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Oct 23, 04 at 6:47pmJoltingBeam

A long time from now in a world of the unkown there was a nice peaceful big land. Until the meteors came and destroyed the lands and turned them into islands scattered everywhere. Each island started a tribe and turned against the others. The meteors had brought strange evil creatures like ogres and dragons and other hidious beasts! On the islands there are now villages with 10 people in each and 4 wacthes for the islands. Your job is to protect which ever island your on. In any means possible... Even by invading another island to expand your territory. or to run for sheltre.

Name: This is where you will put your characters name.
Age: This is where you will put there age.
Bio: A brief description of there past.
Gender: Male or Female.
island: Name of island your on.
Appereace: How your character looks

Here's mine:

Name: Joltin
Age: 23
bio: An old blacksmith that enjoyed his life very much. But when the other watch died they drafted him.
Gender: Male
island: teesqurin
Apereance: Tall with black mustache. Always is wearing a black belt.

No one start the story yet. and rememebr you can not join unless I invited you or granted your permission.

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May 18, 05 at 11:11pm

I haven't been here for a while ^^;
I guess I better start posting ehh???

Joltin: *Uses a rock to tear of the rope and unties everyones hands*

-After a couple of minutes later-

Joe: Where are we anyways?

LHG: I'm not sure actually

Dennise: This is it with pirates *pouts*

Joltin: Theres a way out over here!!!!

Ed: Really?

Joltin: Yeah! it's an island I think

*All of them goes out and takes a look*

Dennise: I guess we are getting our vacation huh?

Joe: Yeah I guess


Feb 2, 05 at 12:46am

Joltin: NO!
Joe and LHG: WAIT!!! What kind of deal?
captain: Lets say, you spare me my life i provide you with half of the gold in me ship!
Joe: Deal!!!
LHG: Deal!!!
Joltin: Wait guys! Are you actually gonna trust a pirate to give up some of his riches? Gold is his life!
Captain: Arrrrr, so he be right. But if gold is me life then Ill spare it for me life!
Geeter: Wait a minute... Somethings fishy...
Captain: Yes or no?
Ed: ...
Denise: Never!!!!

~Denise charges at the captain and a pirate grabs her and pulls her away, then puts his knife on her neck.~

Captain: Lets say, you spare me my life, and you get your mate back unharmed?
Joltin: ... Deal...
Captain: good good mate.
Getrin: You tricky pirate!
Captian: ok pirates put them in the deck and get them ready! They be walking the plank!
Joltin: I knew we shouldnt have agreed!!
Denise: ...

~They are all tied and forced to walk the plank. They all fall overboard and start to go straight under, not being able to swim since they were tied up. Ed looks top the right and spots an underwater cave. They all waddle towards it and pop up above the water and in some tunnel under the ground!~

Jan 31, 05 at 6:31pm
Raiga 33 Kaze

Ed stumbles back.
Ed:That was a dirty trick.
Ed: Your right,why should i fight fairly against a scum like you.*pokes the captain in the eyes*
Captain:Argh. What the hell!!!
Joltin headbutts the captain in the stomach.
Ed:where'd you-*smacks captain into Denesia*come from?
Joltin:Your right side. Hey you shrunk.
The Captain fells around the battle which eventually becomes a game of "Marco Pollo".He accidentally lands a hand on Denesia's butt.
Denesia:eeeeEEEEEE!!!!*Smacks him into the air.
Ed:nobody touches Denesia like that. Especially not you ya' old perv.
Ed jumps in the air and spikes him down.
Ed:finish it Tom!
Tom catches the captain and Puts him in a german supplex.
Captain:NOOOOOOOO!*Tom slams him down*
The body begins to spark and smoke.
Gettrin:A robot?
A mouse crawls from the Captain's head.
Ed:*places his foot on the mouses head.*
Captain:No wait. Lets cut a deal eh?

Jan 29, 05 at 1:49am

Joltin: This is easy, just let me shoot at everyone coming near him!
Denise: We'll take this side Joltin, be careful!

~The others all run to the side of eds left and start to fight down the pirates.~

Ed: You killed BANKS!!!
Captain: I didnt kill him, he wasnt wprthy enough for me to fight!
Ed: !!!!! DIE!!!!!!

~Joltin continues to shoot off the pirates coming from the right as the others fight off the pirates from the left. Suddenly the pirate pulls two sharp butcher knives from his pocket and stabs then both into Ed's heart then grins slyly~

Ed: ...
Joltin: NO!!!!

~Suddenly Joltin stops attacking the men on the right and aims one silver arrow toward the captains heart. While his back is turned the pirates on the right charge toward him and give him a few quick blows with the sword to the top of his head and Joltin then collapses. All the pirates from the right now charge toward injured ed and trample Joltins unconcious body on the way.~

Getrin: wait!!!! Why are we all letting ed fight the captain alone? WEre all here so why dont we just charge the captian? The pirates will lay off when we kill there leader!
Denise: Your right! It looks like the only way to save Joltin and Ed's life to!

~She waches them pick up Joltin and throw him around abusively and laugh. Then they circle ed and start to taunt them and hold there swords at him~

Geeter: Lets get him!!!

Jan 28, 05 at 7:29pm
Raiga 33 Kaze

*Ed sends a flurry of punches at the captain but he dodges them all and stabs Ed in the stomach.*
Joltin:aw MAN!!!
*Ed returns to his human form.His Clothes are ragged and barely hanging on him. He looks up at the captain and his eyes are a crimson color.*
Ed:*coughs blood* This isn't over just yet.(to the party) you guys might wanna get outta here,it's about ta' get messy.
Joltin:And let YOU have all the fun.Doubtful.
Ed:Alright.This is for you Banks.*Glares up at the captain,grabs the blade to his sword*RAAAA.....
*The castle starts to crumble around them*
LHG:*hits a pirate* this promises to be interesting.
Joltin:This fights between Ed and the Captain.It's our job to keep his goons away.
*Ed begins to transform again*
Captain: Oh no you don't *takes a gun out of his poket.The gun flies out of his hand and is pinned to the wall by an arrow*
Ed:*Ed has transforned into a full fledged Seig.His Skin has turned black and his eyes Red.*
Alright,let's finish this.*smirk*

Jan 27, 05 at 8:59pm

Captain: Back away from him men! I'll kill him!!!!

~The captain pulls out a long silver blade~

Captain: Fight me if you dare!
Monster ed: ROAR!!!!

~Ed charges at the captain and throguhs his fist at him, but the captain easily ducked it and slashed Ed's arm with tghe tip of his long silver blade!~

monster ed: ARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

~Everyone from Ed's group charged now seeing the guard was distracted. Geeter and getrin double teamed the captain with there swords while the rest took there own opponent. Joltin slowly stood up and aimed his bow though he knew he shouldnt have.~

Joltin: I got the captain!!!!
Joe: Joltin no, your to weak!!

~Joltin fired one bright silver arrow through the mess and ended up in the pirate door guards heart!~

LHG: everyone run!!!
monster ed: I MUST KILL HIM!!!!

Jan 27, 05 at 3:58pm
Raiga 33 Kaze

Ed: also, i have an evil side that happens when i'm in pain, causing me to transform into"Ogre Mode", and i get big and scary. .... an emotional pain...
*Ed sits over the Ogre,twitching*

Lowly Pirate:Hey boy, get to the ship!

*Ed looks up. Everone is being pushed onto the ship. The pirate begins to shove him toward the ship. Ed walks onto the ship*

A few hours later Everone is in the dungeon of the pirates castle.

LHG:THIS SUCKS!!!*kicks the wall*

Joltin:this is my fault,i held you guys back.

Denesia: Don't blame yourself.

Ed:.....they won't get away with this Banks. I swear it.
*a pirate enters,the same one who shot the Ogre*

pirate: Ye squabs keep it down!!! I'm watchin' me soap oprea!!
*Ed looks up and stares at him angrily*

Ed: You killed Banks.....YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!!
*Ed begins to transform. His eyes go white,he grows really big,his hair gets spinny-like,his fists get real big and he gets buff as hell.His teeth on bottom grow really long and snarly*

Monster Ed:ROAAARRRR!!!!!!

Pirate: What the-,it's a Seig!!

*Ed viciously hacks the pirate into peices in such a way that i can't type it.Ed turns to the others with anger in his eyes.He cuts everones chains with his claws.*

Pirates begin to enter.

Pirate1:Holy crap!! A Seig!!!

Pirate2:Y'mean those things exist!?!?

Denisia:Let's go!!!

*Ed barges through them*

Monster Ed:C-cap-tain.

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Jan 26, 05 at 10:50pm

~Joltin picks up his bow and tries to aim while laying down~

Joe: WOAH!!!!
Ed: Careful you shot a hole in the roof!
Joltin: oops...

~They all except Joltin run outside into battle to destroy the pirates~

Getrin: Geeter, you get that side i get this side!

~They run to there sides and ggeter gasps in amazment and pain as a pirate slashes his wrist and beswords him.~

Joe: woah careful there good!

LHG: Look in the window! The nurse is fighting off someone... Theres a pirate in Joltins room!

~geeter raises his hands in the air in defeat and sighs~

Ed: ogre save Joltin!!!!

~The ogre runs inside to save Joltin but is hit in the pirate archer before he makes it.~

Joltin: (a faint voice) AHHH!!!!!!!!!
Joe: NO!!!!
Denise: they cant take him!!!
tom: ill save him!!!

~They all here a voice loud and low coming from the ship~

voice: Give up and we wont kill any one!
Denise: Do what he says!
Getrin: but...

voice: This is the captain of the pirates, guards surround them and bring them all on board! Be extra VIOLENT to the injured one, hehe.

~They carry Joltin and push all the othjers. They are all brought to a small room under the deck. Geeter and Joltin were knocked unconcious and the other didnt know what to say to each other. They were in the middle of the ocean inside a pirates ship!~

Jan 24, 05 at 12:59pm
Raiga 33 Kaze

*In the hospital room,a dark a hole appears in the floor*
Ogre:Hey,it's Ed!
Ed:sorry i haven't checked in.I warped as soon as i heard*looks at LHG* and where the hell have you been,you look like CRAP!!!
LHG: we're all very tired,but i'm tiredest 'cause i did the most work
Tom:*punches LHG in the head* you did not!
Ed: anyway,with your leg out of commision you should probably get some rest.
*a large commotion outside*
*shocked by the nurse*
Ed: what a filthy mouth you have.
*nurse takes out a BIG gun and aims it out the window*
Denesia:Ya' think we'd have noticed tha just sitting there.TxT!
LHG:Alright,let's give this gal some support.*Gets in battle stance*
Joltin:Yeah!*stands up* OW!
Ed; yur in no condition to fight. LHG, snipe him from the window.

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Jan 16, 05 at 3:17am

Joltin: Hey getrin, whats your bro's name?
Getrin: His name is geeter.
Geeter: Hey bro, wanna duel?
Getrin: Sounds fun!
Joltin: Im gonna go check on our boat.
Getrin: ok bye.

~Getrin and geeter walk into the duel arena both with there swords armed and fight throughout the whole day duel after duel. Then they went back to there hotel room.~

Getrin: Hey guys, where's Joltin?
LHG: Havent seen him today.
Joe: Neither have I.
Denise: I don't think he came back since early this morning.
Getrin: Lets go looking for him!
Geeter: I hope he's alright.
Denise: You guys can go but I'm going to bed!
LHG: I think all of us are except you to.
Getrin: ok then see you guys tommorow.

~They walk towards the boat and find a trail of blood that led across the river. They kept walking after they crossed the river and found footsteps that led into the forest.~

Getrin: I don't think we can take all of whoever took them...
Geeter: bro, i trained with you and grew up with you and I know, that whatever took him cant defeat us!

~Suddenly theres a noise from a tree above them and Joe falls out.~

Getrin: what are you doing here?
Joe: Well... I figured you could use some help.
Geeter: -_-

~Suddenly a bush behind them starts to rattle and LHG's head comes into view.~

Getrin: You to?
Joe: Why are you here?
LHG: well... I figured maybe you two could use some help.
Getrin: Wasn't Ed on the boat?
LHG: Yes but... The boats gone somewhere... The ogres gone to!
Getrin: Joltin was the only expeirenced man with the bow, so we cant give them a sneak attack.
Geeter: Joe, LHG, you guys attack from behind.

~They all go in there positions and get ready to attack whoever was there~

Behind enemy

Joe: Look, there are oranges on that tree!
LHG: Look there are berries on that bush!

~They both greedily charged at the fruit (since they both missed dinner). When they grabbed the fruit a lign that was attached to it started to extend and the enemy charged...~

Front territory

Geeter: Getrin, be careful theres a rope right there in front of that tree, it will alert the base if we touch it.
Getrin: Look, up ahead, there's huts and houses and everything!
Geeter: Look theres a jail cell...
Getrin: lets sneak aroun behind the hut.

~They sneak aroun the hut and see LHG and Joe being brought to a pit of snakes and poisonous beings. But they couldnt see there enemies faces.~

Getrin: Geeter, were gonna have to charge in and save those two!
Geeter: We trained long and hard for this moment... Lets make it be a succes!

~They charge into the middle of the group carrying LHG and Joe and pull out there swords. There opponents turned to face them and then equally pulled out there swords. Finally Getrin saw the faces of these people... There faces were torn and ripped with black eyes and missing eyes.~

Getrin: Wait Geeter! Look at there faces... I think these guys are experienced at this...
Geeter: good, a better challenge!!!!

~Suddenly Joe and LHG leap out from the mens grasp and attack with Getrin and Geeter.~

Joe: Woah! There powerful and very talented!

~Geeter slashed at one of the swordsman and tried one of his best sword tricks, and almost was slashed at his open arm. Joe charged ahead of him at someone that was holding up a big mace. Joe struck at him and ended up falling back from pressure of the blow.~

Getrin: I havent killed one yet!
Geeter: Neither have I!!!!

~Suddenly LHG yelled some strange words and a powerful being flew from the sky.~

LHG: This is a time when summoners are needed!

~The beast fired a bolt of fire down to the ground. Suddenly an enemy summoner summoned a beast himself!~

LHG: Im not good with attacking another beast with mine!

~Slowly Joltin started limping out of the jail cell after silently killing his guard at a cell.~

Joltin: Take this you lousy summoner!

~Joltin quickly pulled his bow to his side and fires an arrow into the enemy summoners heart! The beast from the sky let out a cry and vanished as the summoner fell down dead~

Joltin: NOW!!! LETS WIN THIS THING!!!!!!!!

~Geeter and Getrin started to slash around with strangth at all the swordsman and started to find ways to stab them. Joe started to duck under blows and give cheapshots from below to kill his opponents and LHG started to command his beast after the men in the back.~

Joltin: Now... They will di... die!!!

~Joltin pulled his bow to his houlder and fired an arrows straight for the leader who was starting to flee. The arrow flew into the back of his leg adn he fell and grabbed it in pain.~

Getrin: Tell us where our boat is now!
Leader: ... Its in the port right there...

~LHG called his beast back and looked at the pile of dead bodies. They had won the war. Joltin grabbed his leg and slowly sat down and rested it on a tree.~

Joltin: I cant leave here... I cant walk!
Joe: Stay there Joltin we'll help you.

~Getrin started walking back to the battlefeild followed by ed and the ogre.~

Getrin: They were attacked to it seems...

~Everyone picks up joltin and they carry him safely to the hospital, to find out he will not be able to use his leg for 2 weeks~

~They all then went to bed eager to start a new day~

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