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Jul 16, 04 at 6:49pmMichael13

**Lists shall be updated as Features are Confirmed**

New Vehicle pictures/info have been added!!!

Vehicle List:
(All seen in screenshots, but the names of all of them are unknown, and they could be removed at any time)

- Greenwood
- Bicycle
- Linerunner
- Revamped Voodoo
- Lowrider truck
- Blue hatchback
- Police helicopter
- Black sports car
- Esperanto
- Blue Sedan
- Pickup w/ barrels on back
- Police motorbike
- Tractor
- Hotdog van
- Monster truck
- Rancher
- Sanchez
- Sabre
- Combine Harvester
- Virgo
- Manana
- Mesa Grande
- Patriot
- Gas Tanker
- Walton
- LSPD Police Car
- Sedan
- Camper
- Dodo
- Taxi
- Regina
- Mountain Bike
- Tow truck
- Perennial
- Sports Car
- Boxville
- Oceanic
- Train
- White Station Wagon
- Red Sedan
- Moving Truck
- GT40?(New!)
- Sparrow(New!)
- Trolley(New!)
- Dinghy(New!)
- Old Volks Wagon Bus(New!)
- White hatchback(New!)
- Unknown Redcar(New!)
- Hunkajunk(New!)
- Unknown Redcar #2(New!)
- white coupe(New!)

Gun List:

- Uzi 9mm
- ingram mac 10
- Colt .45 Pistol
- Chrome Shotgun
- Dark colored shotgun
- AK-47
- M-16
- Silenced Colt.45 Pistol
- Tec-9
- Baseball Bat
- MP5

Characters List:

- Carl Johnson(aka CJ):The main character.
- Brian Johnson: Carl Johnson's 10 year-old brother who died in an accident.
- Sweet Johnson:Another brother of Carl Johnson, who blamed Carl for the death of Brian.
- Kendl Johnson: Carl Johnson's sister.
- Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Polaski: Corrupt policemen who frame Carl Johnson.
- Smoke and Ryder: A part of the 'Orange Grove Families' street gang. Smoke here on left, Ryder here.
- The Ballas and The Flats: Rival gangs of the Orange Grove Families. Ballas pic here, Flatshere.
- Cesar: A Latino character who wears an undershirt, baggy pants and has tattoos and a buzzcut.
- Old Reece (based on San Francisco)
-Los Santos (based on Los Angeles)
-Las Venturas (based on Las Vegas)

Further Listings:

The Laydown:

This is the world that San Andreas' main character, Carl Johnson, finds himself coming back to after spending five years in Liberty City. Johnson left his neighborhood in the ghetto of Los Santos after the death of his brother Brian, who died in a tragic accident. Carl's older brother Sweet Johnson blamed him for Brian's death, leading to a period of estrangement that is broken by the sudden passing of his mother.

On returning home for the funeral, Carl finds his biological family and his former gang, the Orange Grove Families, in disarray. Sweet and his sister Kendall are at each other's throats. His former crew - Sweet, long-time family friend Smoke, and Ryder - have fallen from power on the streets, and are now besieged by both rival gang factions and internal quarrels.

Although Carl is reluctant to get dragged back into the street life, fate intervenes when his crew comes under the thumbs of Frank Tenpenr and Eddie Polaski, who are characterized as a "heavy-duty pair of lunatic corrupt policemen on your case." As always, events soon spiral out of control, and Johnson finds himself on a frantic adventure that will take him across the state of San Andreas as he fights to preserve his family, his gang, and his life.

Missions List:

Mission Name: Menace.
Objective: Get back at the store that keeps painting over Ryder's graffiti.
(click here for in-depth info about Menace)

Mission Name: Drive-By.
Objective: Take back some of the Orange Grove Families' street cred from the Ballas with a four-person drive-by.
(click here for in-depth info about Drive-By)

Mission Name: Reuniting The Families.
Objective: Take back your turf from the Flats.
(click here for in-depth info about Reuniting The Families)


- GTA: San Andreas will consist of 3 cities; Los Santos (L.A. based), San Fierro (San Francisco based), and Las Venturra (Las Vegas based.)
- Each City will be the same size as Vice City.
- The map will be 4-6 times larger than Vice City's map.
- Parts of the city will be unlocked as you progress through the game.
- Hills will make a return, along with the addition of mountains.
- Large countrysides will be available to travel through.
- The environment will be more intricate and more interactive.
- There will be a desert.
- There will be many unique interiors, restaurants, and even a casino.
- Interiors will be more interactive, and not just detailed save points.
- Quadbikes can be used to race through the vast countrysides.
- Inbreds and degenerates will give you missions in the country.
- The legendary mountain is half a mile tall.
- The countryside will have rolling fields, farms, rivers, forests, deserts, hills and even tumbleweeds.
- The draw distance is now twice as much as Vice City in the urban environments and four times as much in the countryside.
- Los Santos is situated in the lower right part of the San Andreas map.
- Vinewood is San Andreas' version of Hollywood. This ends speculation as to what the sign in the top right of the background here said.
- Textures in the game will consist of both photographed and self-drawn.
- SA will have 16,000 unique textures and buildings.
- The legendary mountain is called Mt. Chiliad, and is the single largest object in the game. It has tunnels, trails, cliff-top roads, and more. (Pic here)
- Clouds will star to appear when you reach a great altitude on Mt. Chiliad.
- Dillamore and Angel Pine are two cities from the countryside. Dillamore contains a gas station, and Angel Pine contains a Liqour store and a Trailer Park.
- Roads will no longer feel empty, and an endless stream of vehicles will be on the road at all times.
- There'll be twelve small towns, including Dillamore and Angel Pine.
- Three of the franchise restaurants in the game are Cluckin' Bell (pic here), Well Stacked Pizza (pic here), and Burger Shot (pic here). There will also be vending carts around the city as well.
- The map is "America Shaped", and Los Santos is less than a quarter of it.
- Streets in Los Santos will have an orange glow due to the harsh sunlight in the city.
- Other San Andreas towns include: Flint County, Fern Ridge, Red County, Whetstone, and Shady Creeks.
- Each city will have an airport. With planes to steal, of course.
- Mt. Chiliad casts a very long shadow over the map.
- Angel Pine is situated at the base of Mt. Chiliad and has a bait shack, a liquor store, a one-screen movie theater and a trailer park.
- The transition from country to city is gradual. You will see the city's skyline appear in the distance and houses will become more frequent.
- Los Santos' weather has a bright, gritty feel to it, with the occassional bursts of rain, San Fierro is quite foggy, Las Venturra has harsh lights and clean air, while the countryside is a lot warmer and natural feeling.
- St. Brutus Motel will be used as a general meeting place and a place to "cut deals".
- Orange Grove is referred to by its residents as 'The Grove'
- In Vinewood there are such landmarks as the walk of fame (pic here), the Cathay Theater and the massive Vinewood sign (pic here)
- The mansions and estates of Los Santos are situated at the tops of the Vinewood hills.
- The most affluent area of Los Santos is Rodeo. This is where the rich people prefer to shop and live. (Pic here)
- In Downtown Los Santos there are landmarks such as the Los Santos Convention Center (pic here) and the Doc G Records Building (pic here on the left)
- The beach of Los Santos are full of tourists and sunbathers. At the beach there is also the Santa Maria boardwalk and an amusement park among other things. (Pic here)
- There are massive freeways in Los Santos that go through and around the city. As well as to Los Santos and Las Venturras. They will make a long trip much quicker. (Pic
- Los Santos' streets have names. There are street signs that point out what is what for you. (Pic here)
- The underwater world of SA is as detailed as the surface world.
- Depending on how deep the water you're swimming in is, the underwater lighting effects will be different.
- SA's wave effects have been re-worked and now react to weather conditions more realistically. Such as rocking boats and slowly pushing them to shore with swells.
- Reece's barbershop will be accessible from the beginning of the game.
- There are multiple barbershops throughout San Andreas.
- The Binco discount store is situated near the Orange Grove Families' territory. It is a cheap clothing store that offers things such as khakis, plaid shirts and inexpensive sneakers. Locals will respect your more if you wear clothing of this kind. (Pic here)
- SubUrban is another clothing store in Los Santos. It offers more expensive brand name clothing and is located in the middle of Ballas territory.
- Another clothing store is ProLaps. It sells athletic style clothing. Things like hats, expensive sneakers, shorts, boxing headgear, motorbike helmets and hockey masks can be purchased here. (Pic here and here

Police/Peds AI:

- NPCs will think more intelligently and will react if you cause some ruckus around the city.
- With your hired gang members, you can do 4-person drive-bys on your enemies.
- Each pedestrian has his own actions and animations based on where they live, and where they are at in the city or the country.
- You might see two pedestrians walking down the street, holding hands. They will react it you walk between them, then hold hands again.
- Pedestrians have around an hour of dialogue each. As opposed to Vice City's 10 minutes.
- Peds have an independent existence in the game. You can follow them as they go through their daily routine (eg: leaving their house, going to work, going to the store, meeting someone)
- Gang member A.I. is very advanced now. Gang members no longer stand around doing nothing during their downtime; they'll be chilling out with each other, smoking, drinking, greeting each other, and throwing gang signs. They'll even have conversations, too. (Pic here and here)

Other information:

- The game will take place in the early 90s.
- New streaming and rendering techniques have been used.
- Graphics engine has been overhauled.
- Radial lighting is being used to create more realistic shadowing.
- Real time reflections will be used on windows, mirrors, and cars.
- Soft-shadow lighting will be used in interior levels.
- Independent models for night and day will be used on everything in the game.
- "Impact Animation" or ragdoll physics will be used. (Think of Hitman 2)
- You can rob houses.
- You can build and run a casino.
- Characters from the past GTA games will make a return.
- You can recruit gang members.
- You can take up side missions and learn new skills.
- In each mission you will learn something new, like skills.
- Basic tutorials are used during your first missions in the game.
- You can eat, but eating too much will make your character fat. And you will have to go to a gym to get fit. Some missions are not possible when you are overweight (due to your stamina and strength becoming less than normal)
- New animations have been designed.
- Camera angles and the targeting system are being overhauled.
- Swimming is now possible. If you drive into water you can get out the window of your vehicle or you can sink to the bottom with it. If you choose to do this you will have a certain amount of stamina you can build up to lengthen your time underwater.
- It's possible to get a haircut. They do cost money and if you get a bad one people will tell you so. You get your first haircut during the mission "Menace." It's given to you by Old Reece at Reece's Hair Facial Studio. (Pic here)
- The right analog stick will be used to bounce your lowrider around.
- Stealth techniques are being incorporated, and you can hide in shadows to avoid enemies.
- The only loading times in SA will occur when you enter a building.
- Carl Johnson and his gang will be able take over parts of map. Some parts of the map will require the gang, but other parts you can take over yourself. You must mantain your parts of the map or you will lose control of them.
- On bicycles, you can hold X to go at a constant speed or tap it to go faster. Wheelies are possible, but have not yet been explained.
- You can now strafe for cover.
- 35%-50% more polygons than VC.
- As CJ can get fat if you eat too much, he can also get skinny if you don't eat for a few days. He will become weak and his strength will suffer.
- As well as the already mentioned hair, physique and weight customizations, it's also possible customize CJ's driving skills, clothes, possessions, weapons skills, character, relationships and gang.
- The game will contain more mini games. (More info soon)
- If you become stuck in the game it will adjust its difficulty. The adjustments are minimal and barely noticible.
- The countryside outside of the 3 main cities will be incorporated into some missions.
- SA's heads-up display will be similar to VC's/GTA3's.
- The game's programmers have the aim of getting the game run at a constant 30 frames per second. For the most part this happens, but if there are lots of pedestrians and cars on the screen at once there is a mild frame rate dip.
- Distant objects will have less pop-up. Groups of trees will be rendered as one object from far away. When you get closer they will render separately.
- San Andreas' story will be 3 times longer than Vice City's.
- The right analog stick can be used to control CJ's point-of-view while running/walking.
- Carl can have 'stats'. If you drive around on a bike a lot, he will be a good bike driver, and so on.
- Four confirmed hairstyles include shaven/bald, dripping Jheri curls, an Afro and a flattop.
- You can also change your facial hair.
- Carl has the ability to attack enemies from behind.
- CJ can roll sideways during battle when you press a (currently unknown) button.
- You can now climb and pick up boxes.
- When CJ is hungry, a message will appear onscreen letting you know CJ needs to eat.
- When overweight, CJ will waddle like a penguin, struggle to breathe when standing still, and throw up his food. His reaction times when fighting will also be slower.
- Meals at Cluckin' Bell include: Cluckin' Big Filet Burger, Cluckin' Huge Double Filet, wings-pieces bucket and The Fowl Wrap Burrito.
- Meals at Well Stacked Pizza include: The Buster, The D-luxe, and The Double D-luxe.
- Meals at Burger Shot include: The Double Barreled Burger.
- On sitting down in Reece's barber shop, players can scroll through a list of haircuts, previewing each one until they find one they like. However, haircuts aren't cheap and cost $500.
- During a four-person drive-by, each gang member can have an independent target, and a car health meter is displayed on screen to show the damage which has been inflicted on the car.
- Achievements made during a mission will affect what leisure options are available to CJ.
- After the logo screen loads up, a large map pops up, with options for Select, Options, Audio and Display.
- Hitchhikers can be picked up.
- Some stats in the game include: Distance run, swam, driven in a car, riden on a motorbike, riden on a bike and weapon accuracy, etc.
- Further info on carjacking is that CJ will reach into the car, hit the driver and pull them out onto the road.
- You can now get tattoos at the tattoo parlor. Tattoos you can find in Los Santos include: guns, gang names, and women. Tattoos you can find in San Fierro include: Aztec symbols, drug iconography, and more. Finally, the tattoos in Las Venturra include: cards, dice, and much more. (Pic
- You can workout in gyms and learn how to fight, or lose some pounds using the many workout options such as sparring with the locales in a boxing ring, or lifting some weights. (Pic here and here)
- Fighting an opponent in a boxing ring at Los Santos will teach CJ new punching combos, the ability to punch while running, and the ability to punch someone on the ground. In San Fierro, you can learn new fighting styles in the dojo, and learn to street fight in the broken down gym in Las Venturra.
- CJ can now block attacks from an opponent.
- Carl will automatically tread water regardless of the water conditions.
- Pressing forward on the left analog stick makes CJ slowly breaststroke without having any effect on your stamina.
- If you hold down X while breaststroking, CJ will start to freestyle. This is faster than breaststroke and does effect your stamina. Like sprinting on land. (Pic here)
- Pressing circle while swimming will make CJ dive underwater. (Pic here)
- If you dive under while someone is chasing you they will lose track of you.
- Swimming underwater can be done much like swimming on the surface. Once under, press X to make CJ swim.
- When you go underwater a "Breath-O-Meter" will come up, showing you how much oxygen CJ still has left in his lungs. If the meter gets to zero while you're still underwater, CJ will drown.
- If your vehicle falls into the water its appearance will warp slightly. Land objects viewed from underwater appear differently, too.
- CJ can get out of the water by simply swimming to the shore or grabbing onto a ledge if it is low enough to reach.
- CJ's clothing and haircut will affect the amount of respect the general population gives you.
- If you have CJ dressed sharply, the more respect he will receive from the city's citizens. For example, ladies will comment positively on CJ's appearance and rival gangs will be more weary of him.
- CJ starts the game in a regular pair of pants and a white t-shirt.
- Once you complete enough missions for a gang and earn their respect they will let you wear gang colors. (Pic here)
- If you are dressed in a gang's colors, police officers and other gangs will recognize you much easier.
- Clothing you buy will be kept at your safe house, so you can change back to an outfit without having to buy it again. You just have to go to your safe house, go to your closet and pick out what you want.
- Money is not always earned when completing a story mission.
- If you steal a moving truck, you can press R3 to start the robbery side missions.
- When robbing houses it is best to change your outfit and put on a ski mask or balaclava. (Pic here)
- Robbery missions can only take place during the night.
- You can steal things like stereos, VCR's and TV's. (Pic here)
- CJ has the ability to jump fences. (Pic here)
- When you put on a ski mask or balaclava you will enter a sneaking mode which makes you move more quietly than you usually would. (Pic here)
- A horizontal noise meter will come up as part of the game's hud. Moving slowly will keep the meter down.
- New audio technology is being used to make in-game audio sound more realistic. For example, hearing a conversation in another room could be hard to make out due to the building having solid walls. Also, when you are in a tunnel the game's sound will be louder.
- After you steal goods out of a house they can be loaded into your truck.
- The local 'fence' will be willing to buy all the stolen goods off you for cash.
- Basketball can be played to increase CJ's fitness. (Pic here)

Vehicle Information:

- Specialty vehicles can be unlocked.
- You can ride bicycles.
- The vehicle physics engine has changed to improve the handling system and open up other transportation possibilities.
- Cars can now become corroded.
- There's now more than one way to hijack a vehicle. (More details soon)
- Monster trucks don't have a handbreak, but switch to 4x4 steering mode when R1 is pressed. Also, thanks to its raised body, the Monster truck can drive through shallow rivers.
- You can detach and attach the trailer on the back of large trucks.
- The Police Helicopter contains a spotlight, which can be shot out.
- If you are too careless, you can jackknife the Linerunner if it has a trailer attached to it.
- When you are flying, the radar changes to show the game's horizon; making orientation easier.
- The camera can be pivoted around the vehicle for a better view.
- The ATV will handle much like a regular motorbike - you can shift CJ's weight around and do wheelies/stoppies.
- Cars can now get dirty, and will require visits to the Car Wash if you want to keep your vehicle in mint condition. Dirt will appear on and around the wheel wells and impact areas brought on by car accidents, and driving through parks and other sections with overhead filth sources will result in dust forming along your windshield and more.
- Pedestrian vehicles aren't always in perfect condition. You'll see them with broken windows, loose bumpers, and even bullet-riddled doors.
- The BMX can do stunts such as bunnyhops, wheelies, and endos, as well as 360's and 180's.
- Carjacking will no longer be as easy as grabbing someone out of their vehicle and throwing them out. But, never fear. CJ can "persuade" a pedestrian to leave their car by using attacks varying from punches and kicks, to smashing their face against the dashboard. (Pic here)
- You have to watch out when trying to run someone over, because they may grab hold of your fender and try and jack you.
- Police bikes will shoot out of their vehicles during a pursuit. If you manage to get past them, a Police Helicopter will shine it's spotlight on CJ, causing a blinding effect.
- You can crash your vehicle through destructible billboards.
- Los Santos' train system is called the Brown Steak railroad and it travels to all parts of the city. (Pic here)
- It's possible to jack boats while in the water. Stationary boats are easy to steal, but moving boats take good timing to steal.
- You can equip your car with nitro boost (and actually see the gas tanks in it.) When it is activated, your car will speed up and have a momentary blur effect to it. Similar to what is seen with the first car in this video of Need For Speed: Underground.
- As well as nitro, some garages let you pick the color and buy front and rear spoilers for your car. (New!)

Weapon Information:

- Many new weapons will be added and redesigned.
- You can dual wield pistols, and other weapons. (Pic here)
- The aiming system is completely revamped. When you target someone, green will be displayed if they have full health, yellow at half, and red if they can be killed in another shot.
- You can now lock onto enemies during a fist fight.
- It's possible to target headshots with standard weapons.
- You can now strafe left and right while locked onto someone (as well as strafing for cover - as mentioned earlier in the list).
- Holding down R1 results in a better chance of getting a headshot on your enemy. (Pic here)

Music Information:

- GTA: San Andreas will feature 3 times as much licensed music than Vice City.
- Country music will be included in the game.

These lists have been recently updated as of August 22th!

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Sep 1, 05 at 9:53pm
Uber Haigen

Is the jet type plane that the military uses when you have a high wanted level usable, and if this is a stupid question sorry in advance.

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