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Jul 14, 04 at 4:55amScarchelli

The last thread can be found here

quote Kuduros
Well, MTA:VC has finally been released in a playable, yet buggy version, but it is addictive as hell. I installed and played it last night from about 2.30am - 11.30am. Yes, it's THAT good. To play, first, download the MTA:VC mod from the link I provided below. Don't install it just yet. Next, download the All Seeing Eye from the second link and don't install it either. I haven't linked directly to the download page there because you need to pick your region closest for the download:

Right, here's the important bit. You're going to run into problems if you ignore this. MTA:VC ONLY works on a clean install of Vice City, with no modifications or external programs running, and no patching applied to the install. So many people connect to a server all the time to ask for help in getting MTA:VC going, only because they turned renegade and tried to get it going themselves. So uninstall Vice if you have it on your machine, deleting the directory to make sure all mods and changes are gone, then reinstall a fresh copy.

Next, install MTA:VC and apply it to the GTA:VC directory. Don't run it, you don't need to, nor will it be of benefit because it has no servers to play on. That's where the All Seeing Eye comes in. Install it now and then run it. You'll find out at that point you don't actually have it yet. It installs from the ASE website remotely. I had a lot of trouble with this the first night I tried it, it failed download about 40 times. Second night (last night), install took all of about a minute.

Once it installs, run it. It'll scan for games. It'll then ask you to pick your connection speed. After that, it's finished setting up and is ready to be used. Once it does, open the Multi Theft Auto: Vice City folder, and then the 0.2 folder from the list on the left, and click Refresh. After a few seconds, the server list will download. Organise them by Ping - the lower the Ping means the closer the server is/faster it is to you and the less lag you'll have.

Once you find one, double click it. The game lobby will load, where you can chat with other connected (and playing) players. All that's left is to stick your nickname in (if the All Seeing Eye didn't ask you already) and hit Start Game in the bottom right. It'll ask you where the .exe of GTAVC is. Browse to it in the GTA:VC directory and double click it and the game will begin. Once it loads up, it'll look like GTA:VC and leave you thinking "WTF?". Don't worry, when you click Start Game, you'll see Start MTA:VC.

From there, it's a case of picking the career/character you want to play as:
    Cop - Spawns at the two city Police Departments. Robbers and Vice City Crusaders are the sworn enemies of the cops. They are also the only career able to wear body armor. They appear blue on the radar.

    Robber - Spawns on Prawn Island in the abandoned gang houses. Sworn enemies are the Cops and Vice City Crusaders. Their advantage is the most vehicles available at their spawn point, and appear purple on the radar.

    Mexican - Spawns inside the airport terminal. Sworn enemies are the Sailor and the Vice City Crusader. Their advantage is an arsenal of the most powerful weapons ingame. They are bright pink on the radar.

    Sailor - Spawns on the cargo ship at the docks. Sworn enemies are the Mexican and the Vice City Crusader. Their advantage is a 2hp regeneration per second. They appear green on the radar.

    Vice City Crusader - Spawns in random locations around the city. Sworn enemies are other Vice City Crusaders. Their advantage is the highest number of starting weapons. They appear dark blue on the radar.

    Racer - Spawns at the Stadium. They have no sworn enemies. They receive the fastest spawn vehicles as their advantage, and appear light green on the radar.

  • MTA:VC crashes/freezes often - when it does, press Alt+Tab to get back to Windows and click the Unhandled Exception in the taskbar and press enter. Then just hit Start Game again in the lobby and come straight back in.

  • To get into a vehicle or onto a bike someone else is already on/in, press Home.

  • To talk, press T.

  • To find vehicles near you, right click your mouse or press Delete and they will flash on the radar briefly.

Seen the other MP thread, which was a heap of Oooh's and Aaah's about the development months ago. This one's better - multiplayer's here. About time you used this forum and the game for something else other than talking crap in the CTTM thread.

One of you with one of those 1/10/100mb connections should try making a Neoseeker server for us to play on - you can get the MTA:VC Server versions from the MTA:VC site as well but I know nothing about setting those up. If we don't set one up, we need to arrange one that we can play on regularly.

Player List/AIM Contact Details [ Alphabetical ]

    Bizzybone702 - AIM:BiZzyBoNe270 MTA: BizzyBone
    Blue Zircon - AIM: hUngr3y p1LL0w MTA: Blue Zircon
    ChiroVette - AIM: ChiroVette MTA: ChiroVette
    hitman3580 - AIM: pimp3580 MTA: hitman3580
    iamwasted - AIM: (none) MTA: iamwasted
    Kuduros - AIM: MTAKuduros MTA: Kuduros
    mb 1 - AIM: no1 gaming fan MTA: mb
    monkey_ninjas316 - AIM: monkeyninjas316 MTA: MN316
    Phantasy_Lord - AIM: danbud19 MTA: PhantasyLord
    RYguy13 - AIM: Ryguy1389 MTA: Ryguy
    Scarchelli - AIM: Scarchelli MTA: Scarchelli
    Truplayathug123 - AIM: truplaya4653 MTA: LiL-jAp

Girls, the list is meant to be alphabetical. B does not come after S. - Kuduros.
other ppl :19
not liked :5


Players we like list:
Blue Zircon
Superfast Oz

Don Green
PS2 Dude
Xou-Ou((probably spelt wrong)


*NOTE*Neoseekers are in bold letters. If you need to be added to the list, your screen name is spelled wrong or not right please tell us.
Mini Games

    The Hunted
    Kuduros and iamwasted tried this out the other night. The server they tried it on was crap because not many were interested in playing right and some guy claiming to be a friend of iamwasted's tried to wreck the whole thing. Anyway, The Hunted involves one player being the Hunted, and the others are all Hunters. The Hunted cannot use weapons or helicopters, and must stay alive in the city for as long as possible. He/She has 30 seconds to get out into the city before the Hunters come looking for them. Whoever kills the Hunted first becomes the Hunted in the next round.
    Good Starting Point: The multistorey carpark near the strip club.

    Dragstrip race
    Im not sure what this game should be called but I played it with some guy on MTA in a noname server.Anyways you get 2 to 4 cars or 2 to 4 bikes, You park at the top of the airport drag strip. One of you honks the horn 3 times, On the 3rd honk you race down the dragstrip.You must stop before you hit the water, Who ever stops closest to the water without falling in wins.

Got an idea for a mini game?tell us please


MTA 0.3
Whats new
Walking & running animations.. at last
- New aiming system that improves the shooting accuracy
- Better anti-cheat and trainer protection
- Improved smoothness (especially in car, due to the fixed backwheel problem)
- Advanced in-/outgame chatting system (some nice IRC functions added like /slap, /me, and PM ability)
- Updated MTA client and Admin client look
- Lots of bugfixes (including backwheel, mentioned above)
You may need to download the 0.3 patch whcih fixed the radar bug.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

May 22, 05 at 4:58pm

Notice how its not out yet?

May 11, 05 at 12:38am
a newer version of mta and seems better

Apr 11, 05 at 10:27am

I made it because we are now allowed to submit mods for games.

Apr 11, 05 at 10:19am

If you ask me, we could of used a Multi Theft Auto forum well over a year ago when it was still popular, making one now seems kind of point less. Were the admins bored or something? Hopefully there will soon be a need for an MTA: SA forum.

Apr 10, 05 at 11:12pm

Just so anyone who still stops by here knows, the MTA mod now has its own forum. ^^

Jan 7, 05 at 7:52am

free for all
you can form alliances ingame but theres no friendly fire restriction between the classes or anything

Jan 7, 05 at 3:52am

o god, SA online wood blow all games away combined! i mean come on, all of SA map supported. that would be awsome.

i dont have it yet but are trying to as i type! one quick question- are people of your same class on your "team", like...will they normally shoot you? or is it all a free 4 all?

This message was edited by HoT2mali on Jan 06 2005.

Nov 23, 04 at 5:06am

So all these advancements will be pretty much ready-to-go once San Andreas hits the shelves, right?

I hope so because that will be one hell of a game online!

Sep 15, 04 at 6:00am

Pi you should really fight doon 1 on 1. That would be a match worth seeing.

Sep 4, 04 at 2:47pm

Yeah, it's gonna be cool to finally have real gameplay. Those new bandwidths are incredible too. If you were in a 1-1 with a 56ker, it would be fine. Yeah, I can't wait for this. This is what all the gta fans have been waiting for.

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