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Mar 18, 05 at 1:11amThe Judge

The San Andreas 'Hell Inquisitional Bureaucracy [SA'HIB]

"Yes, we're still going where others won't..."

[To Apply for Membership, follow the links provided below]

[SA'HIB Upper Echelon Application]

[SA'HIB Lower Echelon Application]

SA'HIB Positions:

Upper Echelon:

Grand Master: DMC24guy

Master Explorer: dcbake

Master Coder:

Master Photographer:

Master Illustrator: mnmfan

Judicial Echelon:

Chief Justice: minimint

Supporting Justice: panzer_jager

Enforcement Marshal: The Whole Dam Show

Lower Echelon:

1. Steel Magnolia

2. spark plug




Our History - and SA'HIB

The term "Sa'hib" is an Indian word, and is used to address high ranking individuals in a regal sense, such as of nobility and/or prestige. Formally the Official Blue Hell Exploration Team, we are the most prestigious, original, and long-lasting team in Grand Theft Auto history. Others have come and gone, usually with each consecutive game in the series - not us. Our roots can be traced as far back as Grand Theft Auto III, although the team itself wasn't officially founded until 2002, with the release of Vice City. Ever since, we have made it our mission to explore and uncover the secrets that lay beneath the vast purgatory of Vice City and now San Andreas. We have always been present, constantly creating and teaching new methods of entering and exploring Blue Hell (and now Black Hell). And for the last three years, we have competed against rivals who threatened to dethrone us. We have fought the higher powers to stay true to our charter, and remain at liberty. And above all, despite the crumbling of the team beneath our feet, we are still here. Like Hell itself, we are an eternal flame. We, now the San Andreas 'Hell Inquisitional Bureaucracy, will not fade. We will not falter. And we will not fail.

Thus, I - and all former members of the team - agree: we stand out amid the rest, and we deserve the title of Sa'Hib. As so that our new name exemplifies it. Months ago, the Blue Hell Exploration Team was in tatters; now, the San Andreas 'Hell Inquisitional Bureaucracy is reborn in its image. This, my friends, is a renaissance.

Origin of The Name Change

I'm sure thoughts are circulating through your heads right now as to why we have changed the name of a group that is almost as much a franchise as the series itself is. Honestly, it was hard reach this decision, but it's merely a sign of the times. Due to the recent advent of Black Hell, and for the fact that Blue Hell in Vice City and San Andreas aren't exactly blue (the days of GTA3 are well over), "Blue Hell" Exploration Team is no longer an appropriate title for the group. So, after having collaborated quite a lot on this, I had made the suggestion of renaming the team the San Andreas 'Hell Inquisitional Bureaucracy. Why? Well, seeing as there really isn't one true name for either Blue or Black Hell, simply San Andreas 'Hell is a more ideal term. More over, the plans I have in store for the team place it in a more bureaucractic category, instead of a basic union or even brotherhood. Our primary objectives deal with exploration, thus we are an inquisitional bureaucracy. It just so happens that San Andreas 'Hell and Inquisitional Bureaucracy happen to perfectly form the acronym SA'HIB, which as aforementioned holds quite a significant meaning. Not a more appropriate title could have been chosen.

The Bureaucratic Hierarchy

When some people see the word "bureaucracy", they think of a powerful ruling class consisting of non-elected officials. Likewise, when some people see the word "hierarchy", they envision a pyramid-type structure of ascending authority. While this is generally accurate, the SA'HIB model is more specific. So first of all, let me explain exactly what makes us a bureaucracy.

In the past few months, the San Andreas chapter of the team has not been as productive as it probably could have been. This is mostly due to the lack of participation by it's members. So, I find it necessary that to increase productivity within the team, an organized system of some sort must be created. I have created that system. It was decided that the team will consist of two divisions: The Upper Echelon and the Lower Echelon. The Lower Echelon will be open for membership to anyone who wishes to be part of SA'HIB. While I believe that the majority of these members may contribute well to the group, other's unfortunately, will probably make little impact. This is not my opinion, however, it's a fact. Due to the current member's lack of disinterest and commitment to the team, barely anything was accomplished. We simply cannot risk this possibility again. We only want series members to handle the major affairs of SA'HIB, which is where the Upper Echelon comes into play. The Upper Echelon will consist solely of five members who are aptly tailored to five specific positions: Grand Master, Master Explorer, Master Coder, Master Photographer, and Master Illustrator. These positions will be chosen by The Chief Justice and at other times, the Supporting Justice. Both of whom are heads of the Judicial Echelon which selects new Members.(Hence, non-elected officials).

Upper Echelon Members:

1. The Grand Master is the leader of the team, and at this point in time - me. The Grand Master (Me) will be responsible for the day to day operations of SA'HIB, and will set out a weekly agenda for the other members of the Upper Echelon, whom in turn will inform members of the Lower Echelon of any duties need to be performed as well. This system of "power sharing" is a good way to insure all members of the team have an opportunity to participate in Hell Operations.

2. The Master Explorer is a position which is self-explanitory. This member is in charge of day to day exploration of the Hell in San Andreas, and will have the ability to "draft" if you will, and members of the Lower Echelon into Exploration Duty. I know this will not sit well with those Anti-War folks out there, but that's just the way it is. The Master Explorer, when not taking specific orders from the Grand Master, has the discretion to engage in any Hell Operations deemed important at the time. In the event of a Resignation and or Impeachment, which will be explained later on, the Master Explorer will automatically be promoted to Grand Master, and assume all duties presented to him.

3. Master Coder is a job which requires thorough knowledge of the GTA San Andreas cracking system. As we all know, Hell Exploration simply couldn't be possible without some form of code breaking, and this person is crucial to our success. Knowledge of most, if not all the button codes will be needed, and a Gameshark like device in the presence of this individual would be great. 2nd in chain of command line after Master Explorer.

4. Master Photographer is the person whom SA'HIB has placed the duty of taken photographs of the Hell upon. This member, while may appear to be powerless, is far from it. As you know, for our team to survive in this highly competitive market of fancy "Shootem' up" groups, we must produce goods for people to eat up. Those goods are high quality photographs of the Blue Hell to be placed in the SA'HIB thread. Obviously a Digital Camera of some sort is required for this job. Previous work will be looked at.

5. Master Illustrator is a position similar to that of the Master Photographer except for one minor detail. Instead of simply snapping a photograph of Hell, this member is responsible for the Drawing aspect of the team. However this is not the only responsibilty of this member. He/She is also in charge of Team Graphics, such as Banners, Logos, Avatars, Etc. A thorough knowledge of a paint program is prefered in this member.

Judicial Echelon Members:

1. Chief Justice is the ultimate authority when it comes to the selection of new members to the SA'HIB. This member of the team is just below the Grand Master in terms of clout and influence. The Chief Justice has the sole ability to choose the members of the Upper Echelon and Lower Echelon. Obviously, this is the man you want to talk to if you are considering joining the team. Asking DMC24guy to join will not get you anywhere. You must go through the SA'HIB's proverbial "Court System" to legally become a member. The Chief Justice has also been given the power to handle (Single-handedly) members of the team whom have been committing acts of spam and or have not contributed to their fullest. The Chief Justice will at times be given report from the Enforcement Marshal of Spammers. In this case, the Justice has been given the power to automatically revoke that members Membership, on the spot, No questions asked.

2. Supporting Justice has the role of...supporting the chief justice of the Judicial Echelon. It is well known that many people will want to join this team, and we here at SA'HIB simply would not want to overwhelm the Chief Justice by piling all the applications on his desk. So a Supporting Justice position has been created, and it is up to the Chieft Justice to recommend to the Grand Master whom he wants in this position. Applications to join the team can be sent directly to the Supporting Justice as well as the Chief. In the event the Chief Justice does not want to/and or is busy working on other projects, he does have the discretion to forward any applications to the Supporting Justice to be taken care of.

3. Enforcement Marshal has the sole responsiblity to enforce the bylaws of the SA'HIB. The Marshal is under direct control of the Chief and Supporting Justices. The Marshal can and will be given specific orders however by both Justices as well as members of the Upper Echelon. Any orders given to the Marshal will only be rule enforcement related. For example, should a specific member of the team breach a certain rule, such as displaying a banner for another Team, the Marshal would be directed by either the Chief Justice or any other member of the Upper Echelon to contact the offendor and take whatever measures needed to get compliance. Now, obviously these tactics will not be in Violation of Forum wide rules, but interrogation is acceptable in our book. It should also be mentioned that not only does the Marshal take orders to enforce the Law, but he Himself also has the right to "Make an online arrest" if he sees a person breaking the charter of the team. The Marshal Must also report any measure he has taken and his recommendations to the Grand Master of the team. Finally, the Marshal has one responsibilty given to him out of pure Necessity. He has the duty to respond and Rebuke any Spam in the Thread and Report it to the Grand Master. If the Spammed happens to be a Member, then the Marshal is instructed to IMMEDIATELY report it to the Chief Justice for dealing with. Due to these requirements, a member who is online a majority of the day will be needed.

Lower Echelon Members:

Finally we have the Lower Echelon Members. As explained in the above paragraphs, the Lower Echelon will consist of those members who simply want to be...members. It is understood that many people will simply want to join for the banner, some to just be a part of the greatest group ever, some just to be a part of something, and others will actually want to participate, but casually rather than 24hrs/7 Days a week. That kind of work will not be expected from these members, and it is for this reason why 2 Echelons were established. In this way, everyone can have a part, be it a minor one, or a major one. Keep in mind however: Members of the Upper Echelon do have the right to "Draft" up any number of members they need in order to complete tasks assigned to them. This is the one minor thing Lower Echelon members will be required to take part in. But other than the "Draft", everything else will be up to you. This leads me to the next to last section:

"The Draft"

Members of the SA'HIB Lower Echelon will at times be called upon by the members of the Upper Echelon to
"fall into line" and perform specific tasks which will contribute to the overall well-being and continuation of the team. This "Draft", while probably seen as "immoral" to some, is necessary in order to keep the team running. If you are Drafted, keep in mind what you are doing will contribute to the overall team as a whole...and remember, no one forced you to sign up!

Misc Information and The Grand Finally...

1. Impeachment Proceedings

While this will be a rare occurrence, it has been decided by I, The Grand Master, that a small part of the Democratic system will be allowed into the SA'HIB, and that is impeachment. Only members of the Upper Echelon, including the Grand Master Himself, are subject to this process. If a member of the Upper Echelon or Lower Echelon feels a member of the U.E. is abusing powers or not contributing, a PM must be sent to the Grand Master asking for impeachment. If the request is accepted, a minimum of 15 posts for Impeachment must be placed in the SA'HIB thread in order for that member to be "Democratically Removed". Now, as for impeachment of the Grand Master, obviously a conflict of interest occurs, as he would most likely not accept the request for himself to be impeached. In this case, 3 of the 5 other members of the Upper Echelon must accept a request to impeach the Grand Master in order for it to occur. This procedure will ensure that members of the team will follow the rules of both the team and the Message Board it is on. By policing itself, the SA'HIB is clearly a force to be reckoned with. Also, one last piece of information. It will probably be asked why the members of the Judicial Echelon have no part in this process. The simple answer is this. They have a sole purpose, which is to choose members for the team. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Any appeal to the Chief Justice or Supporting Justice to impeach a member will be denied and the message will go ignored.

2. Judicial Echelon

Similar to what the Moderators have in terms of a Request system, this Echelon, will consist of hand picked members by the Grand Master, deemed responsible enough to pick out those few board members capable of being part of the Upper Echelon. Yes, these members will also have the ability to accept members from the Lower Echelon to be promoted to the Upper. (Although members not part of the team can be automatically Promotion to the Upper Echelon, it would be prefered that the most contributing members of the Lower Echelon be accepted above anyone else). Now, since there is a Chief Justice already in Place, the Only remaining Position is that of Supporting Justice. That person is basically a Chief Justice, except in a Supporting Role. Now, keep in mind that these positions are forever. Yes, that is right, Positions for the J.E. are Lifetime appointments. Once a person is selected for the Judicial Echelon, only they can decide when they are going to leave. These members also are unique in that they cannot be impeached due to their lack of contact with regular members

Finally, I want to say that while this might all seem very complicated, I can assure you, once in the team, it will all make sense. Most of what I wrote above is simply technical details, and for the most part, Rarely would I ever have to use "The Draft". Also, for a final insentive, I should mention that members get to fly the following banners:

There is a Lower Echelon Banner too.....

And there is an optional Avatar as well...

But DMC, I don't know how to go the Hell!!!

Do you know how to get into the Blue Hell? While most people do, there are still some rank amateurs out there that still don't know how to get down into this most famous tangent. So, using my SenorZorro skills, I was able to locate a most useful thread which contains all you will need to know on how to get down into the Blue Hell.
Blue Hell Exploration Methods

Thankyou and Goodnight.
(Grips hands which are now numb from typing)

This message was edited by DMC24guy on Aug 22 2005.

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Nov 24, 13 at 9:18pm

Hi. I am a GTA S A maniac. There is no part of that world that don't know intimately. I have no knowledge, but great curiosity about mods and hacks.
I have done EVERYthing I can do in the context of beating the game:
With ZERO illegitimate kills
ZERO friendly gang members killed
ZERO recruited gang members killed
I am currently working on 10,000 kills without saving, within my perfect parameters
I am a strong asset to any group that thinks it loves GTA S A as much as I do. K! Holla. Bless

Oct 21, 05 at 8:27pm

quote mnmfan
It's not due to a lack of interest Dcbake, it's simply a case of nothing left to do. Everything has been discovered already. The game is over a year old so it's very unlikely that we find something new at this late stage. The secrets of Blue Hell are'nt infinite, there's only so much that can be done in SA. Everything has been discovered.
Lets face it, Blue Hell has become old news.

It lasted a long time though, but all good things must come to an end.
THAT And a Lack Of Interest.

Thanks Chiro

Oct 19, 05 at 3:11am

Even though the club is disbanded, I am going to leave the thread open for people to post anything on this topic that they might feel is relevant.

Oct 19, 05 at 3:05am

It's not due to a lack of interest Dcbake, it's simply a case of nothing left to do. Everything has been discovered already. The game is over a year old so it's very unlikely that we find something new at this late stage. The secrets of Blue Hell are'nt infinite, there's only so much that can be done in SA. Everything has been discovered.
Lets face it, Blue Hell has become old news.

It lasted a long time though, but all good things must come to an end.

Oct 19, 05 at 2:57am


Well that's all Folks! No one seems to care anymore so I guess This Team will have to be Disbanded. I would like to Personally thanks All of the Members of the Bureaucracy for your support.

minimint Especially, I think DMC24guy would have wanted it to be closed by now. So with that I bid all of Our Members a Farewell.

Mind you Whenever the Next GTA comes out we will be the First Ones on The 'Hells'


Oct 9, 05 at 4:48am


I have decided that this "Team" really has nothin beneficial to give to the San Andreas Forum. There just are not enough members to uphold it.

With DMC24guy's Leaving and such I just do not have the time to keep this running. Nor do we have the support.

So with that I will leave the Team OPEN for a week or so for Suggestions on our Next move.

Sep 3, 05 at 10:24pm
The sorrow

Im just been flying away from the unused stadium and you can here stadium music in blue hell.

Sep 3, 05 at 10:20pm

Seems like It's pretty much all down to me. I will talk it over with dcbake when I can and will let everyone know the situation.

Sep 3, 05 at 10:11pm
The sorrow

I've bin to blue hell to see liberty city and the un used stadium.

Sep 3, 05 at 9:30pm
The Judge

My Fellow Members...

It is with great regret that I have to announce that I will be resigning as your leader. My heart simply is not with this team, and hasn't been since I closed it down many months ago. I never intended to re-open this group, and to this day, I'll never fully understand why it was reopened in the first place. With that said, I am no longer your Grand Master. As you know, it is the in the Charter of this team that in the event the Grand Master resigns, the Master Explorer takes his place. The Master Explorer is dcbake. However, after sorting through my stockpile of Private Messages, I have determined that he has been banned. When he will come back...I don't know. So therefore, I am placing all responsibility on the next highest person in command and that is the Chief Justice. Whether or not he is willing to keep this team around or not is something he will have to deal with. If the Chief Justice can get a hold of dcbake and find out what he wants to do, things will be a lot clearer. As for me, I shall remove my banner and Links to this team. I am sorry this entire series of events happened, and personally I wish this team had never be re-started. But, it is what it is, and now it must be taken care of by the appropriate people.

Goodbye, and Goodluck
(Former Grand Master)

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