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Aug 31, 04 at 6:16pmKeiichi

This is the place to post background information and teasers about RPs in the formative stage.

DO NOT use this thread to ask questions or to comment about posted future RPs. Use the PM function or the GD thread.

And awaaaaaay we go. . . . . .

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Aug 13, 15 at 5:03am
Professor Wright

Lord of the Rings The Emerald Watch
Set in an alternative world where Frodo failed in his quest at the final hurdle. Frodo ran away with the ring in his custody. As hard as they tried the army had to retreat. Since then Frodo has been caught by Sam. The Ring has been given to a band of heroes called The Emerald Watch. Who hope to finally finish the job Frodo started
All are Welcome to join

Dec 30, 13 at 9:54pm

Primordial origins (M, PM)

Life is a miraculous thing it is resilient, persistent, and adaptable. This world of ours is still young there are many places yet to be seen, new beings to discover. However, there are many forces we have barely even begun to understand. Even so we must search out the edges of this world. Many of us even those similar to us, like the elves and wyrm-lings, feel both a warm inviting call from the horizon and a grim knowing nestled close to our hearts. There is something out there that terrifies us and another that reassures that we must explore this vast world of ours.

Stories were passed down that the creation of each unique existence in this vast world came from an elixir that had once covered the world. Stories of explorers finding this elixir have come back with tales of renewed youth, incredible strength, and unusual creatures. These stories have also brought rise to a new breed of adventurer focused on their well-being, and even those who believe they must purify the lands of dangerous unholy beasts.

Sep 15, 13 at 7:20pm

Redoing my old original RP

Role-Play Title: Blood Games

Rating: Mature

Procedure of Application: PM to join


“It's that time again.” A elder male voice echoes softly through the judges chamber. The floor of this hall was a smooth gray stone that reached up the 25 foot walls. The ceiling shimmers with welded chrome and carved pewter inlays of battle and glory. Looking down the corridor this room was easily 70 feet long by 40 wide. Nothing useful stood in this chamber, it was decorative statues of past heroes carved from the same stone as the floor. Down the middle ran a long silk black rug that stops just before three large thrones the middle sitting 6 inches higher then the left and right. The side thrones were made of pewter and the center made of chrome. A pale redheaded woman in an icy blue cloak and cream robes looks up toward the elder at the other end of the hall. Her eyes open in a flash and the normally vibrant green of her eyes withers to a light hazel.
“That it is, Markus.” Her voice sounded as smooth and hard as the polished stone she surrounds herself in.
“Do you feel yourself getting weaker, love?” His voice was almost vindictive, but still shook with concern.
“Lothlin...” She corrected him, although her voice was calm she seemed offended. “and of course my time is almost up, we need to find a new champion.” Slowly she stood and proceeded down the hall toward Markus. He moved to object to her walking to him, but a flick of her hand stopped him in his tracks. Markus stood tall, his tanned skin darkened with scars his eyes so dark you couldn't tell for sure where the pupil ends and the iris starts. His hair was tidy on the sides of his head shaved short to reveal some tattooed lettering. The the hair on the top of his head was a shaggy mess pulled back into a short pony tail. His robes the same cream color as Lothlin's but he was adorned with a dark hunter green sash.
“Shall I send the call, Lothlin?” Her gaze catches his. She hesitates but then shakes her head.
“No, I will do it.” He looked at her skeptically, and she passed by him out the chamber doors. After the door closed behind her Markus looked back at the door.
“Ye of little faith...” He shakes his head and proceeds out the door behind her.

--- Later that day---

“Every one thousand years, we call to the best of the best to rise.” Lothlin takes a short inhale to enhance her dramatic pause. “curses...” She looks at the mirror takes a deep breath and starts again.
“Every on thousand years, we summon the best of the best to fight for the power of immortality. Pride, honor and glory goes hand and hand with...” Lothlin shakes her head. “With this bull...”
“Still struggling Lothlin?” A sarcastic air is held with that statement and she looks up at the mirror to the guy behind her.
“Kalir...” She did not seem happy.
“Mind not, I wont be little your attempts any more ma'am, merely came with a 'creative' solution...” His smile twisted on to his face. It almost looked like a painful grimace.
“Go on...” She said skeptically. His blue eyes flashed with the excitement of a child. His whole demeanor was youthful, despite his sadistic intentions. His hair so pale it was almost translucent, rippled like an aura around his head. His wiry frame and sharp angular features craned beside her “Lure them, don't ask. We know who the best are, who could actually handle the throne.” He looked for her reaction, as he expected disgust.
“Hear me out now, don't jump to conclusions we could avoid the slaughter, the bloodshed, Lothlin we could make it easier this time!” She shook her head.
“That is insanity, its rigging. Anyone who wants too should be able!” Lothlin felt a passion erupt from her that she hadn't felt in a while.
“Not rigging, stopping the death. Its only a suggestion Ma'am. Go ahead put the word out there. I do believe that it doesn't take thousands to find one when we can narrow it down to hundreds even tens... Remember how it looked when you went through? How many people had to die to find you? Friends... lovers? Just consider it.” Lothlin looked at him lifelessly.
“Leave. Now.” With out objection Kalir stood and promptly left. She took a deep breath as she watched him leave, and once he was out of sight she started again.
“Welcome to Canopy Island, please enjoy your stay... our festivities will begin in the morning.” Her dimmed eyes glitter with the memories as she looked back into the mirror.

“Do you want to be an immortal? Do you want to prove you are the strongest, fastest, most cunning and powerful? Then join us on Canopy Island, and prove your worth. The world is always looking for another hero.”

Oct 27, 12 at 2:03pm
Flame Phoenix

“The Daily Word.” Newspaper article from October 27th, 2012.

Arkham Asylum, Massachusetts-

A young girl told the police that someone had been stalking her. At first she didn’t think anything of it. She reported getting mysterious phone calls from an unknown source. Police found her last week in an abandoned storage facility. She says that the person snatched her when she was at a friend’s Halloween party with her boyfriend. She says they were part of a cult, there were many of them, and that they were to perform a ritual on her. When the police found her they did not see any signs of these “cult” members or the “ritual” they were going to perform. She is now at Arkham Asylum undergoing treatment as per her family’s request.

You all are connected in some way. You can feel it correct? All of you have someone watching you. You are selected out the many people in this world. Some of you have a purpose greater than others.

Oct 26, 12 at 10:06am

Haven't posted here in quite a while, but I've been thinking of starting a new RP soon, if anyone's interested.
The RP would be a 'Walking Dead' RP, but wouldn't follow the plot of either the comic or the tv show; it would centre around an entirely new group, with each person taking part being a different survivor in the group. Like the comic and tv series, the RP would focus on some survival elements im going to add, and character development. Im still working out some of the details.
Give me a PM if you're interested and have any idea you want to add. Thanks.

Sep 27, 12 at 10:39am
Scott Cee


Play a gnome, or a member of the hawk elf Mercenary Air Cavalry, and discover the source of all goblins.
And then blow it up.

A mixture of fantasy and general weirdness presented in the typical Scott Cee style.

Sep 23, 12 at 5:41pm
Kushluk Shimazu

Actually I have been thinking about making an RP, but it's an alternate reality of ancient history.

Set in the Ancient Greek world after First Persian Invasion of Greece by Darius, a gathering of heroes across Greece is called by the Oracle of Delphi for an unknown purpose. From there they set off across the ancient world, for what I will not say. But Characters will be able to announce their allegiance to an ancient god, but you can have your guy be favored by Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, or Celtic gods. I'll administer to make sure nothing gets too out of hand, there will be mythical creatures and gods do sometimes lend their might to and against the characters.

Something I have toyed around with in my mind, PM me if you have an interest and we will see where this goes comrades.


EDIT 1: Since a few people have shown interest I'll go ahead and add a Character Sheet. Just know I will be editing this over the next couple of days.

Neo Name: (Self-explanatory)

Name: (Fairly simple, but I encourage you all to make a name that would befit their region, such as Ragnar for the Norse, Namus for Egypt, or Daricles for Greeks etc.. Be inventive if you can or PM me for help)

Gender: (No explanation needed)

Country of Origin: (The Ancient World for me would pretty much be anywhere, but bear in mind that someone from Ancient Japan at this time would not have a Katana seeing as it was not made until the 900's AD.)

Age: (this is the ancient world so warriors were younger, but likewise they did not live as long as modern humans, except in rare cases.)

Appearance: (You can provide a provide a picture if you wish at the section BELOW, but here you MUST give at least a written description. A paragraph or more is satisfactory.)

Equipment: (Keep in mind the time you are in, so no guns or cold steel knives. I see them I'll feed your guy the Minotaur. Also no god blessed weapons, you start out simple. Over time you can gather items which you tell me and I'll add it to your character sheet, but you run them through me first at all times.)

Personality: (Just give enough so other players can use your character in posts, but don't say everything. Surprises are nice, keeps things interesting.

Profession: (Not everyone was a professional soldier like the Spartans, most individuals were potters, farmers, masons, trader, actors, politicians, slaves, mercenary, etc.. PM me for questions or anything that confuses you.)

Deity/God: (you put one god here, but your character can believe in others if they so wish but this is your primary god which grants you your ability. It is also possible that you are merely someone who does not believe in any god, but you will not gain an ability initially.)

Ability: (You can have ONE power which ties into your god of worship, but it must make sense how your power relates to your deity. Also it cannot be overpowering, fair warning)

Other: (For anything else you wish to add, like an owl or eagle that follows you or something else that would go down here)


This will be edited ...

Aug 4, 12 at 10:06pm


Aug 4, 12 at 9:58pm

quote RatedRViper
Can someone help me with my rp. I put it up a couple dys ago but still no pms. Some help with it would be great! My thread is the elder scrolls skyrim. No posts on it yet. Just my starting one
To be honest, no one likes to rp something that already exist. Mainly its because it lacks creativity nd becomes cliche very fast (nd any alt or mod of Skyrim is a bit overplayed anyways). If you insist on using a Skyrim like theme, i suggest you change the name. Because of this, people will instantly be attracted to it, giving them a false sense that the rp is new or unique. Also, you might want to stay away from the word "dragonborn". This is a dead giveaway that its "another Skyrim knockoff" (especially if the story sounds very similar to the game). However, if you DO want to make it a Skyrim rp and you DO insist on letting everyone know you want it that way, my best advice in this case is to make a very good storyline. Make the rp stand out by making it independent from the game. If you make it sound like a new adventure rather than a repetitive one, more people (especially Skyrim fans) would want to join ur rp. Of course this alternative is if your an experienced roleplayer or a very good story teller.

If u need inspiration of any sorts, just pm me. Ima start rping again so maybe i can even help u get started if u want

Jul 19, 12 at 7:39am

Role-Play Title: Street Quest.
Rating: .M
Procedure of Application: Not sure, probably PM
Expected Release Date: .TBA
Other Information: A modern urban adventure RP, with some sci-fi and fantasy elements.

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