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Oct 26, 04 at 7:19pmstunner127

refer to the title lol

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Jul 25, 06 at 5:07am

this thread is so old rofl. back in 2004

Jul 22, 06 at 6:49pm
Melo Man

Well, here's a new feature that helps a little bit.

When you bail, you don't lose any health, unlike VC.

Also I've had a situation like Shanebyrne's situation, except I was walking out of Didier Sachs instead

Jul 22, 06 at 6:28pm

I had just finished a mission I was having trouble with on my first run through of SA, so I had some extra cash, I thought, ''I did, well, so I'll treat myself to an M4 for a bit of a rampage''

I went into the big ammunation in LS, bought my M4, walked back out the door, only to see a Rustler flying straight at me, kamikaze style.
He crashes straight into me, I die, and realise I never saved my game so I have to re-do the mission I had trouble with!

By the way, please change the title of the thread, there is so much writing when you open it..

Jul 22, 06 at 6:21pm
supa warrior

stealth attacks
dual weapons
new weapons
cops on motorcycles
style cars and carl
buy new houses and farms 'n' stuff
drug dealers lol

thats all i can think of... i guess...

Nov 19, 04 at 10:05pm

I would have to say
1. blue hell
2. Bigfoot
3. Seamonster and all of the ocean.

Nov 19, 04 at 9:43pm

Those are some...different...creatures. Does anybody else see only wings with no realistic body or head? Too bad you can't shoot them. That would make for some interesting hunting mini-missions.

Nov 8, 04 at 9:51am

The hawks.

In case your eyes are malfunctioning, it's rather obvious I'm kinda fixated on hawks. So I love the fact that they're flying around Las Venturas, either flapping their massive wings or gliding. The movements are so fluid and perfect too..

Nov 8, 04 at 6:05am

Something I would love to see in a future GTA are animals. Get chased by dogs, steal horses to ride from people, have moose and deer out in the woods. Rockstar's done a western and GTA. What if we combine the two? Rob banks and trains, have duels, work your way up to become sheriff, or kill the sheriff, use dynamite, go on gold rushes. I don't want the series to die with dumb ideas, but I think some cool scenerios could come out of all that.Where will GTA go next?

Nov 5, 04 at 10:38am
Chuto virus

theaircraft and the military jet when i the the jet i said to te cops:jajaja you stupid cops go *bleep* your mamas you cant do nothing i fly more speedy than the helicopter jajaja...
and a supersonic jet of the militars launched a missile to my and i was wasted (i exploted)

the clothes change, the swim ability and the tank(those tanks are realy big and powerfull).

I called the gta3 guy Gekko like the gta2 guy Gekko...

Nov 5, 04 at 10:16am

The coolest thing for me was the first time I saw the 4-person driveby's and that they dont attract cops, I just cruised around letting my hoods ventilate everything in sight.

Second coolest was the eerie feeling I got searching for bigfoot

Third would be skydiving out of a passenger plane and parachuting directly on to the back of a Bobcat

Fourth would have to be this one time i flew off a HUGE cliff in a Stratum, only to fly down and land hood-first on another stratum, right after ditching the driver chased me around the forest with a shovel

Fifth would be Las Venturas version of the fighting moves, he grabs their head and knees em in the face twice before ending with a solid punch, never gets old. Combined with dual wielding, knife attacks, and you got yourself an elite killer on yer hands

And finally, all the equipment, the new cars, parachutes, NV/INF Goggles, dual wielding pistols, stealth kills, so much more to hand down punishment with its almost intimidating.

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