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Jul 15, 04 at 1:27amguilmon93950

Welcome everyone to Digimon Online, where you are a tamer and battle other tamers to become the Best and Strongest tamer in any world. This thread will be used for challenges and actual battles. The other thread is where your digimon's data is posted and where you can get items to make your digimon stronger and give him/her the edge in feirce combat. now, the rules are as follows:

Do not Spam!!!

in other words, don't go ranting about off topic stuff. follow the forum rules, and don't use bad language. Be a good sport even if you loose, and don't taunt your opponent if he/she looses.

now, here is a basic explanation of everything you would need to know in order to play:

Name: The name of your digimon.
Level: the level of power your digimon is (all start at 1)
Stage: the stage of power your digimon is
Hp: how much health your digimon has. He can take this much damage before loosing the fight.
En: how much energy your digimon has. This is used up when you use special attacks
Str: your digimon’s strength. This si how physically strong your digimon is. when you attack this is how much damage you do to your opponents hp.
Skill: the higher this is the higher the chance you have of hitting your opponent
Spd: the higher this is the higher chance you have of dodging opponents attacks.
Def: you subtract this number from the damage your opponent does to you to see how much damage you take. (An attack cannot do 0 damage. It has to do 1 or higher)
Luck: a mysterious stat. Helps increase the chance of critical hits and decrese the chance of an opponent performing a critical hit.
Crit: A powerful strike. When attacking physically if your lucky you may perform a critical hit in which you triple the damage you would normally do.
Element: What your digimon is affiliated with. all your special attacks include this element unless other wise stated.
Attribute: this shows what format your digimon is (Vaccine, Virus or data). This affects “besting”, a time when you can more easily hit your opponent. Vaccine Beats virus so vaccine would best Virus giving the vaccine digimon 20more % to their chance of hitting his opponent.
Special Attacks; Powerful elemental attacks that use En. You add the power of your magic attack to your str, and that is how much damage you do when using one of these attacks.
Status: What your current status is. (ex: poison, paralyse, etc)
Exp: this determines when your digimon levels up. You get exp from fighting battles
Exp Given: if defeated, this is the amount of exp your opponent receives from defeating you. If you are defeated you take ½ of the amount of exp your opponent would give if he were defeated.
Bit Given: bit is currency. You buy things with it. This is how much bit your opponent gets if he defeats you. If you loose you do not get any bit at all but do not loose bit.
Current Bit: the amount of bit you have earned.
Current Items: and inventory of all the items you have. You can only use 5 per battle unless other wise stated. And you can only use 1 per turn.
Weakness: the elements you are weak to. If your opponent attacks you with a special attack which is affiliated with an element listed here the damage you would normally take (after def is subtracted) is doubled.
Resistance: the elements you are resistant to. If your opponent attacks you with a special attack which is affiliated with an element listed here the damage you would normally take (after def is subtracted) is halved. Always round up

Basically battles go in turns. The one with the highest spd goes first. If both spd are equal then I will roll a random number on a die to determine the one to attack first. Before the battles starts you copy and paste your stats (must be up to date) into your post. The one to attack first is determined, then that person can take his or her turn. in a turn you can choose to
A.) run: forfeit the fight automatically letting your opponent win. The winner gets bit like he normally would but not get exp and neither would the forfeiter. If I find out that you have made a deal to do forfeit matches with another person just to get rich I will give you a penalty.

B.) Use an item. Choose to use any one of your items on your digimon. The item takes its effect then you no longer have that item unless other wise stated. You can only use 5 items per battle unless other wise stated.

Ca.) Defend: don’t attack and put your digimon into defensive mode. Your digimon’s def stat is doubled during this time. If your def exceeds the amount of damage your opponent would normally do his attack still does at least 1 damage.

Cb.) Attack: You choose to attack your opponent. You can use either a physical attack [does just the amount of damage as your str stat and does not use en nor is elemental unless otherwise stated], or a special attack [one of the special attacks you have. You subtract the amount of en it requires from your remaining en (if you don’t have enough en you cannot perform that attack), then add the special attacks Mt to your str and that is the amount of damage that attack does. Your opponent then subtracts his def from that and that is how much he subtracts from his hp.

Incase of Critical Hit: In the event your digimon performs a critical hit [determined by me, and only possible through physical attacks] your opponent takes the amount of damage you would normally do, subtract his def from it, then triple the quotient. Ex: if your str is 5 and your opponent’s def is 3 you would do 2 damage per normal physical attack. However if you do a critical you would triple the 2 damage to make yourself do 6 damage. This is quite handy when your out of en and you need to deal allot of damage in a short amount of time. Critical hits happen at random depending on your crit stat.

Incase of Weakness or Resistance: In the event your opponents digimon is weak to your special attacks element, you take the damage you would do to your opponent after his def is subtracted and double it. It is the same for resistance except you halve it. Make sure to subtract the def first however.


Q: How do I know if my attack hits you misses?

A: Don’t worry about that. I will referee every battle that happens [hence only one battle can happen at a time in the thread, however you can battle over pm but make sure to forward me every part of the battle. I need to know what happens so I can tell you if your attacks hit or miss] and determine weather or not it hits or misses.

Q: How do I know if my attack does a critical?
A: Much like attacks missing, that will be determined by me. I will tell if you do the same time I tell you if your attacks hit.

Q: How do I know which of my stats increase when I level up?

A: Don’t worry about that. When you level up I will pm you your updated stats so you can update your stat post which you post on the first page of the thread.

Q: What if I want to focus on making one of my stats stronger than another?

A: there are many items in the game that can permanently increase certain stats as well as increase your chances of getting them in the future. Or you could train at the gym where your digimon can do various exercises each with different effects on your stats.

Q: How long do I have to post in a battle before I'm disqualified?

A: You have 48 hrs. from your opponents last post to make your post, if you don't psot within that ammount of time you forfeit the battle.


Oops, almost forgot, the status errors list. some of them are good however...

Status Errors:

Poison1: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses 2 hp each turn.

Poison2: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses 6 hp each turn.

Poison3: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses 10 hp each turn.

Poison4: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses 14 hp each turn.

Poison5: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses 20 hp each turn.

Burn1: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses 1 hp each turn.

Burn2: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses 5 hp each turn.

Burn3: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses 9 hp each turn.

Burn4: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses 13 hp each turn.

Burn5: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses 18 hp each turn.

Paralysis: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses cannot attack or defend for 2 turns.

Frozen: if you are afflicted with this your digimon looses cannot attack or defend for 4 turns but this adds 5 to def. Also if the afflicted digimon takes more than 20 (after def is subtracted) damage or any fire damage the affliction is nullified.

Delusion: If you are afflicted with this your digimon has a much lower chance of hitting it’s opponent and now has a 50 percent chance of hitting an ally if there is one.

Sleep: If your digimon is afflicted with this he cannot attack or defend for 5 turns. However if he is attacked during this time he will wake up and the affliction is nullified.

Gravity Flux: If your digimon is afflicted with this his spd and skill are halved. This lasts for 3 turns.

Neo Mode: If you infuse your digimon with the X-Antibody your digimon will attain this mode in which his parameters increase.

Sovereign Mode: if your digimon is infused with Masamune, Dragon Scale, and Sovereign Light, your digimon enters this mode in which the effects of those items are gone but you add 15 to your digimon’s str, skill, spd, def, and crit as well as heal 20 hp.

Note: if you were part of my old rp and your not on the lsit of members don't fret. it jsut means I ahven't heard from you. just pm me telling me if you want to stay in and if you want the same digimon or a change and I'll add you.

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Oct 4, 14 at 6:46am

omg asume digimon i love them so cute amZing power

Jul 9, 12 at 5:25am
Evilly 8&

okay Betamon


Jul 9, 12 at 5:17am

battle me flamon vs. Veemon can you digivolove during battle

Mar 30, 09 at 7:32pm

quote guilmon93950
Level: 1
Stage: Rookie
Hp: 22/25
En: 17/17
Str: 5
Skill: 9
Spd: 9
Def: 4
Luck: 9
Crit: 9
Element: Light
Attribute: Variable
Special Attacks;
Licht Nagel: (Mt 7) En: 9 (+18 to hit%)
Experience: 37/100
Exp Given: 50
Bit Given: 110
Current Bit:
Current Items:
Weakness: Dark, Fire
Resistance: Metal, Light

Strabimon charges at Lucemon with his fists ready. he pulls back the punches him straight in the chest. (btw it's funner if you rp it like this)
My turn!

Special attack:Inferno Burst

Feb 12, 07 at 8:02am

fkn fgts

Sep 1, 06 at 8:46pm

Where can i download that game

Jun 26, 06 at 7:38pm

If you'd like I could fix that, I doubt the game will make much progress though. Since there are so few members. I Have my own boards for RP's though I could add this one (ofcourse with due credit), and give any one interested the link. Juse message me with your oppinion and I'll send it.

Jun 25, 06 at 4:38am
Flamedramon 2657

quote angelmon4563
someone challenge me to a fight
I wish I could but I don't have a digimon

May 22, 06 at 9:21pm

someone challenge me to a fight

May 22, 06 at 9:17pm

speacial attk;
digimon freeze,(mt7)mp6 (little og ice)4%ice
wormhole,(mt9)mp all of it
exp givien:0
current bits:0

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