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Oct 3, 04 at 7:44pmJohnny G

Welcome to the Steel Ravens Society

Most of you already know the drill by now. For those who don't, this is a thread for players to post their custom AC designs and recieve feedback on them. Nexus has thrown the design dynamics for Armored Core into a tailspin... I'm sure we're all a little lost and looking for some advice.

The format for posting cores will be as follows... pay attention everyone, 'cause this is a little different. I've added in extra format decals so that you can just copy this forumla and paste it right into your post to save time.




[b]BACK UNIT R:[/b]
[b]BACK UNITL L:[/b]
[b]ARM UNIT R:[/b]
[b]ARM UNIT L:[/b]

[u][b]Optional Parts[/b][/u]

[u][b]Colour Scheme[/b][/u]
Weapon Coloring

[u][b]Core Summary[/b][/u]

In the "tuning" section, simply state which aspect of the part you tuned and to what percentage. I have a feeling that the vast majority of people are going to be pushing one aspect to 100% rather than spreading it around. We'll see how this format works and adjust it accordingly.

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Jan 28, 06 at 12:33pm

Ž · It looks like this setup was quite not my type... Oh well, better wait for other replies. I'm not used to managing too many weapons at a time.

Jan 28, 06 at 1:41am

These are my best contenders... I would like to have these designs tried and scrutinized. Any pro's/con's are welcome.

Name: Darkstorm

Core Body
Head=H05-HORNET >Weight-20%/Defense Shell-40%/Defense Energy-30%/VS ECM-10%
Core=CR-C98E2 >Cooling-20%/Defense Shell-50%/Defense Energy-30%
Arms=A09-LEMUR2 >Weight-70%/Defense Shell-30%
Legs=LH09-COUGAR2 >Cooling-10%/Defense Shell-10%/Defense Energy-60%/Max Leg Weight-20%
Booster=CR-B81 >Boost Power-100%
Generator=KUJAKU >Weight-50%/EN Output-50%
Radiator=CR-R92 >Weight-60%/Cooling-40%

Right Arm=WH02RS-WYRM
Left Arm=WH02RS-WYRM
Back Left=None
Back Right=MAGORAGA (Micro-Missiles)

Optional Parts

General-Base= R-0/G-5/B-5
Aid= R-110/G-120/B-120
Optional= R-0/G-5/B-5
Detail= R-110/G-120/B-120
Joint= R-110/G-120/B-120

All same except Detail= R-0/G-5/B-5
All Black

Suggested Part Alterations:
For more mobile- Head= CR-H97XS-EYE tuned to liking/Booster= B05-GULL >Boost Heat-100%
For more firepower- Head= CR-H97XS-EYE tuned to liking/Back Right= KINNARA (Micro-Missiles)
This AC's sniper rifles provide the most damage. When used along with the Core's EO function, this AC can be very effective. Missiles are suggested only against the most maneuverable AC's that are difficult to target. This AC requires a skilled pilot, but is highly efficient when piloted correctly.

Name: Mundus

Core Body
Head=H07-CRICKET >Cooling-20%/Defense Shell-60%/Defense Energy-20%
Core=C05-SELENA >Cooling-20%/Defense Energy-80%
Arms=A08-DRILL2>Cooling-30%/Defense Shell-50%/Defense Energy-20%
Legs=CR-LT81A2>Defense Energy-100%
Generator=KUJAKU >Weight-50%/EN Output-50%

Right Arm=WR22PL-OGRE2
Back Left=CR-WB87GLL
Back Right=CR-WB87GLL
Inside=(decoys or ECM, basically whatever suits your fancy)

Optional Parts


General-Base= R-20/G-20/B-20
Aid= R-40/G-40/B-40
Optional= R-70/G-120/B-160
Detail= R-70/G-120/B-160
Joint= R-20/G-20/B-20

All Black

This AC's Grenade Cannons provide the most damage. When used along with the Core's EO function, this AC can be massively destructive. Don't forget you can hold the left arm weapon during the battle, the energy rifle does a good deal of damage considering most AC's aren't energy defensive. This AC can deal out enough damage to take out even the most heavily armored AC in less than 45 seconds. This AC requires little skill to pilot, and is recommended for beginners (those of course who have acquired the proper parts).

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Jan 7, 06 at 8:59am

Ž · I don't know if I can consider my AC as one of the better, but it seems that it is effective for any opponent in the Arena. But it seems that some ACs in Nine Breaker are hard to beat using this setup...

Pilot Name: Garlen

AC 1
Name: 'Forlock' "The Armored Simplicity" (It's name is Forlock, but I just gave it a title)

Head: H10-CICADA2 (100% vs ECM)
CORE: CR-C89E (100% Cooling)
Arms: A11-MACAQUE (100% Cooling)
Legs: LH05-COUGAR (100% MLW)
Booster: B05-GULL (100% Booster Heat)

Generator: G03-ORCHID (100% EN Output)
Radiator: FURUNA (100% Weight)
Inside: None
Extension: SAISUI

Back Weapon R: None
Back Weapon L: WB19M-HYDRA2
Arm R: CR-WR81G
Arm L: CR-WL88LB3
Hanger Unit L: N/A
Hanger Unit R: N/A

CR-09E5 (Increase Energy ammunition Defense)
CR-071RC (Condenser Capacity increase)
CR-075LA (Missile Lock time down)
CR-079L+ (Increases Sight Lock range)
D02-ORGANELLE (Improves leg part braking)
D07-PRIMER (Laser Blade power up)
MARISHI (Improves cooling performance)

COLOR(I'm not creative, so...)
Pattern: Caution Orange (Core and Arms are camo)
Weapon color: All Yellow

Analysis: A heavy-lightweight AC design stabilizing boost power, high AP, and one-weapon reliance. Energy packs support continous laser blade motion, and pilot tends to bunny hop to quickly alter between tactics.

How to use properly: As you notice, all of those weapons are powerful. I don't know how I came up with this one, but I remember that once when I was playing my Nine Breaker file, it was in Japanese, and I was looking for AC designs that defeats the purpose of the Human Plus, and later found out that this design was the first good one I created. Multi-missiles are designed to kill the aerial ACs, and the Grenade Launcher is used for mid to close-range combat. Combine the Greande Launcher with some Genobee movement (you know, boost a little then bunny hop, boost a little, bunny hop, continously) to emphasize the movement and weaponry of the opponent and quickly alter tactics. The laser blade is made for quite some fun, because later you'll realize that you can follow the tracks of the AC opponent, so you can close in on him using a long boost and then give him the 'Grenade Laser Blade', or the Laser Blade Slash + the "exploding" laser blade wave (you forgot how to execute it? Laser Blade button + hold Boost button). Once you hit a slash, try to continously do it and you should kill the opponent AC very fast, as this blade plus its wave causes from 1800-3000 damage itself. If opponent AC is a good tactic changer, stick with timing your Grenade Launcher firing and lower the frequency of using your blade. Oh, and remember to always have your EO up. It should lasat until the end of the match. The vs ECM head defeats resists itself from being murdered by one ECM deploy. The Emergency Cap of this one is high, which almost is equivalent to it's Condenser Cap. If ever you overheat, immeadietly use your extensions. If you want, you can do full aerial combat and stay in the air for a long time, like 25 seconds if you want. Sometimes, there are some cases wherein your vision is disturbed by continous fire, and these ACs are often tanks (Iron-LW075's AC comes to mind), so immeadietly try to close in and continously use the laser blade+wave while penetrating through the heavy attacks.

FOR FUN: If ever you are in match with an AC that sucks, try teasing him by using your laser blade wave as a mid-range weapon. Man, if only it was as powerful as the one in the first version, in Project Phantasma, and in Masters of Arena, I would've overused this one so often!

How I see this AC: I think I just made this design similar to how Genobee moves! I don't know how I did this one... Although when battling Iron-lW075 and his AC, I had problems until I found out about using a suicidal tactic.

Seriously though, I randomly just selected the weapons as I try my best to maximize the information given to me by the numbers in AC:NB because it was in Japanese. Then later, I found out that I actually made a good AC. I am also a laser blade fan, not like the other's that I've seen here who has either the Karasawa or the Finger as a Left hand...

Right now I'm trying to build an AC that is lightweight, has a Sniper Rifle on the right hand, a Grenade Launcher on the left, and a Micro Missile, and also specializing in long boosts.

Oct 29, 05 at 11:45pm

quote Number6ofthe6Beast6
*Wakes up from deep sleep*

Oh why helllloooo there friend. Welcome to the old AC Forum. Nice to meet you. Weve been out of business for about a month now.... but that core looks pretty dandy. IT seems like you have some skill. Do you play online, maybe u can battle me.

do you live in japan man? because if not, then there is no online for nexus...

oh and broken man, bring that intriguing heap of yours to the east coast srcts. see if you don't get bladed to death

but hey, always nice to see someone with a brave set-up like that. who needs guns and missiles huh?

Oct 23, 05 at 8:26pm
broken sword


curious, I havent played any of the other ac games after nexus. really looking forward to ac4 though but it seems like a while before the ps3 will be ready for market. Hopefully it'll have a good online connection. till then.

Oct 19, 05 at 11:32pm

*Wakes up from deep sleep*

Oh why helllloooo there friend. Welcome to the old AC Forum. Nice to meet you. Weve been out of business for about a month now.... but that core looks pretty dandy. IT seems like you have some skill. Do you play online, maybe u can battle me.

Oct 19, 05 at 5:15pm
broken sword

sorry to intrude unregistered
no diss - long time ac fan since moa

need feedback on my proto blader ac
here goes:

name/ SilverSlayer
pilot/ Alchemist


head- queen/ 4 shell, 4 en, 2ecm
core- cronus/ 4 cool, 3 shell, 3en
arms- macaque/ 4 wei, 3 cool, 3 shell
legs- cougar2/ 2 cool, 1 shell, 1 en, 6 load cap
boost- b83tp/ 4 weight, 6 pow
fcs- f82d2 (good ecm)
gen- orchid/ 10 weight
rad- r92/ 10 weight
in- medusa (optional, shifts in speed)
ext- shields e6955 (this too^)


arm r- nioh (low ammo, but who cares, just land 1)
arm l- moonlight
hang r- finger
hang l- finger



paint scheme

head (camo blood spatter)- base/ r115, g130, b145
aid/ r70, g80, b90
op/ r100, 0, 0
det/ r200, 0, 0
joint/ 0, 0, 0

core (normal)- base/ same^
aid/ same
op/ 60, 70, 80
det/ 0, 145, 185
joint/ 100, 100, 100

arms (both camo, switch aid on 1 to red 80, other to op red 80)- base/ same
aid/ as above
op/ ^
det/ black
joint/ black

legs (normal)
base/ same
aid/ same
op/ same
det/ black
joint/ black

-weapons all blue

ac performance

Attack D
Defense C
Mobility A
Cooling A
Energy A

-tips & requirements for using this design-
1. maneuverabillity skills (circle, fly above, get the #$%* out of the fcs square, speed is close to 400 kmh, might need an ob core...)
2. timing with r arm weapon as well as the moonlight
3. try to land at least one hit with the right blade then the moonlight, ac is capable of taking a beating close range without overheating (be careful though)
4. when all else fails with the right arm blade, switch to finger and unload (try to whittle opponents ap down with the moon light to critical, if your ap is low trust your dodging skills, get the other finger out and finish em off!)

I have 2 other acs, one heavy legged monster - one light legged speed demon, but my fingers hurt and I paused the game out of frustration (smoke break:colored against the big tank mother #$%@a in the arena, I beat him 3 times while using this model, okay twice. Right now I'm at 487 ap and his is 243. With enough skill this ac is capable of going through the arena with the exceptions of the tank, genobee, other fast acs and hard hitters. IMO this ac cannot be defeated by another blader thanks to nioh. Not very good at missions

the end
agin sorry, might join forum some day (AC4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

p.s. "have you seen the butterflies?"

"you'll carry that wieght"- quotes from cowboy bebop the movie

Aug 17, 05 at 8:32am

Five months after the last post? Oh well....

quote InSoMnIA X


Tuning:10 ecm
Tuning:10 weight
Tuning:10 cooling
Tuning:10 max weight
Tuning:10 heat
Tuning:5 weight 5 capacity
Tuning:5 weight 5 usage drain


Optional Parts
animo, 069es, 071ec, codon, marishi, kangi,

Core Summary
Ok this has to be the first AC that i have made EXACTLY the way i wanted it to be. I was messing around with the hovers, and by combining a bunch of low en drain parts, this ac can hover Indefinatly. So strategy is to hover around pounding yuor enemy with both arm weapons. The first combo is the dual grenades, and the other is twin snipers, this AC can do about any combonation of arm weapons.
Feedback welcome. Also i ran into something interesting when making this core, I was switching around boosters for lower energy drain, and found that the booster effects the speed of the hover boosters, so with the booster this AC uses, you dont get the energy drain, but the AC can move at about 300kph while hovering.
I wanted to give this one a try since i love the hover extension. I was amazed to find that the energy i spent boosting upwards was actually being replenished as i hovered. When you said it could hover "Indefinately" i assumed you were just embellishing to make it sound cooler, not that the damn thing could literally hover non-stop.

I'm not as experienced with Nexus as some others may be so i don't know how constructive my criticisms will be but i'll give it a try... the lack of shoulder weapons does bother me since i'm a big fan of missiles so thats a minus in my book. The defense ratings are okay since this AC is so incredibly mobile and you can also get away with not having an ECM or Decoy Unit because of that. I haven't tried it out yet but I figure there may be a decent energy weapon to try on this thing since you don't really have to worry about energy loss and dropping from the sky. ELF2 in Hangar L works better than ELF mainly because it is all-around a better blade. I would also, personal preference, use Cicada2 over Cicada because of the increased 'vs ECM' rating and all the Radar Functions- but its heavier and has higher energy drain, the main diference i noticed was that energy replenished slower while hovering. Also, all of my tweaks were made while equipped with the sniper in the right and the grenade launcher in the left.

Hopefully someone more knowledgable will take a look at my post and decide to try out your design also.

Mar 15, 05 at 8:16am
Orion Hunter

<Basic Info>

Model Number: OCS//AC10S//AS
Code Name: Anti-Matters
Unit Type: Prototype Medium Range Armored Core (PMRAC)
Manufacturer: Orion Core Systems Inc. (O.C.S. Inc.)
Operator: NOVA Alliance
Registered Pilot: Orion
First Deployment: March 15th
Last Update: March 15th
Accommodation: Pilot Only, in Standard Cockpit in Core


Frame Construction:
Head = CR-YH85SR (0,10,0,0,0)
Core = YC07-CRONUS (0,10,0,0,0)
Arms = A11-MACAQUE (0,10,0,0,0)
Legs = LH10-JAGUAR2 (0,0,0,0,10)

Primary Systems:
Booster = B05-GULL (0,0,10)
Generator = G01-LOTUS (0,10,0)
Radiator = ANANDA (0,0,10)

Inside = N/A
Extension = E02RM-GAR
Back Unit R = WB05M-SATYROS
Back Unit L = N/A
Arm Unit R = NIOH
Arm Unit L = WH02RS-WYRM
Hanger Unit R = WH05M-SYLPH
Hanger Unit L = WL14LB-ELF2

Optional Systems:
Optional Parts = O01-AMINO, CR-O69ES, CR-O69SS, CR-O71EC, CR-O79L+, O03-CODON, MARISHI


Paint Name: Orion Star
Paint Type: Custom
Paint Layout: Normal

Paint Formula:
General = Base 0/80/0, Aid 0/0/0, Optional 0/80/0, Detail 200/200/200, Joint 0/0/0
Head = N/A
Core = N/A
Arms = N/A
Legs = N/A

Equipment Paint:
General = White
Arm Unit R = N/A
Arm Unit L = N/A
Hanger Unit R = N/A
Hanger Unit L = N/A
Back Unit R = N/A
Back Unit L = N/A


Armor Points: 7640
Arm Weight: 2157
Maximum Arm Weight: 3305
Leg Weight: 5243
Maximum Leg Weight: 5440
Total Weight: 7147
Energy Consumption: 7312
Energy Output: 9306
Energy Capacity: 44500
Energy Supply: 6444
Boost Duration: 19076
Maximum Boost Speed: 371
Turning Speed: 1267
Stability: 5101
Cooling: 15084
Forced Cooling: 17082
Verses ECM: 582
Total Firepower: 14602
Lock-On Aptitude: 1984
Defense Shell: 1602
Defense Energy: 1744

Performance Grade:
Overall = C
Attack = C
Energy Supply = D
Cooling = B
Verses ECM = C
Mobility = A
Defense = C

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Feb 27, 05 at 12:32am

quote innes
[ i'm not good with names, so yeah... ]

silver wolf

head: [ same as jack-o/foxeye ]
core: [ heavyweight eo core w/ 16 option slots ]
arms: [ heavy, but with energy def second to none ]
legs: [ best biped load capacity ]
booster: [ built for prolonged battles ]
fcs: [ any, depends on your prefs ]
gen: [ heaviest gen ]
rad: [ heaviest rad ]
inside: [ missile decoys ]
ext: [ 180deg. turn boosters ]
back: [ dual vertical ms ]
right arm: [ r/karasawa ]
left arm: [ l/karasawa ]
hanger[s]: [ none ]

optional parts: [ all energy weapon enhancements, gen and def enhancements ]

obviously overweight. no mobility. but there's no need for mobility. use v/ms for long range battles[ works well with a long range fcs ], and dual karasawas with the cannon eos from mid to close range[ good with hz/fcs, arms+karasawa implement good accuracy ]. always advance backward. keep away from the enemy. if target flanks, use extension and backward maneuvering. superior firepower. drop weapons when out of ammo[ ex: v/ms ]. it'll increase your speed.

tested acs
iron-LOW[ something ]
2 custom acs from my friends
clown face

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No mobility, but extremely powerful firepower. Nice.

quote Eye of the Tiger

head: antenna
core: solid mg eo
arms: lightest arm
legs: mak (float 633 mov abi)
fcs: hz 10 locks 481 range
generator: 48000 max ep
radiator: ???
extension: side shield 50 coverage no energy drain
back unit: 60% ammo
right arm: 800 ammo 124 damage mg
left arm: lightweight left arm mg

notes: It can beat any arena opponent by strafing with little need for flying. Inspired by Aoshi from Ruruoni Kenshin when he did the Jissen Kenbu
Mobility ACs are pretty rad. And Jissen Kenbu is called circle strafing in Armored Core terminology.

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