, 05 at 1:30pm
Satokasu Suki

Ooh, I love your art, Lightning-chan! It's anime/manga with a bit of your personal style. I really like it. ^^

Apr 14, 05 at 12:54am

Self Portraits are not that easy but with the proper steps you would learn how to make the self portraits
exactly said. It took me fairly long to master self-portraiting, but it's fun to do so. though I don't think i want to post it...

Apr 13, 05 at 9:49pm

Self Portraits are not that easy but with the proper steps you would learn how to make the self portraits

Apr 13, 05 at 12:02am

You are all too kind. ^__^

VD...*blush* Do you really think so? I really took my style from a bunch of others and blended them together. In truth, I'm the style thief. xD

Bandito Thief...No, I'm not in denial. That's really what I think about my art, but that's only until I draw something decent. And then it gets shot down my artistically-motivated friend. x0; But thanks muchly! I know, my style is a little odd, but that's okay! ^^

Botan...You can call me that if you WANT. ^__^; I don't have a problem with it! I could try and draw myself...and fail. Self-portraits aren't a specialty of mine. Yes, yes, draw us together! xD I like to see online friends have a take on what I look like. o__o Tee-hee, thanks for the compliment! I never thought that my art is cute, but thank you! Now I shall look at it differently...

Apr 12, 05 at 8:47pm

What the heck, I'll just call you Em Set! xD... o0;;??? If that's okay. o0;; *reply here or in the Viet thread xD*

Aww I think your art is cute! ^o^ You do hair like I can't! And yeaaaaaaa MS Paint pieces! ^o^

Want to try drawing yourself? I had an idea that I could try to draw you and me. xD.... Meo meo..... o0;;;;;;; xD???? Ah nevermind. xD Meo.... *is hyper for some reason*

Apr 12, 05 at 8:38pm

You're in denial, you think your drawings are bad, but they're not. They're a little different... in an odd way, but they look good.

Apr 12, 05 at 7:59pm
Virtual Dream

Bleh, you said your art was hidious, so I was all ready to look with love and without taste.

Although, you suprised me, Lightning-chan. It's actually very, very well done. Most prodigious. I really like your style, it's got the things that give it a definate manga feel, but you're on a style of your own.

They said the same thing about a lot of the great manga-ka artists of the past. (I'm no good with names, but you know...the artists behind One Peice, Intial D, and a few others all have a definate manga style with a unique feel.)

It's really, really great, you know. I hope to see more soon.

[edit] Gragh-hah-hah! Sig.

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Apr 12, 05 at 5:24pm

Thanks, sagemaster! ^__^ That's really pleasing to hear. I don't think the hair and eyes I draw are professional, but I'm glad you percieve them to be so.

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