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Jan 3, 02 at 12:00amSlade99

I think
Bahmut = best
Yojimbo = worst

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Sep 13, 16 at 3:27pm

quote Lord Zuron
The worst aeon is Yojimbo. I expected more from an aeon I had to pay for. And then continue to pay everytime I want him to attack. What the hell does an aeon need with money anyway?! He should use it to buy an overdrive.

Ridiculous. You seem to be far in the game knowing all that stuff about valefor. But your ridculous statement that yojimbo is the worst is proposterous. Anyone who has tried to fight creatures like ironclad know that it will kill you very very very very fast. anima barely got three hits on this guy before it was killed. While yojimbo mops the floor with him. He will never get hit. Anima is also not the best. It is oviosly magus sister because they are just unbeleiveable. Maybe you haven't got them yet because you know nothing of their power
Magus Sisters are 2nd strongest, the third is Yojimbo, and the strongest is Anima. I say Yojimbo is 323rd because he can instant kill anything in the game, Magus Sisters are the only ones who beat him because there are three and they do multiple hits with overdrive, but requires all 3 to be max overdrive to compete with Anima's single overdive. Anima is the strongest because her overdrive does greater damage than the Magus Sisters, because of greater amount of hits. It takes less time for her to build up to overdrive than Magus Sisters ultimate overdrive. Other thing is that her pain skill is vry strong

Apr 20, 14 at 4:57pm

Yojinbo is the best sometimes he does zanmatoe when i pay him 20 gil and his wakashi attack does a high amount of damage
Its IMPOSSIBLE that he is the worst
List of best aeons
2.magnus sisters
3. Anima

Apr 18, 14 at 6:03am

For *bleep* sake. It's the magus sisters and anima is a girl. Magus means magic or magical. I don't know What anima means but I'm sure it means something good

Jul 21, 13 at 1:01pm

quote Obvious?!?!|message:35139588
It's without discussion and absolutly obvious anima. Nobody can beat 2Million Overdrive lmao.
A fed Yojimbo does. infinity times over.

Jul 21, 13 at 2:45am

It's without discussion and absolutly obvious anima. Nobody can beat 2Million Overdrive lmao.

Jul 6, 13 at 6:10pm

anima i would think is the best, that is if you get him, if your just gonna play through the stroy line it will be behamut the worst i think would be valefor

Jul 6, 13 at 7:29am

in my opinion, yojimbo is the best, i don't like it but he is. his zanmato kills anything instantly. otherwise i would have to say my favourite is bahamut or anima. anima can deal maximum 1,599,984 if all hits are 99,999 and you set overdrive display to short. and i just like bahamut. my least favourites are ixion, ifrit and shiva, they have elements and i just can't be bothered wiith that, i know they are great against they're own element but i still don't like using them.

Dec 19, 11 at 3:02am

Seen as I was using the advanced sphere grid, I had yuna learn tier 3 black magic before lulu, so she became main party pretty early on. so it wasn't really all that expensive or time consuming. And any time consumed was generally towards getting blitz ace or celestial weapons.

Dec 19, 11 at 2:03am

Plus, given how DV has 800,000 HP IIRC (just checked; 800k exact), Oblivion can oneshot it if Anima's stats are high enough.

It's still easier, quicker AND cheaper to get Yoji to Zanmato it in one try though.

(Oh look its me again, hi)

Dec 19, 11 at 1:50am
Jabba Overkill

quote Alvarus94
If your yuna is trained high enough, anima's overdrive drops dark valefor to 16 hp. From max. And you're telling me that there's a better aeon (Yojimbo takes too long and too much money before becoming even the slightest bit reliable against the big enemies.
Training Yuna enough for Anima to get that strong would probably take more time than training Yojimbo to raise his compatibility...

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