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Nov 23, 04 at 11:46amred dragoon

Introduce Yourselves 2

We are now on the third addition of intro threads. Come introduce yourself, whether your a long time member or if you are new.

Me, I am red dragoon. I will always be willing to give help if you need it.

Drop me a PM if you have a question about the game or anything in general.

Welcome to all the new members!


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Jan 13, 16 at 4:35am

LoD was my First JRPG! It took my RPG Virginity! **

First heard of it from a Demo Disc in Official Playstation Magazine UK!

Loved it Then and Love it Now too!

A Few Niggles like the Dialogue Options that weren't really Options and being railroaded with Shana after being fooled into thinking as the Player I had a choice to Steer towards Rose..... Ah well.... Apart from that I loved the Game.

How could I not? Dragons, Laputa like Technomagical Floating Cities, Political Intrigue, Battles to determine the Rise and Fall of Nations etc etc.... Too much Pure Fantastic in 4 Discs!

Apr 12, 13 at 10:46pm

Hey, found this site by looking around for LOD forums, this one seems to be the most active, so there you go.
Yea LOD is like my favorite PS1 game by far.

Feb 8, 13 at 11:15pm

Hi everybody, I just registered so I'm new here, I love LOD since I was 10, now I'm 19 and still play it on my PS3, I even bought it from PSN just to collaborate and I already own the PS1 version all 4 Disk of them.

So I will stick by and talk and question and answer and.... oh well.... you already know.

Dec 22, 12 at 1:12pm

Im not gonna let this thread die!!
Hello everybody, I'm Victor(BraLoD here), I'm from Brazil, 19 years-old and a LoD fan for 10 years now.

Happy holidays, nice to meet you all LoD people xD

May 14, 12 at 9:14pm

Hey all,
My uncle first introduced me to the game around the time it first came out, he had just got the game himself, and showed it to me. I was hooked and played partway through the first disc. Over the coming years I played through parts of it on and off, sometimes watching my uncle play his as well and eventually my uncle gave the set to me after he got stuck in Zenebatos. I decided to finally finish the game. Luckily for me I had a profile on the second disc (as the first had become scratched beyond use). After finishing I gave it back to my uncle so he could finish and I believe the set resides at his house to this day. Over the years I hoped to have a sequel remake etc. Finally I was glad to stumble across the PSN release while browsing on the night it was released. I bought it the next morning and proceeded to spend the rest of dead week playing through the game again.

Feb 9, 12 at 12:22am

You know, I just realized that I never introduced my self in this forum!!

First, I was introduced to this game around five or six years ago. My brother was playing it and I would occasionally watch him. I started when he was fighting Fruegel the second time, and he was convinced that after that battle the first disc would be over. Well, while he was stuck on that battle for a couple weeks (I'm not even joking) I decided to try the game. We were pretty much neck-in-neck until the end, when I finally finished before him. I thought it was one of the greatest games EVER! I've always been one for RPGs and turn-base strategy, so it was the epitome of video games for me. I have since gone through dry spells in which I didn't play it, but I've thoroughly completed it at least seven times now.

As far as Neoseeker, I loved Lod so much that around a year ago I decided to make a walkthrough. I spent an incredibly long time working on it and finally posted it on GameFAQ's sometime around last October. Shortly thereafter, one of the heads of Neoseeker asked if they could use it on their site, so I agreed and made an account. Well, I was just dying to know if there were still people out there who wanted to talk about the game, and eventually I found the forum, and here I am!! I've had a blast ever since.

Feb 7, 12 at 11:32pm

Well, well, Neoseeker is still around
It's time for the SCEWWS to develope a new AAA RPG for our PlayStation systems!
And yes, I hope they remember the "The Legend of Dragoon" IP!

Feb 4, 12 at 3:28am

Hey guys!
Admiral here and i've been a member of neoseeker since I was in HighSchool!

The entire reason I wanted to change from the n64 to playstation was purely for LoD!!
When I was at my friends house they had a playstation and some demo disks! Well of course i played all the demos and came across LoD the demo! It captivated me and I couldn't rest until I had my own playstation and was able to play that game again! We ended up renting it and playing it on his playstation and got all the way to Lloyd's fight before it was due back at blockbuster.

Several years later I finally talked my parents into getting me a PS2 and one of those games was LoD!
After I opened it for christmas I was ecstatic. I played it non-stop for days and weeks until I finally beat it. Since then I usually pick it up every 3-4 years and beat it again with a different crew.

First run thru I finished with Dart, Albert, and Haschel.
Second go around I stuck with Dart, Haschel, and Kongol.
Third go around i had all chicks with Dart, Meru, and Rose.
I love every bit of this game. The story was fantastic, battle system was innovative and kept me in the fight, dragoon transformations were brilliant and really got me fired up in boss fights!

Hope you guys love it as much as I do!
Wish they'd cross it at least to Psp... Or make a prequel/sequel.
But I feel like that's asking too much. Maybe just make a psp cross over would be good.

Jan 26, 12 at 5:54pm

Aloha to those of you that are actually here! Shoutout to LOD-squa for telling me about this forum~ I'm genuinely surprised there's even a remotely (newly re-)active LoD community anymore!

Sooo, I've played this game off and on since ~6 months after it came out. I played the demo, you know, the one in the Prairie, over and over again until I could actually afford to buy the game! I think it's the only game that I've actually beaten more than once; it proves just how much I love this game. :3

What else... Ummm... I like kittens and cookies. ^^

Jan 26, 12 at 4:05am

Welcome to Neoseeker you two. I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun with us!

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